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A Great Big Juicy Bite

In this part of the world, it's time for a celebration of the harvest! Pumpkins, squash, apples... Fun!

And while it's a celebration of abundance, how about a time to celebrate you? And how about taking a moment to slow down and think about taking a great big, juicy, delicious bite

Is there some adventure your soul longs for? I'm not talking, necessarily, about jumping out of an airplane (although I'm game if you are!) or bungee jumping or even racing a NASCAR. I'm talking about a big, juicy bite of something that appeals to you!

That could mean painting a wall or a picture. Writing a book or penning a journal. It could mean traveling somewhere new and exciting, or even trying a new place for dinner or a drink. It could mean taking up a new sport or a new hobby. It could mean baking something new.

For me, my great big, juicy bite is about...owls! Tonight, I'm heading out to "band" Northern Saw-whet owls. I have no idea who else will be part of this adventure. I have no idea how you do it. The only thing I do will be cold in that part of the Rockies at night, and it will be dark. And it's something I've never done before. I'm excited and nervous.

I could easily have said "No" to the call to adventure, after all, it's a long way from home and it's cold and... You get the picture. There are always a dozen, legitimate reasons not to do so something new, something outside your comfort zone. But if you were to set aside that reluctance and to take a great big, juicy bite of something, what would it be?

Let me know what you decide!

Have to run now...I need down gloves and a headlamp for tonight's adventure. Let's hope it's a hoot! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Love, Sierra

Sierra Cartwright


Lisabet Sarai said...

Sounds like it should be fascinating, Sierra!

I remember one year seeding our river in western Mass with salmon fry. They're trying to bring salmon back to the Connecticut River watershed. The experience was enlightening and yes, exciting - even though, in April, the river through the wading boots was COLD, and the pails of fry were HEAVY!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I'm all for adventure, too. Yesterday I had a psychic reading -- something I've never done before and something I was always leery of, but she told me things that NOBODY would have known! Good luck on your adventure, Sierra! I hope you enjoyed!

Kim Dare said...

Hope it all went well and you had a fantastic time, Sierra. It's always good to try something new :)