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The Romance Community Rocks!

Today I spent a wonderful day socialising with our local Australian Romance Reader Association monthly lunch and it got me to thinking how I love the romance community. 

From when I first started writing back in the year 2000 until now they have never let me down. Sure, occassionally there are problems, or what I like to call "awkward moments" but when they happen, my dearest friends come in and support me through the bumps in the road and never, ever do they let me down.

And it's not only fellow writers who do this. Readers of romance are equally as supportive, lovely people who are always there to boost you up when you feel down.  There is nothing better than someone telling you they've read one of your books and they love it. How cool is that?

With Totally Bound - there is a special relationship between the authors and the publisher that is rare to find, and I love each and every one of the people I meet there. It's amazing how everyone welcomes the newbies, helps them with their questions, and helps each other promote our books.

In my life I am blessed to have a belong to a fabulous writers' group, we affectionately call 'The Coven" (because one of our member's family reckon we cackle when we laugh..which is a lot!).

Plus I have been privileged to have been there from the start of the Australian Romance Readers Association where I can mingle with the people I do it for - the readers. 

Here is a pic of our lunch today. As you can see we like our food!

 Pictured from left: Michelle Douglass, Annie West, Lyn Williams, Me, Lami...on the right from the back we have Nas Dean, Laine Brown and our own Donna Gallagher.

I love our lunches!
My online friends go way back to the start of my writing. Those friendships are still strong and I share many a writing sprint with my internet writing buddies. In fact, we help motivate each other to be more productive. Look out - in 2014 you should see more from me!

And then of course, there's social media. It cops a lot of flack, but for me it's sometimes a lifeline. No matter the time of day, or the mood I'm in, someone will talk to me and have a laugh.  What did we ever do without it?

So here I am taking the time to say THANK YOU ALL!  YOU ROCK!

I would not be where I am today without you - and I cherish every minute with each and every one of you.

And here's a gift for you. It's from my "other" self Maggie Mitchell, and I'm sure that as a lover of romance, you'll appreciate it ;-)

So here's your chance to thank your friends in the romance community!


Imogene Nix said...

As a fellow TEB author - I agree totally that it is areally supportive publisher. I must say, because of isolation, my social media writing group Five Angels, keeps me on track. Writers would be lost without their supporters!

Helen said...

Hi Maggie

As a reader it is always great catching up with the writers who write the stories I love to read and it was such a great day out yesterday

Have Fun

MK Schiller said...

I agree - our publisher rocks. Looks like you ladies had a lovely lunch!