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Shipwreck Bay

By A.J. Llewellyn

Can a relationship survive infidelity? Would you stay with your husband after he cheated on you?
This is a question men and women have been debating for centuries.With recent episodes of public figures becoming involved in extramarital affairs, the issue is still current.
When politician Anthony Weiner was caught in a scandal (that still seems to haunt him) many asked how his smart, beautiful, smart, beautiful, smart - you get the idea - pregnant wife, Houma Abedin could stay with him after his shameful behavior.
The answer might be in the fact she was carrying his child. Many straight couples with children fight to stay together for similar reasons. There is love, too of course. I've always believed it triumphs over everything.
But what about gay men?
I have many gay friends in committed relationships who have "understandings" about cheating and sharing etc. I'll be honest, it's a foreign culture to me, but if it works for them...
A few years ago, my best friend was shattered when his husband cheated on him.
They didn't have kids. They had a great life. None of their friends could understand what went wrong, but what was clear was that gay or straight, the issue is the same.
Cheating hurts.
And each and every couple has to figure out for themselves if a relationship can be saved.
In the case of my friends,they did work it out. My friend says he doesn't trust the way he used to, but his husband has gone to great lengths to assure him it was a one-off.
I believe in true love and used their story as the basis for my book Shipwreck Bay.  
I ask the question:
How far would you go to repair the damage an affair has done to your marriage? For Marek, giving his husband a 'free pass' to enjoy all the men he's fantasised about is the only solution…

\Rising architectural superstar Marek makes a stupid mistake in hooking up with a Facebook friend for a fling. His careless behaviour soon devastates his marriage to his loyal husband, Drago. Marek wants to prove more than anything that he loves Drago and begs him for forgiveness. He books a trip to the Greek Islands with Drago, who feels vulnerable and certain the vacation is a mistake.
However, Marek soon shows a lot of the attentiveness he hasn't been lately and Marek starts to believe that maybe things can work out.
Taking a cruise through the Ioanian Islands however doesn't seem to be the best idea. What if he needs to cut and run? He isn’t sure he wants to be with Marek anymore, let alone be stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere.
Just as he starts to relax and enjoy the timeless beauty of the island of Zakynthos as Marek begins to convince him of his remorse, the two men are abducted by pirates on an isolated white-gold sandy cove called Shipwreck Bay…or are they?
 Shipwreck Bay is available for early release, tomorrow, January 24, and has its general release February 21.
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