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If Only It Really Was Raining Men...

Well I don’t know about you, but I am fed up of the rain! All we’ve seen throughout winter is rain, rain and more…you guessed it…rain. Taking the dogs for a walk, doing the shopping, even just getting into the car to go to work all have the same end result - getting soaked.

Of course, curling up with a great book seems even more appealing when it’s so cold and dreary outside. And as Valentine’s Day approaches, Totally Bound has plenty of fabulous reads to get you feeling romantic. Whether you’re single or attached, there’s bound to be a book for you. (Sorry, couldn't help it!)

Next month sees the release of my historical Western Harlot at the Homestead. It’s the first in a series called The Duggans of Montana. I’ll post more about it in March, but here’s a taster.

Keep warm and dry! J

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