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Coming Soon - Her Secret Past.

My editor at Totally Bound told me that once I signed the contract I could tell EVERYONE about my upcoming novel. So I am telling everyone, even the crazy dude at the bus stop!


I wrote a novel. I started it with NaNoWriMo in November and finished at the end of January with just over 72 000 words and a knackered me.

I submitted Her Secret Past with trepidation. I thought it was good but the minute I send a story off I get blessed with crippling doubt. With this one being for a specific call, the What's Her Secret range, that doubt was doubled. Would the editor like it? Would it fit the bill?

I got the answer the very next day! Now that is unusual and was very welcome as I was told it had been accepted for publication making me to do the happy dance of joy in the local chemists causing my 12 year old daughter much embarrassment! I've had to hold the news in until I signed the contract.

But now I can SQUEEEE! Loudly and tell you all about it. :)I even have a cover and a blurb and everything!

That's all I can give you for now, but Her Secret Past will be available from Totally Bound in May, not too long to wait!

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