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Merry Blissemas!

Hello all, it's hitting the Hot-Spot time of the month again, it comes around so fast! How are you? Have you got yourself organised for Christmas? Every year I think I'm doing really well and then in the last couple of weeks before the big day I realise just how much I still have left to do! It keeps me busy though, really busy!

Now over at I am in the middle of Blissemas. This is a contest I'm running where every comment on a blog from now until the 22nd December counts as an entry to win one (or even more if you have multiple comments) of 15 prizes! To find out more check out the first Merry Blissemas post.

So today, as it's my regular spot here, any comments left on this blog post will count towards my Merry Blissemas contest. Don't forget to come over to daily though to see what my new blog is, to comment and to get more entries into the competition!

So Christmas is coming, if you're anything like me you're rushing around like a lunatic trying to get things baked, bought, finished or wrapped and it can feel like one big stress. I know all about it and I adore Christmas. So, I suggest you give yourself a break. Just half an hour of you and you alone time. You deserve it and it will recharge your batteries so you can do all that's let to do with a clear mind.

I like to relax with a book either at bedtime or if I'm really in need of it, in the middle of the day. Make yourself the drink of your choice, find a comfy place to curl up and read. Now, as I'm an author I have just a couple of suggestions of what you might enjoy relaxing with.

Firstly I suggest Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart. As the title suggests this is a Christmas story that is filled to the brim with festive frolics and seasonal cheer. I love this story because Jodi and mike are misfits and loners in the world but they meet each other by chance and get to have their first kiss on Santa's sleigh. How magical is that, eh? I think, well, I hope, that this story captures the real heart and soul of Christmas and I know it's filled with sweet romance and some slow and sensual love making.

If you're looking for something with a seasonal hit that isn't quite so sweet and rich with Christmas Spice you could give Stopping Point a try! Stopping Point is book 2 in my Point Vamp series, it can be read alone but you might enjoy reading The Point as well to get, well, the Point, so to speak! It is not an out and out Christmas story, more it is the tale of a young man who is turned into a vampire and has to discover exactly what's happened to him all by himself with little help from his crazy but beautiful sire, Cara.

The Christmas hit comes towards the end where you get to find out what this bunch of young vampires actually do for Christmas. If you've ever wondered here's your chance to find out!

Whatever you decide to read, give yourself time to escape into some fiction this Christmas season and if you're lucky enough to be getting a kindle this year, check out my books at the UK and US kindle stores or if like my giddy husband you're getting an iPad see what Blisse you can get at iTunes!

Oh, and Whilst I'm here just to let you know, I'm on Courtney Breazile's Total-E-Talk show tonight talking about all things Christmassy! The show is on at 10pm EST and will be available for download after that time!

So have a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


widdershins said...

It's odd I know, but when I just can't squeeze another edit out of my cross-eyed brain, I rug up and go for a bike ride. The kind of bike that has pedals. There's nothing like it. The wind through the touque (beanie if you're Australian - a knitted cap if you have no idea what I'm talking about) and under the helmet blows all the cobwebs away.... P.S. it doesn't get all that cold here in Vancouver

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Victoria,

"Blissemas" - very clever!

As for me, I'm frantically writing, with two December 31st deadlines! But I did pick up my cards today, with a picture from my recent trip to Japan.

Which happens to be the topic of my Hot Spot post tomorrow!

Hugs and happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

OMG your cover for Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart! I love the (ahem) groping going on there! I wouldn't mind some of that for Christmas ;)

Sekrit Shoppa said...

Merry Blissemas, Victoria! Am very much enjoying your Christmas treats.

Victoria Blisse said...

Widdershins -It does make sense actually :)

Lisabet - Oh, I've got deadlines too, a little further away though so come the new year I'll be wrting frantically! Oh, Japan, I bet that was lovely. :)

Rachel -Can't beat a good Christmas grope! ;)

Justine -Thank you and Merry Blissemas!

Debby said...

What a beautiful cover! Interesting comments as well.
debby236 at att dot net.

Susan said...

I've been sick for the past month so I'm having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit this year. The plan is to spend the bulk of the break relaxing with a good book, so perhaps it won't be a total bah humbug Christmas.

Susan said...

Just realized you need my addy but there wasn't a box for it, so I'll put it here - itmfiddler at gmail dot com

Bookwyrm369 said...

I'm with you, Victoria - I haven't done nearly all I usually have done by this point at Christmas so this last week is going to be quite a scramble! But I love this time of year anyway :-)

smaccall @

Anonymous said...

We are Orthodox Christians following the Julian calendar (which is 12 days behind), so our 'Christmas' is not until Jan.7 I've got time to procrastinate and go to after Christmas sales if I want. Of course most of my friends and family celebrate on Dec. 25, so there is a bit of rushing. The rushing is because I forget (every year!) that everyone isn't on my time-line and I have to do 'last minute' shopping. Silly me. Still, I am relaxing between shopping mania forays by lazing in my pjs and reading or surfing the net. I like it in the quiet, it is such a relief from the bustle.