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Out Like a Lamb...

First off, I owe you an apology. Yup, like a complete smuck I forgot to post last month, and as such, have had to endure many a lashing... okay, maybe not a lashing exactly, but there was spanking involved. Okay, perhaps it was enjoyable, but I still feel terrible for missing my post. I could site all sorts of excuses, but I'll skip them and get into this month's post.

For many, the end of December is a time to ponder. To revisit the year nearly done and plan for the one just dawning. It's nothing new. No earth shattering revelation that we tend to pause and decide where our path is headed and if we like the way it's going. But for the first time in my professional life I can look back and smile.

For me, 2009 was a benchmark year. My first acceptance, my first round of edits, cover art and blurbs. My first publication and my first review. In fact, I can't remember the last time I was a virgin more than once! But it's left me wondering about the coming year. Have all my dreams come true? Are their resolutions left to make?

Of course there's always something to improve on, but my main goal, to see my name on a cover of a book, has passed, and it's left me feeling a bit unsure of the coming year. How do you top realizing a dream?

The answer is... you dream a bigger one.

So here's to 2010. To larger than life dreams and the determination to make them come true. I've spent the past several months sitting in awe, wondering when it would hit me I'm a author... I'm still waiting. Thank you to all who've supported and encouraged me. I am truly lucky to have friends, family and publishers who are willing to share in my dream.

But before I head back to merriment around the Christmas tree, I'd like to leave you with a bit of my Christmas Crackers Release—Centrefold... before everyone loses the mood. I hope you enjoy my little excerpt, and I can't wait to see what the new year holds for us all...

Sometimes a woman wants to be spread between more than just the pages of a magazine.

Scarlet’s spent the past six months trying to make her alter ego, Miss December, a ghost of Christmas past. Forced to become the sexy centrefold in a high stakes undercover assignment, she’s spent more time pulling copies of her naked butt off the bulletin boards at the station, than she has chasing criminals. But it’s not over yet.

Someone’s hunting the models from her first assignment, and with only two weeks left in the year, the rampage is only going to escalate, unless they can catch a break. A break that’ll have her baring it all in the line of duty once again. But to keep her cover intact, she’s being reunited with her ex-partner, Roman, the one man who controls her body in a way she never dreamed and the only man she’ll ever love. Or so she believes…

Roman knows he’s got some explaining to do, but after six months of hiding, he’s finally ready to come clean, and come out of the closet He’s in love with his F.B.I. partner, Aiden, but bound to Scarlet as well, And with their partnership reinstated, he’s determined to show her it’s one he plans to make permanent. He and Aiden have made a decision, and they’ll do whatever it takes to seduce her into their bed. But can they claim her heart before the stalker kills his way through the calendar?


Scarlet’s heart thrummed as Roman’s eyes narrowed, his breath a rough caress across her neck. She’d never been with two men before and wasn’t certain if she was ready to make that particular fantasy a reality. There was no question she wanted Roman, but her desire for Aiden made her feel light-headed. She’d felt it once before, when she’d kissed him at the bar, but she hadn’t expected it to lead to anything, not as long as Roman was her partner. But they’d changed the rules of engagement, and she needed to take stock. Roman had a male lover—a very attractive one that was currently holding her breast captive—and she needed to come to terms with that. After all, picturing the two men in bed together wasn’t an image she’d considered. Though she had to admit, it aroused the hell out of her.

Scarlet released her breath, allowing the heat of their bodies to burn away her doubts. There’d be time to figure it out later. Right now, she had a fantasy to indulge in. She shifted her gaze to Aiden, flashing him an inviting smile before sliding her fingers to Roman’s waist. The sharp hiss of metal echoed her moan as she lowered his zipper, freeing his erection. He looked even larger than she remembered, and both men groaned as she traced a single finger along his length, making the head flare beneath her gentle touch.

“Pants, lover. Now.” She turned to Aiden watching his eyes flicker between Roman’s shaft and her. “You too,” she tossed out, loving how his gaze settled on her face, his lips cocked into a sexy smile. “Or were you just going to watch?”

“No fucking way,” he bit out, fisting the rough material, tearing the seam in his rush to strip them off. Scarlet purred. Aiden was just as delicious as Roman. Thick rippling muscles, tight little ass and, oh my, a cock that would make any woman drool. She smiled as the two men tossed their clothes to the ground, bracketing her between them. Aiden released the clasps of her top, letting it fall as Roman pushed her shorts over the curve of her ass, pooling it at her feet. A chorus of moans had her clenching her thighs, hoping to keep her juice from dripping on the floor.

Aiden eased forward brushing his lips down the curve of her neck. “That’s how Roman wants you, baby. Naked. Wet. So hot for his cock you can’t see straight. Now kneel down in front of him, but make sure you keep those sexy legs nice and wide. He’ll want to see what he does to you…what we both do to you.”

Scarlet tiptoed up, kissing the rough stubble on Aiden’s chin before turning to Roman, and lowering to the floor. His cock arched proudly towards her face, the tip glistening with evidence of his arousal. She leaned forward, breathing in his heady scent. It reminded her of fire and spice, and she didn’t wait for his invitation. She distended her tongue, bathing the head with long, slow pulls, humming at the exquisite taste of him.

“God, damn. You keep licking me like that, and I won’t last a minute.”

She smiled up at him, taking just the head inside her wet heat. “That works for me,” she said, pausing to sink half his length inside her mouth. He cursed as she drew back, flicking her tongue along the underside. “It’ll give me a chance to taste Aiden next.”

Roman groaned, threading his fingers through her hair, tugging on it just enough to cause a slight sting. She moaned around his cock when Aiden knelt down beside her, laying his hands on her thighs.

“Open wider, baby. We can’t see that beautiful pussy near enough.”

She did as he asked, spreading her knees further apart, giving them a clear view of her sex, and her arousal. It slid along her silky inner lips, a small amount easing down one thigh. Roman cursed and tightened his hold as Aiden nipped at the side of her neck.

“Nice,” praised Aiden, tracing a finger up her thigh, pausing to gather some of her cream on his finger. He smiled as he brought his hand to his mouth, licking her juice clean.

Scarlet released Roman’s cock, dragging Aiden to her with a curl of her fingers. He took her challenge, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, claiming her as Roman had their first time. She matched his hunger, shadowing his mouth until her lungs burned, and she pulled back.

“He tastes good on you,” rasped Aiden, the smile on his face gushing more cream along her slit. She moaned when he shifted his gaze, nodding at the juice trailing down her thighs. ‘Soon,’ he mouthed, motioning back to his lover’s shaft.

She licked her lips, devouring Roman’s cock, swallowing his thick length in one determined motion.

With that I'll allow everyone to get back to the festivities before reality, once again, demands our attention. But before I sign off, please take a minute to have a gander at the book trailer I made for Centrefold. I have to admit, I've become quite addicted to creating these and look forward to completing one for each book. I hope you enjoy it. I'd love to hear your comments on book trailers in general, and whether you find them enticing, or just another way to spend 90 seconds.

Thanks for everything.

Cheers and have a safe and sexy New Year
Kris Norris
Romancing adventure at a time.


2010: Year of the Satyrs.

What a crazy year!

As our first year of being with TEB comes to a close, I'm still so tickled at being part of this amazing and progressive publisher.

Next year will have us releasing some new work in the American Satyrs series, the first, To Collar and Keep will be out in the spring of 2010. If you have been following our Satyrs, its going to be Harlequin's book, where he meets his intended, Arabella.

Audra and I are still writing this because of the baby situation on her side, and we haven't had time to finish the book as we wanted. Still, we are working on it, and it is a bit longer then the Collars... And we think that not only will you enjoy the naughtiness that is Harley and Bella, but youll enjoy the intrigue and society politics we have weaved in. Its very involved, but we think you will love it.

Anyway, Heres to having a wonderful new year, and enjoying the year to come. I hope for a wonderful year ahead, filled with books, fantastic events, conventions and booksignings.

Happy New year all!


Who do you want to be?

A little while ago I heard someone say something along the lines of - this time next year, you'll be a different person to who you are today - who do you want to be in a year's time?

Like a lot of people, that's where my thoughts are at the moment. New years resolutions, thinking about the year that's just gone and generally taking stock.

A couple of years ago my resolutions were all about finishing stories, editing something for submission, sending it off and eventually getting something accepted.

It actually worked out pretty well. I was very lucky.

In 2008 I had my first acceptance and my first publication.

2009 saw another 15 titles join that first one.

2010 looks to be another year to be thankful for as far as the publishing stakes go, with even more books set to join the tally.

What else am I hoping for in 2010?

I'm adding more longer books into the mix, so I'm hoping that goes well. Part of me is half expecting those readers who've made it so clear they want longer books (you know who you are, lol) to read some of those longer books and promptly turn around and say I should have stuck to the short ones after all. Since I can't really make resolutions about other people's reactions, I guess I'll say my resolution is to take whatever happens as well as I can, lol.

Apart from that, well, I know that as you get further along in the business you're supposed to take it more seriously, get more professional about things. But I'm not sure if, in the coming year, I might be a little bit better off if went in the opposite direction, if I took some more time to breathe, to enjoy the journey...

As I typed those last few words, I had a vague memory that I said something very similar in another blog post that went out about a year ago.

Maybe my real resolution should be to keep the resolutions I make every year, but which fall by the way side in the first few weeks of January.

What about you? What are your resolutions?

Whatever you hope for, here's wishing you and yours all the best for the coming year.

May 2010 bring you only good things,

Kim Dare.
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?


What Dream Do You Dream?

Is the time right...?

This week has been exciting, with the debut of Avatar. (Wait, this is not a movie review. In fact, I've yet to see the movie!)

What this is about is going for it.

James Cameron had the idea for Avatar at least a decade ago. He wrote the treatment for the movie back in the 90s. (Yeah, last century!)

Until now, technology didn't exist to create his vision.

So, what dream have you had on the back burner because the time wasn't right? Perhaps techology didn't exist that would help you create what you wanted. Perhaps you didn't have enough time or money. Maybe you were just paralyzed by fear.

But you have a dream, an idea, something cooking on the back burner. And I'm the time right now?

One person responded to this question by saying he'd leave the country, maybe via a cruise, for the first time. Another said he wanted to take a trip with his wife, the honeymoon they'd never had. Another is actually going to start writing. Another is going to complete a web site. One person said this is the year she pays off the last of that credit card debt.

I'm not talking about a resolution or a new habit, something you might beat yourself up about later.

What I am talking about is a dream, something intense and real, something you want to create.

And I'm asking, again, is the time right?

If so, here's to you, here's to "going for it," here's to your Avatar!


Erotic Romance Writers' T'was The Night Before Christmas

By Devon Rhodes

'Twas the night before Christmas, when in every hut
All the authors were reading and writing their smut;

The stockings were net above killer high heels,
In hopes that St. Nichol-ass soon would cop a feel;

The kids were at Grandma’s, all snug in their beds,
While drool-worthy eye-candy danced in our heads;

And I in my teddy, and watching the clock,
Had just settled down to await the Big Cock,

When on the front door there arose such a thumpin’,
I laid back in bed to wait for my pumpin’.

From outside the window Tom opened his sash,
Tore open his raincoat and gave me a flash.

The moon on the breast of my heroes’ huge pecs
Gave a woody the size of the home state to Tex,

When, what should my wandering eyes watch come in,
But a hot dommy Master, and eight smokin’ hot men,

With a huge throbbing cock, so taut and so slick,
I knew in a moment I must have his dick.

He cock-ringed his buddies before they all came,
And he spanked them, and stroked them, and called them by name;

"Now, Asher! now, Derek! now, Paulie and Darin!
On, Cristoph! On, Corey! On, Donnie and Larren!

On top of the bed! Let’s show her a ball!
Now lick away! lick away! lick away all!"

He was dressed in black leather, from his head to his feet,
And his skin was all oiled, inducing great heat;

A bundle of toys he had flung on my bed,
And I knew he’d torment me ere I gave head.

His abs -- how they rippled! his chest smooth, not hairy!
His ass cheeks like apples, and no way was it cherry!

His sexy wide mouth was drawn up in a smirk,
And he looked like a man who knew how to work;

He was hot and enticing, and wanted to tame,
So he tied me right up and started his game;

An hour or so later I was almost wrung dry,
The guys all empty, Master made me fly;

He spoke not a word, but packed up his toys,
And filled me with cream then zipped up his boys,

And tucked a long finger under my chin,
And giving a kiss, said, “We’re off then.”

He strode to his ride, to his guys gave a leer,
And told me for sure they’d be back here next year.

And I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,

"Sexy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night."

Happy Holidays everyone!  See you in 2010!!


Secret Santa...and have a Merry Christmas!

Christmas is almost here! If you're looking for a fun, short read over the holidays, don't forget my m/f novella, Secret Santa. Here's a little snippet for you:

Julia Brown isn't looking forward to Christmas. The clandestine relationship she's been involved in for two years has come to a screeching halt. She's faced with the prospect of a lonely holiday, and the worry that she doesn't have enough money for her son's gifts.

Victor Morgan, a partner in the law firm Julia works for, is the last complication she needs in her life. He's arrogant, presumptuous, and the most gorgeous man she's ever seen. When he comes to her aid she's surprised, and even more stunned to discover how susceptible she is to his charm.

Struggling to get in the Christmas spirit, Julia is cheered by a secret Santa in her office, and a series of events that show her what the season is truly all about.


Julia crossed her arms as she rode the elevator to the break room. The thought occurred to her that she’d never asked Victor if he was married. She had to find out, first thing, and hope he told her the truth.

She marched into the crowded room and glanced around. Victor strolled in the other door at the same time, and their eyes met. He looked like an animal that could devour her with no problem, but she had a question before she’d fall into the deep pools of his eyes again.

He gave a small nod towards the hall.

She followed him out, where they were alone. “Are you married?”

“Excuse me?” He feigned a surprised face.

“Don’t toy with me, please. I need to know if you’re married before we leave here. I’ve been burned once before…”

His eyes clouded. “Recently?”


“Was that what—” He pointed up.

She knew he referred to her crying on the roof.

“Sort of. So please tell me, before this goes any further.”

He moved closer to her. “How much further does it have the chance of going?”

Julia frowned, but before she could speak, he went on, “Okay, I’m kidding. No, I am not married. In the context of full disclosure, I was married, but it didn’t work out. We’ve been divorced for two years now.”

Relief washed through her, but she felt the need to cover all bases. “No live-in girlfriend or anything?”

“Ah, you got me, there. There is a woman who lives at my house. Her name is Frances Morgan, though I call her Mom.”

Julia gazed at him, surprised. “You live with your mother?”

“She lives with me. There’s a difference. Subtle, I realise, but it works for us. She’s getting older, and I don’t want her to be alone. And no, she doesn’t clean for me, or do my laundry. I’m a modern man.”

“I’d hope so.” Julia sniffed. “So are we going to stand around here talking all day or go to lunch?”

He placed a hand on her back and led her to the elevator. “We’ve already spent half our time on the grand inquisition. But that’s okay, I understand you had concerns.”

She smiled. His touch heated her, warming her straight through to her spine. “If you want, you could drive through someplace and get burgers.” They stepped into the elevator and rode it down to the parking garage.

“We could.” His hand still on her back, he directed her to a black SUV in his marked parking stall. “But then we’d have too much time to kill. I wouldn’t know how to fill it.”

“Really?” Julia looked up at him, lips pouting, batting her eyelashes. In the last five minutes, her sense of reason had been overtaken by a serious case of lust. She wanted this man, and made sure he knew it.

His eyes blazed with the same lust that coursed through her. Pressing her up against his car, he kissed her firmly. His tongue nudged the seam of her lips, parting them so he could advance.

Julia slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. Her sexy dream about him only intensified the feelings running through her. She felt the hard ridge of his erection through his slacks, and pressed into it.

He groaned. “We’re living dangerously, here. The parking lot stays pretty busy during the noon hour. My windows are tinted, but I’d imagine people would notice if my SUV was rocking.”

She pressed herself harder against his cock. “Is it going to be rocking?”

“Oh yeah.” He kissed her again and pulled away.

Copyright (C) 2009 Jenna Byrnes


Find Secret Santa and other great TEB Christmas stories here!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~ Jenna


Three More Days 'til Christmas

I can't believe it's the 22nd of December already. But after a lengthy trip to Best Buy, a pretty popular electronics chain store, I'm fully in the now of Christmas shopping. Note: I'm also done my shopping, which is why I'm currently smiling.

To celebrate, I'd like to share some free short story reads with you. From the sexy to the super erotic. Revel in your holidays, and enjoy! Click here to enjoy some free reads...

Happy Holidays!



For The Twelve Days of Christmas...

Since my December post falls so close to the big day, I thought I'd give you my version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. As always, I believe that anything is enhanced by illustrations so there are accompanying photos.

I hope you enjoy 'For The Twelve Days of Christmas, This Is What I Want'. You might even be able to sing it in your head. I'm starting right at twelve and working my way down my Christmas Wish List.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Twelve sexy cowboys.

On the eleventh day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Eleven rock musicians.

On the tenth day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Ten fitness experts.

On the ninth day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Nine hot mechanics.

On the eighth day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Eight bathing beauties.

On the seventh day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Seven naked woodsmen.

On the sixth day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Six firefighters.

On the fifth day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Five leathermen.

On the fourth day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Four carpenters.

On the third day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Three men in towels.

On the second day of Christmas, this is what I want.
Two superheroes.

On the first day of Christmas, this is what I want.
A guy who looks like this when he's wet.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

Don't forget to buy a book or two for Christmas.


Kaenar Langford
Tales to seduce and entice...


Dream Cast 2: Tiimothy and Basho

In celebration of Yin Yang coming out as both audio book and single title e-book, I chose Timothy and Basho for this installment of dream cast. Simon Baker (The Mentalist) fits my image of Timothy EXACTLY! And Tim Kang, also from the same show, though no precisely my image of Basho, is close enough to fit.

I was so excited to hear my book being read by a man with a delightful Scottish accent. Before I heard it, I was wishing that Daniel Craig could be the one to read my story. I love his voice and he has a wonderful accent. However, since that was not a possibility, I'm completely happy with the sound of the story and hope you enjoy it too.

Hugs, Sedonia


Holiday Mania

Time is flying by for the holidays. When I walk around I see so many people with packages for the holidays. Or hear people talking about their plans and so on. The holidays are always a frenzy to get ready. Finding that perfect gift, planning what you will be preparing, baking to be done, and mailings to be made to family who are in other states. And the list goes on and on. With all that to do is amazing it all get done. Yet it does with all that holiday mania. On that bright morning everyone gathers and the looks, camaraderie is all worth the craziness it took.

I’ve started with my holiday stuff to do. I am taking a more laid back approach this year. Started my gift buying early and got most of it done. Also I’m working down a list of things I need to do and spreading out what I have to do. Already have my baking plan down and my ingredients ready. Set aside time for it. While doing all my holiday preparations I am playing holiday music to get me moving. Nothing like a rousing song to get you moving a grooving. Ahh the holiday is upon us it is in the air, the way people smile at you and wish you good day, and the way people who you haven’t spoken to in a while call out of the blue just to say hello and happy holidays. Love the feel of the holidays.

Don’t let the holiday mania overcome you. Stop and enjoy the holiday moments. I want to wish everyone a wonderful, safe, fun, family and friend filled holiday season.

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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Ten days! Just ten days until the release of my new M/M paranormal romance Necessary Madness. It seems I can't think of anything else. I'm posting excerpts. I'm running a huge contest at my new blog Beyond Romance. I'm dreaming about the book. Actually, I'm dreaming about blogging. The rest of my responsibilities are getting short shrift.

What's the big fuss? This is far from my first release. I've been publishing for ten years. I should be used to this by now, right?

But...but this book is special. It's my first M/M novel. The genesis of the tale is deeply rooted in my own past, specifically, in my several month stay as an inmate in a state psychiatric hospital as a teenager. Most importantly, I feel as though in writing this book, I finally "got" it. I got the romance right.

I've blogged previously about the fact that I began my publishing career writing erotica as opposed to romance. I didn't read much traditional genre romance, either. I've learned a great deal over the past two plus years, studying the work of my peers and responding to the critiques of my editors.

At last, I think it's beginning to sink in.

Necessary Madness is a chilling paranormal story featuring psychics and sorcery. It's a sizzling exploration of homoeroticism. Above all it's a love story, about an unconventional relationship between two very different men.

I think -- I hope -- that lovers of romance are going to really enjoy this book.

You can read an excerpt here.

Watch the amazing trailer here.

Drop into my new blog for my two week Grand Opening Party, with a free book giveaway every day.

And if you're curious, buy the book and see for yourself why I'm counting down the days until 28 December.


Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart.

Hello all and Merry Christmas! Today I am going to give you a present, it is the season for it after all! I am going to share with you an excerpt from my upcoming release Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart.

This sweet, snuggly story will be available from Total-E-Bound from the 28th December and will be the perfect way to wind down after the fun packed and busy Christmas period. It will be just the thing to recharge you and boost your Christmas Spirit.

Here's the blurb:

Do you believe in Santa? He believes in you.

Jodi is a toll booth operator and she meets Mike when one night he forgets change for the toll. There is an instant connection and they decide to meet up on Christmas Eve for a date. However plans are almost ruined when Mike's car refuses to start but then Santa swoops down and gives them a lift on his sleigh.

Our couple get to know each other intimately during their stay at Santa's grotto and are surprised to find out that Father Christmas has a job for them both but will our virgin lovers take on the task?

And here is the promised Excerpt. :)

A few stops later, Santa passed Jodi a big thermos flask. “This place is massive. I’ll be gone a while. Help yourself to this. It’s Christmas spirit. I get so much left out for me, I can’t drink it all. So I save it up in here. It’s a good brew but strong. Oh and if you like.” Santa flicked down a little door, like a glove compartment just in front of Mike.

“In there is a plate of cookies. I get lots of those, too. Oh, but just look out for the really homemade-looking ones. The little children make them themselves, and they’re cute but rarely tasty.”

He chuckled again and leapt off onto the snow-covered turret of the European-looking
castle below.

“Any idea where the hell we are?” Jodi chirruped with a lighter soul than she’d had in a long time.

“Not a bleeding clue,” Mike replied also feeling the strange, light-hearted soul business and resigned to enjoying it to the fullest. They both collapsed laughing then Jodi unscrewed the cap of the old, red tartan-patterned flask.

She inhaled and moaned, “That smells so good.” She moved in closer to Mike, his body
pressed up along her arm. “Smell,” she commanded.

He slipped his nose just above the flask opening and moaned softly, too. “It smells so sweet and…and good.” He could think of no other way to say it.

Jodi poured a large drop into the flask lid and offered it to Mike, who offered it back to her for the first sip.

He watched her thin but sensual lips as they clasped the edge of the plastic cup and
observed the way her eyes closed in enjoyment as the liquid coursed down her throat. He felt the stirrings of arousal in the pit of his stomach. A moment later, he realised why she looked so happy in that moment. Drinking from Santa’s flask was like drinking liquid joy.
A pleasured growl fell from his lips. “So good,” he gasped.
Jodi nodded and giggled. The small sip of Christmas Spirit went straight to her head
and, unexpectedly, to her pelvis, too. Jodi was not usually a particularly sensual woman. She had never understood the attraction of touch and closeness. She’d always recoiled from the touch of her mother, the touch of strangers felt alien and uncomfortable to her, and she’d never had any other touching experience. But at that moment, she craved touch. She wanted something she wasn’t sure about, but she knew she had to feel Mike’s touch—everywhere

Also, whilst I'm here don't forget to tune into Blog talk radio later to hear an interview with me, of all people! It is at 2-3pm PST 10-11pm GMT and I read a little excerpt from this very eBook!

Oh and I'm nearly finished honest, but one more thing before I go. I'm running a competition on my website at the moment and if you go over and comment on any of my blogs from this week you can win Blisse E-Books! So pop over to and check out my blog.

And that's it. Enjoy your Christmas and I'll see you again in the New Year.


An Introduction on an Anniversary

Today is a strange day to be introducing myself on an erotic romance blog site. Today is the 22nd anniversary of my dad's death. I can't help think, what would my dad say about me writing in this genre. I know he'd love to read the stories, but not if my name was on them!

I wonder whether other erotic romance authors share their work with their dads. Do you?

I was 15 when my dad died (yes, that makes me 37). I've lived more than half my life without his physical presence. I know he is still around, though. I hear him in my head when I get angry and want to cuss a good one like he did. I see him in the way my feet turn out, like his did, when I walk . I feel him in my family room sitting with me when I toast a beer to him on Sunday while I watch our favorite team, the Chicago Bears (usually losing). And his memory is carried forward in my children who never met Grandpa Jack, but can talk about him as if they had.

I love you, Dad.

And I wish you were here to celebrate my writing with me. I know you'd enjoy my latest story, The Christmas Present, as long as you thought someone else had written it!

Excerpt from The Christmas Present

“Damn, their flight’s delayed.” Amanda turned away from the monitor in the baggage claim area to face her husband, Tom. “I can’t wait any more. These last seven months have been killing me.”

“Thanks a lot. I thought I was doing a good job helping you pass the time,” Tom said, loosening the knit scarf from around his neck and unzipping his parka.

Amanda grinned. “Oh baby, you have, but I’m going to explode if I don’t do something with this bundle of nerves curling through me.”

“I know how to take care of that.” Tom grabbed her by the hand and led her to the family bathroom next to the men’s and women’s restrooms.

“But we don’t have any kids,” she protested when Tom opened the door for her.

He shot her a look. “Are you really going to let that stop you?”

She shook her head and walked into the bathroom, hearing the lock click behind her. It wasn’t going to take much for her to reach an orgasm. Her panties had been damp all day in anticipation of being with Mark and Sabrina again, the sexy British couple they’d met while on vacation in the Canary Islands last May.

Tom reached around her, sliding his warm hand across her flat stomach and down the inside of her jeans. His fingers tickled her curls on the way to her clit. Her knees weakened as he trailed kisses down the side of her neck, and she leant back against him. “Oh yes,” she said as she unfastened the button on her jeans and pulled down the zipper.

When she started to push her pants over her hips, he growled softly in her ear. “Did I tell you to take off your pants?”

Feeling a new rush of wetness between her legs, Amanda shook her head.

“Please?” she asked.

“No. We’re not going to fill that hole of yours until our friends get here. I want you to really enjoy your Christmas present, and waiting is half the fun.”

She groaned and wiggled against his soft touch on her clit. “I thought you said you were going to help me.”

“I’ll let you have a little something to take the edge off.”

“Or keep me wanting more.”

“Exactly,” he said.

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