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Torn Between Cowboys

Having two historical westerns published with Totally Bound is a wonderful feeling, especially as I’ve seen interest in my debut novella Desire in Deadwood pick up since the release of Harlot at the Homestead. Desire in Deadwood was my debut release and I’m very fond of it. Sound foolish? Maybe, but I put a lot into the creation of the characters, plot and setting and when an author does that, it’s easy to get attached to them.

But this got me thinking. Do I prefer Nate Hamilton or Kenan Duggan?

They’re both tall, dark and handsome. They’re both cowboys. They both work hard. They love their women fiercely and suffer as a result of their love and passion.

Nate Hamilton doesn’t come across as a very nice character at the start. He’s dark and dominant and wants to punish Evelyn Campbell for hurting him. How does he do this? By offering the destitute widow money to be his own private whore. Reader responses interested me when they said that they really didn’t like him…at first.

Then there’s Kenan Duggan. He was madly in love with Catherine Montgomery, his fiancée, when she disappeared. He believed she was dead and it took him a long time to come to terms with his grief. She has been gone two years when she suddenly turns up at his homestead. To say he’s surprised, is an understatement, and he’s pretty annoyed too.

These turbulent beginnings make for exciting conflict and passionate reunions and the chemistry between the characters has the opportunity to sizzle. Of Harlot at the Homestead, one reader said: Both Kenan and Catherine have amazing chemistry. It practically comes up off the pages for the reader to see and feel. And despite the secrets and issues the couple faces in this short tale, you find yourself rooting for them to get through it no matter what.

And about Desire in Deadwood a reader said: The chemistry between Nate and Evelyn sizzles from the very first page and I loved how the story opens with heat and steam and passion from the first line. A hot, fun read.

It was important for me that the men are strong, powerful and intense. But I also wanted them to have a vulnerability, so that they appeal on all levels. We human beings are complex creatures and I tried to make that to come across to the reader. Have I succeeded? Well, if you’ve read the books, let me know. If not, they’re available now. I would love to hear what you think and to find out whether you prefer Nate or Kenan.

Until next month…


Molly xxx

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