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Joy in the TBR pile

I’ve been reading a lot lately. I’ve caught up on some books that I had on my TBR – to be read - pile for a bit. The only problem… well not a problem except to my wallet. LOL. The books on my TBR pile are part of a series. Usually before I get a new series even if they are recommended to me I like to read the first in the series to see if I enjoy it. My TBR pile has a lot of first books in various series. Books I’ve been trying to get to. Now that I have I am longing for the next in the series.

So with my reading I have been doing I now have some new authors to add to my TBL – to buy list – and some reading to do. (Eyeing my TBR pile) I spot a few more books I am going to be reading and if the cover is any indication I have some more buying coming in my future. I’ve had fun finding the joy in the TBR pile.

What are some good books you’ve read?

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Barbara Elsborg said...

I daren't add any more books to my pile - well not ebooks anyway, otherwise I'll never get round to reading the ones I already have. I just know there are some in there that I was desperate to get into but now there are so many - can I remember which ones they are? No. But paperbacks - I could keep buying those because they are a physical reminder and I'm much more likely to pick them up.
As for good books I've read - Splintered Energy by Arlene Webb. First in a series and brilliant.