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Spicy Christmas Excerpt From Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3) Now Available for Early Download!

Hello Everyone - I am super excited that Tarnished Glitter, the third book in the Gin & Jazz series is available now for early download. For those of you who were wondering 'WTF?' at the end of Razzle Dazzle (Gin & Jazz 2), now's your chance to find out! I pick up right from where it left off - I'm not that bad of a tease. At least not most of the time. But here's a little sexy snippet from the Christmas scene in Tarnished Glitter. Silent film star, Roman Pasquale, has gone out of his way to provide his sweet young lover Jack with a very special time for their first Christmas together - but Roman definitely is a big tease.

 Jack could barely hold still he was so excited.
“You like it?”
Roman looked up at him, moisture glistening in his eyes. “I have never had anyone bring me gifts with such heart in them as you, Jack. First the book of poetry, and now this. I absolutely adore it.”
Roman leaned the painting against the coffee table in front of him. Then he opened his arms to Jack, and gestured for him to come over. Jack practically threw himself into Roman’s embrace. He sat with Roman on the couch, where they held one another for at least a full minute. Roman nuzzled the side of Jack’s head, placing feathery kisses on and behind his ear, then down the side of his neck. Jack braced himself for the love bites, but they never came. This was a worse torture. It was like the promise of something exquisite if only he could stand high enough on the tips of his toes to grasp it.
Roman reached between Jack’s thighs, and lightly caressed the inside of one satin covered leg, never touching him any higher than a few inches above his knee. Instinctively, Jack thrust forward to get his dick closer to Roman’s fingers that explored too softly, and just out of range.
Jack whimpered. “Please, Roman…”
Still Roman gave Jack no relief. The small teasing caresses only served to frustrate him, and he dripped moisture, more than ready for Roman to continue. Roman stopped, took his hand away and let go of Jack.
“What’s wrong?” Jack was barely able to catch his breath.
“Absolutely nothing, my angel. But after that magnificent present that you gave me, I thought you might like yours.”
“That’s okay, I can wait.”
Roman laughed lightly. But when he spoke, his tone was like velvet. “Why don’t you be a good boy, and put on your smoking jacket. I have your leather slippers here as well.”
“But why…”
“Shhh. You must do as I say first, then you can have whatever you want. Trust me.”
Roman’s darkened gaze affected Jack to his very core. He put the jacket and slippers on. Roman extended his hand, and Jack took it, intertwining his fingers with Roman’s. There was a slight curl of Roman’s lips, and Jack was mesmerised by them. He had the sense in that moment that he would do whatever Roman asked of him.
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