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Seduction Of The Senses

Welcome to the fifth and final installment in my series dedicated to exploring the five senses. This month we will be delving into the sense of hearing.

For those of you who missed the first four installments of Seduction Of The Senses Series, I’m not going to repeat the introduction, but instead give you the links to the previous 4 posts:

First Installment – The Sense of Touch

Second Installment – The Sense of Sight

Third Installment - The Sense of Taste

Fourth Installment --The Sense of SMELL:

The Sense of Hearing
She was lost somewhere in semi-darkness, surrounded by lush vegetation, its scent exotic to the point of being intoxicating. The heat and oppressive humidity caused her clothing to cling to her body like a second skin. All around her were the sounds of jungle creatures preparing for night, animals calling to their mates ... and there was music. Not music exactly ... drums ... jungle drums. The evocative rhythm of the drums had an immediate effect on her senses, seeping through the pores of her overheated flesh and into her blood stream like an insidious drug. Her surroundings no longer seemed alien, the haunting call of the night creatures no longer frightening. She became one of them, another wild thing in search of its mate.

The blurb above is from a current WIP where the sound of jungle drums plays an important role. You have no idea how long it took me to find just the right CD of jungle drums with just the right sound to evoke the mood I was shooting for. When I’m working on a scene featuring the drums, that CD is playing in the background.

When writing a love scene, I play music to set the tone and the mood. I have a CD collection of Spanish love songs. I can’t understand a word but it doesn’t matter. The sexy voice and melody are all I need.

Music as well as specific sounds have the ability to influence mood either positively or negatively. How many listen to relaxation tapes? The sound of ocean waves, rain, etc?

I have a collection of various types of mood setting CD’s that I use when writing and if I don’t have just the right sound to fit a particular scene I’m creating, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll try to find it.

What sounds impact your mood? What sounds do you find soothing? What sounds have the ability to affect you in a negative fashion? We all have types of music that we don’t care for, but is there a particular sound that you have an unusual aversion to? What about an old favorite – the sound of the phone ringing in the middle of the night?

I admit it. I have a totally irrational aversion to the sound of wind chimes. Not all wind chimes, just the ones that have a tinkling crystal sound. I don’t have a clue why. I have no idea what or if any particular incident is behind my reaction to this particular sound, but I can tell you that when I hear that crystal tinkling, my heart rate kicks up and my fight or flight instincts kick in big time.

On the flip side, nothing has the ability to bring a smile to my lips or make me laugh outright like the sound of a child’s laughter. How many of you have seen clips on funniest videos of infants or toddlers laughing?

Exercise 1: LISTEN – This may sound easy but you might just be surprised. Go outside, maybe drive to someplace isolated in the country and park. Either get out of your vehicle or roll down the windows, close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? Anything? Nothing? Does the wind make a sound as it blows through the trees? If you’re in the country, what about the wind blowing dried corn husks in a field. What about birds? Can you recognize the type of bird by its call? Try to isolate and identify individual sounds. You may think you hear nothing, yet there is sound all around you.

Which again brings us to the importance of utilizing the senses as a writing tool to add depth and realism to a scene.

As the sun concluded its fireball descent, turning the sky to crimson and the surrounding hills to darkened silhouettes against the horizon, Mara couldn’t bring herself to go inside. She remained on the deck watching the stars come out, listening to the sound of the waves lap against the shore, and the distant hum of motors on the boats of night fishermen, watching as the their running lights glided across the lake. Gradually her senses became attuned to other sounds: the “gurump, gurump” from a bull frog, the answering croak from some distance away; the hoot of an owl; and the persistent the chirping of crickets and tree frogs. There was the occasional splash as a fish jumped, and just what she didn’t need, the buzzing near her ear of a pesky mosquito, her signal to go inside. On top of everything else, she didn’t need to find herself covered with itchy welts.

The scene above is from Independence Day, one of the stories in my Holiday Fantasies collection. For this scene, I sat outside at night, on a deck overlooking a lake, closed my eyes and listened (and had a tape player running), taking note of the individual sounds.

I’ve said it in other posts and will say it again - we have become such a fast pace society that I personally believe we tune out a lot and in the process, miss out on more than we realize.
Exercise 2: LISTEN - At night while in your home, turn off the television, the music, all the lights, just sit and listen. You may think you hear nothing, but there is a sound to the silence. Do you hear subtle noises you’ve never noticed? Do you maybe hear a sound that a house makes when settling? Do you have a fireplace and enjoy listening to the popping and crackling sounds the logs make? Is there a bush or tree outside that brushes against the side of the house or window? What about the sound of rain upon the roof or window? The sounds are there. You just have to open yourself to hearing them.

I don’t think I need to elaborate how sound influences making love and if we’re shooting for primal excitement, who doesn’t love having sex turning a thunderstorm? Bottom line, the sense of hearing is one of our most erotic senses. In real life, or the written word, the sighs, soft whimpers, and moans from your lover as you give them pleasure serve as a natural aphrodisiac. What a turn on!

On the flip side, I once dated a man who was a groaner. From the first kiss to climax, the same groaning sound continued non-stop, sounding much like a worn out fog horn with the switch stuck in the on position. Needless to say, the experience was not repeated.

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the five senses with me during the series. As readers, I hope you discovered a few tips to heighten your senses and spice up your love life. As writers, I hope I’ve given you a few ideas you can use to add a bit more depth and realism to your writing by utilizing the senses. Please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from you.

Until same time next month while I struggle to figure out what to write next, “Listen to the sounds in the silence.”

Happy Birthday TEB!!!!


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Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!

Gosh, it doesn’t seem that long ago when Claire was looking for authors to help launch Total-e-bound. I was tickled to be able to send her a manuscript (DREMACATCHER) and then I jumped right in with both feet and started writing short stories for the first set of anthologies TEB had out that year.

In honor of our birthday celebration, here are the blurbs of those first stories, which by the way, are still available. If you’re new to TEB, you haven’t had a chance to read some of the greatest short stories and novels you’ll ever come across. Keep up with the latest releases, but sneak a peak back into the archives for more super sexy stories!

DREAMCATCHER – full length historical
Legend states that hanging a Dreamcatcher over your bed will catch the bad dreams and only allow the good ones to flow through to the dreamer. Willow has been told “if you believe, then it will be so”, but her nightmares about the events causing her amnesia still haunt her, and while she knows she doesn’t belong with the Blackfoot tribe, it is the only shelter she has...

…until Garrison York appears. Montana rancher and blood brother to the Chief’s son, he is given charge of helping Willow discover her past, but the instant attraction between them makes him want to concentrate only on current pleasure. He slowly leads her to succumb to the passion they feel…

…even as deadly events threaten to tear them apart. With neighbors trying to steal land for railroad expansion and relatives willing to kill for fortunes in gold, can Garrison keep Willow safe, allowing no one else to enjoy the erotic delight he finds in her arms?

THE TWELFTH OF NEVER – in the Halloween Heart Throbs series
Author Zoe Shepard races away from an unfaithful lover in the States only to fall into the arms of a spirit in Ireland. While she has no intention of allowing another faithless male in her life, she doesn’t mind this particular man because he demands nothing and night after night he gives her incredible climaxes. It isn’t until the full moon that Zoë actually meets Keegan McFallon, knight and lord of clan McFallon, in human form. Because of a sorceress’s spell, he’s doomed to remain in the spirit world, except on the nights of new and full moons, until he has an orgasm on the Twelfth of Never. Unfortunately, that is a riddle he cannot seem to solve. Keegan, with his long blonde hair, broad shoulders, and constant hard-on, is so much better in the flesh than in spirit form that Zoë sets about trying to discover how to release him from the sorceress’s spell. In the meantime, she decides to write his story, but…

Who’s going to believe a story about a five hundred year old spirit who has to orgasm on the Twelfth of Never to return to mortal form?

ONCE UPON A STARRY NIGHT – in the Christmas Is Coming series
For two weeks before Christmas, corporate mogul, Tom Powers, decides to play The Prince and the Pauper. When he exchanges places with Brian Bentley, who looks just like him, he only wants a chance to be an ordinary guy. But while doing Brian’s job, he meets Jordan Scott, and the explosive sex they share has him forgetting who he really is. Will she forgive him when she finds out he’s the owner of the company and not the line supervisor she falls in love with?

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT – in the Cupid's Kisses series
Lincoln Parish has an attitude. That’s what got him in trouble and now he’s doing community service time at an old ladies’ retirement home. But the women there also have attitudes, and they floor him with their frank discussions of sex and questions about how firm his butt muscles are.

The one redeeming factor is the director, Suni Hart, especially when Linc discovers the beautiful young woman is also there for a reason. She has an unusual attitude toward sex. She likes it -- a lot. And while she may be trying to keep her secret, the little old ladies know. They make a point of causing problems that will throw the two young people together and Linc is more than happy to feed Suni’s addiction as they explore the passion that grows rapidly between them.

WINNING MOLLY – a brand new novella coming in Febraruy!
Her bike was parked in the sand by his beach house, but when Win Coulter catches up with Molly at the water’s edge and accuses her of trespassing, she wants much more from him than the right to walk on the beach. Win, a gentle computer wizard, is happy to comply with her request for hot wild sex, but he quickly becomes both lover and protector when Molly and her father are threatened.

So for all our readers, the authors of such great stories, and Claire and her staff, here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and many, many more!


Thank you Mary Shelley

On this day in literary history, 1814:

Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley elopes with 17-year-old Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin on this day, despite the fact that he's already married.

Mary Godwin, better known as Mary Shelley would later go on to write Frankenstein. The story goes that Lord Byron was spending the summer with the couple. It rained for most of the summer, leaving the threesome inside, talking and sharing stories by many a firelight. By the end of the summer they had reached German ghost stories, one by one sharing bone chilling tales.

This led to Byron suggesting they all write their own supernatural tales. Mary Shelley began work on Frankenstein. At first intended to be a short story. The tale grew to be a full novel. And thank goodness for that.

The book has inspired thousands of women to try their hand at horror stories, and I believe writing in general. Centuries ago there were genres that women just did not attempt. Horror was a big one. But thanks to M.S., one more door was opened to us.

I am not big on feminism. I don't get that irate that men make more money than me. I am more than willing to let men kill the bugs. They should feel free to get items off of high shelves for me.

But at the same time, don't tell me I can't do something. It doesn't matter if you are telling me that I cannot do it because I am a woman, that I can't do it because I am too fat, too thin, too tall, too short. DON'T tell me "Can't." I am great with "won't" I will even take the occasional "don't." But "can't", no sir. That little word, with it's cocky little apostrophe will just ensure it is the first thing I attempt, and I will succeed. If only to prove you wrong.

So thank you Mary Shelley, for giving women the courage to follow in your dainty little footsteps. For helping other women not accept "can't." And for ensuring Robert DeNiro would finally star in a monster movie. Even in Frankenstein...yum. How can you not love him?

Dakota Rebel


Sexy Cowboy Feast

A pic is worth a thousand words, right?

I’m getting ready for the release of my short, “Shotgun Bride” in August. I hope these pics make you real hungry to read the first in the Ride Shotgun series.

And if you're into them hottie Texas cowboys, I've got a new series called Tempting Texans beginning in January. My stories aren't with the modern guys - oh no! They're historical westerns set in Missouri and in Texas.

Y'all come an' have some fun, ya hear?

Aurora Rose
Romance Is Only A Fantasy Away


How Great Is Life, Anyway?!

Since it's a sizzling summer (at least here in the Northern hemisphere!), it's time for some celebrating, and given that it's TEB's anniversary/birthday, that's a double celebration!

So, the coach in me can't help but wonder, in the spirit of all the clues we're posting, what if we each tried to think of stuff to celebrate in our lives?

Most of us instinctively know that what we focus on expands. You know that old saying, "Misery loves company?" Well, there's an addition to that, "But company doesn't love misery!" When we obsess and fret over things, we tend to make them worse. We imagine horrible, "What if" scenarios and blow things way out of proportion in our minds.

But wait, there's more! There's good news, too!!

When we're happy, we tend to create more of that, as well. (Which is why, when we're happy, we really annoy the living daylights out of people who are cranky.)

So...what do you have to be happy about? What can you celebrate?

And here's the challenge:

Start at the letter A and go from there!

For example:

A: crisp apples on a hot day!

B: a banana split (with lots of cherries and ice cream)

C: chocolate!

D: doggie kisses

... You get the idea.

And when you get to "I," don't forget to celebrate yourself!

And when you get to "T," don't forget to celebrate Total-E-Bound.

Here's to you creating a fantastic day.
Muah! Sierra


Fabulous Fetishes...

So…I thought and I thought about what to write for today’s blog post, since it is Total E Bound’s 1st Anniversary and we’re celebrating all this month.

I came up with this:

Now, you have to promise not to tell anyone!


Ready? Here we go…

One of my favorite scenes in a romance novel is when the hero, a real alpha-male, puts the heroine over his knee and gives her a sound spanking. Usually, he’s provoked – either she’s put herself (and him!)in danger, has made him jealous by flirting, or…

Oh heck, does it matter what the reason is? I just love those kinds of scenes.

Spanking that heightens the sexual experience falls under the realm of fetishes – what some people might consider weird or strange. Maybe they are, then again, they can really spice up a relationship.

There are so many kinds – people who love to wear latex; some who enjoy the feel of balloons (that one I recently discovered – I never knew it existed!). Then there are those who love fur – they dress up in fuzzy costumes. Using these inanimate objects or things gains sexual excitement.

It seems as though the origins of someone’s particular fetish cannot be explained. Does it stem from a childhood experience? Something that happened in the past – no one can say for sure. I say…so what? Why bother to examine it? If you like wearing fur, like the feel of fur then do it.
As long as you’re not hurting anyone. But then again, some people are into pain. Is spanking, then, so terrible? Is it abnormal to want to be spanked?

Some people feel I tread on dangerous ground when I ask these kinds of questions but I think they must be asked. Almost all of my writing is peppered with some ‘hand-to-bare-ass’ kind of prose. It’s a great turn-on. That’s what I like to read. That’s what I like to write.

And perhaps, it is just the idea of getting spanked. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen. I’ve always felt that not all fantasies have to be acted out in order for them to heighten a sexual experience. Imagining being spanked, and getting spanked, are two different things altogether.

So, I say, daydream away. If you want to try something that’s different, take it slow. And if you like it, and so does your partner, why not go for it?

Now, where in heck is my paddle?

Just kidding.

Happy spanking, everyone!
(Here’s today’s clue)

Catherine Chernow


Stirring those Creative Juices

The last couple of weeks, I've done everything except write. I visited with family and explored the US Capitol city and surrounding area. The most awe-inspiring was the beautiful and tragic Civil War battlefield of Antietem. Gazing across the lush rolling green hills, it was almost impossible to imagine the bloodbath it must have been that long ago September.

I returned with an armload of books, so I've been working my way through them.

Then, interrupting my writing time was soccer camp for my preschoolers. Just a couple of hours a day, it was just enough to knock me out of my routine. But I did get to watch a couple of hot British men run around a field in shorts! Yummy!

My next procrastination was promotion! I had a release in July, and have upcoming releases in August and September (Forget Me Not, coming from Total E-bound). So, I designed a couple of book marks and then set about making a video trailer for a blog tour.

I was beginning to think I would never write again. Then, yesterday, I woke about four a.m. and then fell back asleep. My early morning dreams are the most vivid, and I dreamt I was writing...the story line of one of my WIPS came together in one fell swoop, the characters, the plot, the yesterday, I got up and wrote. It felt GREAT! What I also realized was that my subconcious must have been working on all the plot points even while I was 'goofing off.' What a relief. Of course, now I have to get all the words down...

So, I'll leave you with the letter of the day. Happy Birthday TEB!


Having it All

It's passed hot here in Kansas, sweltering is more like it. Over 90F everyday, which pushes the heat index over 100. TGFAC. (Thank God for air conditioning!) Some people love languorous summer days, and then there's me. While being here is better than the alternative, I much prefer a crisp fall day, the type you need a little sweater or jacket to feel just right. A day when you can step outside without 75% humidity smacking you in the face.

It's a real challenge to keep going on days like these, but we have no choice. I have a full time job, a family, my writing, and the other full time job of promoting my writing and myself. (I keep busy.) Sometimes I think about quitting (don't ask me which part) but everyday I plug forward, doing just a bit more to feel like I've accomplished something.

I blame it on the Woman's Liberation movement of the sixties and seventies. Those women were desperate to have it all. Ah, poor me, I have it all, I just don't have enough time to do anything with it!

My latest release with TEB comes out July 28, the third in my Unexpected Love series, titled Having it All.

College student Mandy Stevens is skeptical when handsome Nick Westchester asks her out. Growing up in a small town, Mandy's had little experience with men and dating. She suspects Nick's intentions are less than honourable. Nick Westchester has never met a woman who captivates him the way Mandy does. He starts out wanting to seduce her, but ends up falling hard for Mandy, and vows to do whatever it takes to win her heart.

(m/f, contemporary erotic romance)

More information here

Excerpt from: Having It All

The outside temperature was brisk and frosty, hovering around twenty degrees. Not fit weather for man nor beast, Mandy Stevens thought wryly, nor for a woman who’s locked her keys in her car.

She stomped her feet a few times out of frustration and walked around the little hatchback, trying to decide what to do. Mandy carried a cell phone, but whom could she call? Her mom kept an extra set of keys but lived two hours away. Sarah Buchanan would freak out if Mandy phoned her. She couldn't call her. I'm twenty-one years old, I need to figure this one out myself.

Her roommate back at the dorm would be no help. Dee Anderson had been Mandy’s best friend since elementary school and they'd been college roommates for the last two and a half years. Neither was particularly mechanically-minded. Dee had three brothers who took care of her. Mandy had been an only child for years until her baby brother arrived, but her step-father was pretty handy, and what he couldn’t fix, her uncle could.

She needed a locksmith, Mandy finally deduced. So, how to get the phone number for one? She could go back into the post office where she’d just mailed a University of Illinois sweatshirt home for her step-dad’s birthday. They certainly had a phone book she could use. That’s what she would do.

Mandy blew on her hands to warm them and took a step towards the building. A sporty black convertible zipped into the parking space next to hers, causing her to jump. The two guys in the front seat watched as the one in back climbed out over the top of his door.

“Right back!” he called, trotting into the post office.

“Hurry up!” the passenger yelled after him.

The driver looked Mandy up and down and gave a small grin. “Hello.”

“Hey." She averted her eyes, surprised at the tingle his voice sent through her. He was gorgeous, but her irritation rankled at his reckless driving, and she refused to smile back.

“Pretty cold to be standing around out here.” He gazed at her, eyes moving slowly up and down her body.

No, leered. Leering was a much better word for his carnivorous gaze. Mandy shrugged, maintaining a cool exterior while his stare steamed her up on the inside.

“Pretty cold to be driving around in an open convertible.”

“It’s exhilarating!” He grinned wider, warming his hands in front of his automobile heating vent.

“Exhilarating?” Mandy snorted. “Try locking your keys in your car. That’ll get your blood pumping.”

He shut off his engine and turned to his passenger. “She’s locked her keys in her car!”

“We don’t have time for this,” the second man grumbled.

“We can’t leave her stranded,” the driver insisted. He opened his door and exited his car the usual way. His fluid movements seemed more athletic than those of the guy who'd jumped out.

Mandy's stomach tingled, and she forced herself to look away. He stepped in front of her, and she couldn’t help noticing how good he smelled. Calvin Klein’s Obsession. The scent was too enticing, and she gazed back at him.

He was better looking up close, with short brown hair and a three-day beard growth. But his fancy car and expensive leather coat spoke volumes about the man—he didn’t travel in the same circles Mandy did. She spotted a fraternity sticker on the window of his car. Shoot, their circles weren’t even in the same hemisphere.

Mandy stomped her feet, ostensibly to ward off the cold. Mentally she kicked herself for the reactions he stirred inside her. I'm such a fool.

He moved closer, and she inhaled again. Oh well. It can’t hurt to look. Her stomach tingled at his nearness.

“Let’s see what we’ve got here.” He looked in her car window. “Oh, no worries. I just need a coat hanger.”

The passenger in his car spoke up. “Coat hangers don’t work anymore. It’s the way they design locks on cars now.”

Mandy glanced at him. He was stocky and muscular looking with shaggy blond hair. Not nearly as attractive as Calvin Klein.

‘Calvin’ looked at his friend and smiled. “It’ll work on this car. It was designed a few years ago. Quite a few years ago.”

Mandy felt her face blush in embarrassment. “I can handle this, really. I was just going inside to call a locksmith.”

“A locksmith?” ‘Calvin’ hooted. “Do you have any idea how much that’ll cost?”

“I have money,” she said icily, still embarrassed by the situation.

“She was going to call a locksmith!” he repeated amusedly to his friend in the car.

“Let her,” the other man replied in irritation. “We can get out of here.”

The first man came out of the post office, shoved his hands into his pockets and looked at them. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t have a frigging coat hanger.” He started to hop in the backseat.

Mandy watched him. He had shaggy dark hair but was thin and wiry, a beanpole compared to the man she’d nicknamed ‘Calvin’.

The driver looked around the block and nodded his head. “Dino, right down there is a dry cleaner’s shop. They’ll have a hanger. Go get one.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Dino made a move to climb in the car and then apparently realised his friend was not joking. “A coat hanger,” he said dully.

“A wire coat hanger.” The driver nodded and watched Dino head to the dry cleaner’s.

“You don’t have to do this,” Mandy insisted, slipping her hands in her pockets. Dino did not look happy as he stomped off. She was embarrassed to be a burden.

Freezing all of a sudden, she just wanted to go back into the post office.

“I told you, no worries.” The man smiled at her. “Once he gets back, it’ll only take me a sec.”

“Well, all right.”

He’d really left her no choice. They stood there awkwardly, staring at each other for a moment. She wanted to say something interesting, but he pretty much left her speechless. Almost breathless. She could only stare and hope her face wasn't beet red.

The man in the car spoke up. “Nick, we’re supposed to be someplace right now.”

“Keep your shorts on,” Nick snapped back at him and then smiled at Mandy. “I guess I should make introductions. I’m Nick Westchester. The impatient one in the car is Karl Browning. And the gopher is Dino Manetti.”

She studied him for a minute, debating if she wanted to give her name or not. For a brief second she contemplated making something up, an exotic name like Vivian Wallingford. She finally decided to go with the truth. “Mandy Stevens.”

“Hello, Mandy,” Nick said with a nod of his head and a bow at the waist. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“Yeah, you too.” She tried not to smile at his goofy behaviour, but he made it tough. He was very smooth, a feature that usually intimidated her. For some reason this guy didn't—he was so charming, he made her squirm with unusual, slightly uncomfortable, tingles.

Karl, in the car, obviously wasn’t amused. He scowled at her and kept an irritated look planted firmly on his face.

“Here you go.” Dino returned, tossing a hanger to Nick. “You owe me a buck.”

“A buck!” Nick exclaimed. “For this?” He shook the flimsy hanger in the air.

“I’ll pay for it.” Mandy dug through her purse.

“Absolutely not.” Nick touched her arm. “He owes me a lot more than a buck. Don’t worry about it.” He stood there with the hanger in his hand.

She looked at him and then motioned to her car. “Do you think you could…?”

Copyright (C) 2008 Jamie Hill

For more information about me or my work, please visit my website:

Don't forget TEB's special anniversary contests, going on now!

Have a great day~



Stereotypes and Control

A bright Tuesday morning hot enough to fry eggs. Gotta love Georgia. Ech. Now after reading yesterday's post about Canada, I'm thinking I ought to move there. Sex all the time? Hello, I'm home!!

It's funny to me how most people, myself included, stereotype men and women. The man is always supposed to want sex, the woman not so much, as if "Later dear" is a feminine mantra. Yet we all know that's not the case. In many instances in real life, the woman is the aggressor. (Man, I wish I could remember where I'd read those statistics.) Often, men are saying "no" and women are saying "Come on, baby, why not?"

How many romances have you read where the woman's the dominant in a relationship? Um, I read one once, and surprisingly it was pretty good. But most of us (I'm speaking for women here) fantasize about an alpha, take-charge male. Someone we can rely on and let take charge. Why? I think it's because so many women are the dominant ones in their relationships. Women nurture their children, keep the house and the husband while working a job as well. It's liberating to give up some of that power, to just freakin' relax.

Then again, I could be totally wrong.

But romance sales seem to be saying I'm right. Sexy, erotic romance is hot, in many cases the "kinkier" the better. Dominant/submissive, menage and m/m are on a definite rise. Why? Because we want spicy sex? Because vanilla is boring? Or is it more, that pushing boundaries and issues of control really 'push our buttons'?

I'd love to know the answers to these questions. But instead I'll keep writing as I speculate. Keeps the juices flowing... the creative juices that is. Grin.

Have a great Tuesday.

Creation's Control
, coming soon from TEB


Just How Sexy Are Canadians?

So you think Canada's all about ice hockey and igloos? Think again. I just finished reading an article in Maclean's, Canada's weekly news magazine, and it certainly dispels many of the beliefs people have about The True North. According to the piece, Canada could be called 'The Insatiable North.'

Under the topics of Society, Health, Crime, Sex and Travel, the article explores the differences between Canadians and Americans. Many people would claim that the 49th parallel is just an invisible border between the two countries, but Canadians know it’s a very real division between two very different nations. And this article supports that claim. Especially in terms of sex.

According to the article, “Canadians have more sex, with more partners, in more creative ways.” It seems that 59 per cent of Canadians have sex at least once a week compared to 53 per cent of Americans. We spend more time making love, two minutes longer than the 35 minutes Americans devote to each session. We also boast an amazing 100 sex sessions per year compared to only 85 for our American cousins. Don’t you just love statistics!

Are Canadian men more adventurous? Maybe they’re harder to please or just hornier because they have 23 lifetime sex partners while their American counterparts have just 13. The number for Canadian women is only 10, with 9 for American women.

It turns out that we’re more adventurous in the bedroom. Be it role-playing, bondage or wearing sexy underwear, we perform an average of 5.1 activities. So much for the image of the staid, quiet Canuck especially when you consider that, unlike Americans, who prefer to shop online for sex toys and equipment, Canadians would go to a sex shop and buy in person.

Americans have us beaten in one area though—two to one, in fact. More than 70 per cent of Americans have had sex in the bathroom, double the number of Canadians. Just thought you’d like to know. In case you wondered about your proclivity for bathroom sex.

Although we “have more sex, with more partners, in more creative ways”, many Canadians say they want more romance in their lives and more time with their lovers. Unlike Americans, whose No.1 concern is reaching orgasm, Canadians like to have fun and be innovative.

Despite the sex statistics, we have fewer teen pregnancies and STDs. Chlamydia rates among teenage American girls are more than double that of Canadian teens. Teen pregnancies are more than double the number in Canada as well. How can that be when we have more sex more often with more partners?

Sue Johanson, our most famous Canadian sex educator, says it boils down to our approach to birth control. “Canadian females are much more assertive about condoms.” Many high school washrooms sport posters that proclaim ‘No glove, no love.’ Young women are given the power and the knowledge to demand their partner wear a condom and protect them both. Our teens are better informed. “They would never talk about anal sex or masturbation in a school in the States,” Johanson says. “Whereas I can in a school in Toronto.”

Alex McKay, research coordinator for the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada notes that “countries with more liberal attitudes to sex tend to have lower teen pregnancy and STD rates. When young people grow up with a better awareness of sexuality, it actually leads them to be more cautious, because they’re armed to make better decisions.”

Johanson adds, “Canadians have the language to talk about sex. They may be a little embarrassed, but they don’t feel cheap or sleazy doing it.”

So the next time someone mentions those laid-back, smiling Canadians, remember that they’re probably smiling for a very good reason. They’ve probably just spent thirty-seven minutes having innovative sex in one of their 100 yearly sex sessions!


Speaking of laid-back, that makes me think of Luke, the gorgeous hero in my new Total-e-Bound release The Harder They Come. Check out the blurb and head to Total-e-Bound or my website to read an excerpt or the first chapter.

Older woman + younger man = off limits. Maybe so, but the ache between Ellaina’s thighs and the longing in her heart make it more and more difficult to say no, especially when Luke wants to do things to her, like turn her into a chocolate sundae.

Ellaina McReynold's quiet existence is turned upside down by the arrival of a younger man. Luke Mason has only been in Spring Ridge a short time, but his daily visits to her café have inspired way too many erotic fantasies for her own good. Although her brain knows he’s ten years younger, someone needs to tell that to her traitorous body!

Luke, who has pursued her gently but persistently, is delighted when she finally agrees to spend the day with him. But her lover is not really who he seems to be. When Ellaina unexpectedly finds out the truth, can she put aside her doubts and follow her heart? Luke certainly hopes so.

Don’t forget to check out all the First Anniversary Celebration activities happening this month. Total-e-Bound just turned 1 and there are lots of ways to help us celebrate.

Note: All quotes are from the July 7th issue of Maclean’s magazine in their special Canada Day report.

Kaenar Langford
Tales to seduce and entice...


Writing M/M - addicted!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing M/F erotic romances, as you can see by the selection of I’ve done. However, for some reason, I’m in a phase where I just so much love writing M/M, the stories bubble up from inside me like Niagra Falls and I can’t rest until I’ve written them down.

Believe it or not, there was a time not long ago when I used to think, ‘Why would a woman want to write about two guys together? My dad is gay and I grew up in a gay male household. For me, it was an emotional button. But then, when I got into watching Six Feet Under on HBO, I started to change. I began to like the relationship between David and Keith. At first I was neutral during the scenes when the two guys were in bed together, kissing. And then, one day, it was like someone turned a switch. I was watching and I went, wow! that’s EROTIC! Shortly after that, I penned Danny’s Dragon, my first M/M, loved writing it and was like a racehorse let out of the gate. There was no stopping me! lol

Now I love writing in this genre and have found an audience who love these stories. I just began penning the next White Tigers story, Men of Tokyo: Sudden Heat about Hiru and Quan Chan. I love it!. Of course, I will post a sneak peek VERY soon. I also have a new cover for the Fabulous Brits anthology coming out in late August. That book contains Yin Yang, the next story in my White Tigers series.

This is all so exciting for me and I'm really glad to have people to share it with. Hugs, Sedonia


Sounds of Summer

Summer has been a time for fun in the sun. I love summer. I’ve been told that I seem to get a bigger burst of energy during the summer. If you know me you would know I so do not need to be any more driven than I already am. LOL. So many good things have happened to me during the summer.

My birthday is during the summer. Yay. Many years ago I started my day job which I love during the summer. (Grin) I get to go out and have adventures during the summer. It’s all about having fun. The other day on the way to an appointment I stopped a minute and people watched.

There was a lot of bustle going on around me. Summer camps full of kids talking excitedly as they went to some field trip. It sounded as if they were going to the museum. And their excitement of the trip made me smile. Another person I saw was talking with a friend as they made plans to go out for lunch and take in a Broadway show. A family was laughing and joking with each other as they were getting ready to go to the Aquarium.

All of this to me is the sounds of summer. People going somewhere for some fun. Getting out and exploring and just hanging out with each other. After the cold weather it is good to get out. So as I rushed off to my appointment I was thinking of things I wanted to do.

What are you plans for the summer?


The Joys of a Dirty Mind

People sometimes ask me why I write erotic fiction. I could offer many serious answers, but sometimes I just smile and tell them that it's because I have a dirty mind. I was cooking for a dinner party last week, Melanzana Al Forno (baked eggplant). I opened the prepackaged bag of Italian eggplant to discover the item shown in the photo below.

I could hardly bear to chop up this article and dump it in my casserole. Now, to you it might look like nothing more than a slightly misshapen vegetable, but to me it's another stimulus to my over-active imagination. ("Melanzana Al Forno" would make quite a good title for a short story, I think.)

Then there was this rock formation, which my husband and I encountered on an idyllic island vacation... I just can't help it. Wherever I go, whatever I do, the sexual side of life just seems to jump out at me.

Mostly, I don't focus on inanimate objects. People have far more potential as the subjects for erotic imaginings. When I see a gorgeous guy in a tight teeshirt on the subway, or a svelte career woman striding down the sidewalk in a fitted suit and heels, or a young couple holding hands on the department store escalator, I find myself fantasizing about their lives and their loves. A particularly warm smile from
a cute waiter; a shiny pair of handcuffs dangling from a policeman's well-tailored uniform pocket; the long, thick braid dangling below the waist of my Indian neighbor; pretty much anything can set me off. Few of my friends know how often they feature in my dreams and fantasies.

Of course, reality is only the starting point. In my writing, I've been known to push things to extremes, starting with a simple what-if. What if a lover coated his fingers with chili oil before stroking my sex? What if billiard cues and balls were turned into obscene toys? What if there were a club where you could offer yourself to strangers without shame or consequences?

I capture the results of these hypothetical imaginings in my writing. It might sound as though I'm obsessed with the physical aspects of sex, but nothing could be further from the truth. In my view, the body is the reflection of the spirit. The tangible offers clues to the intangible. When I find someone desirable, it's because of who they are, not what they look like.

The most deliciously seductive imaginings involve the timeless constants of romance: eternal love, perfect communion, passion that never dulls or fades. I like to write about men and women finding their true selves in each other. I write about connections made at the physical level and the psychic level. I write because I want to reveal what is to me an obvious truth: that sexual relationships can be paths to self-realization.

Now that does sound serious. Maybe I should have stuck with the dirty mind excuse!


Things I love about him.

Today I am going to blog about my husband. He's had a rough few weeks and hopefully this will make him (and you) smile.

We met ten years ago in a chatroom called Dougs. His first interaction with me was pinching my bottom! I blushed for hours afterwards. We soon went from online to phone conversations and from there to meeting in real life. I've loved him since the moment we met.

We got married in 2000 and we now have a gorgeous 6 year old daughter. I thank God for my husband every day. Here is a list of reasons I love him. It's short and incomplete, though, I'd be here all week if I mentioned every reason.

He's kind.
He's gentle.
He has a great deal of patience.
He's quick to forgive.
He makes me laugh, he's witty.
Those dimples when he smiles melt my heart.
Oh, his butt is a thing of beauty.
He understands my football obsession.
He encourages me in everything I do.
When I least expect it he'll get me a present or a card.
His giggle is precious.
he writes me poetry.
He inspires me.
He's my soulmate.

I'm such a lucky lady to have him. Let the people you love know what they mean to you today, it's always a good time to tell someone you love them.


I'd Like to Thank the Internet...

Writing is such a solitary (and often times frustrating) activity that I really relish the times that I get to hang out with other writers and talk about writing. I’m far luckier than a lot of writers I know. I live only about 4 miles away from my best friend and fellow TEB author, Brynn Paulin. We get together for lunch, talk on the phone or go on Coke runs for each other, but on Saturday we got to do something really special — hang out with four other TEB authors and dish about everything. Nothing is sacred when you’ve got that many creative brains in one room. I laughed until I cried and practically slid out of my chair.

The lovely Cindy Spencer Pape invited us into her home, where her husband cooked us a wonderful supper. That man definitely knows his way around the grill. Her cute (but huge) dog hung out with us while we sat on the deck enjoying the sunny summer weather.

Also in attendance were the very sweet Isabelle Drake and her husband, the hilarious Kaenar Langford (seriously — this woman knows more dirty jokes than anyone I’ve ever met) and the awesome Dakota Rebel. I’d been lucky enough to meet everyone but the Divine Ms. D at the Romantic Times convention earlier this year, so seeing them was like visiting with dear, old friends. But soon after meeting Dakota, she quickly fell into that same category.

It’s amazing how quickly (and closely) you can connect with other people when they share your passion. I treasure all of my friends, by my writer friends hold a very special place in my heart. I consider myself blessed to have these friends and with the exception of my darling Brynn, we found each other online. Yay internet!


Newbie and what that acceptance letter feels like

*Peeking in. Shuffling up to the podium.*


This is my first posting on the Total E-Bound blog, the first of many I hope. I'm not yet published with them, but I've got two contracts all signed and filed away nice and neat, so you'll be reading me soon.

And, seeing as I don't have a book blurb to share, yet, I thought I'd share the process and what it feels like from the writer's side of publishing. Total E-Bound is a publishing house I've been watching ever since it opened its doors, a little over a year ago. I've been unlucky enough to have two publishers fall apart under me and I didn't want to chance it happening again. I also care very deeply about the kind and quality of work available.

When a good friend and now writing partner, Jamie Hill, submitted to Total E-Bound, I really had my antenna pointed this way. She raved about the treatment she received, in a good way.

Finishing up a project I had going for another publisher, Jamie and I talked. We'd been sharing critiquing/editing chores between ourselves and become good friends, and had mentioned writing together a few times. We decided to try it. But what to write? What genre did we both like to dabble in?


Aha! Ask someone! What a concept…LOL That's what we did. Jamie asked her editor at TEB. And, she gave us more choices, but at least narrowed the genres down a little for us. Yay! Then we just had to write it, and what a blast that was and still is. We don't do things in a small way. Heck no! If we're going to do something, we go in whole hog. We're writing a trilogy.


Okay, it took us awhile, and we really did have fun writing the first book. Then came time to submit it. Oh man! I wanted to check the silly book again, but Jamie had the final version in her grubby little hands. We needed a synopsis. Ah, okay, that was taken care of. And then came the sweating, torturous evening it got sent. I don't know about anyone else, but when I submit to a new publisher, I'm a wreck. I'd never done a joint venture like this, and I was nervous. Even more so because I
wasn't the one sending it. I had no control over when it went; how many times it was check to be sure it was PERFECT!

AND SHE NEVER TOLD ME RIGHT AWAY WHEN IT WAS GONE! The woman is a sadist. I don't think she even knows it, but she is. She casually mentioned it the next day. Ugh!

So then the waiting began. Now this process can last weeks, months in some cases. Thank heaven the people at TEB don't take that long. Course Jamie had told me they were prompt, but you just never know, ya know? They might like her. They might not like me. They might hate me. They might have heard how I like to… uh, never mind. LOL

I could have kissed Janice when she responded. Okay, maybe not, because the first response wasn't 'we love it, here's your contract.' It was more along the lines of, 'yeah, we like where this might be going, but you need to do a little work here and there.'

But, it was a positive response. Yay!

So, we did some changes, re-critiqued it and with bated breath, hit send one more time.

The wait was painful that time. I knew if we hadn't done the right fixes we'd have had a story on our hands to try to find a home for. I was really hoping to get into TEB and this seemed like the best way for me to go about it. Ugh.

When we got that acceptance email, I was on cloud nine. I was in! They didn't know me but I was in.

Mwah hah hah hah! They just don't know what they've gotten themselves into.

Oops, save that for later.

The contract is signed and sent, so they're stuck with me now. What a huge relief.

Now, the next one…Yes, we're working on that now. And, I've had
a Lust Bite's accepted as well. I'm working on another book now, something a little more substantial and single author, but that'll wait for another blog.

It's been fun and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the frustration
and anxiety we authors face. I sometimes think we're all masochists. What do you think?

Oh, and before I forget, seems I have to slip a little contest picture in here. Yup, there it is. Good luck to you all and have fun.

*Jude Mason - Come, explore with me…if you dare*

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Hi from Ellie.

Hi there, it’s Ellie again saying hello from sunny London. I have a friend and fellow author Lynne Connelly, who writes Paranormals for Ellora’s cave, coming down to stay for a couple of day this week. She lives at the other end of the country from me in Manchester but we became firm friends when we shared a room at last years Romantic Times Conference in Houston.
We’re both absolute mad about history and during our excited conversation to finalise the arrangements I said that I was happy to visit any palace, museum or shop she wanted to while she was here. If I know Lynne we’ll probably go and drool over the Regency Fashion Collection in the Victoria and Albert Museum then have lunch in Knightbridge and then head off to National Portrait Gallery and then take a boat down the Thames to the best castle in the whole of Europe, The Tower of London, for afternoon tea.
It sounds a fun day but then something struck me, when we visit any city as tourist we always hone in on the well documented sites. I’ve lived in London all my life and daily walk passed St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London and smile at the many visitors, from all over the world, snapping away at the well know sights. How many Japanese, American, Russian or French visitors to London have a picture of themselves with Christopher Wren famous dome in the background or standing beside a Beefeaters dressed in their black and red Tudor uniform, outside the Bloody Tower?
Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking them, I do the same. There’s a great picture of me with the Boston State House in the background. My poor Hero-at-Home certainly had to dodge traffic to get that one. I’ve got picture of me on the Rialto bridge in Venice and with the Matterhorn behind me when we visited Switzerland. So I do all the touristy things too, but I wonder something by heading for the well known we miss the real gems of a city.
London has some wonderful tucked away treasures like Georgian House in the East End of London. They’ve survived Hitler’s bombing , but no one famous lived there so there not on the tourist route. But as an historical author, to me they are so much more interesting that Westminster Abbey.
Everyone knows who live in the Buckingham Palace. It well documented and there no mystery to it. But who lived at number 24 Cable Street? What did they do and what family dramas went on behind the closed door. Was it the home of a London Merchant with a dozen children and a den of thieves run by someone like Charles Dickens’ legendary character Fagan?
Was it even a high class brothel, where ladies of quality could escape from their boring husbands to and provide creative sexual services for the fast Regency buck or the respectable Victoria gentlemen? I think that an historical erotic author like me would be very interested in weaving a tale around and I’m sure many readers would like to see the results.
See you next time.


Safe in the Blue


Blue – my favorite color. What does it mean to me? A safe haven. A place where I can escape to and no one can enter without my permission. It’s a place I created when I was young that helped me deal with nightmares and scary monsters that took up residence in my closet. When I’m surrounded by blue I’m calm, content, and in my element.

The next two releases I have with TEB have blue in the title. Into the Blue and Blue Magic. They aren’t part of a series or related in anyway other than blue in the title.

Into the Blue

Swimsuit not required.

Samantha Jensen receives an invitation to a pool party that promises a wet and wild time. It sounds like just what she needs to break out of her shell. Right away she is drawn to a bronze hottie who looks like he stepped from the pages of a swimsuit calendar. Trouble is, her track record with men leaves a lot to be desired. Can the dark-haired dream with the steely blue eyes rescue her from a mountain of personal issues, or will she drown in her insecurities.

Cole Davidson has never shied away from hard work to get what he wants, and he wants the sultry brunette with the fierce curves who sets fire to his senses. Even the cold shoulder she gives him can’t extinguish the flames already ignited. Besides, he has been eyeing her for some time, only she doesn’t know it. Convinced he can win her over, he enlists the help of his friends and sets up a few pool games that will leave her wet…with desire.


Blue Magic

A mysterious mirror is delivered to Ethan’s museum framed with rare sapphires. Instead of his reflection, he sees a blue room and an exotic woman who reminds him of an Arabian princess.

The moment she speaks to him, his body reacts strongly, and he can’t resist the need to be with her. Amara has been trapped inside a mirror for decades, bound to an enchantment that keeps her a prisoner. When she sees Ethan, her entire being aches for him and she promises to pleasure him like no other, but first she must convince him to step through the mirror into her world.

Ethan’s feelings deepen for Amara and he wants to free her of the enchantment. To do so he must find a rare blue shard cut from glass and use it to break the mirror’s spell. His only clue is a paper with strange symbols and numbers. As he tries to solve the mystery, thieves break into the museum. Ethan knows that if they find the mirror, they will steal it, and Amara will remain captive forever.


Do you have a blue?

~Ann Cory


Brynn Paulin: Live from Summer Camp

This is not my normal blog and not what I'd usually write. This week, I'm at camp with 290 adolescent boys. They have no idea who I am or what I do - as a writer that is. To them, I am their friends' mom and the one who teaches them knots, badges and life skills.

It's real life and sometimes I need to take a break for it. So direct from camp: (thanks Bronwyn Green for posting this for me)

Day 1

Hot. Humid. Bugs. Lots of bugs. Covered in dirt. Me, not the bugs. A million miles of hiking. I think I might die.

Day 2 - AM

Woke up at 4 AM to a thunderstorm. Couldn't go back to sleep due to the extreme paranoia that my tent will flood again. Six mosquitoes dead. Ten million to go. I think I might die.

Day 2 - Noon

Thunderstorm. Drenched to the skin. No end of rain in sight. I think I might die.

Day 2 - PM

Almost carried off by a mosquito the size of a B52 Bomber. Still, I think I might die.

Day 3

Thunderstorms at 3:30 this morning. So far the tent hasn't leaked. Yeah! Unfortunately, we're all overtired. This morning I counted 35 bites - on just my upper legs. The mosquitoes are attacking through the clothes. They're possibly coming from the latrine which I can smell all the way across camp at times. I have chosen to walk the 1/2 mile to the real restrooms. I think I might die.

Day 4

No rain - yay! Have killer bug spray - yay! It's a gorgeous day, sunny with a slight breeze. My troop is small and because of that we are sharing a campsite. I discovered today that the male leaders in the other troop are It seems to bother them that the only full scoutmaster in camp is a female. One of the three is downright snide. One day he will look around and be shocked at how many female leaders there really are in this organization.

It's still a perfect day and tonight I have the huge privilege of calling out three of my scouts for an honor in front of camp. All three have been elected by their peers to be called for Order of the Arrow. I'm very proud of them. One is my oldest son. It's really cool.

And truthfully, things like this, experiences like this are the reason I come to camp. Places like this are where the heroes of the world are bred. Rain and bugs aside, I wouldn't trade this - and I know if not for me, these boys wouldn't be able to be here this week - but it is just as enriching to me.

Watching their happiness, their goofiness and their pride in accomplishment - that is the reason I'm not at home in my cushy office hooked to my computer writing about fictional heroes.

They're learning about swimming, archeology, fire starting, service, fire safety, weather, citizenship, cooking, arts and crafts, ecology, adventure, rifles, bow and arrow, shotgun and coping with life's challenges. They're learning the things that will make them not just heroes, but the well-rounded men of the future, and as a romance writer, I truly cannot think of a better thing to do for the world.


Quizz Stuff

Am I Crazy? Don’t answer that…

Okay, I don’t know why but I had some spare time to go over to Ebay and surf around. I saw a lot of fall items for sale and actually got whimsical about the season. Yes, I know it’s only July…but autumn is my favorite time of year and since I’m blogging….well, the subject is gonna be autumn stuff. So…..

What kind of pumpkin face are you?
No surprise for me!!!! This is what my quiz said.

You Are

An Angry Pumpkin Face

You would make a good smashed pumpkin.

Take the ‘what kind of pumpkin face are you’ quiz for yourself. (I know, I’m addicted to these silly things!!! There’s something serious Freudian in my obsession with quizzes, but what can I do?)


Wonder if you’re a witch or what kind you’d be?

Here’s what this second quiz said about me:

You are a spirit witch. Many envy you because you draw your power from within. A mix of all resides within your vital spirit and makes you what is called a "natural" witch. Lucky you. Your powers of intuition are extraordinary, you're intelligent, creative, and beautiful but have a sense of mystery about you. You have a tendency to stay invisible and don't like a lot of attention. You have a strong urge to travel and most likely have already been further than most.


What kind of season are you?

Here’s me….

You can be dense at times. But the greatest asset you have are your looks and smile. Your personality is mysterious and at the very same time interesting. You like it peaceful. You don't want it too loud or too noisy.You are very sincere and serene.
Lovely…I’m dense….nothing like getting ‘dissed by a quiz….my fault for taking it….


What kind of mystical creature are you?

This is me….sort of?

What kind mystical creature are you?
You scored as a Werewolf
Oooh, you may get all the attention for being fit eye-candy, but people better scatter when you get the munchies!









Okay….now down to the serious stuff….. I’ve got some new releases over on my websites. Go take a look if you’re interested….

Email if you get a chance, I’m almost always at my desk….until next time….Cheers!!!!

Good reading to you!!!

Candace Sams (aka C.S. Chatterly)
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