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Valentine's Day Getaways and Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3)

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and since it falls on a Friday this year - it's the perfect opportunity for a hot romantic weekend getaway. Of course, everyone's definition of the perfect getaway is different. For some, a luxury hotel with a spa and a five-star restaurant is the ultimate treat. For others, a trip to the city and theatre tickets gets the blood boiling. Beaches are always a favorite, but can be chilly this time of the year. However, a crashing surf during a wintry storm can be a very romantic backdrop.

Wherever you go to celebrate the holiday with that special someone, be sure and bring along a saucy erotic romance. Reading aloud from the best parts is an excellent way to jump start the festivities.

Out on new release this week, Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3), has a chapter that tells of the first Valentine's celebration between the two main characters, young film star Jack, and his older screen idol lover, Roman. In 1925 when the book is set, Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday, so Roman is intent upon taking Jack away from the prying eyes of Hollywood. If Roman were to choose, he would opt for a luxury resort for their getaway. Instead, he takes Jack to a cabin in the forest of the Sequoias, knowing that it is what would make the young man happy. However, Roman is not very comfortable when it comes to nature and the outdoors.

Excerpt from Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3)

Roman hadn’t been making fun of him after all. Even with his head tilted back as far as it could go, the majestic trees seemed to be touching heaven. Or at least the moon. He had craned so far back, that Roman had needed to catch him before he fell to the ground. It had made Roman laugh, and that made Jack very happy. Roman hadn’t laughed very much lately. He had seemed to be on edge, worried about some nameless thing.

“Look how big around the trunk is, Roman. You could hide ten men behind it, and no one would even be able to see them.”

“I shall confess that I am quite amazed myself. You may have noticed I don’t commune with nature much, but this is quite spectacular.”

Jack snorted. “Yeah, I noticed, Roman. Do you want to take this path through the woods? I bet there are all different types of trees like these back there. Maybe ones that no one else except us has ever seen before. Wouldn’t that be incredible?”

“Indeed. But I’m wondering at the advisability of that attired in our dress clothes and shoes? I have already almost taken a tumble more than once on these dreadful needles. They’re quite slippery.”

Jack tried not to look disappointed. He had already known that Roman was only interested in getting Jack alone in the small, but nice cabin they had rented right next to a rushing river. Juan had another cabin nearby where he could keep an eye on the car, and be available should they need anything, such as building a fire. Jack had told Roman that he could do that, but Roman had insisted.

Jack tried not to dwell on the idea that Juan was with them alone in the forest. He could see now why forming a personal bond with a servant could be awkward. It made him incredibly self-conscious that he and Roman were flaunting their love and togetherness, whilst Juan waited nearby—likely bored out of his skull— just in case they might require him to perform some little chore for them.

Roman pulled his overcoat tighter around him. “I suppose we could explore a little farther.” He pursed his lips. “But if I see a bear, you are on your own, my dear Jack.”

Jack chuckled. “Gee thanks, Roman. My hero.”

“Yes. Well. As speedy as you are, he shall reach me first anyway. I am sure you are quite safe. I, on the other hand, shall be bear food.”

Jack reached out his hand. “Come on, Roman. When have we ever been able to walk like this outdoors?”

An expression of warmth washed over Roman’s face as he accepted Jack’s offering. “Very well put. Lead the way, my love.”

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