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Coming Soon- Seduced by the Neighbour

Can you believe that the first month of the New Year is already over? I can’t! It seems that the days just fly by. Not that I really mind because as the days go by it gets closer to my 2nd book release!!!!

On March 2, 2009 my second book Seduced by the Neighbour is being released. I can not tell you how excited I am about this! As the first story I ever submitted this book has a special place in my heart.

So here’s a little about Seduced by the Neighbour. I hope you will give it a try when it comes out. The characters Matt and Cara make several appearances in future books starting with Summer's Girl that is being released in July. So I really hope you fall in love with the characters as I have.

Sometimes a world of unimaginable pleasure can be found right next door.
Cara Livley and Matt Adams are neighbours and friends. Each of them fights the attraction that pulls them closer to crossing a line that could end their friendship. Matt is a dominant male who believes he would scare Cara away with his needs in the bedroom.
However, Cara has a secret of her own.When Matt finds Cara's stash of erotica books, he knows this is his one chance to teach Cara about his lifestyle. Cara is eager to learn all she can from her neighbour even if it means giving him her complete trust.
The first time Matt touches Cara, he fears that this petite, shy woman could bring him to his knees. As he takes her through a morning of erotic pleasure, he fights himself, knowing he cannot keep her. No matter how good she feels in his arms. Cara is fighting her own demons. She wants more than just one time with this talented man.After one day together, everything will change. For better or for worse.

Reader Advisory: This book contains light bondage.

So there’s a blurb and I hope you enjoyed it… Check in my website during the month of Febuary and learn more about the SEDUCED CONTEST!!!! Starting March 1st!

How would you like to receive a gift certificate from Total-E-Bound? Well… I will announcing how soon!


Love -- for the Young & the Young at Heart

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a time for thinking about relationships, finding love and renewing promises. Valentine’s Day is a time for sweethearts, regardless of your age. That’s why it was so much fun to write “Attitude Adjustment”. The little old ladies in the retirement home know all about love, and they’re going to make sure two young people --Suni and Linc -- find the secret that binds couples together, not just for this one special day of the year, but for all the years to come. Here’s an excerpt from “Attitude Adjustment” --

“Now.” Suni spun on her heel and left.

The minute he closed the door to the Eagle’s Nest, she turned on him. “I can’t do my job if you undermine me with the residents. Don’t push my buttons or I’ll…”

“You’ll what?” Her bossiness was a turn on. Her chest heaved, her green eyes shot sparks, and Linc suddenly knew she hadn’t called him into the office because he was dancing with the ladies. “What do you really want, Suni?”

“You know.”

If there were an Olympic sport for stripping and fucking, Linc and Suni would have a gold medal. They tore off their clothes and she sat on the edge of her desk while Linc slammed into her. She locked her legs behind his back, holding him in place while her hot pussy squeezed him dry. All too quickly it was over.

“Damn! Are you ever going to let me have a little foreplay?” he asked as he dressed.

“Fucking doesn’t require foreplay. I don’t either,” she said.
He tilted his head and studied her. He knew for a fact, she was satisfied. Yet her voice held a longing and he thought perhaps she wanted it differently – wanted to take it slow, but was afraid. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, perhaps he should plan a little encounter with Cupid for Suni and show her what could happen when it was slow and easy.


During supper, they actually talked. Linc told her about being a sports agent and trying to put together a syndicate for a new soccer team. He didn’t mention the old ladies wanting to invest. He found out Suni had gone to UCLA and graduated cum laude. She liked opera and mystery novels, and was a Perry Mason addict.

“What about this other addiction of yours?” he asked as he cleared the table.

She shrugged. “I don’t consider [sex] an addiction. It’s not illegal and it doesn’t destroy my body like drugs or smoking. I tend to think of it like extreme sports or auto racing—something like that. I enjoy the adrenaline highs.”

“Along with the incredible orgasms,” Linc added.

She grinned. “Of course.”

He took her hand and drew her to the couch, clicking on the small CD player along the way. Soft, mellow jazz surrounded them as they sat side by side.

When Suni’s hand slid up his leg, he covered it with his. “Tonight you’re under my spell,” he whispered as he kissed her ear before nibbling on her lobe. “I’m going to show you how to make love.”

“Like I don’t already know that?”

"We’ve been fucking and having sex, not making love. There’s a big difference.” He proceeded to show her just what that difference was, taking his time to thoroughly kiss her, slowly undoing one button at a time to reveal the red teddy.

Attitude Adjustment is available NOW. You’ll find it under short stories as one of the “Cupid’s Kisses” collection.



And it was fear of myself....

Hi All!

So Im excited to be posting here now, as Audra and I are now part of the illustrious group of TEB authors! We have placed our Knossos West Weresnake Novella's here, three of them, and we are SOOOOO excited about this! I cant wait till April, when the first of the series, Beyond the Vision of Dreams, comes out.

And I wanted to talk today about something near and dear to both Audra and I, and it has to do with our books: FEAR or more importantly, irrational fears.

Audra and I are not without them, but they stem from a place of more fantasy then anything else. Me? Im afraid of the Gingerbread Man. I kid you not. The holidays are a special kind of horror for me, though since I have 'gone public' in the family about said fears they dont make them anymore. Why am I afraid of the Gingerbread Man? Not one clue, but he freaks me out. Always has.

Audra? Audra is dead scared of wall people, and that troll that is in the Cats Eye movie. Yes, that thing that steals childen's breath in the night, and cats get blamed for. Irrational I know, but the fear is there.

See, I get these fears, things you dont understand that are not tangible, but are from nightmares. I get it, and I accept it. I kinda have to, Im one of those irrational fears people. What I dont get are people that are scared of REAL things.

Like, for instance, snakes. (ah ha... see where this is going?) Snakes are not scary. Snakes are sensual creatures that are smart and sexy. They arent slimey, they arent mean (unless you find one in the wild, in which case, watch out) and they are used in more sexual rites around the world then any other animal.

So I dont understand women getting all freaked about snakes. Many say, "oh they are slimey, and oh they bite." Well on the whole that is not true. You say they are slimey, I say no. Snakes feel like silk when you touch them. You like silk dont you? You say they bite? Ok, that might be true of some, but any majority of snakes that are domesticated are actually quite tame.

So this is why we have chosen to write about snakes. To make the reading public at large aware that scales are the new fur. Snakes arent overly violent, have their own rules and dont fight for dominance. Oh and they dont smell like wet dog when they have been out in the rain too long. They also don't cock their legs and piss on what they consider theirs. So what do snakes do? they are matriarchal, they are highly sexual and don't fight for dominance. Their lives are more like humans, oversexed, and highly erotic people, and less like the pack mentality of the werewolves and cats. Yes, they mate for life, and no, they don't leave a mess when they eat (which we dont go into too much detail with). Like Humans, they have jobs live in society and enjoy their comforts, but they also have to hunt once a month to keep their snake side content. Do they need the moon to trigger a change? Nope. they can at will, and they are sentient while in both forms. Whats scary about that? Nope gimme a snake any day, wolves shed all over the furniture.

So.. Now that I have your attention, Im going to leave you with an excerpt for Beyond the Visions of Dreams. Read and Enjoy!:

It was well past eleven when Remy drove up the mile-long drive to the compound, shattered from the day’s events at the studio. The band, Cat Scratch, was beyond difficult when it came to sound and takes and his near fifteen-hour session with the four women. All he wanted now was a shower and a good hard fuck. Since the latter was well out of his reach, he figured a cold shower would have to do.

With his day so full, he had hardly had time to breathe let alone think about his morning and the woman he’d met. It was true his mind had been fully on her as he’d driven the ten miles from the end of the driveway to the business district of town and his studio, or more importantly, not on her as a whole but on the curve of her hip, the rosy lips, perfect breasts, long legs and bright green eyes, but as he’d entered the studio and had begun his day, thoughts of her had quickly evaporated. At this point of the night, his memory was completely fried.

The house was quiet as a tomb as he stole up the stairs, nearly soundless on the grand oak stairs. His room, his sanctuary, was dark, the silence cut by the practically inaudible tick of his bedside clock. He closed the door and quickly got undressed, padding into his bathroom, his feet getting a quiet shock going from lush carpet to the slate tiles of the bathroom floor. He hopped from foot to foot and eyed himself in the mirror. His hair, usually unruly and spiky, was half flat, and he frowned, seeing as his tattoos seemed to sag with fatigue as well. “Fucking hell, I look like dog shit,” he mused to himself and turned on the shower, cold, and stepped in.

The water did nothing to change his mood. He was still surly, aggravated and horny and not one thing he was going to do this evening would change that, except maybe, sleep. Sleep sounds good. Get to see your mystery girl. Thoughts about the night dreams lifted his spirits as he showered, his musings turning to what he would do to her that night.

Tired and pleasantly aroused from the inner workings of his own mind, he got out of the shower, smelling of the birch soap Myra had gotten him recently for his birthday, and padded, still wet into his bedroom. He stretched then fell onto his bed, closing his eyes…

They opened, and he looked around, the sounds of the night coming from the now-open doors on his balcony. Were they open when I came in? I must be dreaming, he thought with a smirk. So if I’m dreaming, where is she?

He got off the bed and looked around the shadow-darkened room. Satisfied that she was not lurking about, he walked out onto the deck and into the cool night air. He smiled to the full moon above and closed his eyes, turning his back to the railing and closing his eyes. He waited. When he opened them and she was still not at his feet on her knees, he shook his head.

“You never played games before, baby. Why start now? Come out, Darlin’, you know you want this.”

OK so its a tease... but your intrigued right? I think if you give Remy and Chrissy a chance... You might just love snakes as much as we do.



One Year Ago...

It's been a crazy year. In just twelve short months I went from struggling writer to published author. Not just published, MULTI-published. Insane.

Sweet Dreams started it all and will probably always be one of my favorite works. No matter how many more books I write, no matter how successful I may (or may not) get I will never forget my first. ;)

I think this is still my favorite cover as well. Lyn Taylor asked me what I wanted and I told her just a little bit of what I'd been thinking and BAM! perfect cover. Isn't it gorgeous?

Things have progressed quite a bit for me in the last year. I started with the M/F, moved on to menage, and this year start my venture into M/M stories. I also started with novellas and have now contracted two full length honest to goodness novels. I have also worked in a few short stories here and there as well. Not too shabby for the girl who has, several times in the past, thrown computer disks (remember those? lol) across the room screaming "I give up. I can't write. I will work customer service until I die."

Okay, so I still work customer service. But I learned that I actually can write, and many people seem to think I do it pretty well thank you very much.

I have also made many wonderful friends on this year long journey. Fabulous TEB authors, fans, editors, etc. I now have friends all over the world I talk to on a daily basis. It's amazing what a year can bring.

365 days. That's all it's been. Think of where you could be in a year if you stopped telling yourself you can't do something, that you can't be something, and just go after it. If you want something, and you want it BAD, this is my challenge to you. Try it. Just give it 52 weeks and see where you can get with your dream. I bet you'll surprise yourself.

Dakota Rebel


Secret Service - Kink, love and Valentine's romance.

Roses, expensive chocolates and traditional sweet romance. Not really my thing.

Leather, kink and hot sex. That's more like it.

Everyone one does romance and love in their own way. My characters like to show their love for each other in a way that might not sound romantic to everyone at first, but it's a way that comes as naturally to them as taking a breath or falling in love with each other.

After all, what could be more romantic than two men who love each other and who want to make each other happy for the rest of their lives? What could be more romantic than them finding out just how to make that happiness come true during Valentine's Weekend?

As you might have guess from the fact I'm posting cover art, lol, I've got a new release coming out soon.

Secret Service is a M/m BDSM novella that will be released on February 9th as part of TEBs My Secret Valentine Collection.

Here's a bit about it.


What’s more important, their love for each other or their differing attitudes to kinky sex?

Alistair has made it very clear he isn’t into anything even vaguely kinky.

Sheridan knew he was in love with him the day he found that out, and then decided to stay with him anyway. Unable to ease his desire to serve at home, Sheridan volunteers at a club where he can secretly serve the patrons, and feed his submission, without upsetting Alistair by revealing that side of his personality to him.

When chance drags Alistair into that same club on Valentines weekend, Sheridan’s leather mask can’t keep his secret safe any longer. With his desire to serve out in the open, it’s not long before other secrets start to come out and they both have to make a choice.

Does Sheridan give up on ever being allowed to submit to the man he loves, or does Alistair take the risk of becoming the master his love has always wanted?


Sheridan Haswell put a final touch of red paint to the heart on his left bicep. Looking himself over in the mirror, he set his paintbrush aside and straightened the red leather heart covering his cock. The only thing he had left to put on was the mask. He frowned at the strip of red leather, but there was no avoiding it.

It wouldn’t do to allow his secret indulgence to become public knowledge—for his little hobby to come to Alistair’s attention. Sheridan looked back to his reflection and let his gaze slip out of focus so he could imagine his boyfriend standing next to him, looking into the same glass.

Alistair was as fair haired as he himself was dark. They’d had always complimented each other that way. Perhaps Alistair, with his several inches of extra height and his additional weight of muscle, would look good with anyone. Sheridan still liked to think they looked particularly good together. They looked right. The way a couple should look.

He smiled at the imagined reflection. Then his smile began to fade away as his expression turned more serious. Sheridan knelt down in front of the mirror, letting the mental image of Alistair continue to stand over him—tall and proud, and undeniably dominant.

Lifting his hand to his neck, Sheridan traced the line of the red leather around his throat. For just a few perfect seconds, he let himself enjoy a fantasy that he knew would never be his reality. He let himself pretend the collar around his neck belonged to Alistair, that he belonged to Alistair. For just a little while, he indulged himself with the idea that his boyfriend just might, at any point in the future, want to be his master.

Sheridan squeezed his eyes shut very tight. He knew that wouldn’t happen. He’d resigned himself to the fact months ago. But still…

When he opened his eyes again the house collar stared back at him. The vivid red leather quickly remind him who he was, where he was, and exactly why he was dressed up like a Valentine card gone wrong.

While he wore that collar he belonged to the house—to the club who owned the bar he was about to walk into. As for what he was and who he was? That was simple.

Sheridan Haswell was a born submissive, and that night he was there to serve.

*End of excerpt*

Thanks for reading :)

Kim Dare.

Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?

You can find out my about my up coming titles on my website: or my blog:


Why Do You Want What You Want?

Last month, we talked about the importance of setting big goals. If we don’t take the time to think about what we want and dream of it, we might possibly never achieve it.

Unbelievably, the first month of 2009 is already behind us. We’re settling in after the holiday insanity. For many of us, real life (RL) has already intruded on our beautiful, bright, shiny new 2009 goals. Some of us may have already resumed some old habits we swore we were giving up in the giddiness of a champagne toast and New Year’s resolutions.

So what do I want for you?

I want you to restore the luster to your dreams!

I want you to pull back out your 2009 goals. If they’re already dusty, dust them off! If you haven’t opened the file on your computer since last year, open it up.

Re-read your list of dreams, goals, the vision you had for 2009.

And for each of those dreams, I want you to write three to five reasons why you want to achieve that goal.

For example, if you wanted to lose a bit of weight, you might say, I want to live longer. I want to have more energy. I want to feel better. I want to wear a smaller size.

If you want to write a book, you might say, I want the feeling of accomplishment. I want to see my name on a book cover, etc.

Your dreams are yours. They’re personal. Your reasons for wanting those goals should be personal, too. Feel free to write more than five reasons, but please, do write at least three reasons you want to achieve each goal or dream.

Here’s to you and a re-energized 2009!

Until next time,



A Kiss is but a Kiss...

...or is it?

A kiss wields enormous power.

In 1923, the 'French Kiss' catches on, and when Britisn and American women got wind of the sensual kissing style, they soon dubbed it the 'French Kiss,' which was intended as a slander toward their 'oversexed' Eurpean sisters.

But...they soon caught on to the sensual power of the 'French Kiss' and soon lots of American and British women were 'tonguing it' - and realized, they were on to something good!

I don't think that American and British men minded at all.

Why would they? LOL

In 2003, viewers' jaws dropped when they witnessed the smooch beteween pop stars Madonna and Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards. (I'm sure British and American men enjoyed that, too!). Sensational? Yeah, depending on your take. Powerful? You bet. The kiss, that one single act of making love, elicits sensation like no other act of making love does.

Look at Snow White. Take one princess who is the fairest in the land, plus one Prince Charming, and you have a classic love story. Why? All it took was...a kiss.

In ancient Rome, a husband kissed his wife after he came home from a hard day's work. It wasn't the usual 'Hi honey! I'm home' kind of kiss. It was used to determine if his wife had been hitting the bottle all day and having a grand old time with a keg of wine. Talk about the power of a kiss! I guess if the missus imbibed just a bit of wine, she was screwed. No pun intended, but maybe, the Roman hubby thought he had a chance of some evening delights with his wife if she did have a few drinks before he came home.

The sensual power of a kiss cannot be denied. Check out this excerpt from DIARY OF A MAD ESCORT (available from

He walked over to her and grabbed her free hand in a gentle yet inexorable grip, pulling her until she lay flush against him. His body felt good—too good—like his touch. Big, warm…solid. Fatigue washed over her. Grace wanted to sink against him, to “give over” like he said.
She heard the click of the lock in the handcuff, felt him ease it from her wrist. He reached down and grasped her head between his large hands and kissed her on the mouth, a mere whisper, a bare caress of her lips. Grace stood there, motionless, as his lips played with hers. Alex’s mouth felt warm, soft, his lips silky smooth. His minty breath tickled her nostrils, the heady scent filling her with restless urgency. She clutched his shirtfront, swaying into him. He released her face, winding his arm around her back, his muscled forearm supporting her body as he tilted her head back into the crook of his arm and kissed the breath from her lungs.
Grace’s head swam again, but this time, she blamed her hormones. Alex trailed a path of fiery kisses across her cheek, down her jaw, ending right behind her ear. Then he lifted his head to study her face for a moment before he swooped down to capture her lips with his.
Her body burned with need. No man ever kissed her like this—not her loser of a husband, none of the men she “facilitated”. In fact, none of those men she “facilitated” kissed her…ever.
When she felt his cock swell in response, she pushed away. “Don’t do that again,” she spat.
He raised one wheat-coloured brow. “Didn’t you enjoy it?”
She shook her head no, but she couldn’t say the word.
“You enjoyed it…a lot. And so did I.”
Grace trailed a finger across his chin, revelling in the smooth feel. Standing on her tip-toes, she grabbed hold of his shirtfront. “Now do you want to fuck?” she purred in his ear.
He wound his arm around her waist and tugged her close, his lean, golden face in hers. “Don’t talk that way.”
She squirmed. “Why? Isn’t that what you want?”
Grace pushed at his chest. “All men want that.”
He shook his head. “No, Grace, that’s not all men want.”
She snorted. “Like you’re different. You’re not, you’re…”
“I want passion.”
She stood stock still.
“I want you to want me as much as I want you.”
Grace swallowed back her surprise and fear. “Like I’ll ever want you.”
He smiled and tucked some of her hair behind one ear. The brush of his fingers against her lobe rained shivers down her spine. “Is that a challenge?” he asked, his voice deep and languid.
“I’ll never give in to you.”
“Wanna bet?”
She narrowed her eyes. “You’re crazy.”
“Maybe,” he toyed with a few strands of her hair, sticking his nose into the strands. “See? Even the smell of your hair drives me wild, Grace. My senses are heightened when I’m around you.”
“You’re out of your mind.”
“Perhaps I am. Let’s see how long you can resist, Grace, let’s see if I can’t arouse your senses and make you want me.”
Shit! He was crazy.
His face turned serious, every line, every angle intensified as he cupped her face in his hands again and kissed her lips. “Are you up to the challenge?”
Grace took a deep breath, her thoughts in a wild jumble. She had been with hundreds of men. She could handle Alex.
“Well?” he raised a brow. “Afraid? I promise you’ll be safe, Grace. You have my word.”
Safe? Sure, he’d keep her safe.
But she’d have to guard her heart, for this side of Alex was something new…different…
“Grace?” He bent his head and gazed into her eyes. “You won’t regret it.”
She was already. “Yes,” slipped from her mouth. “You’re on.”He grinned. “Let the games begin.”

copyright 2008 by Catherine Chernow

I hope you enjoyed that. For more fun kissing facts, check out
Catherine Chernow


Chocolate "Lovers"

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, you might be wondering about a special gift to give your lover. Flowers and chocolate are the age-old standbys. But this year, you might want to consider giving a gift that he or she will always remember.

There's chocolate body pens. If you like sweets, and want to put your creative talents to some interesting use, pick up one of these Chocolate Pens and start doodling! Use the pens to draw words, symbols or pictures on your lover’s skin... and then lick them off. Yummy!

Or how about Strip Chocolate Checkers? Do you really want to win? Or do your really want to lose? This is a simple, little game with a great new twist (or two).

Or here's two tasty treats.
Kama Sutra Chocolate Souffle Cream. This incredibly scented, lusciously flavored, kissable water based moisturizing cream is designed for tasty and sensual massage. Like dessert for the skin! And Chocolate Passion Body Powder. It combines two of your favorite things, chocolate and your lover. Just sprinkle some on for a tasty...dessert.

And last, but not least...How about a chocolate Clone-A-Willy. What better to way to celebrate that penis than to make a chocolate replica of it and eat it? Delicious.

So, happy Valentine's Day a little early!

Ericka Scott


Just a Romanctic at Heart

I've always held a soft spot for Valentine's Day. Ever since I was a young girl, I loved the red, pink and white hearts and frilly decorations. Give me some colored construction paper, scissors and glue, and I was a valentine-making fool. I also love the look of the candy conversation hearts. The taste is another matter. *ahem* Chocolate is what I'm after in that department.

As I grew older I realized the holiday had been commercialized. (What holiday hasn't, even President's Day means sales on sheets and cars!) But I still enjoy the romantic idea behind the whole thing. Fortunately for me, I've never suffered through a really rotten or lonely Valentine's Day. So while it's not a huge, "yay, I get a day off work" type of holiday, I do smile when Valentine's Day rolls around. But pay $5 a piece for store-bought cards? Nay nay. Pass over that construction paper and glue, please.

My next release with TEB is for their My Secret Valentine line.

My story is called Secret Rendezvous.

Peter McClellan is a partner in a Chicago advertising agency. His company is doing well, but if he can land Mirabel Cosmetics’ Rendezvous Cologne account, he thinks the agency will skyrocket to success.

Aaron Whittaker is the last person he expects to see in the Mirabel offices. The two men were college lovers, their relationship irreparably severed when Aaron ‘borrowed’ an idea from Peter for his senior project.

Aaron’s reactions to Peter are cold and hot—icy when they first become reacquainted, but hot as fire when they reconnect in the bedroom. Can old transgressions be forgiven, or is the past doomed to haunt their possibilities for a future together?

Excerpt: (m/m)

He stomped from the restaurant, ignoring the surprised look on the face of the maitre’ d’. He found his keys and punched the remote to unlock the door of his black Volvo.

“Pete, wait!” From the sound of Aaron’s voice, he was close behind.

Peter wanted to get in his car and lock the doors before the other man reached him. If Aaron stepped in front of his car, God help him, because at that moment, Peter thought he might run the sucker over.

“Wait!” Aaron grabbed the car door just before it closed.

“Let go,” Peter snarled through gritted teeth.

“Please, just let me talk for two minutes. Then, if you want to leave, you can. Two minutes.”

Staring straight ahead, Peter replied, “Clock’s ticking.”

Aaron’s words rushed out, sounding like one long sentence. “I’m sorry. Seeing you again shocked the hell out of me. I was confused and conflicted and behaved just like you said, a total asshole. I tried to fight the feelings I had for you by being rude and obnoxious. I think you’ll remember, that’s really not my style.”

Peter glanced at Aaron crankily. "You pulled it off pretty well.”

Aaron smiled. “Maybe I should have gone to acting school. I’m sorry, Pete. I really am. I was an idiot. I’ll apologize to Marsha if you want, but first, I need you to forgive me.” Aaron paused to gulp a breath.

Peter couldn’t believe his ears. Is this guy to be believed? He turned his head and looked up at Aaron. “You still have one minute. You’re a man who uses words to make a living. Talk to me and convince me you’re sincere.”

Aaron leaned in closer. “I do my best convincing without any words at all. If you’ll unlock that other door, I’ll crawl in and explain it to you very clearly.”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me. You think sucking my cock is the key to forgiveness for the way you’ve been behaving? That your mouth is so special, one blowjob and I’ll forget everything that’s happened between us?”

Licking his lips, Aaron grinned. “Yes.”

Peter stared at the face that had once turned his world upside down. So much time had passed. So much bad blood had passed between them. He scowled and pushed the unlock button on his armrest. “Get in.”

Aaron was around and in before Peter had time to change his mind. Not that I would. The handsome, blond-haired hunk was on him in a flash, kissing with a passion and hunger that rivalled his own. Peter pulled back long enough to ask, “We staying here?”

“You can go if you want.” Aaron’s mouth trailed down his neck. “I’ve got some serious cock to suck, but you might remember I can do that while you drive.”

Peter groaned and leaned back. “We’ll go to my place.”

Copyright (C) 2009 Jamie Hill


Reviews: The Scorching Truth

Reviews can be scorching. They can decimate an author's confidence. They can also fill an author's head with so much fluff that before long an author thinks every book she/he writes should be a national bestseller. Then there's reader reaction. Some buy books based on good reviews, where others buy them based on bad reviews. Still others don't much care what a reviewer thinks, but appreciate the blurb accompanying the review.

I decided to write about reviews today because I came across a less than flattering review of one of my stories. I don't necessarily like negative reviews, but I do like a different perspective on my work. This particular person wrote a snarky review about my book. I laughed as I read it, because if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? And everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some of what she wrote I understood, and some I disagreed with. But I'm not going to slit my wrists because one person didn't like or get my work.

Depending upon how they're written, reviews can help or hinder a writer. What can be scary is how much influence a review can have on a reader. There are so many books available, and with costs going up, I am very choosy about what I read. So when I read a well-written review (not snarky or emotionally charged) about a "bad" book, I tend to steer clear of that particular novel.
Then again, when I'm jonesing for a great romance, it's the author's voice and content, not a review, that drives me to purchase. A happily-ever-after I can sink my teeth into.

Guardian's Redemption earned 5 stars and a Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews. Does that mean I can quit my day job? Heck no. But it was nice to see that someone (besides me) liked my work.

What do you think about reviews? Like 'em or hate 'em? And how much a part do you think they play in making readers purchase books?



What To Do For Those Winter Blahs

Living in an area known as The Snow Belt means the snow comes early and stays a long time. By January, we've had enough. By February, we've got cabin fever and need a break from winter woes. So, I'm being very sensible this year, and making my plans in advance so when the winter blahs hit, I'll be ready. A little forethought and here are ten sensible tips to make sure I don't get winter weary. You're very welcome to try them yourself, and let me know how things work out.

1. This one is really important. Spend more time outdoors. I need to check out the local wildlife, appreciate nature's bounty.

2. Catch up with old friends I haven't talked to in a while.

3. Maybe I'll get around to hiring someone to tackle some of those odd jobs around the house. I doubt if I'll be tackling the jobs.

4. It's the perfect opportunity to do some research on cowboys. This looks like a good place to start.

5. I'm going to ask my neighbour to help me move the furniture around. Oh, my goodness, he's naked. How did that happen?

6. I'm going to get out of the house more often, maybe go to a costume party.

7. After all these years, I'm going to learn the rules of football. Give your head a shake! Do I really need an excuse to look at this on television.

8. Do something for my own betterment. I could learn to play the guitar.

9. They're just around the corner. I'll visualize those hot summer days at the beach. Or better yet, hop a plane and go somewhere warm.

10. I'll make sure I wash the winter salt off the car more frequently, perhaps at one of those indoor car washes where someone does the work for you.

Thank you to BeautifulMag for the incredible photos. If you haven't checked their site, make sure you do.

Hope I've given you some ideas for combatting the winter blues.

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Those delicious Brits

There's a really good reason that the Brit anthologies at Total-E-Bound are a hot item. What is it about those British guys that makes them so very hawt? I'm not sure it even began with James Bond or the Beatles, but let's face it, if we were to

gather some sort of percentage in the romance market of books with the English, Scottish, Irish and sometimes Welsh hero, I think it would a sizeable chunk. And why not? Isn't one of the hottest images out there a buff guy in a kilt and almost nothing else?

And don't get me started on those accents. I'm partial to the Scottish burr, but really, it doesn't matter. I was getting a little melty watching Tom Hardy in Masterpiece Theater's version of Wuthering Heights and he had that sexy Yorkshire thing going on.

Anyway, it's still early morning here and I've already gotten myself all hot and bothered. I'm not sure what else to say on this topic. It seems to me the pictures speak for themselves. Really, this entry needs many many more photos because these men are just a few of the delicious Brits who make film and television watching more enjoyable and who add beauty to the world as far as I'm concerned. There are many, many more. And I'm just glad!


Mid Season Premieres

I’ve mentioned a few times at various places one of my fav things besides reading and writing is TV and Movies. I have a feature on my own blog I did last year called TV Pleasures. I plan on starting again next week and changing the titled a little. I’ll be calling it TV/Movie Pleasures.

Today I’m exploring my TV pleasures. I'm enjoying the mid season premieres of Monk and Psych (yeah they started two weeks ago). Also can’t wait for The Closer which starts later this month. I enjoy Detective Sanchez and am really hoping they don’t kill him off. They left a cliff hanger last season. I’m counting down the days until I can find out what happens.

A friend of mine also tapped the whole season on True Blood for me. I plan real soon to have a weekend of watching the season. I heard mixed things about True Blood but watching to form my own thoughts.

Now my other fav kind of shows - reality shows. I love some of them. There are so many and some of them just don’t catch me. I’m really enjoying Superstars of Dance. Seeing the various countries competing, their countries style of dance, and seeing how the professionals do it. It was wow. Fabulous.

What shows are you watching or looking forward too?

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