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Seduction Of The Senses - Smell

For those of you who missed the first three installments in my Seduction Of The Senses Series, I’m not going to repeat the introduction, but instead give you the links to the previous posts:

First Installment – The Sense of Touch ://

Second Installment – The Sense of Sight

Third Installment - The Sense of Taste

This month we will be exploring The Sense of SMELL:

Never had she experienced such total sensual overload. The stars were so brilliant she felt as if she could reach up and pluck one from the sky. Nature’s serenade from tree frogs and crickets were accompanied by the gentle splash and of water tumbling over rocks in the fountain. Lying upon a fir throw they’d spread in the garden, surrounded by night blooming jasmine, the sweet, citrus like, floral scent had an almost overpowering, aphrodisiac affect. She reveled in the salty, masculine taste of his skin upon her lips, the flavor of the wine he’d passed from his mouth to hers. It felt as if every nerve end in her body had risen to the surface of her flesh as fine tuned receptors of pure sensation.

The paragraph above incorporates various senses. We all know that smells have the ability to turn us on. Or, turn us off. Used in writing, the sense of smell can leave a lasting mental image in a reader’s mind. “His breath smelled of dirty ashtrays and cheap whiskey and his clothing smelled of dead fish and rotting sea weed.” By simply describing the smells, does the sentence above give you a mental, visual image of the character, possibly the setting?

Needless to say, some people have a stronger sense of smell than others. There are those who can name a wine and vintage by the aroma alone, a flower by the scent, or the name a perfume by the fragrance. Is the ability purely physical, or a refined skill that can be learned and enhanced? I’m not sure how effective attempting to strengthen your sense of smell would be, beyond making a concentrated effort to pay closer attention to the pleasant scents or unpleasant odors around you.

Exercise 1: How long has it been since you took the time to take pleasure in the scents around you? Go to the mall and stop by the cosmetic counters. Check out various perfume/cologne scents and take note of how they make you feel. Are some over-powering? Do you prefer subtle? Do you prefer a light floral scent or an earthy musk scent?

Next, try the men’s counter. Is there an aftershave or scent that you like on a man? Is there one that totally turns you off? Why? Does it remind of you of someone? Is there a scent that you associate with anyone in particular? For example: Old Spice, your father or grandfather - Stetson, an old boyfriend, etc.

In my book I’ll Be Seeing You, the heroine is an artist who was blinded in a freak accident and had her vision restored with a cornea transplant. In the scene below, see how Lyssa Ryan’s other senses became stronger to compensate for the loss of vision.

Laying quietly and listening to the sounds in the corridor outside her room, Lyssa attempted to judge the time. It was relatively quiet. There was a ding indicating that someone had rung for a nurse. She could hear the squeak-squeak-squeak of rubber soled shoes against the tile flooring and indistinguishable words from lowered voices in the direction of the nurses’ station. All in all, the sounds told her very little. The time could be anywhere between the time she went to sleep and six-thirty in the morning. Activity picked up around six-forty-five prior to the seven A.M. shift change, followed closely thereafter by the clickety-click clatter of wheels from the carts carrying the breakfast trays. Accompanying the sound would be the aroma emanating from the food trays.

Lyssa’s rehab therapist told her that with most people, their other senses became more acute to compensate for the loss of one. In her case, the heightened sense of smell had been a less than pleasant acquisition. She was now acutely aware of odors she hadn’t noticed before. While in the hospital, Lyssa found the smell of antiseptic mingled with the aroma of multiple food choices less than appetizing, to the point of nauseating.

One of the most disconcerting aspects of her sightless state, beyond the obvious, was the inability to distinguish day from night and as such, to gauge the passage of time which seemed to stretch out before her like a deep, dark, endless tunnel.

Exercise 2: Take a stroll through a flower shop or garden. Smell the flowers. Try to detect the differences between the fragrance of each flower. Do you find certain scents calming? Do certain scents evoke pleasant or unpleasant feelings or memories?

How do scents heighten the senses during love making? That one is a bit harder for me. Going through my material I’ve found few instances where I’ve used the sense of smell during the actual act. Something I need to work on in the future. However, the visual effect and smell of scented candles go a long way to help set the mood for romance. Does your partner wear a scent that you associate with him/her? Do you use a special scent to entice when you are in the mood for love?

I’m sure we’ve all read stories where someone comments that a room or bedding smelled of sex. Is there a lingering, detectable scent after sex? Would you be able to recognize the scent for what it was? I’m not sure I would. Nevertheless, the description, “smelled of sex” brings vivid images to my mind of what went on in the bed, in that room.

Exercise 3: You’ll love this one. Again, go shopping. Purchase new bath supplies in a scent you haven’t tried before; soap, bubble bath or bath salts, etc. Get some scented candles to match. Set the scene. Turn off the lights and light the candles. Lay back and have a long, luxurious, soak. Lose yourself in the warmth and the fragrance surrounding you.

We can’t talk about the sense of smell relating to sexual desire without mentioning pheromones. Some believe pheromones are the key to "love at first sight." Hummmmm? Pheromones do not have a detectable scent but are in fact a natural, air-borne chemical hormone that is picked up by the olfactory membrane in the nose and in turn, is said to stimulate the limbic region of the brain, also known as the "Seat of Emotions." This area of the brain is responsible for our emotions and passionate desires.

There are a lot of perfumes on the market which claim to have a human sex pheromone base and promise to attract the opposite sex. Do they really work? If you’ve tried it with success, be sure to let us know and well all run out and buy it.

In writing - After I’ve completed the first draft of a book, one entire revision is done to add description, finding places where I can apply the uses of the senses to add depth to a scene.

In real life – working to develop your 5 senses and focusing on them while making love will not only enhance your own pleasure, but in the pleasure you give you lover as well.

If you try any of the exercises above and are surprised by the results, please feel free to post a comment.

Until the 30th of next month when we explore the sense of hearing – Stop and smell the roses.

Kay Wilde


Playing it Straight in Provincetown

After much work and personal stress in the past several months, I decided I needed a vacation. I’ve always wanted to go to Cape Cod, so I went to my local bookstore and bought a travel guide. I diligently read and highlighted, tabbed and earmarked, researched B&B and hotels on the internet (I am a writer, you know. The research is important!)

I was finally ready to make my reservations. The very, very good thing was I had a free round trip ticket on Southwest Airlines. The very bad thing was when I put in the dates I wanted to go, there was no availability. But wait, if I left and returned a day later than originally planned, I could make this work. Long story short, I have my airline ticket, car rental, and reservations in 2 Bed & Breakfast inns for a glorious week of adventure.

I can’t wait to go. I’m not taking any books to read, but rather am taking my laptop and will write, write, write. Not only do I already have a manuscript started that I really have to complete by conference time, but I just know that town, its history and people, will be begging me to write their stories.

So, back to the research to find out what I want to see while there. I knew Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are givens, along with the Pilgrim Monument (did you know they stopped in Provincetown and signed the Mayflower Compact before they landed in Plymouth?) There are also several lighthouses in the area and they are sooo likely to have stories to tell me. Oh, and of course, I have to check out all the artsy shops, the Secret Garden tour, delicious food and the beaches.

At the Provincetown website under events, I came across the fact that the week I’ll be there overlaps by half with Bear Week. Since it was a direct link on the internet, naturally I clicked it. Do you know what’s the exact opposite of a straight woman who regularly shaves her legs and underarms? Yep, that’s Bear Week -- "[a] subculture of gay men known as bears, who embrace natural body hair" - The New York Times. Check it out at

It’s too bad that I don’t write M/M or F/F because unknown to me at the time I decided to go, Provincetown embraces alternative lifestyles and Massachusetts is one of the few states that has legalized gay marriages.

So here I’ll be, a single woman playing it straight in a town full to bursting with gay men. Now if that’s just not a shame, I don’t know what is!

The good news is that I’ll now have plenty of time for research on settings and history because I won’t be spending a lot of time looking for romance! And, I won’t have to shave my legs for a week.


The Trouble With Romance

I've been thinking. A dangerous pass-time I know. And yet, there I was. Sitting in my room, sobbing my eyes out as my new old favorite show came to an end. I wasn't necessarily crying because it was over, though that was sad. No I was crying because things didn't end as I wanted them to. As I expected them to. As I had been led to believe they would.

I write erotic romance. Happily ever after is a given. The hero and heroine (or hero and hero, sometimes even heroine and heroine) will over come all obstacles and ride off into the sunset together. That is how the equation works. But writing these happy endings over and over again leaves me bitter when other things don't follow the same rules.

True love is supposed to conquer all. That's the deal. But in this case it didn't. And it hurt. It hurt so bad. The tears wouldn't stop. For days afterward I would think about and burst into tears again. It's not fair.

If I had written that ending Michele would have kicked my ass. She would have personally shown up at my house with the printed pages in her hand and screamed "What the fuck is this?"

Ok, maybe not. I've never actually known her to drop f-bombs. But that ending might have made her. In fact, since I know that she has watched the show it very well may have. It was a supreme disappointment.

Broken heart by ~OanimeOluverO on deviantART

But I digress, this happily ever after we are conditioned to write about, that we want to read ourselves, where does it come from? Is it the ultimate fantasy? Is the true love conquers all theme what makes our work fiction? The ultimate fiction? Maybe love is not really enough.

I mean, if aliens came down to Earth tomorrow and started killing humans, forcing those of us fortunate to escape underground, would the sole power of my love for Mr. Rebel give me the strength to strap guns to my hips and fight an intergalactic army?

If I were a princess who fell in love with a stable boy, would our love alone hold the power to make kingdoms fall and father's accept our relationship? Would we be able to hold the throne and our people simply because we loved each other?

Is this blog going to get me blacklisted from the erotic romance genre on general purpose? What if I tell you I love you? Would that make you change your mind?

Dakota Rebel


What's Your Bitch?

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of June. We’re already more than half way through the year, closer to July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wondered what I’d blog about today. So many delicious and provocative topics. Like who did you have sex with yesterday? What’s your favorite sex toy? And how much faith do you have in yourself when it comes to doing what you love? But I got to thinking about what ticks me off, so here it is.

How private is the conversation you have on your cellphone? I admit I’m not a heavy phone user. I prefer to be writing or cooking or cross-stitching but when I’m standing in the grocery store and there’s someone behind me who’s having an obviously private conversation, what can I do?

There are some obvious answers. Like get fed up and walk away, thus losing my place in line. Then I have to start all over with my shopping too. Or I can glance over my shoulder and give the person a dirty stare. Do you think that’s more my style? What other options are there? I could grab the other person’s cellphone and tell them to take their private conversation someplace else. Would that work? Or I could stand there and think about anything else except the heavy-duty conversation behind me. Are cellphone users becoming a race unto themselves where they tune out the world around them? Are we becoming such a communications-dependent society that we can’t speak to the people around us, that we have to send an email to our co-worker in the next cubicle? Or text our spouse at the other end of the store, the same store we’re in? What happened to face-to-face chitchat?

What do people really see, I mean with their eyes, when they’re talking on the cellphone? Do they see the beauty of the mountains, or the placid lake, or the children laughing with upturned faces? Do they see they can give a word of comfort to those around them? Rather than bringing the human race closer together, cellphones, and other means of communication, are driving us farther apart, locking us into a very small world of ‘me’ and limiting our opportunities to see events and circumstances that might help us on our earthly journey.

It’s like getting into our car. As soon we’re inside and the door is closed, we’ve created a private bubble for ourselves. We can put our make-up on, or pick our nose, or even change our clothes because we believe people in other cars can’t see us. We can give the finger and no one can find us and give us our due because we’ve raced off and will probably never be seen again. Has the world become a scary place?

Maybe we need to caution ourselves to look around, to really see our world without our communications device in hand. Put the phone down, close it up in your purse or in your pocket, and really look around you. What do you see? The answer may surprise you.

Aurora Rose Lynn
Romance Is Only A Fantasy Away



It's summertime!

Green leaves, flowers blossoming, sultry nights, birds singing, birth, renewal....

What do you need to renew?

What do you need to re-connect with, re-connect to?

What's is YOUR passion?

What makes you feel alive?

What quickens your heartbeat?

This is the absolute perfect time of year (at least in the northern hemisphere!), to sit on a chair outside, or maybe curl up in a hammock, bask on beach.

And when you do, don't forget to connect.

Dream while a lazy, fat cloud saunters across the sky.

And it's okay to ask yourself some questions that will sustain you in the shorter months of fall and winter.

Questions like:

If I had my ideal day, what would it look like? What time would you get up? What time would you go to bed? What would you eat? Where would you live? What would you do (if anything!) to earn a living?

Who would I like to connect with? (Is it time to send a formal written invite, or maybe an email or -- gasp! -- pick up the phone! and invite a friend to lunch, dinner, even a glass of wine at a rooftop cafe?)

What will summer of 2009 look like? (Will there be a great holiday to the ocean, or will you rent a cabin in the mountains for some blessed cool?)

What are my plans for this year's first cold snap?

What do I want to accomplish the rest of the year?

Regardless, this is a fantastic chance for you to picture your perfect life.

After all, what are daydreams for?

Here's to you and your dreams!




What I Did On My Summer Vacation...

Do you remember that topic you always had to write about when school starts in the fall?

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Summer's in full swing - with lots of sun and hot weather. This summer, I'm determined, I'm not going to waste it. Every year I say, 'I'm going to get my beach pass and go to the beach on my days off..."

I never do it. I find a myriad of things to do instead of going to the beach. Things I think I just must do.

This summer, I'm not having any 'must do's.'

It's been a year of lots of ill health for two women I know, and I've attended the funerals of several good, wonderful people who've died too young. I'm determined that I'm not going to have any more 'must do's.'

But what should them instead? How about...'wanna do's.'

When Autumn comes andI have to look back on what I did on my summer vacation, I want it filled with memories of days at the beach, of the beautiful flowers in my garden, of spending time with my family and friends at barbecues. I want to recall how I spent more time writing, how I helped my daughter move into her new home. I want to celebrate life to the fullest and not be consumed with thoughts of what I have to do, but what I want to do.

I've got the entire winter to do that - to sit inside and do lots of things I need to do.

My summer will be filled with watching the sun set on the porch we're building on the front of my house. I'm going to spend time playing with my neice's new baby. I'm going to fill my summer with joy.

I hope you can, too. May your summer be filled with 'wanna do's.'


Catherine Chernow


Making Lemonade from Lemons

We've all heard the saying that when life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

Well, that's a particularly appropriate saying this month. My daughter has been diagnosed with an aneurysm in her brain. The only appointment we could get with the appropriate pediatric specialist is July 1st. Right in the middle of our planned summer vacation to Maryland. Bleh.

After much thought and juggling, we've come to a solution. The "boys" are going ahead and then if the physician clears her for travel, she and I will be following for a few days. Hopefully, she'll be scheduled for surgery soon after our return.

It's going to be a bit of a hardship, but...wait, is it?

Yeah, I'll have a teenager underfoot and will have to do all the driving to the appointment, but I'll also have a full weekend to myself with no preschoolers. I'll be able to write - and hopefully almost finish the first draft of my full-length novel. I can sleep in and eat whenever I want (not when they do). Then, after the appointment, my daughter and I have a lovely "girl's day" planned. Yep, I'm gonna enjoy the lemonade.

I also didn't come close to winning The Romance Studio's Diva contest. What I was left with was a short&sweet 1000-word short story. So, as a thank you to everyone who voted, I'm gonna make lemonade out of it. A free e-book!

Yep, The Missing Muse, is a short story available on my updated website, so, navigate over to the Free Stuff page and grab your copy today!

Seductive Suspense
Ericka Scott


Taking Control

The title of my June 30th release from TEB is Taking Control. I've been thinking about that phrase a lot lately, for many different reasons. The last two novels I've written have had bondage and submission themes, (a whole new way of thinking about control!) I really enjoyed writing them, and intend to delve further into the subject. For that reason, I've placed a note on my website advising readers to check the descriptions in my book blurbs (like publishers have), so the reader knows what genre he or she is getting. I love writing about all different kinds of things, from vanilla m/f to the steamiest f/f or m/m, so I'll just have to label accordingly!

In other areas of my life, I feel like I've had less control than usual lately. My writing computer is either going on the fritz or it's haunted, but about every fifteen minutes a key sticks and plasters one letter across a whole line. The other day it highlighted an entire manuscript and deleted it. Luckily, I was able to hit 'undo' until it reappeared! Needless to say, I'm on the lookout for a new computer.

My town was struck by an F-4 tornado a week ago. Over 160 homes were damaged, some of them completely destroyed. Fortunately, our home was spared. We lost the contents of a storage unit we rented to store extra stuff and memories. To the best of my knowledge I got all the memories back, basically unharmed. (Some a little wet.) The rest of the stuff was excess, hate to lose it, but we feel blessed that we still have a roof over our heads. (Even if it needs new shingles because of hail damage the week before the tornado, but that's another story.) Insurance, you gotta love it.

When we drove through the devastated area, I found the randomness of the tornado quite shocking. To understand why one house was taken and another spared, one storage unit building demolished and the one next to it still standing…it's beyond comprehension.

So we keep on keeping on, doing what we do day by day. I'm so happy to have writing to occupy my mind. What I write and whether I or not I choose to write each day is one thing I have control over. Or at least I like to think so.

Coming June 30 from Total e-Bound: Taking Control by Jamie Hill
ifer Steele is plagued by memories of a violent crime. Desperate to pull herself together, she's dealt another blow when her boss hires a new employee for her bank branch. It's Jen's job to do the hiring, and she'd never have chosen a man so handsome-- and arrogant.
T.K. Knight is a striking part Native American who seems more at home on a ranch than in an office. Jen's not completely sure of his motives, but can't resist his charm or the pure lust that takes over whenever he's around.

When Jen discovers T.K. might not have been placed in her office by chance, their already heated situation gets even hotter. The truth can be hard to face, but Jen finds she has to take control of the past, to make way for the future.

Adult excerpt:

People from the next class warmed up on the mat. It was a busy school, and she liked the bustle and activity. She grabbed her gym bag from the floor and glanced at the row of closed doors. One was open. “Looks like only one dressing room is available. Are you in a hurry, or—”

T.K. lifted his bag and shoved her ahead of him into the small cubicle. He slapped on the lights and closed the door, locking it. “We can share,” he whispered.

Without a thought, Jen dropped her bag and melted into T.K.’s arms. He pressed her against the wall, and their mouths came together. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she parted her lips for the kiss she’d been waiting for.

“Mmm,” he moaned, his tongue delving into her mouth.

“Mmm hmm,” she agreed, tongue batting against his. She moved it around, found his straight teeth and traced them.

He crushed her body against his. Their uniforms were thin, and his bulging erection felt huge, virtually burning her leg.

Her free leg wrapped behind him, pulling his body closer. With another soft moan, he shifted his hips so they pressed into her core.

“Yes,” she hissed, thrusting her pelvis at him.

He tugged the band from her hair, releasing her ponytail. One hand sifted through the long strands, and he wrapped his fingers around them.

“Turnabout is fair play,” she murmured, releasing his hair from the ponytail holder. It fell to his shoulders in straight, silky lengths. “I like this.”

He panted for breath. “You’re so beautiful. But the walls here are thin. Maybe we should move this party elsewhere.”

“Listen.” Jen held a hand up. The dressing room door next to them slammed. She heard two voices become quieter as other students left. In the distance, an instructor called the next class to order. “It’s pretty private in here. The late class just started. I think we have some time.”

He smiled, looking her over. “If you say so. I can’t decide where to begin.”

Jen reached a hand between them and tugged her belt off. Her uniform top loosened then opened.

“Good idea.” He dropped his mouth to her breast, sucking through the thin, lacy fabric of her bra.

“It fastens in front,” she told him, arching her back.

“Thank God.” He fumbled with the clasp, setting her breasts free. “Much better. And beautiful, just like I knew they would be.”

“Ugh!” Jen pressed his head to her breast. “You talk too much.”

“Bossy.” He clucked his tongue, mouth pressed against her skin. “Better be careful. I might bite.”

“Please do!” Her pussy creamed with desire at his soft chuckle.

“Okay, Ms. Steele. I see how it is. You like it a little rough, do you?” One of his hands breached the elastic waistband of her uniform and slid inside.

Feelings and emotions flooded her senses. She couldn’t answer. When his hand slipped inside her panties, she froze.

Copyright ( C ) 2008 Jamie Hill


The Writing Addiction

I'm going on vacation, a thirteen hour trip up north to the Jersey shore. A week of visiting relatives, surf, sand and fun. Yet one issue remains...

To bring the laptop or not to bring the laptop.

I want to leave it at home, I truly do. But I might get some downtime when the kids are asleep and I have an urge to write. I might need to check emails or update my blog. And then I have a contest ending next week, so I guess I HAVE to bring it.

Addiction is a sad thing. My butt is getting steadily bigger by sitting so much in my desk chair. I've turned into a night owl because I write when everyone's asleep. I'm addicted to early morning email, praying I've got more than "Local Christian Singles" spam and group digest messages.

Then there's my website fixation. I'm a geek; I must be. Because I love looking at other people's websites and then tinkering with my own. So many ideas, so much time wasted when I should be writing...

See, I can justify typing new stories. But emails and Internet surfing tend to eat more of my time than nurturing my craft. Still, there's always that idea that will pop up. I mean, look at all the great publishers you can find, the wonderful books, the blogs you can pour through for hours on end. A great distraction unless you're on a deadline.

Yes, friends, addiction is a terrible thing. But at least when I'm writing, I'm working on finishing a product to contribute to someone else's addiction. Reading. Another of my vices, but that's a story for a different day.

Have a great Sunday, and be sure to read, read, read.




Yes folks, up until today I was still a virgin. In fact, I was a double virgin. And no, it didn’t hurt or restrict my sports activities because I wasn’t that kind of virgin. I was the other kind. You know—someone who hadn’t had the courage to tackle posting to a blog, anywhere. So I e-mailed my friend, fellow Total-E-Bound author Brynn Paulin, and she gave me very specific instructions on how to do it. Post to a blog I mean. So the very fact that you’re reading my message, proves that you can teach an old virgin new tricks. Plus she can enjoy it at the same time.

So what’s the other virginity? I’m brand new to Total-E-Bound. My book, The Harder They Come, was accepted in May and the older woman/younger man story will be released July 7 to coincide with the first anniversary of Total-E-Bound.

Why don’t I tell you a bit about the book?Here’s the lowdown.

Older woman + younger man = off limits. Maybe so, but the ache between Ellaina’s thighs and the longing in her heart make it more and more difficult to say no, especially when Luke wants to do things to her, like turn her into a chocolate sundae.

Ellaina McReynold's quiet existence is turned upside down by the arrival of a younger man. Luke Mason has only been in Spring Ridge a short time, but his daily visits to her café have inspired way too many erotic fantasies for her own good. Although her brain knows he’s ten years younger, someone needs to tell that to her traitorous body!

Luke, who has pursued her gently but persistently, is delighted when she finally agrees to spend the day with him. But her lover is not really who he seems to be. When Ellaina unexpectedly finds out the truth, can she put aside her doubts and follow her heart? Luke certainly hopes so. Want a bit more? Here’s an excerpt. We get to be with Luke as he sees Ellaina for the first time.

Excerpt from The Harder They Come:

Standing outside the Starlight Café, Luke realised this was his first foray into the culinary culture of Spring Ridge. Setting his helmet on the motorcycle’s seat, he checked the place out. The baskets of hanging flowers and the brightly painted bench outside made it look welcoming. Through the window he could see the place was packed. Hopefully that meant the food was good.

The moment he pushed open the wooden screen door, the tantalising aroma of freshly baked bread made his mouth water. That mouth-watering phenomenon continued as his gaze locked with that of the beautiful woman behind the counter. He smiled, a big wide smile, and decided right then and there that moving to Spring Ridge might be one of the best decisions he’d ever made.

As he drew closer, the first thing Luke noticed was her eyes, startlingly blue and openly curious. That was good, because he was curious too. Curious to know if she tasted as sweet as she looked, curious to see her spread out on his dining room table in the dappled sunlight of evening, curious to know if she would mind if he cleared the counter and took her right now.

A few steps and he could be beside her, lifting her onto the smooth, cool surface, pushing her skirt up, tugging her panties down. All that pale, warm skin against the dark countertop. He’d smell her arousal, know she was wet and ready for him. That was good, because once his zipper came down, he would be sliding inside her, no foreplay, no niceties, just his heavy shaft pressing into her. With her legs in a V up against his chest, he’d make himself set a gentle rhythm, lulling her, wooing her. Turning his head, he could lick the soft skin of her calf, long languid strokes that would match the motion of his cock.

A sigh would come from her, or perhaps a giggle, as he moved and set his tongue to the sole of one of her feet. He knew she’d be so sensitive, trying to shift away from the too-much pleasure, but he wouldn’t let her. When her hands came to rest on the backs of his thighs, gripping the taut flesh, he’d know she needed more. And he’d be happy to offer it, spreading her legs so he could lean towards her, meeting her as she lifted her head, her hands now cradling his face.

She would taste sweet and a little bit spicy, making him think of a juicy peach pie. A nibble at her lips, the slide of his tongue inside her mouth would draw a moan from her, and that gentle in-out swing would change. Anchoring her with his arms around her legs, he’d pull her forwards to meet each thrust, the sound of flesh slapping flesh mingling with the low rasp of his voice as he told her how good it felt to be inside her, how close to the line she pushed him.

As the object of his fantasy cleared her throat, he was reluctantly tugged back into the café, where he tried to assume an innocent look. But he could tell by her frown that she wondered what he’d been thinking.

Sorry, you’ll have to wait until July 7 to read the rest of the book, but if you go to my website, you can read the first chapter on my ‘book page’.

Make sure you check out Total-E-Bound all through the month of July as there will be lots of fun things to do to help celebrate the first anniversary of the company.


What's Your Comfort Zone?

I sat down to write something witty, sexy and titillating for this blog. Um, sorry, not today. Not feeling sexy or witty right now. June and July are busy months for me. June 30th is the end of our financial year. And don’t ask me why we end the year in the middle. I have no idea. I just know it generates a heck of a lot of work. Mathematical work! Figures are not my natural forte. Ask me to sit and write something and I’m your girl. But figures? No, these I have to work at and June means lots of figures to get ready for the tax man. When we took over our motel, I’d never used Excel in my life. I had to learn on the job, and damn quick. Talk about stepping outside my comfort zone!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is what this post is all about. I’m about to do it in a big way this coming weekend. I’m not a public speaker, although I have done it in the past when I was young and unafraid of anything. Now, it’s a whole different matter. I’ve been asked to be one of the featured guest authors at the Canberra Writers’ Festival. I’ve been asked to be on a panel about reading and writing romance. *Gulp* A panel with only two of us on. The other author is a sweet romance writer whereas I write red hots! Two ends of the spectrum. The mind boggles! I can just imagine the questions that we’ll be hit with. Lol

Then I’m doing a workshop on writing erotic romance in the ebook market. *Another big gulp* Three hours of talking about sex! The sound you hear is my knees knocking. Yes, I want to do it, but now I’m second-guessing myself. Can I do this? What if no one comes? Ack!! What if I make a fool of myself? Boy, when I decided to step out of my comfort zone I went the whole hog.

This whole extending yourself, pushing yourself to do something different, crosses over to our writing, too. It’s easy to get complacent and write the same old thing. Hey, it sold well the first time. Why not now? But it doesn’t work like that. We need to push ourselves to try something different, whether it be a new genre or a different level of heat in our stories. Otherwise we’d eventually stagnate. The market is constantly changing and we need to go with it. Sometimes it’s scary, as doing this workshop is for me, but it’s worth it. Because only by stepping outside our comfort zones can we grow. As people and as writers.


I know your deepest desires

Imagine if you will there is a place you can go that knows what you want. What you need. What is your darkest desire. A desire that you won’t even admit to yourself. A place where being different is embraced and you don’t have to hide what you are. The needs you have. A place where you may find Mr. or Ms Right or in some cases Mr. or Ms. Right for Now.

Welcome to Club Immortality where all you desires will be fulfilled. Nothing is taboo and privacy is a guarantee. We have been in existence for many centuries. Hidden from those who are sensually unaware. Now with the permission of some of our patrons we are about to bring you into the most exclusive club. With our tales we hope you will become enlightened.

I'm Micah and this is my mate Syn. Sit back, be tantalized, titillated and most of all let go your inhibitions.

Syn and Micah

From the opening welcome from the owners of Club Immortality I bring you into a world where embracing being you is expected. When I created Club Immortality I wanted a haven of sorts for the supernatural community to find their own sensual fulfillment. A place where even a supernatural being could find whatever was their deepest desire.

It could range from finding love, being able to touch another person without the fear of being shunned or any number of desires. With each tale of the Club Immortality I explore a sensual journey of the characters within the confines of Club Immortality and into the real everyday world of that patron of the club’s life.

I mentioned before about being different and in Club Immortality there is no such thing. Everything and anything is accepted. It is a haven for everyone. The Club itself knows what you need. Knows your desires and if it feels you are ready it gives it to you.

Differences is what makes us who we are. It would be boring if we all were the same. Ingenuity is abound everywhere and people perform feats everyday. It could be as simple as giving up a seat to someone or a smile could brighten someone’s day. You don’t have to be special to do things. Just embrace your difference and be you. I will leave you with a part of what is at the end of each Club Immortality book.

A lot of our patrons have to learn the lesson that you are only limited by your own imagination. Nothing is taboo and honesty between each other is the greatest of titillations.

Until next we met. Embrace your nature and go after you heart’s desires.

Take a journey with Club Immortality…..

Taige Crenshaw
...increasing the sizzle factor


A Father's Inspiration

I'm writing this on Father's Day, a few days before my scheduled post. It's a bittersweet holiday for me. My dad died about a month ago, on his eighty sixth birthday. Oddly, I feel his presence today far more than his absence. I've come to understand, during the time since his passing, that he'll always be with me, in my memories and in my heart.

Dad lived a long, joyous and fruitful life, including more than a year that was grace, pure and simple. After a serious cardiac incident, he was sent home to hospice care, not expected to live more than a few weeks. He confounded the prognosticators by recovering significantly and thriving (relatively speaking) for another seventeen months.

I want to talk about my dad here on the TEB blog because he, more than any other individual, inspired me to read, and to write. He had the gift of words, and passed it on to his children. I recall him reading aloud to my siblings and me, folk tales, fairy stories, adventures like Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe. He told his own stories, too, invented worlds and characters for our pleasure. There were the Gulkons, terrible demons who lived in the fire on the hearth, and Houligan, the god of snow. (I grew up in chilly, stormy New England.) I still remember sitting spellbound (nearly fifty years ago!) while he recounted the story of the hapless wizard Thomas Carl Sefney who had to touch his wand to every one of the monster's thousand tentacles before it consumed him.

Then there were the stories of his own life: playing in a jazz band when he was only eleven; teaching aircraft maintenance in French during World War II; tales of his pet monkey and pet alligator. When he was in the air force, he claimed, he made extra money by writing custom love letters on behalf of his less verbally gifted mates. I guess there's a precedent for my steamy compositions after all...

Both my parents encouraged me to write. My first poems date from about third grade. During my childhood I wrote fantasies about Martians and ghosts, and plays about the Beatles and politics. In my adolescence, too shy to speak to any of my crushes, I poured out my adoration in anguished free verse. In my twenties and thirties, I wrote science fiction and first tried my hand at romance. Finally, in my forties, I actually managed to publish something (other than in my high school newspaper). My first thought was to send a copy to my father.

My dad and I shared favorite books, characters and authors. When he and I got talking about Sherlock Holmes or Frodo Baggins, H.P. Lovecraft or Edgar Allen Poe or Anne Rice, the rest of the family would roll their eyes and leave us to our obsessions. I never had any difficulty figuring out what gift to get him for his birthday or Father's Day. There was always some book that I had seen or heard about that I knew he'd love.

I never did introduce him to my erotica, though. I was so tempted to show him the pile of paperbacks with my name on the cover, the six volumes I had penned or edited. I wanted to autograph him a copy of my first novel, telling him how much he had contributed to my literary endeavors. I wanted him to be proud. However, I didn't want to make him uncomfortable. I recalled the way he reacted when I gave him Anne Rice's BDSM classic The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - an embarrassed grin and a non-committal "oh, that's interesting". We didn't discuss that book much. Though I would have welcomed the opportunity to open up to him about my own pursuits in the world of Dominance and submission, I sensed that he would rather not know.

I guess that there are just some things you can't share with your parents, no matter how close you are.

Now that he's gone, do I regret that he never knew about the my risque alter ego Lisabet Sarai? Not really. The only thing that I regret is that I didn't get a chance to wish him a Happy Birthday one last time. I was just about to pick up the phone when I got the call from my sister, telling me that he was gone.

I was thinking this morning, however, that I just might dedicate my next book to him. He deserves it.


At Last!

This month I can actually talk about my Total-E-Bound release. Now I have an actual story out there I feel I can truly claim the honor of being a Total-E-Bound Author. I had planned to write something to submit for the Brit Party series of books and had a vague idea of when the submission deadline was. Closer to the time I checked on the submission date and found it alot closer than I had expected. I had just a week to write the story and get it submitted.

I managed it, somehow with lots of encouragement from my friends and especially my ever-patient husband who put up with my constant moaning and cursing and general bad behaviour whilst I forced the story to take shape. It is a story that ends well, the story was contracted and here it is but I will try to be more organised in future, well, I'll try. :)

So here's the blurb!

It’s even hotter on the Sexier Side of the Hill...

Michelle has just graduated from university and is embarking on a new career as a doctor. She’s going to have a big 40th birthday party to prove to her younger uni pals that she isn’t over the hill, and on a booze cruise to France she has a sexy adventure with two hot bi guys.

But this is just the start, as her ex-boyfriend, Darren, shows up at her party, walking in on a very hot threesome. But will he turn around and walk out or stay to join in?

And if you want to pick up this hot, summer sizzler you just have to click here
and part with a measly $3.45 for a real hot treat to set your summer of in style.

And here, just for you is a Sexier Snippet, so you can get an idea of what it's like on the Sexier Side of the Hill.

"It was the last two men to get on who really grabbed my attention. They were both handsome but completely different in appearance. The dark haired, cocoa-skinned guy was smooth and slick, his clothes pressed and reeking of expense. His complexion shone, and his shaven cheeks glowed with the health afforded by expensive beauty products. The other man was rougher. His chin was studded with tiny whiskers which combined with the groggy look to his blue eyes and showed me he hadn’t been awake very long. He was dressed for comfort. His old, worn jeans definitely hadn’t been bought in such a shabbychic condition and the old denim jacket was in matching condition. The t-shirt beneath it all was plain but clean.

I wanted to leap on both of them, to dive in and take a bite from the smooth darkness and the light charm at exactly the same time. My mind, already filled with naughty images, and my body were on an erotic edge. It wouldn’t take much to tumble me over. I felt a tiny pang of guilt, thinking of Darren, my ex-boyfriend. I’d loved him—probably still did—but I remembered the fresh pain of us breaking up. It was time to move on, I reminded myself. I was indeed single again. I might not have been happy about it, but I was free and well within my rights to fantasise about these two handsome guys.

They sat on the seats across from me, their musk and citrus scents permeating the air. They both smiled as they sat down and I grinned back. I really wanted to speak, but I couldn’t think of a word to say. Put me at the scene of a horrific car crash and I’ll be as cool as a cucumber, calmly in control. Place me in a room with a dying cancer patient and I’ll find the words of comfort they need to hear. But put me in the presence of hot men and I seize up completely. "

It's Almost Here!

I'm so excited. I got the chance to do something I've always wanted to do - take part in an anthology with three good friends.

On June 30th, Legend will release from TEB. It's an anthology of five interconnected stories involving a note in a bottle, a mysterious necklace and true love written by Brynn Paulin, Carol Lynne, Lacey Thorn and me.

My story is called Moonlit Magic and here's the blurb.

Brought back to Ireland by her job, American Beckett Matthews jumps at the chance to study an artifact that recently washed ashore on an Irish beach. She's thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the history of the necklace. She's far less enthused to explore her personal history with the man who found the treasure-her first love.

Kieran Brennan has waited five years for Beckett to finally return to Ireland. When he found the necklace, he knew it was more than a historical find-it was the key to reclaiming the only woman he ever loved. Under a curse from the Faery King, he couldn't follow her when she'd fled to her home in the States years ago, but now in his arms he'll help her face her fears and return to him.

Unfortunately, he isn't the only one after Beckett. Denied his tribute when she fled, Aodhan the Faery King wants to claim her for his own.

To celebrate the upcoming release, I'd like to share my picture pages. I always put together a series of picture collages when I begin a new book. The images help solidify the story in my head and smooth the writing process. Also...they're really pretty to look at. LOL


Ellie Tremayne says hello again.

Hi everybody Ellie here again,

Let me tell you about my new book with Total-e-Bound, Hunting Diablo. As with my other two book, Prince of the Three Mountains and Price of a Sword, Hunting Diablo is an historical romp but this time instead of us travelling thought medieval England we set sail for the Caribbean.

I have always loved stories about Pirates and the romance of the open sea in a tall ship with billowing sails . Of course there are the men. I mean what wouldn’t you love about a man in long black boots, tight breeches and an open fronted shirt?

Hunting Diablo is set in the Pirate Capital of Port Royal in Jamaica in the volatile Caribbean of the 1680s, and is a sensual, romantic adventure between Phoebe Stone and Nathan Frazer.

When Phoebe Stone arrived in Port Royal her heart full of hope of a wedding and married bliss. She is therefore shocked to find her fiancé Edward, in the hands of the sadistic pirate Diablo Ned. She vows to find him.

When she meets Nathan Frazer she judges him to be everything her fiancé is not and more. Her heart warns her to avoid entanglement with him at all costs, but can she? As she looks for clues to her fiancés disappearance Phoebe attraction to Nathan blossoms. But can she trust him or is he just another womanizing, pleasure-loving rake who will betray her trust and love?

Nathan Frazer has enough to do in Port Royal without having to keep the head-strong Phoebe Stone from danger. After their first meeting he tries to convinced himself she is too hot-temper, impetuous and tight-laced ever to excite his interest. But much to his chagrin, excite it she does. But can he capture the traitor and keep Phoebe safe and win her love from the missing Edward?

One of the delights of being a historical author is that I learn so much as I tell my characters story as I delve into the past. All the settings of my books are real. I put a lot of time and effort into researching all aspects of my stories. . For instance, although Hunting Diablo is a work of fiction, I have based it very much on fact and spent a great deal of time researching the details to weave around Nathan and Phoebe’s story. Port Royal, which is where most of Hunting Diablo is set, actual existed and was just as debauched and lawless as I portray it.

Hunting Diablo came from a very small idea, I’ll explain. I subscribe to the BBC History magazine and one month there was an article about the prostitutes who used to hang around the navel port. One picture in the article showed a boat full of brightly dressed prostitutes being rowed out to the ship to service the crew before they got ashore and spent all their money. I thought ‘that’s so good I couldn’t have invented it and I have to get that scene in a book’. And I did. For those of you who have read Hunting Diablo will know that Phoebe rows out to a ship disguised as a prostitute for reasons you will have to find out for yourself by reading her story.

If you go to Jamaica today, however, there is not much left of it because on the 7th July 1692, a year after Hunting Diablo, is set, 90% of the town disappeared under the sea as a result of a massive earth quake. Some said it was the hand of God punishing the town for its wickedness. I used actual street maps from the excavation work that is being done in the Kingston Bay to walk Nathan and Phoebe around the town. The brothel, The Two Puddings, where Phoebe stays is fictitious but the Mermaid tavern also mentioned was notorious for its riotous behaviour and in a town like Port Royal that was no mean feat!

I do hope that after finding out how I put Hunting Diablo together you will want to read all about Phoebe and Nathan’s romance and adventure.

See you next month

Ellie T



Paraskavedekatriaphobia - quite a mouthful, eh? I promise I didn't make it up. It means fear of Friday the 13th. Do you suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia?

Since this Friday is Friday the 13th, I wondered what kind, if any, of superstitions you had. I'd love to hear them. I've never been scared of Friday the 13th, but enjoyed pretending it was scary with my friends back in grade school. In truth I was one of those girls who liked monsters and wished to find one and become friends with one. I was a big Godzilla and King Kong fan.

Now I'm more apt to want a sexy vampire or hunky werewolf to come and sweep me off my feet.

What are some of your superstitions?

~Ann Cory


Quizz Me!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I thought I’d play around during this blog, having nothing better to do with my time!!!!

Have you ever been on group loops when someone sent you one of those
‘what kind of (fill in the blank) are you’ quizzes?

I took this quiz below on the internet; primarily because I needed a break from writing and because I almost always take these silly things.

Turns out that I’m a Chocolate Cake; which is what Martha Stewart might call ‘a good thing’.

Here’s another one that’s supposed to determine what kind of Freudian Stage of development you’re in. I wasn’t going to take this because I’m Irish. Freud once said of my people,

“This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.”
(Oh, really?)

I took the damned test anyhow:

Turns out that I’m in the Anal Stage of development………this coming from a man who smoked almost fifty cigars a day until the habit killed him and he seemed to have had an obsession for his daughter!!!!!

Here’s one telling me what kind of mythical creature I am:

This test says I’m an Imp…..and they even broke down things down to other possibilities by percentage:

You scored as a Imp
You’re an imp, your quick. You’re not that strong on the outside, but your very strong on the inside. You don’t let mental injuries get in your way.
Imp 67%
Vampire 67%
Paladin 58%
Dragon 50%
Demon 25%

The above was interesting… much for my lifting weights nine hours a week.

Here’s a little test to determine what kind of spirit lives inside you:

Turns out I’m a:


In you the spirit of the fox lives. The fox is very smart and thoughtful. He is concentrated in hunting its food and always seems to plan 10 steps ahead. So do you. You are a hard-working, concentrated and focused, smart person which plans ahead and has everything under control. But hey, you are not a fox living in the woods. Try to let loose sometimes and have fun. You live just once...Maybe...

So there, Sigmund!!!! Go analyze that!!!

Here’s one to determine what kind of elemental you might be:

Turns out, I’m a Water Master, which is not too bad but odd considering I took another quiz once that said I was more related to the Air….here's what it said:

You are an Elemental Water Master. You are gentle, empathetic and loving - but just as water can turn to ice, you can become cold in self-protection if need be. You enjoy being near any kind of water, whether it's the ocean or a wading pool. This element has correspondences to the Western Zodiac signs Pisces and Scorpio.

Here’s one last quiz:

As to colors….I’m a Violet….interesting…'s something about Violets......

You surround yourself with art and music and are constantly driven to express yourself. You often daydream. you prefer honesty in your relationships and believe strongly in your personal morals.

Until next time……don’t do anything I wouldn’t….

Slàinte Mhath!

Candace Sams (aka C.S. Chatterly)

~ Where Fantasies Embrace Legend ~

Direct link to pre-sale orders….(mass paperback only)

Author: Candace Sams
Genre: Light futuristic, paranormal action/adventure romance
Length: Super Novel
Release Date: July 1, 2008
Publisher: Dorchester

Romantic Times Magazine - RT Rating 4 1/2 Stars

This excellent blend of high-stakes intrigue, fast-paced danger and offbeat humor is a cross between Miss Congeniality and Men in Black. Watching tough-as-nails protagonists balancing life-threatening danger and pageant high jinks is hugely entertaining. Yet Sams doesn't forget to create characters layered with deep emotion.

Summary: Earth Protectorate Force Captain Sagan Carter has just been handed a time bomb of an assignment. Intergalactic weapons smugglers are about to make a deal, and Sagan has been ordered to work with Oceanus Enforcer Keir Trask, whose cover story will be to compete as an entrant in the Mr. Interstellar Feller competition.

Sexy and smart Sagan quickly shatters Keir's belief that all Earthers are backwards and slow. Meanwhile, Keir is under strict orders not to reveal what else he is hunting. With competitors from all over the galaxy, the pageant is the perfect place to set up an illegal deal -- meaning everyone is suspect. (LOVE SPELL, Jul., 320 pp.,$6.99) HOT - Jill M. Smith, for Romantic Times Magazine

Direct link to Cerridwen paranormal/fantasy sales (as Candace Sams):

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Protecting One's ASSets

We've been having horrendous storms in our area, which is no biggie compared to some of the surrounding places that have had F-5 tornadoes lately. Our biggest pain in the butt has been that we can't park the car into the garage, because the garage is too full of crap. It's been 2 years since the move, so you'd think we'd have this sorted by now, but noooo.

Typical Sunny Lyn move...we're all trying to quit smoking, and here this storm is headed our way (as in it has 30 minutes to reach us), and the city has tested its tornado sirens in preparation, the television stations are blaring "how to take cover" - there's probably an "idiots" guide out there somewhere (and if there isn't, there should be...hmm...note to self).

So I get this wild hair up my ass to clean out the garage with a superstorm on the way. I get everything in the bins moved--The Kids (well, one of them) get behind me--and we're so proud of ourselves that we break open the two lone bottles of alcohol we have in the house - an Amber Boch beer and a mojito wine cooler (that is more cooler than wine or mojito). We sneak out the cigarettes we've both been hording and light up. Son catches us smoking and drinking and asks if we've lost our minds - I mean a storm IS approaching, and we're like human lightning rods sitting out front.

I get him to move his truck (Debbie, as in "Debbie Does Dallas") and I rip the keys to the new car (mind you, I haven't DRIVEN since 2001 because of a head injury) out of Girl's hands and approach slowly. Lola (the new car) makes it into the garage...except for her ass. I also can't get out of the damned car for the bins on either side of me.

We're so close...we have 15 minutes before the Boy drops his E*Bay bid for "something of importance" and starts rearranging things. I decide I need more booze and nicotine. Girl joins me, of course. Then she realizes she's out of something with a kick to drink. Son is still in garage rearranging like mad. Women find their money, pool it, and Girl takes off for store.

She's gone too long, we fear. Wind picks up. I have to take cover to smoke (I'm also ducking Son, who won't be too happy if he catches me). Girl gets back with a covertly gained pack of cigarettes and a six-pack of new beer with lime and salt...called Chill.

We get the car into the garage with 1/2" to spare. One problem - 6'6" son can't get his door open.

5 minutes to storm. Large man inside medium-sized car. Car in garage, man doesn't want to ride out the storm in the car. He'd like a meal, a bathroom break, and to finish his bid on E*Bay.

Mom puts on her Wonder Woman costume and starts instructing Boy (Man-Child) how to take car seats down without completely deconstructing car. Pretty sooon the winds pick up, and she has to go sit on porch and have another cigarette while her son's ass is somewhere between the rearview mirror and Lola's axel.

Everyone's curious, even the Boston terrier down the street.

Neighbor Donna comes home, and I lose focus, let go of son's feet and go to neighbor as she approaches. We chat. I'm so glad she made it home from her nighttime job before the storm hits that I forget (well, I do have a buzz-on going by now) that my son is still ass-up in the car in the garage. Donna, Girl, and I smoke - Girl and I sip our Chills. Son is in car wondering WTF. I remember and go to him.

Get Son out of car, get Lola's trunk closed and garage door shut. Rain is pelting everyone. Son realizes everyone else is smoking, but now he has no place TO smoke since his garage now has a car in it. So he fires up and has his chill-out moment as storm breaks.

Moral of the doesn't matter how you cover your ass as long as you cover it and have time to chill out later. Same with a story, if you're a writer. Get it done - change your mind mid-stream if you have to, take a different turn, take time to celebrate the little things in the middle of the hard work, get back on track at the right moment, and celebrate again afterwards. It's just Life, folks. They can't fucking eat ya.

In closing, how about a recipe? Potato Spinach Frittata. Rainy weather actually makes it taste better.

2 tablespoons olive oil
6 small red potatoes, sliced
1 cup torn fresh spinach
2 tablespoons sliced green onions
1 teaspoon crushed garlic
salt and pepper to taste
6 eggs
1/3 cup milk
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese


Heat olive oil in a medium skillet over medium heat. Place potatoes in the skillet, cover, and cook about 10 min, until tender but firm. Mix in spinach, green onions, and garlic. Season with salt and pepper.

Continue cooking 1 to 2 minutes, until spinach is wilted.

In a medium bowl, beat together eggs and milk. Pour into the skillet over the vegetables. Sprinkle with cheddar cheese. Reduce heat to low, cover, and cook 5 to 7 minutes, or until eggs are firm

* * *
I like serving frittatas with sliced tomatoes, but fruit with a cream cheese fruit dip works for those with a craving for sweets. Your choice of sliced fruit dipped in this...
* * *
Mix an 8 ounce package of cream cheese with 1 egg and 1/3 cup of sugar.
* * *
post script...have you seen this (speaking of Wonder Woman earlier)???


Giving it Away

I've been hanging out at author's groups, and a common complaint is : "I can't get readers to come to my site - blog - chat list, etc."
I don't know any magic spells or sure-fire tricks, but I do know that readers love freebies.
They love free short stories, and I've found several authors that way - a short story offered online either as part of a website or on a blog or newsletter in installments is a good way to hook readers.
Another way is offering contests and prizes. There is a plethora of gifts that are inexpensive, fun, and easy to post that readers can appreciate, and e-books are a good prize too.
Right now, over at my website I'm giving away an e-book.
It's the sequel to a book I've already published, and I (hope) that readers will try it, and want to find out more!
I don't have a huge promotions budget (sound of hysterical laughter) Actually, my budget is about zero - so an e-book is the way I've found to promote my work. I've even sent the book to a reviewer so I can get her to post about it too, and I'm going to ask everyone to mention it on their blogs. (Thank you! Will return the favor!)
Promotion can be done alone, or with the help of others. (As Blanche Dubois said, 'I depend on the kindness of strangers.' )
With a little imagination, and a little help from your friends (and strangers) promotion can take off - and take off in unexpected and interesting directions.

Samantha Winston
Free e-book at

Thank you!


Covers Matter

When I turned on my computer this morning, it was suddenly Christmas - early.

Two presents awaited me in my mail box. Not just one, but two brand new covers for my upcoming TEB books. And not just any covers, but really really HOT covers. I mean sizzling hot. See below.

I'm on vacation (vacation from the day job at any rate) and visiting my family in Ohio. I've been having a great time with my Dad. By the way, he's the only family member who's interested in my writing career, so he's been asking me a lot of questions. One of them is who chooses the cover design. Rightfully so, he feels that the cover is a big part in a book buying decision. He admitted the cover and the blurb is how he usually chooses books.

This is how it works, at least with all of my publishers, TEB included. Before the book is contracted, the editor or publisher emails a cover design request that we must fill out.

The request form asks the basics, of course, such as name of the author, name of the book and series if part of a series. It also asks for detailed descriptions of the hero(es) and heroine(s) and the scenery. We are asked to be very specific. For instance, "long blonde hair" is very vague. We need to tell basic height, weight, tattoos, scars, hair style, facial features, eye color, clothing styles (if any clothing), etc. etc.

It also asks for an interesting scene from the book that we think would make a good cover.

We include a blurb, one-liner, and excerpt for the cover artist.

Then we sit and pray and wait. Well, not too hard. My publishers all have very talented artists that usually surpass my dreams. I give a lot of kudos to the TEB cover artists. I've never been disappointed and am always really thrilled.

Unfortunately, because I am on vacation, and because my laptop's power cord fritzed out my first day here, and wouldn't you know it, it can only be special ordered and not purchased over the counter, I don't have excerpts today. :)

However, here are the blurbs.

In LIQUID HEAT, Joshua breaks down in Georgia, aka "Hillbilly Hell" on the way to see his fiancee Carol in Ohio. He's rescued by Paul who offers to help repair his car and give him a place to stay until his car is ready to run as there are no repair shops or hotels for at least fifty miles. To Joshua's shock, Paul happens to live in a nudist colony. To Joshua's bigger shock, when Joshua sees Paul naked, he's way more turned on by the beautiful, sexy man and his big cock than he ever was by his fiancee. LIQUID HEAT is an M/M in the summer Heat Wave series published by TEB.

In SUBMISSIVE DREAMS, Stacy can't believe her eyes when her friend Lily shows her naked pictures of her ex-husband Brand on the Internet. Not just one or two, but a whole slew. The man Stacy gave up for being too boring, too tame, is now the Internet's number one porn star and he's doing "it" with lots of beautiful ladies. What's more, Brand is now a Dom and his film studio is looking for a new partner to film with him. Fascinated against her wishes, Stacy dons a mask and applies for the job to see if the sparks she feels when gazing at his naked photos flame to life in the real world.

Both books will be released shortly and I'll post excerpts on my blog after June 16th when I return home so stay tuned. It will be at:


Who's in control and when?

Sex is a funny thing. There's so much written about it and so many different points of view that it's often hard to decide what's right for you and what's not. In my newest release from Total-e-bound, the sex is all based on a battle of wills. The struggle for dominance and control.

My heroine is a woman known only as Sable. She’s made a reputation for herself writing interviews for Erotic Fantasy Magazine with some of the most powerful men in the country. But the mysterious Alex Courtland still eludes her. His conquests are legendary and people only whisper about the weekend trips to his Maine island retreat with women he then never sees again. But Sable is determined. She wants to write the article on his ultimate sexual fantasy and she’ll do anything to get it.
When she finally corners him at a posh party, he offers her a bargain. Come to his Maine retreat for him for a weekend as his sexual submissive. If she does this, he will give her the interview she wants. He promises that by the end of the weekend she’ll be begging him to satisfy her.
But things don’t always go as planned. Sable is far different from his other women, more strong-willed and not looking to “catch” him and his millions. And Alex, whose soul long ago froze and turned to stone, finds himself awakening from emotional cold storage. Is this a recipe for success or disaster?

The weekend proves to bea revelation for both of them, as Alex is determined that Sable will ultimately beg him for satisfaction wile Sable is just as determined that she will play his games without losing control.

Sometimes I think that battle between too strong people can added a new dimension, a hot spice between two people, and make the game of sex that much more intersting. Wha do you think? Who's in control and who isn't?

Here's a little taste of BEG ME to start you on that journey.

“Maybe. If it will get me my interview.”
“Oh, it will get you more than you anticipated.” His gaze held hers. “Come spend the weekend with me on my island. Experience first hand why these women beg me to fuck them. Think what a story that would make.”
She shook her head. “I don’t think so..” Fool! Say yes!
“Afraid?” he teased.
“Not at all. You don’t scare me. But a whole weekend? I don’t think so.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Twenty-four hours, then.”
“And I get my story?”
“Here’s the deal. If I can make you beg me to fuck you before our time is up, no story. On the other hand, if you’re as strong as I hear and make me fight for your response, I’ll let you write anything you want.” His gaze pinned her. “Just one rule.”
“Oh?” Her brain was spinning. “And what’s that?”
“I call the shots. Anything goes. Anything.”
She studied his eyes, wondering what was going on in his mind. “I’m not sure…”
“I’ll do nothing to harm you. That’s not who I am. The only pain I inflict is for pleasure. And I guarantee I’ll take you to sexual heights you’ve never reached before.” He leaned his head closer to hers, his eyes darkening. “Don’t you have fantasies of your own you’d like to explore?”
Oh, if he only knew!
Her pussy was throbbing now.
“Yes, I can see it in your eyes.” His thumbs stroked her collar bone. “You’re so hot right now I could make you come with little effort.”
Sable wet her lips. “I doubt it..”
His smile was arrogant. “That’s a challenge I can’t resist.” He grabbed her hand. “Come with me. Right now.”
Before she could gather her wits to protest, he had her out of the ballroom and outside to where his limo waited. In seconds she was lying on the back seat, her dress around her waist, her legs wide apart.
His fingers spread the lips of her cunt, and she heard the hiss of his indrawn breath. “Deliciously wet. And so ready. I knew there was fire here.”
Her heart was thundering as he slid his hands under her ass, lifted her and thrust his tongue deep inside her weeping vagina. One hand pinched and rubbed her swelling clit as he fucked her with his tongue.
Her orgasm came with stunning speed, gripping her with its intensity, flooding his mouth. His clever tongue lapped at her until the last tremor died away and he’d sucked the last drop of fluid from her.
He sat back and pulled her up with him, his eyes burning into hers. “No whips and chains tonight, Sable, and see how easily I made you come? But that’s the last orgasm you’ll get from me without begging. Twenty four hours is a long time to hold back.” He helped her out of the car. “Before we’re done you’ll be begging me to stick my cock in your pussy or your ass and fuck your brains out.”