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Menage Madness!!!

Each month I pick one book to concentrate on. This is the book that I use for my monthly contest, blogs, and posts. It wasn't hard to pick the May's book. My story Magical Menage was released in May in Audio and will be out as a single release in June.

So for the last little while I have been Menage CRAZY!!! LOl!

Magical Menage was the first menage book that I wrote and opened so many doors for a new series and several other books. It's a story that I put my favorite characters in and will forever have a place in my heart.

I wanted to share an excerpt with you today so you can see what I mean. The story was originally published with The Caught in the Middle Anthology.

It is available in the anthology, print, audio, and will be release in June as a single release.

Magical Menage excerpt-

“I thought you two left.,” she said defiantly.

Dante nodded his head, not taking his eyes from her naked body. “That is quite apparent.”

Madison couldn’t cover herself with Tom still gripping her wrist so she glared at him. “Could you let me go so I can put something on?”

Tom didn’t answer but looked at Dante. The two men stared at each other for a long time before Dante finally nodded again.

Madison didn’t know what was happening, but it couldn’t be good. She tried to yank her arm from Tom, but he only tightened his grip as he turned to look at her.

“I can’t believe that you would rather pleasure yourself than allow one of us,” he told her, his voice turning huskier than usual.

Madison could feel a blush work up her neck to her face. It wasn’t like she had planned on getting caught.

Tom lips quirked as if he knew what she was thinking. He stepped in front of her and Madison let him fill her entire vision.

“Is that what it is? You would rather think about us than really be with us?” Tom continued.

“Or is it that you truly can’t choose one of us over the other?.” Dante asked from directly behind her .

Madison jumped. She hadn’t heard him move. but he was directly behind her.

She looked over her shoulder and almost lost her breath. He was so handsome with his high cheekbones and dark eyes. Without realising it, she started to lean towards him. forward.

But Tom started talking again.

“So which is it, Madison?” he asked, stepping closer until he was pressed against her front.

Dante also pressed his must have stepped closer also because she felt his hard body against her back.

Madison looked into Tom’s eyes before once again she glanced behind her at the other man. “I…”

She didn’t get any further before Tom’s mouth covered hers. Madison was taken by surprise, her mouth opening before she realised it.

Tom’s tongue invaded her mouth, massaging her tongue and drawing her deeply into pleasure. Her hands went to his shoulders as she used him as an anchor.

When he pulled away, Madison only had a second before a hand under her chin turned her head and she tasted Dante.

Madison shook with need by the time Dante withdrew from her. With confusion and lust clouding her mind, she looked from one man to the other.

“What are you doing?” She whispered the question.

“Taking the decision away from you,.” Tom told her before kissing her again.

I hope you enjoyed that little teasing piece from Magical Menage. I would like to take a minute to congratulate the winner of my May contest Magical Madness-

Jenn M

She won $10.00 in free Ebooks!

Thanks everyone for entering the contest- it sure was fun. Join me in a free days for June's contest rules.

Crissy Smith

Romance on the 'WILD' side...


The Long and Short of it...

I know... I'm late. But better late than never in posting the blog.

So, I have a question, which may take a while to get to, but rest assured, it's in here. When I first started writing stories, I have to confess that I never really considered the length of said story. I had an idea and ran with it until it was done. Now remember, that at this point, I considered a novel, just that, a novel. Though I'd read a ton of ebooks, they were always novel length. I'd never ventured into the realm of shorts or novellas, always choosing stories that were just digital versions of the books I'd buy in the stores. I'm not sure if I equated shorts to stories I'd see only in collections or the kind of stuff you'd submit to magazines, but I hadn't considered short stories in their own right.

After a couple of books were contracted, I was informed (nicely, of course) that shorter stories sold better in e-form. Quite honestly, I was shocked. I mean, to me, I thought readers would want to read a full book. I didn't realize there were such tasty treats out there as the Lust Bites and Novellas found at TEB. Needless to say, I've since written a few of these, though my heart is still in the grand tales. I love epic adventures that allow me time to develop characters and weave intricacies into the plot line. It took me a while to figure out how to condense a thought into just a single event and build the plot around that event.

Okay, getting to the question part...really.

As I've been flipping through some different sites lately, some personal sites, some commercial, I've come across a number of reviews or ratings where the reviewer/rater has given a story a so-so review based mostly on the fact it was too short. There are common comments, such as...the characters weren't as developed as I wanted, and the plot wasn't as intricate as I'd hoped it be, I'd have liked more back-story...

Now everyone is allowed their opinion, and I'm truly not knocking reviews or ratings of books. We all get some great and some not-so-great ones. But I was puzzled by these comments. I mean...what is the reader expecting in a 15,000 word story? It's hardly enough time to introduce a plot, add some angst, get to the 'hot' stuff and resolve everything before one's time is up! So it made me wonder if readers are expecting a fully developed novel shrunk down into a pint-size offering?

Is this true? And if so, are authors falling short or are readers really expecting too much for the reality of the situation?

For me, as a reader, I look at the length of a book and adjust my expectations a bit. I know, if it's a short story that's part of a collection, that it's really going to be more of a snap-shot into the lives of the characters, not a full journey. I still expect a storyline, but I don't anticipate it'll be as involved as a story twice it's length, simply knowing there isn't enough time to get it all in. I want character development, but I don't expect it will be mind-altering in such a short space.

Perhaps it being a writer and knowing that 2000 words can be the difference in the plot being full rather than a bit sparse. That 2000 words can be the ending you've always wanted versus a quicker wrap up than intended. I think I give authors a bit of a break realizing they're working on restrictions imposed by the publisher and that they're trying to give you as rich an experience as they can within a very short space.

So...what is everyone's opinion on this? Do you expect a full novel in a short version? Do you take into account the length of a story before you make any expectations? If short sells better, but every comment is... I wish it was longer... how do authors please their readers if their shorter offerings are looked at as not quite complete, but folks won't buy the larger ones?

I'd also love to know why readers prefer short? Is it having to read on a computer, though with the iPad and e-readers now available, I think this argument will soon be a thing of the past? Is it the desire for instant gratification where you know you can sit down and finish a book in an evening? Does it come down to cost?

Any insight is welcomed. But before I leave you, I wanted to announce that Deadly Obsession is now available in PRINT!!!! Yeah!!! It is, of course, a long book and I'm hoping the option to read it more conventionally will help make it a success, but either way, I'll still write longer novels because I love epic adventures.

Thanks for tuning in. See you all next month.
Romancing adventure at a time.


good news for the Satyrs.

Well I missed last month because of RT and I must say I had a great time. I dont have much to say this month, Im leaving in a few hours to hit up BaltiCon in Maryland, so if your in the area, Ill be signing tomorrow at 8pm. Looking forward to it.

Im excited because we just signed out contract with the second Satyr series book, To Collar and Keep and it will be out September 13th 2010. VERY excited about this and Im dying for the cover so I can start promoting it.

This book is about Ben's cousin Harlequin, and the woman that was promised to him in an arranged marriage, the beauty of Greece, Arabella Konstas. As with the other book, it takes place in NY, this time at the amazingly beautiful hotel in New Paltz, The Mohonk Mountain House. And yes, for you Ben fans out there, you will see LOTS of Ben and Mina... He insists on being in everything... Egomaniac.

So We will be posting soon with our new yummy cover... I cant wait. Im off to get myself ready to leave for the convention. Have a great weekend everyone!


Light Bulb Moments

Question for everyone: At what point should a person start to feel like a real writer?

When they get their first idea for a book?

When they finish that first draft?

Fnishing editing their first story?

Finishing a story over a certain length?

The first rejection letter?

The first acceptance letter?

First e-book going on sale?

Tenth e-book?

Twenty-fifth e-book?

First print book going on sale?

Hold their first print book in their hands?

First piece of fan mail?

First good review?

First bad review?

First royalty check?

First royalty check over a certain value?

When they start to write full time?

When someone asks them what they do for a living and they say their a writer?

When someone introduces you to a stranger as a writer?

Published for a year?

I think it has to vary a lot for all different people. A huge milestone in one person's mind probably isn't even a blip on someone else's radar.

When did I start to feel like a writer?

1 pm on Friday 21st May 2010.

I have no idea why. I was just sitting at my computer, editing away when all of a sudden, it hit me. For the first time I really felt like a writer.

Not just someone who writer, but like a writer. The difference between the two is hard to discribe, but in that moment, I felt a little something inside me change.

No drum roll, no flashing lights, not even a trigger I can put my finger on. Just, all of a sudden, I felt like a "real" writer. It's a nice feeling.

So, for anyone out there who writes - what was your light bulb moment? Please leave a comment and let me know. And readers - when do you consider someone to be a real writer - I want to know what you think too!

Take care everyone,

Kim Dare
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?


Working Together

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate on a writing project with two very talented writers. I was honored to work with both of them, not only for the book we created, but for the amount of energy, enthusiasm and brain power that was brought to the endeavor.

In addition to being talented, each author has other talents, like the way she interacts with fans, with reviewers, with other people. Each writer brought a unique perspective. One provided a fantastic “map” of the primary location so that we had a great visual. Another wrote out vivid character descriptions that kept us all on target.

The book is better for it being a collaborative experience.

The work of an author is often solitary, and because of that we can miss out on the opportunities that come with being part of a team.

I’ve decided to seek out more opportunities for working with others. My web designer has ideas I couldn’t dream up. My proofreader asks me questions that make me go, “Oh, yeah. Duh.” My editor here at TEB is highly valued for her insight.

Because of this great experience, I’ve decided to seek out more opportunities to work with talented people. (Don’t get me wrong, there are instances were collaborating with the wrong people can bring disastrous results.)

It can be difficult to reach out to others with ideas, but, wow, after this experience, I’m willing to take the risk!


Attack of the Plot Bunnies aka My Muse Has A Warped Sense of Humor

Dateline: Oregon
(**First part is X-post from my blog)

A local author was visciously attacked in her home yesterday by an unknown number of plot bunnies. Authorities believe the author was held hostage for at least five hours while being subjected to fingertip and brain torture before finally being released. Evidence collected at the scene revealed no less than two fresh manuscripts with 6K worth of damage. An unnamed source has revealed that these manuscripts were in no way expected or provoked. The fugitives are still at large and an editor on the case considers them to be armed and dangerous.

I know, I know, everything can come back to Murphy's Law sooner or later (with me, it's usually sooner). So, therefore, when I have a mss on a deadline that needs wrapping up...the muse goes on strike. Or vacation. Or maybe just decides to invite a few friendly plot bunnies over for an unscheduled party.
And when I say unscheduled, I really mean it. I have an Excel spreadsheet with all my writing projects laid out for the near foreseeable future, weekly writing goals, AND I have shared this information with someone, peer pressure to get it done. Keeps me honest.
I'm now going to play the following (mostly) fictional exchange with Peer:
Peer: "Wow! 8K this week? That's great! That means you must've finished Manuscript Due Next."
Me: "Uh. No. Not exactly."
Peer: "O...kay, but you must be close, right? I mean...8K. How many of that was on MDN?"
Me: Pause. "2K." Another pause. "Almost."
Peer: *evil glare* "You wrote over 6K on...what exactly? A new story?"
Me: "Two actually."
Me: "But I'm working on MDN now. It's open in front of me, see?"
Peer: "Exactly how many mss do you have open right now?"
Me: *whispers* "Three."
Why is it so hard to focus on finishing what needs to get done? It's not as if I was trying to come up with new ideas. I have several mss in progress right now actually ON my schedule if I needed to change it up. But the insistence of these scenes in my head was so overwhelming, I really thought my head would explode if I didn't get them down on screen.
Peer: "Your head is going to explode when I..."
(Hits mute) *clears throat* Sorry about that. Anyway, time for me to get back to work.
Promise. *fingers crossed*


A Woman's World

Last night my husband and I attended a local dinner theater. It was terrific, a play -- The Dixie Swim Club -- about five women who first met in college and swam together on the swim team. They meet once a year, for a weekend, at a beach house in the Outer Banks, a stretch of beach in North Carolina. Each woman is decidedly different. One is a vain, self-centered, man-eating beauty. Another a professional too busy for men. A third a devoted housewife and mother, the fourth a redneck with kids constantly in jail trouble and a husband not worth having, and the fifth...a nun.

There was plenty of laughter, as well as more dramatic moments. But the heart of the play was the relationship the women shared. Some trials, much fun, and a lot of interesting dialog.

My husband laughed at the appropriate parts, and he admitted he enjoyed some of it, but I think there was a bit too much estrogen in it for him to truly appreciate what we saw. Which gets me to the point of this post. Women and men really do have different ways of thinking. I know we all know this, but it really hit me last night as we sat watching that play.

One, it only had women in it. No men. Two, the women all discussed issues women face, and not all of them are pretty. Kids, husbands, second and third husbands, work, pregnancy. And it made me think about how I view those topics, as opposed to how my husband views them. He never thinks about plastic surgery to fix his looks or sagging parts. He has no issues with a man drinking beer on the couch and scratching himself in awkward places whenever the mood strikes. His brother gets together with friends once a year (they live far away, so my husband hasn't yet had the chance to go), and they go fishing. Yeah, they fish. Not talk. Fish and drink and sleep.

The differences between men and women never fail to fascinate me. I'm not saying my husband didn't like the play, but I LOVED it. I had to wonder if I'd been watching five men get together to do whatever they do, if I'd have been mildly interested, or if I'd have really "gotten" what it was all about.

Anyway, that's my thought for the day. Estrogen-centered, so I apologize to any XYers reading this post. :)

Seriana Found, coming to TEB in July


Indulge Me and male erogenous zones

I love to write stories about men loving men. As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time thinking and planning male/male sex. And finding out about the male erogenous zones through reading and research. I found a wonderful article at a website called OneIndia and it gave me some great ideas about that very topic. So I decided to use their information and my latest release, Indulge Me, to illustrate the male erogenous zones through words and pictures. I’m going to post passages from the book that go with the zones and include a photo for your visual pleasure. Hope you enjoy the adventure.

Here’s a little bit about Indulge Me to set the scene:


Meet me at Indulgence. Noon today. I want you naked in the Wet Area.

Keane Daniels has received an anonymous note summoning him to Indulgence, the largest gay spa and bathhouse in Toronto. Since he’s in unrequited lust with his boss, Keane thinks a clandestine tryst might just take his mind off his gorgeous colleague.

Rayche Marquette has wanted Keane since hiring him, but being his boss means Keane’s off limits…until Rayche decides he can wait no longer and reserves the Wet Area of the spa so the two of them can spend a Naughty Nooner together.

Rayche and Keane meet in the elegant shower area, but when Keane discovers the sender of the note is his boss, his reaction is not what Rayche expects. Keane rebuffs him, thinking the noon hour adventure is a lark for Rayche, a meaningless liaison. So Rayche sets out to convince him, both with words and his body, how very important Keane is to him.

And here’s Indulge Me’s look at the male erogenous zones:

His Scalp and Hair

‘Tall, dark and handsome’ might have seemed like a corny cliché, yet those were exactly the words he would use to describe Marquette. At six-foot-two, he towered over most men, and his golden skin and brown eyes spoke of his French-Canadian ancestry. He kept his mahogany hair longer than was fashionable, long enough that Keane often fantasised about running his fingers through the silky waves.

His Ear

And now this man was his. For one whole hour. For one whole naughty nooner. And he was going to enjoy every single, decadent minute of it.
His slippery hands smoothed over the velvety skin of Keane’s shaft, his thumb tracing the line of a heavy vein. He put his tongue to that sensitive spot just below the ear and licked. Keane moaned and pressed his arse back into the welcoming curve of Rayche’s body.

His lips

Keane had walked in there one evening, his body embracing the smell of eucalyptus as the steam rose around the naked bodies writhing on the wooden benches. He remembered the man who’d risen from the fog, his features hidden in its depths, and reached out his hand to pull Keane to him. Those open mouthed kisses, the tender bites along his shoulder.

His Neck

Those slick, soapy hands swept across Keane’s shoulders, coming to rest at the nape of his neck where strong thumbs massaged tight muscles.
“Oh, that feels so good,” he moaned.
The stranger laughed. “Then you’ll certainly like this,” he said, his tone remaining too low to identify.
Reaching around, he smoothed his hands over Keane’s chest, pinching at the nipples as he made lazy circles on the wet flesh. Keane’s knees almost gave out as the stranger bit along his shoulder blade. While the warm water cascaded down their bodies, the play moved lower. He clenched the muscles in his belly as the man skimmed his hands around his navel. And lower.

His Nipples

Rayche would invariably take off his suit jacket and throw it over the back of a chair. Then he’d loosen his tie and pull it off before undoing the top button of his shirt. He’d roll up his shirtsleeves, revealing his muscular forearms with their soft, dark hair. It was all he could do not to moan when his boss would lean back in his chair, hands behind his head, and stretch. Keane was sure he could see the outline of Rayche’s nipples as his shirt pulled taut against his chest.

His Back and Shoulders

The stranger butted up behind him, rubbing his chest against Keane’s back. The rough hair tickled his skin.

Rayche stepped back to look at Keane. While lots of men were ‘dick men’—that was their favourite part of a man’s body—he appreciated the subtleties of a man’s back. The gentle curve of the shoulder blades, the ribbed column of the spine, that beautiful line where back met buttocks, the small of the back—those were the things he loved.

His Inner Thighs

Rayche loved the feel of his lover’s big palms on the backs of his thighs. He loved how they gripped him, secured him, powered him up and down. They moved as one, muscles pumping and shifting, sweat gleaming on golden skin, guttural moans in a hollow room.

His penis, scrotum, perineum, anus and buttocks

“I want to know your smell,” Rayche said. He’d never just played with a man’s body like this before, exploring the textures, the distinctive odour of his skin. He gently pushed against the sac, feeling the hardness within. There was still a faint scent of soap about it, but there was a muskiness, a richness as well. It was an earthy smell, giving Rayche thoughts of making love by the ocean or under the night sky.
He put out his tongue and tentatively ran it along the crinkly skin, feeling the coarse hair that covered the supple flesh. Opening his mouth wide, he pulled one ball inside.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our little journey. Indulge Me was written after I toured the largest gay spa/bathhouse in Toronto so it really gives you a look into a private male/male world. I chose pictures that convey the sultry, luscious nature of the spa.

Indulge Me is available as an ebook, an audio book or as part of the Naughty Nooners anthology.

Happy reading,


Kaenar Langford

Tales to seduce and entice…


Idea Spark – A phone

I’ve been having some nasty problems with my phone. A feedback that rings in my ear. Also being able to hear other people’s conversation. It has been driving me nuts but I’ve been so busy to have the time to call the phone company or make an appointment. The other day when I was once again talking on the phone I could hear someone else talking on the phone. Once again it was another person’s conversation. It wasn’t to clear but it was an annoying backdrop. When I hung up as I sat frustrated with the whole phone thing a thought came to me.

An idea for a story. A phone lines crossed idea. Ideas come from all over the place and my phone issues sparked one. It is interesting how that happened. An annoying phone issue becoming a future book. LOL.

I did call the phone company and have them come fix the issue but the phone gave me an idea that I might not have had. There is inspiration for ideas all around you. I’ve come up with ideas from various places. Many very unexpected. Any little thing can give you an idea spark.

Taige Crenshaw
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Becoming Bionic

By Lisabet Sarai

By the time you read this, I'll be in the hospital, coming out of anaesthesia after hip replacement surgery. My younger days as a dancer apparently took their toll on my joints. I've had problems for more than a decade but in the past two years the pain has become sufficiently bad that it's seriously interfering with my ability to walk.

Needless to say, right now, a few days before the operation, I'm a bit anxious. I've been blessed with amazing health for most of my life. As a result, this will be the first time I've been hospitalized since I was a teenager, and certainly the most serious medical intervention I've ever had: at least a week as an inpatient and then a minimum of six weeks on crutches.

I start imagining what it will be like, lying awake at night, alone and in pain. I fret about being catheterized. I remember horror stories about vicious staph infections resistant to antibiotics, about flawed medical devices kept on the market even though the company knows they are defective. I haven't been sleeping as well as usual. I'll wake at three in the morning and start visualizing what it will be like in the hospital, making myself too tense to fall back into refreshing dreams.

I believe that one's thoughts determine one's reality, to a very large extent. Thus, I've been working to readjust my mental position regarding the upcoming operation. Instead of looking at it as scary, I'm trying to view the whole process as "interesting". After all, the doctor is going to replace a significant part of my anatomy with a mechanism: a ball of titanium in a socket of polyethelene, and a rod of porous metal extending down into my leg. From now on, I'll be setting off metal detectors everywhere I go. I'm going to be bionic!

It's pretty amazing, actually. I know many people who've had the same surgery. They all agree that it made a huge positive difference in their quality of life. Half a century ago, I would have been destined to be a cripple for the rest of my days. Now, with the assistance of modern medicine, I'll hopefully end up almost as good as new.

I want to make this experience a positive one. I want to observe and to learn from it. I also see it as a chance for spiritual growth, to build my faith, increase my patience and reduce my fear. I'm going to try and write during as much of the process as I can--certainly, I'm going to bring my netbook. After all, it's a great opportunity to come up with blog material!

And who knows? Maybe I'll meet someone in the hospital who'd make a great hero or heroine for some future book.


The Point review and more.

Hi all, it's the 16th and it's Blisse day again. I hope you're all enjoying a relaxing weekend.

Today I want to share a review with you that I recently was sent for The Point. First, let me acquaint you with the story itself!

Love conquers all, that is the point but can it bridge the differences between a vampire and a woman?

Hugh is twenty eight. He has been twenty eight for nearly one hundred years. Hugh is a vampire. He owns a club called The Point and he pays girls to have sex with him. He then counts to ten as he sucks their blood to semi-satisfy his lust.

Elizabeth is a doctor, she loves her job but likes to escape into the countryside now and then. When she twists her ankle Hugh comes to her aid. He carries her curvy form all the way back to his home. He takes care of her ankle and the rest of her body too but he goes too far and sucks her perfectly intoxicating blood.
How can these two lovers have any kind of relationship? They don’t know, only time will reveal the answers.

The delightful BD Whitney from Bookwenches has this to say about Point Vamp Book 1:

I found The Point to be entertaining overall, with sympathetic and somewhat quirky characters and a welcome touch of humor. Ms. Blisse does a good job of developing Hugh and Elizabeth in a very short period of time. She doesn’t simply introduce them to the reader but instead infuses the narrative with their personalities. Passages from Elizabeth’s point of view are filled with a wry humor and an informal tone that place the reader right into her headspace, while scenes from Hugh’s viewpoint are a little more formal and moody in flavor. I couldn’t help but like these two, because they have such unique personalities.
To read the rest of this well written review check out the book wenches website.

Also, if you want to know more about The Point and hear me, Ms Blisse live on air you need to tune into All Romance Ebooks blogtalk radio show tomorrow (Monday 17th May) at 9.30pm PST
which is the mdidle of the night for me, so who knows what I might say in my comprimised state! It's well worth a listen just for my British accent!


Coming in Print!

Doing the happy dance!!!!
My first story ever to be in print will be in the Threefold anthology available in September!!!

A book with my story in it will sit on my non-virtual bookshelf!!!

Between A and Z has a little bit of everything in it. It is a paranormal, multicultural, m/m/f romance.

Here is the blurb:

Mia dubbed her life-sized clay sculpture, Adam, because he is the first man she’s ever made. Most of her work has been female torsos, but recently her muse insisted it was time for her to produce a man. Though, she might have been confusing her surging libido with her artistic muse.

Mia has been abstinent for nearly a year, but not because of any plan. Her best friend, Shirle, has organized a party for Mia to put an end to her long dry spell and give her vibrator a night off. Before she even gets out of Shirle’s car, Mia meets Zed.

Zed has come to the party to win a challenge. The waiters at the restaurant where he is the head chef and owner don’t think a black French chef can country line dance. Once he meets Mia, his purpose for the night changes. He plans to spend the evening with this incredibly sexy woman whose sense of humour is developed enough to subject herself to the intense teasing from her friends about her lacking sex life. But he must decide whether he still wants Mia when he discovers Adam plays an important role in her life.


Gifts of Desire Series
The Birthday Present
The Christmas Present
The Anniversary Present coming in July!


Untamed Hearts, the series

This month, I wanted to showcase the series titled Untamed Hearts, the first and most educational joint venture I've ever had the experience of sharing with good friend and writing buddy Jenna Byrnes. Jenna and I have been friends only online for several years. She could probably tell you closer to when we met than I can, her memory is much more like that steel trap we hear about. LOL When we first decided to try our hand at co-writing, we knew we wanted to try m/m together. That's way back when the genre was really getting it's feet under it and going like wildfire. We wanted in on that action.

Feral Heat, of course, told the story of wild cats. Specifically cougars from where I live, or thereabouts. Poor Jenna was a little lost when it came to the outdoorsy stuff, but she really made the characters come alive and pushed the story ahead with their wicked sense of humour and the wonderful twists she came up with for the story.

A little blurb:

Kai is the hold
er of the talisman for the cougar clan. His lover Aric find themselves in a world of pain when it's stolen by the beautiful female Sable. In order to ensure the safety of their clan, possibly their very survival, they must retrieve the amulet. Can the mated pair prevail?

This one taught us that we could write together and do a good job of it. We found that we loved leaving each other in crazy spots, the characters dangling over cliffs or on the verge of being burned alive. Anything to make the other partner cringe then smile. We also learned each others weaknesses and how to get the best out of each other.

The next book in the series, Bear Combustion was a joy to write. We hit our stride and we really loved our characters. We'd decided to write three books, each one linked by a specific amulet for the tribe, or group of changelings. The bears began with a near tragedy.

A small blurb:

Fire rages, not only through the forest to threaten the lives of his clan, but in the hearts of Tarek, the leader as well as Inuka, his fiery lover and Raven, the stoic companion who secretly adores him. Can the flames of their
love survive?

Again, we truly felt at ease with Tarek, Inuka and Raven. They grew to be extremely familiar and likeable, even if they were stubborn and bull headed at times. Book 3, and supposedly our last one, was

Wolfen Heat. In this book a true tragedy befalls the leader of the Wolfen Clan at the opening of the book. The leader dies, leaving no heir to take over and a talisman with no one to hold it. A true catastrophe. Or so it would appear.

A little blurb:

Fire takes the life of the wolfen tribal leader, and a new leader must be found before catastrophe befalls the pack. Only Cole, young irresponsible and unattached, has felt the talisman's heat. Is he the chosen one?

And the series was done, or so Jenna and I had thought. When Claire, our publisher came to us with the proposal of having these books in print, she also mentioned we'd need one more in the series. Two e-books per print. Oh man!

Jenna and I talked. We pulled hair out. We whined, we moaned, we tossed ideas around and slept on this for a couple of weeks before we finally came up with an idea. Heck, it took us a few days just to come up with which animal we'd tackle. (Jenna does not like snakes! Who knew?)

And, seeing as we'd kind of wrapped things up at the end of Book 3, we had to figure out a way to blow it open for the 4th. It took some doing, and it took a lot of fancy footwork, but we finally came up with a brilliant plan. I give most of the credit for this to Jenna. She's super at dreaming up plots and twisty turny plots.

So, we introduced, Stallion's Pride. We had to bring back all of the main characters from the first three books to make this one work and trust me, it wasn't easy. Heck, just remembering the details of each book was a challenge. I wound up making a spreadsheet to keep hair colour, eye colour, what they wore and all that kind of stuff straight for both of us, (mostly me)

Here's the short blurb for book 4:

A recently discovered horse talisman and a gypsy horse changeling tribe seem like the perfect match. Is headstrong Brishen ready for the power the talisman brings?

Headstrong, stubborn and determined not to be rushed into anything, I wasn't even sure Brishen was going to make to the end of chapter one, let alone take over the vista. Even the language had to be modified for this one. Jenna and I decided to go with a gypsy background, so finding the words we needed took time and figuring which ones we really wanted to use took even more time. And, Brishen didn't even have a life mate, which he needed in order to hold the talisman. Oy!

We so walked into a mess with this book. But, it was great fun working with Jenna, and we sorted it out. We even managed to have some hair between us when we'd finished. Plus two gorgeous print volumes.

Untamed Hearts, Volume 1 and Untamed Hearts, Volume 2, which we are incredibly proud of.

So now, it's on to more, bigger, better and sexier. Have an amazing Thursday!



Pictures from RT 2010

We thought you might enjoy sharing some of the photos that we took at this year's Romantic Times Readers Convention, which was held in Columbus, Ohio.

Total-E-Bound stand at Club RT

Lacey Thorn enjoying herself with a Caveman

M.A. Ellis also coping a feel of same said Caveman! Nice.

Nicki Richards, Assistant, and Claire Siemaszkiewicz, Publisher, with yet another Caveman. Naughty ladies!

Total-E-Bound Author night out - from L to R (standing): Claire Siemaszkiewicz, Desiree Holt, Brynn Paulin, Carol Lynne, Bronwyn Green, Cindy Spencer Pape, Genella De Grey, Jambrea Jo Jones, Nicki Richards (notice Nicki with her aversion to having her picture taken? Oh, yes, we had fun snapping shots of her throughout the week!!)
L to R (sitting): Alexis Fleming, Marie Haynes, M.A. Ellis, Stephani Hecht, Tonya Ramagos, and laying down: Lacey Thorn.

Authors at the print book signing:
L to R: Tonya Ramagos, Stella Price, M.A Ellis

More: Amanda McIntyre, Cindy Spencer Pape, Desiree Holt

and more: Lacey Thorn and Carol Lynne

And the gals meeting up at the book signing: Carol Lynne, Claire Siemaszkiewicz, Brynn Paulin

We hope you'll be able to join us next year at RT 2011 in LA!


Happy Belated Mother's Day

I hope all the moms out there had a fabulous Mother's Day yesterday. It was a good one here--complete with the handmade goodies from the kids and hugs to wake me up. Of course that didn't stop the bickering and fighting all day long, but you can't ask for too much, right? LOL

Personally, I can't believe we're into May already. This is a horribly busy time of year for us as school wraps up and we have lots of programs, concerts, events and all that jazz. Finding time to write is becoming a challenge. Though I know when summer comes, even with the kids home, writing time will come, so I just need to be patient and keep on keeping on. :)

For Mother's Day, I actually got a few pieces of writing from the kids. As a writer, that just warms my heart. I got a poem from my 7 year old. You know those poems that "MOTHER" is written in a column and they write something for each letter. I won't bore you with the whole thing but I thought it was very cool that for "E", I was considered "Excitably Excellent". LOL Good word usage, son! :)

Another piece I got was a short story from my daughter. It was about a princess and it wasn't a handsome prince coming to save the day (from dragons and bad kings and all that!), it was the Queen. Mommy to the rescue! LOL

Lastly, my oldest daughter, who is very musical, wrote me a song. The gist of the song was that even when I'm crabby, I'm an awesome mom. LOL No mention of any poor behavior on the kids' part, of course. Just that some days Mom is crabby. LOLOLOL

Just goes to show, the munchkins know the way to their mom's heart. Words. I melt more with those than any flowers or trinkets. Tricky little things. :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic week, and I lift my glass (it's just tea I swear!) to all the moms and those who act as moms every day. Here's to you!



Size Queens and Gay "Films"

I have an odd question for those of you who read gay male romances. Do you also find enjoyment in gay porn? If so, are you a size queen?

Meaning, do you care about the size of the gay male’s obvious “talents” or are you a realist in that way? Considering the average male penis is between 4-6 inches in length and that average doesn’t have anything to do with the gay/straight/bi equation, I’m left wondering.

How about in your romances? Do you like to hear that hero is well endowed or do you even care about description in your stories? Many writers slide them in (haha) in a weak attempt to hit up erotica as a market but what they’re really doing is just adding sexual description to their stories.

To be erotica, the plot is very simple: A and B must get together to do some grown shit.
To be erotic romance, the plot is a little more complex. Doing the Grown Shit must forward the plot, which is to get A and B together for a happily ever after (or HFN)

Otherwise you’ve just got a story with sex or sexual description in it.

This is not negotiable, honestly. But back to the question of the gay male penis. Why the fascination with the size of said appendage is beyond me, seeing as the how the ass can stretch but NOT as readily as the vagina. Yes we’re going technical here. I’ve pushed a LOT of boundaries at Total E-bound LOL!

Plus there’s the amount of preparation involved. No anal sex scene should be written without the lube. It’s not logical; it’s unsafe and damn wrong! I know that in the real world sometimes the lube is forgotten (ouch) but we’re writers and if we’re going to mention that Mr. O’Toole is indeed blessed by the gods, we need to make sure Mr. Receptacle is properly prepared.

So tell me, what do you like to see and watch?