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I recently interviewed the hunky hero from "The Butler Did It." Here's a little taste of how it went...


 When work turns to play he breaks all the rules...

Deveaux: Clarkson, thanks for joining me today to share a little bit about yourself with my readers. I mean, of course we know lots about you from ‘The Butler Did It,’ but I must confess —I want to know more! (God, I’m blushing already…what is it about this six foot stud in a dark grey suit that makes me swoon? Get a grip Deveaux).

I shift in my seat and gather my composure. After all, he is my character, isn’t he?

Deveaux: Clarkson, do you have a birthmark or any scars we might not know about? Maybe somewhere private?

Clarskon: Wow, you know how to start off with a bang.

Deveaux: So I’ve been told…

Clarkson: Are you flirting with me?

Deveaux: Maybe, but I don’t think your employer would approve now would she?  So back to the question Clarkson, do you have any birthmarks or scars?

Clarkson: Yes.

Deveaux: Is it a birthmark of scar?

Clarkson: I have a scar near my left hip. I tangled with a Doberman at one of my previous employers. Doberman won.

Deveaux: That doesn’t sound like the hero I know… (I say with surprise)

Clarkson: Bad situation…the employer’s husband came home while I was busy with his wife.

Deveaux: Oh, I see, and the Doberman…

Clarkson: Yea, chased my ass out of there…and still has a little chunk of it, the bastard.

Deveaux:  ‘Lucky dobberman’ I say under my breath. Clarkson catches my smile and I quickly recover my wits with a question: Hazards of work?

Clarskon chuckles: Something like that….

Deveaux: Now your new employer, Ms Vivienne Martin. What’s she like to work for?

Clarkson: Easy on the eyes, hard on the self restraint.

Deveaux: Does she ask you to restrain yourself? (Crap, there I go flirting with him again.)

Clarkson lets out a deep laugh: Hell no. I restrain her, and I love doing it as much as she loves me doing it to her.

Deveaux: Okay, Mr. Dale you are really quite charming and I can tell this interview isn’t going quite as I planned. How about a safer topic...let’s see…okay….how about this question: Many of my readers are Downton Abbey fans, can you tell us if your life working as a butler is just like a modern day Downton Abbey?

Clarkson: Being a professional butler has plenty of perks, but I don’t think I would have liked being one in Downton Abbey…They’re so damn uptight. I mean, do they have the butler and the chef pleasuring the lady of the house on PBS? I don’t think so…no, real life is much better. 

Deveaux: Thank you Clarkson, I think that’s all for today. Is there anything else you’d care to add?

Clarkson: No, the pleasure has been all mine Kate. If you’d like to pop by the penthouse sometime I’d be happy to show you around.

Deveaux: Oh, I haven’t been to Miami lately, that might be fun. (My cheeks flame red at my blatant hero worship)

Clarkson: More than fun. He winks at me and I melt.

How may I help you?

A Butler with very special services...

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