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Upstairs Downstairs and a Whole Lotta Kinky Fun!

It's the end of yet another season of Downton Abbey, and as I watched, riveted to the screen as always, I realized just why so many of us love the melodramas of the bygone era — of what goes on upstairs and below stairs. The trials and tribulations of domestic staff and the kinky fuckery (I can say that here, right?) that went on between master and servants, between servants and servants, and between master and all quite provocative and great fodder for erotic romance indulgences.

So if you're in the market for a more x-rated Downton and prefer spankings and fetishes to afternoon tea, then by all means pick up the sizzling hot anthology AT YOUR SERVICE.

And treat yourself to some less than proper behavior!

Here are just a few lines to tantalize from the Butler Did It, one of the upstairs/downstairs themed stories featured in the At Your Service Anthology:

Her touch was intoxicating as she ran her hands along his arms, kneading his shoulders with her talented fingers before letting her lips trail slowly along his neck again. “But you’ll be officially off duty soon,” she whispered, blowing on his neck, continuing her trail along his jawline with her lips. “Very soon,” she said just as her lips reached his.

She couldn’t contain her cries, hoping none of the staff would hear her and come running only to find their employer being impaled by the butler and thoroughly enjoying it. Or maybe she didn’t mind if they heard and joined in? That was an exciting thought, especially that chef of hers, he looked young and fit.

He pulled her close to his chest. "I hope you enjoyed that, Ms Vi, as it will be the last time you’ll be in charge," he said with a wry smile as he squeezed her ass firmly.

Still Want more.... well there's plenty more....


Kate Deveaux