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Hey everyone! For all those that got to go to the RT Conference Welcome back!

I don’t know about all of you but April has been a super busy month for me. Since I work in accounting at my ‘day’ job I was relieved when the 15th came! I got back to writing this month which sure is a relief. My husband bought me a new computer and I am so enjoying writing on it. Bigger and wider screen is coming in handy, not having to squint at it, Lol!

April 20th came with my release Pack Alpha. The first book in The Were Chronicles! I have been holding my breath waiting for it! I have received some good feed back. If you haven’t picked up your copy I hope you’ll give it a try.

Here’s a little more from Pack Alpha.


Marissa felt her back meet the grass as Gage laid her down. His weight quicklycovered her, sending electric currents through her body.His eyes met hers briefly before he reclaimed her mouth.

This kiss wasn't as forceful as the last, but more coaxing. As if he was trying to get her body to trust his.

Her body didn't care about trust—it just wanted him hard and fast.When his mouth started to trail down, she took the opportunity to pull off historn shirt.

She yanked the remaining material from his body. He sat up between her legs and she felt his gaze burn into her as he slowly lifted the T-shirt shehad dressed in earlier. He had more control, more patience than she did, and when Marissa raised her hand to help, he slapped it away.

"Mine," he growled at her.

Marissa tried to close her legs in hope of relieving the ache between them, buthe only spread his knees wider moving her legs with him. If she had been naked,she would have been spread out wide for him. The way she wanted to be.

"Gage. Now. Please now."

He bent his head and smiled at her. "Giving the Alpha orders, little one?" Heran his tongue over the silky cup of her bra. "You shall be punished for that."When he licked one hard nipple through the silk, Marissa's body jerked.

"OhPlease."Running his teeth over the opening clasp of her bra, he chuckled. "You willbeg, little one. Before I am finished, you will beg." He used his teeth to tear open her bra.

Marissa thought she might explode right there when his hot moist mouth coveredher nipple. She lifted her hands to the back of his head to hold him to her. Her body screamed for more.

Without removing his mouth, he grabbed her hands and placed them over her head."Keep your hands there" he told her before moving to the other breast andnipple.

Marissa tried—she really did—but when his body started moving down hers, her hands automatically to his shoulders.

Gage growled and nipped at her wrist. Thesharp pain had her gasping and arching into him at the same time. He placed her hands back over her head and gave her a stern look, before trailing his tongue down her body.

Liquid fire slide over her, around her, and in her.Marissa desperately tried to grab onto anything to keep her hands still. Clawing at the grass and dirt, she dug her hands in, trying to anchor herself. She'dnever felt this hot, this needy. he was torturing her.

Also, I wanted to mention that on May 11th The anthology Caught in the Middle will be released! My story Magical Menage is one of the books.

Magical Menage Blurb-

Non-practising witch Madison Montgomery can't decide between the vampire and it possible to have them both?

Madison Montgomery craves and wants two very different men. Instead of choosing one, she avoids both. Tired of waiting for her to make up her mind, Master Vampire Dante and the local wolf pack's Alpha Tom come up with an agreement of their own.

If she won't choose one of them, she'll have both.The pleasure she's given is more than she ever thought possible. One night will never be enough. If she thought it was hard to pick one of them as a lover, once she has them both, it is next to impossible to imagine being without both of them.

When Madison gets a visit from the past, Dante and Tom have to work together to keep her safe. Once that is accomplished, they just have to talk her into permanently accepting a threesome.

I hope May finds all of you well. Its already heating up here in Texas. So cuddle with a good book and enjoy a glass of wine. Happy Reading!


RT come and gone.

Hey all!

I missed my day last month, I was at the NECRWA, but this month I get to recap RT. YAY!

RT was very fun for me this year. I met more readers then I have previously and I sold out at the signing day in less then an hour! I did a panel on demons, a meet and greet at club RT and finally got to meet my awesome editor Michelle and the TEB head honcho Claire. I love them. They were so classy and wonderful, I'm looking forward to seeing them again in the future, though when is anyone's guess.

Claire hard at work

The TEB table!

I gave away a lot of promo (including some large magnets for Beyond the Vision of Dreams) and had a great time. It was awesome. Speaking of the snake book, THANK YOU to everyone that bought the book so far and entered my contest. The winner of the Beyond the Vision of Dreams prize pack is Gail Martin! Congrats Gail, I'll be emailing you soon for your address!

I'll be doing another give away for BVD goodies soon, and the way you can win is by posting a review. The goodies will be worth it!

So now I have one more thing to look forward to that HUGE on the horizon: The Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend. Its going to be amazing, and I cant wait to see the awesome readers that I met at RT at the event. We have so much planned, October cant come soon enough.

Soon though, we have out the next in our Knossos West series, Surrender in Moonlight. If your following the books, this one was out already back in the day, and will probably be expanded a little in the edits. I cant wait to get it out to everyone. We have already given in the third book, A Gift of Daybreak, and that will be out in August. So are you enjoying the stories? LOL.




New release - You First!

Hi everyone,

There are a few things that I think top out most writers list of favourite things.

Release Days, Good Reviews and... actually that's pretty much all it takes to keep me happy at the moment. Especially since I've got one of each to share with you!

My new book, You First, comes out today with Total-e-bound and Carole from Rainbow Reviews gave it five stars.

She also said:

“You First is the first in a series of books with the theme “Perfect Timing”. And perfect is right - lots of things are quite perfect about this book which is the best D/s relationship book I've read this year … I read this book multiple times because I liked it so much! And I will read it again; it will go into my 'keeper' file … If you like hot, sexy books with a firm power exchange between two men falling in love, you should buy this one today.”

As you might have guessed I'm pretty chuffed with all that!

You can read the rest of the review here. Or, if you’d prefer to find out more about the book (which I was pretty excited about even before I got the review, by the way!) instead, here’s the blurb:

All Luke had to do was come after Justin. How difficult could that possibly be?

There was only one thing that stopped sex with Justin being completely perfect for Luke. The timing. That wasn’t so perfect. In fact, the timing really sucked – and not in the fun, fellatio related way.

Justin was five years younger than Luke and relatively inexperienced. Luke had enjoyed more lovers than he could count or remember—he knew he was good at sex. There was no good reason why Justin should outlast him every time they hooked up.

All Luke had to do was come second, set his mind at ease, and everything would be perfect between them. Hell, if he could do that, he might even consider the serious relationship idea Justin seemed so taken with.

How difficult could that possibly be?

And here’s a quick extract:

Luke Anderson was not going to come first.

He repeated the mantra over and over inside his head as he held his hands out to be bound. Justin Collins deftly buckled the soft leather around his wrists. Tugging on the chain between the cuffs, he positioned Luke on his hands and knees in the middle of the bed.

Justin attached the cuffs to a little hook screwed into the headboard for that precise purpose. He pulled at the chain, testing how securely it would hold Luke in place. The metal links clinked together. Luke took a deep breath. All his best sexual experiences occurred to that theme song. The sound went straight to his cock.

Luke was still not going to come first. He was Luke Anderson, newest and highest flying barrister in the best chambers in London. He could bloody well do anything he set his mind to.

Justin’s hand applied pressure—a steady pressure to the back of his neck. Luke lowered himself onto his elbows. The pressure didn’t ease. Luke turned his palms up and rested his head in his hands. Head down and arse up, Luke closed his eyes. He told himself for the thousandth time it must be possible.

Just because he hadn’t outlasted Justin yet, didn’t mean he couldn’t do it. He just needed to focus. He was twenty-three years old—five years older than his lover. He’d topped and bottomed more partners than he could count or remember in both genders. False modesty and jokes aside, Luke was well aware he knew tricks even most really expensive professionals hadn’t mastered.

He shifted his knees further apart on the mattress as Justin moved into position, kneeling on the bed behind him. He had to outlast Justin just once, just so he knew he could do it. Just for pride’s sake, because Luke knew his lack of self restraint was the only thing that kept sex with Justin from being perfect.

Justin’s fingers slipped briefly inside him, checking he was slick, relaxed and ready to play. Luke bit his lip and held back a moan as Justin crooked his fingers and found his prostate.

He could do this. Practicing a little bit of restraint wouldn’t kill him.

The rustle of the packet when Justin slipped on a condom was his only warning. Justin slid into him in one smooth movement. Luke gasped. For a perfect moment, Justin stilled inside him, stretching him and filling him completely. He began rocking his hips, building up the movement in tiny increments. Only when Luke whimpered his frustration did Justin begin to thrust into him in earnest.

In what felt like moments, lethal frustration was a growing possibility. Each stroke pressed against Luke’s prostate in a rhythm calculated to throw him over the edge at any moment.

He tried to remember he didn’t want to fall into pleasure—why he didn’t want to jump over the ledge with his arms spread wide in enthusiastic abandon. All he could think about was just how glorious it would feel when he came with Justin still buried balls deep inside him.

But still, in the back of his mind the mantra continued. Luke was not going to come first.

Desperately trying to concentrate on anything other than Justin’s erection pounding into him, Luke scrambled for any other details and senses to focus on.

The cotton sheet underneath him was pale blue. At this angle, with his nose barely an inch from the surface, Luke saw it was actually two shades of thread blended together. He couldn’t bring himself to care. His prostate sang inside him, coaxing him to join in with it in harmony, groaning his pleasure at every inch of delicious friction.

The scent of their arousal filled the room, mingling with Justin’s aftershave. Justin always smelt fantastic. Another perfect thing to add to all the other perfect things Luke had noticed over the months they’d been hooking up for sex. He always smelt like old sandalwood and well worn leather. Luke loved pressing close against Justin’s body and taking deep breaths of his scent when they danced together. He loved sliding his fingers up into Justin’s hair and pulling him close, to wrap Justin’s scent around him.

Luke threaded his fingers through his own hair. He pulled at the thick blond strands, hoping the pain might kill off some tiny bit of his arousal. The tug increased with each connection of Justin’s hips against his arse. It did nothing to help his increasingly frantic desire not to come.

Justin’s rhythm increased another notch. Cradling Luke’s pelvis in his strong grip, he held him steady and absorbed part of the impact from each thrust. Luke rocked back with every motion. As he focused on the pressure of each fingertip against his skin, Justin’s right hand left his hip.

He reached underneath Luke and started to jack him off with an expert touch. Luke pulled at the cuffs around his wrists. He couldn’t reach down and push Justin’s hand away. He had no choice but to accept the touch or say his safe word.

Thanks for reading.

You First is available here.

Kim Dare.
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?


Man Cave vs. Girl Cave

Man Cave vs. Girl Cave.

No, we're not back in prehistoric times - we're right here in the twenty-first century.

I'm speaking about the latest idea to help romantic relationships endure -
The Man Cave.

Some call it ‘Mantuary.’

It is the room in the house, designed for, and by, a man, so that he can have his own ‘space.’

Supposedly, this ‘mancave’ is keeping marriages and relationships alive. It makes sense – after all, if your guy wants to keep his beat-up, ratty old recliner (that chair he just looooooooooooves to sit in), why argue about it? He can now put it in his mancave and enjoy it to his heart’s (and butt’s) content.

There are all kinds of ‘mancaves.’ From the ridiculous to the tricked-out. All that is needed is a garage, part of a basement – even the backyard shed. A guy just needs a place to hang out and have a drink, smoke a cigar; play a video game on is Xbox 360.
Celebrities are big on mancaves. The most tricked-out contain fancy cars, pool tables, pinball machines, and all kinds of media like huge, flat screen televisions.

So all of this got me thinking: Why can’t I have a ‘girlcave?’

LOL – As I’m telling my husband all about the celebrity, tricked-out mancaves, I said I’d be blogging about ‘girlcaves’ today. I told my hubby I wanted my own ‘girlcave.’

His reply?

"You’ve got the entire house!"

Yeah, well, that’s not entirely true. Over the years I’ve shared my entire abode with him, my two kids, and two cats. We’ve also had assorted houseguests. (You know the kind...the ones that don’t ever seem to leave unless you kick them out).

At one time, not too long ago, I had my own office. Yeah. Really. I was soooooooooo happy! I could go up to my own room, in my own house to write, or do whatever and then...

My daughter moved back home and into my office (it was her bedroom to begin with).


So, I think I’m entitled to a girlcave of my own.

Here’s what I’d put in mine:

Whine (hey, that’s why I have a girlcave!)
Flavored cigars (yeah, well, okay – I admit it. I love flavored cigars. The ones that taste like chocolate, vanilla, etc.)
A big, beautiful, fresh flower arrangement in an elegant crystal vase
My laptop
Cell phone
TV (flat screen or otherwise – I’m not picky)
Every episode on tape of ‘Two And A Half Men’ so I can laugh at those manly men – hey, I’ll bet they want mancaves!
Every episode on tape of ‘The View’
Every episode on tape of ‘King of Queens’ – I just love Carrie
Large, four-poster canopied bed
Four hot, hunky guys with large, palm-frond fans
( cool me off when I’m writing those spicy love scenes as I lay in the large, four-poster bed)
Foot massager (human or machine - it doesn’t matter - as long as someone or something rubs my feet)
Head massager (it could be one of those hot, hunky guys or please just anyone who’ll run their fingers through my hair when I ask)
A journal and all kinds of fancy writing implements (so I can chronicle what it feels like to have my own ‘girlcave’)

So here’s my question for you – if you had a girlcave, what would you put in yours?

Catherine Chernow


Mama Mia - I love Sweden!

Once a year, my family has an opportunity to travel to countries far and wide to participate in the IBM ICPC international programming contest. It's the Oscars and the Nobel Prize of collegiate programming. This year, speaking of the Nobel Prize, the contest was hosted in Stockholm, Sweden.

We took everyone this year, even the kids, although 18 hours of travel with bored preschoolers and a teenager was a risk. The gamble was worth it...

Stockholm is a gorgeous city, it's people are friendly, and they scoured up the best spring weather we could ask for. It was nippy, not cold, and sunny. We walked all over, pleased to find that there were several 7-Elevens and a McDonald's nearby (either that or one of our children probably would have starved). Personally, I enjoyed trying all the new food, although I didn't like some of it (herring, shudder). The bread was to die for although their idea of pizza didn't match up to my expectations.

The one thing I didn't like was the cost. Sweden has a very high tax on everything, but it funds their medical and educational needs (as well as other items). I had to stop calculating the cost of our food and souvenirs, as it got downright scary to think that the cheeseburger my four-year old had to eat at the Golden Arches (either that or starve) cost approximately $13.60!!! Gasp.

Throughout the trip, the music of ABBA was ever present, we were even treated to a concert by Waterloo, one of the top Swedish ABBA bands. Songs from my teen years (giving away my age there) played in my head like a soundtrack and has inspired quite a few story ideas. It's a good thing, too, for right before we left, I finished up edits for a naughty little tale that will be released in June, so I'm just about ready to jump into writing something new. Especially with all those tall, blond, beautiful men to use for inspiration!

Also, when I got back, I received a fantastic review for The Lady is a Vamp. "This story is fun and lighthearted in areas and dark and deep in others. There is something to entertain all lovers of paranormal tales." Steph B., The Romance Studio.

Of course, I'm still recovering from jet lag and have a pile of laundry to rival Mt. Everest, which will put a small damper on my creative juices, but the weekend is right around the corner and, even better, after spending all that time with my family in a small hotel room, I'm going to be heading up to Silicon Valley for the All Writers, All Weekend conference on May 1st. Oh, and I'm not sharing a room! LOL.

Ericka Scott


Plenty of room at the inn

When Jude Mason and I were deciding on our second series for TEB, we had some mad brainstorming sessions. We'd already done shifters, knew we wanted to stick with M/M, and toyed with the idea of ghosts. The possibility of a haunted inn arose, and we ran with it.

In Kindred Spirts Book One: Ethan's Choice, we introduce readers to Whiskers' Seaside Inn, a charming little haunt (so to speak!) off the west coast of Canada. Ethan Roberts is a sane, reasonable man who's never had a reason to think about ghosts before. When he comes to stay at Whiskers', he encounters not only ghosts, but a hunky handyman who gives him more to think about than shrieks in the night.

Here's a little more information about our fourth co-authored title, coming May 11 from TEB:

Kindred Spirits: Ethan's Choice

When two insanely hot guys encounter a few distressed spirits in the beautiful Whiskers' Seaside Inn, love becomes entangled with a mystery that must be solved.

Whiskers' Seaside Inn doesn't sound like the most exotic location for a weekend getaway, but it's certainly intriguing. Ethan Roberts is smitten the moment he sees the weathered clapboard inn, and even more so when he meets the establishment's hunky handyman.

Cade Wyatt seems like a good man to have around. He's muscular, handsome and very protective of the inn and its occupants. He falls into lust, and then bed, with Ethan.

The inn has two paying guests, but Ethan discovers there's another cast of characters who come and go. Cade might be nonchalant about the ghosts, but Ethan's not sure he feels the same. He wants Cade more than anything, but Cade won't leave the inn. Somehow, Ethan must find a way to live with the spirits as well as the man he's come to love.


“I was wondering if you knew where I might find Cade.”

Stan simply stared.

“Your, uh, hired man?” Ethan said stupidly. The fellow knew who Cade was. He just wasn’t being very forthcoming that morning. “I broke the lock on my suitcase and thought he might have the right tool I could use…” He’s got a tool I want to use, all right. Ethan smiled hopefully.

Stan nodded towards the beach side of the property. “He has one more hedge to trim. I think he said he’d finish it today. Should be out there.”

“Thanks.” Ethan refilled his paper cup and snapped the lid into place. He strolled through the dining room then wandered outside to the backyard.

Cade was exactly where Stan had suggested and looked as sexy as he had the day before. He reached over his head, using both hands to work the manual clippers and trim the tall hedge. The muscles in his back rippled with each snip, giving Ethan a fine view of the man who seemed to like wearing only cut-off jeans.

Ethan watched for a moment, hating to interrupt but afraid his erection would become noticeable if he ogled the stud for much longer. “Good morning,” he managed, stepping around a concrete bench to get closer. At that moment, he wished he truly did have a broken suitcase lock.

Cade stopped trimming and turned towards him. His face showed a flicker of interest before he smiled pleasantly. “Morning.”

“Another gorgeous day.” Ethan looked around. “You do a wonderful job around here. Everything looks to be in top shape.”

Using his forearm to wipe a trickle of sweat from his brow, Cade shrugged. “It’s not hard. This is a fantastic place.”

“It’s got a quirky name, but the inn seems great.”

Cade’s smile broke into a full-fledged grin. “You think our seal pup is quirky? I’m rather fond of the little guy. He garners lots of attention. A real conversation starter with the guests, too.” He sighed. “I really like it here. I’d hate to think about moving on if the inn gets a new owner.”

“I’d hate that, too,” Ethan mumbled, then realised he’d spoken out loud. “I mean, you just seem to know the grounds so well. I’m sure the new owner would value an employee like you.” I sure as hell would. I’d value bending you over that bench behind me and fucking you senseless.

Cade shrugged again. “I guess time will tell. So, did you sleep all right?”

“I did. Had a little run-in with another guest around midnight. Little girl and her music box. I told myself I was lucky she wasn’t into rap music.”

“Another guest?” Cade’s eyebrows rose.

“Yeah. I’d thought the only other person here was an older woman, but I saw her daughter last night. Or maybe it was her granddaughter.”

Cade smiled. “Mrs. Nelson lives by herself. No grandkids.”

Ethan was confused. “But the child—”

“I guess you met Laura. Didn’t take her long to make herself known. She must like you.”

“Laura?” Ethan blinked.

A big grin spread over Cade’s handsome face. “She’s one of our spirits.”

Copyright (C) 2009 Jamie Hill and Jude Mason


No Touching??@@##!!!

Okay, pretend you're in a world where you can never touch the man to the immediate left. Why? Because touching is bad. You can't slap him on the back, high-five him, or kiss him--God forbid.

Are we talking about a futuristic world in which touching is verboten? A place where laws have been created to prevent the conception of superpowerful beings who will rise in revolt of the oppression forced upon the poor indigenous populace? Sounds like a terrific idea for a story.

Unfortunately, this rule is already in place in the good old U S of A. In a middle school.

Yep. It started off with a principal declaring dodge ball to be too violent, and it was taken away from the physical education curriculum. Now, I was always a big fan of dodge ball. It hurt like hell to be slammed in the body with that rubber ball. But to be the final kid left standing? Like winning a freakin' Oscar for gym class.

But in today's world of political correctness and schmaltzy kindness, dodge ball has been stripped away. Yet, just taking a "violent" sport from class wasn't enough. The same principal then decided to enforce a no touching rule. What, you say? That's right. No touching. No high-fives, slaps on the back, hugs or kisses. Kids can't touch one another at all. Oh, and the concept of tag, you're it? Now they play "shadow tag," where to make someone "it," you have to step on his/her shadow.

Okay, waving the bullshit flag. In a desire to prevent injury, the principal is, in effect, removing from the students what it means to BE a child. No roughhousing, no normal social interaction. By not forcing children to obey rules and deal with one another in a proper manner, she's taking away their ability to reason right from wrong. The easy answer: the poor kids can't touch one another, period. But what happens when they're in the real world and someone touches them? Will they know how to respond to a slap on the back, or will they cry foul?

(Please forgive my liberty with the English language, but if some idiot can enforce "no touching" then I can create a word.) I'm so disgusted with the saccharine over-niceness pervading society. I'm not talking about common courtesies and pleasant manners. I'm talking about people who are afraid of every damned thing. If your kid doesn't have a bruise or two, he or she is not living. How can you enjoy the swings and playground without skinning a knee or smacking your shin once in a while? Will we soon stop running, just in case we trip? Or stop smiling in case we split a lip? Maybe if parents would parent, and teach their children how to behave around others, educators would stick to educating. Now, because some children go hog-wild at school, a stiff-lipped administrator has taken charge, and to everyone's detriment.

Can you imagine what no touching might translate into if that rule was passed as an institutional law through adulthood? No more touching=no more courtship=no more procreation. But who knows? It might increase sales for our books, since people would only be able to fantasize about sex without ever doing it.

To the principal of that poor, poor school, Gimme a break.



Learning The Ropes

Last December, I had an amazing opportunity. My friend Jean, who manages Spa Excess, the largest gay spa in Toronto, made it possible for me to visit Bent Inn. I love the name and it is perfect for the business found there. Bent Inn is a gay bondage bed and breakfast. I wanted to learn more about BDSM and Dennis and Rod who run the B&B were more than happy to enlighten me. I spent most of a day there talking and touring the three story building. It is a beautiful space and the rooms are amazing.

Here's the back garden of Bent Inn.

Each room has a different bondage bed and various items of bondage equipment. This room had a lovely wooden stock in the corner.

But it's the bondage basement in the lovely Victorian house that is totally incredible! I'll show you what was there.

The bench and the box:

The barber chair and the wall web:

Specialized chairs and stools:

Medical examination table and a gurney:

Ropes and slings:

St. Andrew's Crosses and cages:

Here are some views up and down the basement:

If you forget to bring your paraphernalia, Dennis and Rod will gladly let you borrow something.

Thank you to Dennis and Rod for their great generosity in allowing me to see into an all male world that would normally not be open to me.

Check out Bent Inn.

Make sure you keep your eye out for my next Total-e-Bound release, All Tied Up, coming May 18th. You just might find a little bit of Bent Inn in it.

Check out All Tied Up.

Tales to seduce and entice...


Oh my gosh - turning 40!

I don't usually think as much about the age I'm turning on each birthday. I generally enjoy birthdays, my own and those of my friends. Forty, however, is one of those milestone birthdays, at least from my perspective because I feel kind of in-between in a strange sort of way.

At this age, it takes longer to lose those extra pounds when, years ago, they'd melt off simply by cutting out red meat or sugar. My skin and hair take more work to keep looking shiny and healthy and well, the cottage cheese look of my butt and inner thighs - I'll just veer my thoughts away. lol.

That said, I wouldn't trade where I am in my life for anything. Twenty years ago, my life was in disorder. I was very unhappy, didn't have a direction and couldn't really enjoy anything. I did have one best girlfriend and we are still close, so that's good, but the rest? Depressing.

In the years in between, I've had the great fortune of hooking up with the man in my life. He's older than me and saw my potential but that I needed to feel loved by someone and hadn't had that. Being a romantic at heart, I saw the chance that I read about in romance novels and in spite of my own personal difficulties, took the plunge. It's been fourteen years and I've faced many things inside I was afraid to face. At one point, I dug enough to find the writer inside me and let her out. Thirty-one books later, I'm still typing away and the stories keep bubbling up, a tribut to the love that's inspired me and helped me get my life back.

At forty, I have the inner and outer life that I'd pretty much envisioned for myself and I'm incredibly grateful. I just wanted to share that.

Just real quick - my acutal birthday isn't until the twenty-sixth (next Sunday) but I needed to share now because this is my blog day. The other cool thing about my birthday is it's the same day as Jet Li's birthday. I love sharing that day with someone so cute and so cool! Hugs, Sedonia


Small World & Reconnecting at RT

I was talking the other day about how it is truly a small world. I was on the train going to the day job when I spotted a familiar face in the crowd. After glancing at them trying to remember where I recognized them from I realized it was one of my high school teachers. We talked about what we had both been up to since high school oh so many years ago. To soon my high school teacher reached her stop and we parted ways. We talked so much we forgot to exchange contact info. I was cursing myself for not thinking of it when we talked. I haven’t kept in touch with much people from my high school year. Heck even my college years. I do try but we grew apart. But with it being such a small world maybe my high school teacher and I will run into each other on the subway again and this time before I start talking I will get her contact info so we can keep in touch. It was great reconnecting with her and brought back lots of memories.

This unexpected meeting on the train had me thinking of my upcoming trip in a few days where I will be going to the Romantic Times convention. There are a few people I chat with online that I can’t wait to see again at RT is person. I’m excited to reconnect with them. Talking online is good but I am a more face to face person. So seeing friends at RT is a plus for me. Having long conversations, laughing and just having fun. I can’t wait. RT I’ll be there in a few. If you are going to RT I hope to see you there and get to chat with you.

Who have you reconnected with lately?

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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Man to Man

I've been writing for Total-E-Bound ever since the site launched. Normally my royalties are fairly stable from month to month. In December 2008, though, I was shocked and delighted to find that my royalty total was 200% higher than usual. During December, TEB released my first M/M erotic romance, Tomorrow's Gifts. That one title sold more copies than my other books in the previous six months combined. Now, I was pretty proud of that book, but not necessarily more so than my other releases. I started to wonder whether the readers were sending me a message.

It is common knowledge that M/M romance sells well with female readers, but I was astonished to see the effects in person. To try and understand the appeal, I ran a “M/M romance” contest. I asked participants to email me, telling me whether they enjoyed homorerotic romance, and if so, why. I gave away a book to a randomly selected entrant.

The responses that I received were enlightening. One person said that she'd never read an M/M romance, though she was open to doing so. Every single other message offered enthusiastic approval for the sub-genre.

One reader wrote:

I love m/m romance. I think it's the thrill of the unknown for one thing, and the fun of exploring men's feelings and thoughts. Of course it doesn't hurt that I have a great appreciation of the male body--LOL.

Another said:

I think it's really sexy to "see" two men in sexual acts. The sex is usually more intense and raw. It has a vaguely voyeuristic quality which is quite exciting. In heterosexual romances, which I also enjoy, the story is usually told from the woman's perspective, with the man's feelings/thoughts coming in second. In contrast, MM romances give a unique perspective to how men are in relationships.

A third person commented:

I have to say that I do enjoy reading m/m romances, probably because I think that the self actualization & realization of their sexuality is a journey worth witnessing. I appreciate the way passion and love is written from a male perspective, where it is both soft and tough at the same time. I love the aggression and the gentleness, the contrasts constantly present; I hope that makes sense to you.

Then there was this endorsement:

I love M/M romance. I started reading it about 3 years ago and have been hooked every since. It has added new insight to my sex life!

So a major draw in M/M romance seems to be the transgressive nature of M/M love. Women enjoy imagining scenes that they might not be likely to see in real life, namely two men in a sexual situation. I find it fascinating that romance readers seem to be so visually oriented. This seems to violate the common wisdom that men are aroused by things they see, women by what they feel.

On the other hand, feelings are also tremendously important to these readers. Many participants commented that they enjoyed both M/F and M/M romances because love is fundamentally the same regardless of gender.

One person said:

It is also nice in m/m books, that you get to see the softer side of men in love.

And another mused:

I find the m/m romances are beautiful, they are a love between two that they could have been m/f or f/f, it totally doesn't matter. I read one recently and cried, it was just so emotional a read as well as sizzling.

My informants made it clear that they were not interested merely in M/M sex, but in how the protagonists in a M/M story relate to one another, and to society.

The irony is that most M/M romance is actually written by women. It's not clear that the vision of homoerotic love or male emotion that they portray is particularly accurate. They offer a woman's perspective on gay love – a perspective that appears to be very popular with other women.

I have read a certain amount of gay male erotica. Although you do find romantic, emotionally-charged stories, many tales in this genre focus largely on the physical, celebrate anonymous sex for its own sake, and depict M/M relationships as rough, even cruel.

What is the truth? I don't think that's a meaningful question. In fiction, the author articulates his or her vision of the characters and their journey. One author's perspective is neither more nor less valid than another's.

Women romance readers clearly enjoy reading about sensual, caring relationships between two men. I doubt that it really matters whether these stories are “realistic”, as long as they are believable. And from my experience, emotional authenticity is a more important determinant of what a reader will believe than objective fact.

If I were concerned only with my royalties, I'd probably stop writing anything except M/M work. I really try and resist the temptation to write what's popular at the moment. When I do, I risk strangling my muse. However, I recently had a M/M plot and characters pop into my mind, almost fully formed. I'm now trying to clear my desk of other commitments so that I can sit down and write Kyle's and Rob's story.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with an excerpt from Tomorrow's Gifts, which I hope will illustrate the mixture of gentleness and toughness that my respondents seem to like.

Neil gave my rigid cock a firm squeeze. “What a good boy,” he murmured. “You still haven’t come.” Intent on his pleasure, I’d almost forgotten about my own release. He stroked me gently, reawakening awareness of my painful desire.

“I haven’t given you permission yet,” he crooned. “So you must hold on.” He tickled the underside of my rod with one hand, cupping my balls with the other. “Let me see what an obedient slave you can be.” Pre-cum leaked helplessly from my slit. He smeared the liquid over the bulb, making me gasp. I was determined not to disappoint him.

He played with me cruelly, deliciously. I thought about the crop, remembering the pain, trying to blunt the pleasure. I recalled his fierce yell as he exploded inside me. That was what I wanted, what I needed. To serve him.

Finally, he removed his hands. The sudden lack of stimulation was nearly as bad as the previous sensory overload. He waited three breaths. “Well done, boy,” he said finally. “Come now.”

Blind and grateful, I let go. Orgasm ripped through my body. My limbs jerked helplessly. Endless surges of cum flung themselves from my shuddering penis into the dark. I felt Neil, close to me, heard him panting with excitement. I imagined my white essence clinging to the black hair on his belly, and convulsed again.

After the storm, I stood quietly, waiting for my next instructions. Neil untied the blindfold. “Relax, boy,” he said. “That’s enough for tonight.”

The next thing I knew, he had me in a bear hug and was nibbling at my neck. Not exactly what I’d expect from a stern and implacable master. But it was what I needed.