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Now There's an Idea I Like!

Now for something completely different


More of what I want…


I’ve always believed that the things we focus on get bigger in our minds.


So this year, I’ve decided to focus on some really cool stuff. I’m gonna forgo the traditional resolutions that I never seem to be able to keep. (Oh, all right, let's be honest, shall we? They're resolutions I don't WANNA keep because they're really no fun!)


Really savoring that exquisite bite of chocolate

Enjoying the sensual taste of a fine glass of wine

Squishing sand between my toes

Seeing a few more sunsets

Basking in a few dozen sunrises

Holding hands

Breathing deep

Staying in bed for a few extra minutes

Leaving the alarm off

Hanging out with friends and family

Reaching out to people, rather than waiting for them to call me

Taking the risk to love more

Being open to new adventures

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

Trusting my intuition

Remembering that I know what’s best for me

Reading every day

Showering until the hot water runs out

Walking in nature

Going for pedis and massages
Having fun
Perfecting that margarita recipe...
Baking at least one flourless chocolate cake...

Finding more things to celebrate!
Wanna join me? Wanna focus on the stuff we really want to have in our lives? What are you going to focus on? I’d love to share your answers here or on Facebook or twitter @sierrawrites And you can always email me:
Lots of love... Sierra

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