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Soul Sweet: Book One in the Souls Entwined Series!

I love reading a hot series! There's nothing better than being introduced to characters so vivid within a book that you hunger to know more about all of them! As a reader, I love the anticipation of finding out how each book will broaden my knowledge about the lives of each character presented. I get excited about learning more about how all of their lives are intertwined. I think the challenge of a great series is creating a tapestry of stories that are unique and yet undeniable connected.

Although I enjoy reading a series, I wasn't sure I wanted to write one. Why? Well, I love finishing a book and moving on to the next one with a clean slate. New characters, new storyline and setting, but as I started outlining the framework for my Souls Entwined series I realized all those things are possible and necessary to writing a series readers will enjoy!

Yes, there are familiar characters but each book focuses on new ones readers have only gotten a glimpse of previously. I still get the chance to explore fresh storylines and settings and the creative possibilities are limitless!

Soul Sweet is Book One in my Souls Entwined series and I'm thrilled at how well it's been received! The response from fans spurred me on to type faster! I just wrapped up Soul Temptation the second book in the series and I'm so excited to get to work on book three!

So, what can you expect with my Souls Entwined series? Good question! The answers are subject to change as I delve deeper into the lives of each character, but I can confidently tell you to expect the following:

Engaging, likeable characters
Unexpected pairings
Breath-taking kisses
Heart-pounding sex
That 'awwww' moment
Frequent smiles and page-turning
And finally... an intense desire to read more!

Happy Reading,

Nichelle Gregory 
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