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Bundled Up

Post by Lily Harlem

Ebook bundles are all the rage at the moment. A quick glance around Amazon and there are bargains aplenty of not just single author ebook bundles but also multi-author bundles all at great prices. Which is why I'm totally thrilled to be in Totally Bound's Bundle TO SUBMIT AND OBEY.

My co-author novel THAT FILTHY BOOK (written with Natalie Dae) is snuggled in these pages. It's story that is close to my heart and has had rave reviews including 'Every woman should read this book'!

I'd go as far to say as everyone should read this ebook bundle, with authors Sierra Cartwright,  Justine Elyot, Ashe Barker and Marie Haynes all showcasing novels alongside each other, you just can't go wrong, so go on, submit to your desires and fill up your ereader with some devilishly good books!

And if you're into Pinterest, then why not check out That Filthy Books dedicated Pinterest page - phew, it's hot!

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