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An interview, a release, and so much more!

As 2010 ended my second year with Total-E-Bound and being published just seemed to fly by. 2011 exploded and January was a packed full month.

The second part of the month started with me being interviewed for the author spotlight here at Total-E-Bound. Hopefully you learned a little more about me and my stories. If you missed it you can still catch the interview on the Author Sptlight page.

And wow! was I ever excited to see the fourth book of the Were Chrinicles Pack Rogue being released. Most of you know that The Were Chronilces were my first series here and as I've been shocked and so very pleased with how well they've done I still get so nervous when the books are being released. Everytime is like the first time and I hope the feeling never goes away!

Here is a little more about Pack Rogue- Released Jan 18th!

The Rogue meets the Alpha...and their worlds explode.
> Rogue Kiley Palmer doesn't have a pack. Although deep down, she does want to be part of one, she tries to convince herself she doesn't need pack life. But that all changes when she meets her new Alpha.
> Austin Winters is visiting a friend when he runs into the one person he never thought he would find—his mate. Convincing Kiley she wants him? Not nearly as difficult as getting her to accept her position in his pack...


Kiley Palmer sat scrunched down inside her SUV, well-hidden by the tinted windows as she held a camera up and snapped off pictures. The old man had been right. The fourth Mrs. Douglas was having a visitor every morning as soon as her husband left for work.
> "Gotcha," she whispered to empty air as she snapped off four more pictures before the front door of the large house closed.

> She set the camera down and prepared herself for the wait. All week she had been staking out the home of her client, Edward Franklin Douglas the Third. The man knew his young thirty-year old wife was cheating on him, and Kiley had just finished collecting the reminder of the evidence to provide to her client. She would snap off a few more pictures as the man left then she would be done with the job.
> As private detective work went, this had been simple. Easy money. Mr. Douglas had known his wife was not being faithful and, to protect his money, he had needed proof.
> Kiley reached for her coffee and found the cup empty. Damn, she thought as she sat back with a sigh. She was contemplating running to the closet convenience store to grab another cup when a knock on the passenger window startled her.
> She jumped, her hand going to her heart. The grin from the man on the other side of the glass annoyed and amused her at the same time. She rolled her window down.
> "Detective," she greeted.
> Detective Gray Mason continued to grin as he leant against her door. "Kiley, how's it going?"

Kiley shrugged. "Fine, until you scared the living daylights out of me."

He chuckled in response.

Kiley crossed her arms over her chest and gave him her best pout.

Unfazed, he continued to smile. "All done here?" he asked.

Kiley looked to the house and back at him. As Gray turned serious, she knew it wasn't so much a question, but his telling her she was done. She nodded.

He opened her door and held out a hand. "I need you to come with me."

She rolled her shoulders and stepped from her vehicle, ignoring his hand. He stepped back giving her room as another man stepped up and drew her attention. Kiley frowned at the guard. She didn't know Wyatt well but he had a reputation of being a hardcore fighter.

"What's going on?" she asked Gray, her eyes snapping from one man to the other. Dread scrawled up her spine as unease settled in her stomach. This couldn't be good.

"He needs to see you," Gray told her quietly.

Kiley shook her head and started to back up towards her SUV. "No." She knew what this weekend was about. She'd seen the many cars which had driven through town on their way up to the compound.

Gray's hand on her elbow stopped her. "It'll be okay. I'll stay with you," he promised.

Kiley's heart sank. It had been months since her presence had been requested at the local Alpha's residence. Always it had been when few people had been around.

"Come on," Gray urged with a gentle tug.

So there you have a sneal peek- And that's not all. I have more for you!

Next month will see the release of the second book in The corporate wolves series- Losing Control.

March follows with a new shifter novel- The Shifter and the Dreamer.

While April will bring a hot and steamy new vampire book- Vamps in the City.

I'm ready to take 2011 by storm and hope you stay with me for the ride.

Happy Reading everyone- it's our time now!

Crissy Smith


Dulcet Tones to Shake the Bones

I always seem to be a little out of step with the infamous lists that women’s magazines say that we all apparently have, such as, what a woman wants in a man and similar. A few qualities usually match, such as being tall and having a good sense of humour, but there are other aspects of a man that I find attractive that many may find unusual. For example, I like a man with a prominent nose. I have no idea why people undertake painful surgery to reduce the size of their nose—I think it adds character to the face. It seems that many women shy away from men that spend time in the gym, preferring a bit of a paunch over apparent vanity. Not me – love the muscle. One of the somewhat ignored traits that has endured on my ‘ideal man’ list is a gorgeous voice.

For as long as I can remember, I have always paid close attention to the voices of others in addition to what they say. A man with a nice deep voice can have a lot of pull over me. I can understand all those anecdotal tales about the late Barry White providing the soundtrack to many a child’s conception. I find comedian Reginald D Hunter hilarious, but I would still be mesmerised even if every one of his jokes flopped. Gorgeous voice, tall and funny – dangerous combination. Gerard Depardieu is another one—wonderful accent, bilingual and a scene-stealing nose.

Women are not excluded from my lascivious fascination. Those of you in the UK will be aware of the well-known female voiceover in the old M&S adverts. Though it certainly doesn’t make me want to shop there, I’ll happily watch the adverts just for that silky smooth voice. Apparently, Bonnie Tyler sounded very different before surgery on her vocal cords, but I do like the gravelly smokiness that resulted.

Of course, the things that the sexy-voiced say and do is all important as well, but I could even forgive a flying kick at a football fan when the voice is right. (“I am not a man. I am Cantona.”)

The pleasure and power of a velvet tone of voice was the inspiration for my latest Lust Bite, Remote Control, which was released on 17 January. The story of ‘Scarlet’, a sometime telephone sex line operator, who finds out first hand how powerful the voice can be and where it can lead when she encounters the mysterious Joseph. An adult excerpt follows.
Every movement became more intense, jerking her body hard enough to make the sofa shift. Above the sound of it thumping the wall, she could still hear his voice despite it lowering to a growl. She could always hear his voice. “I will make you come.”
The explosion of the orgasm deep in her vulva shook her frame, causing a powerful shudder that made her lose control. While no words would come, a piercing cry filled the room that almost masked the deep grunt that came through the phone’s speaker.
Completely spent, Paula collapsed into the sofa, her heart pounding against her ribs as she tried to catch her breath. Though her entire being felt weak, it was worth it for the warm feeling of contentment that flooded her body.
“I want you so badly.”
Through his hoarse voice and her own heavy breaths, Paula was unsure that she had heard him correctly but said nothing. The lengthy pause that followed only increased her doubt.
“I could be there next to you,” he finally continued, his voice back to normal. “I would pinch your sensitive nipples to see how much you could take.”
She let out a sigh as her body jolted with pain from her swollen nipples, twisting her body to sink back onto the cushions. Facing the phone, she could hear his breathing, gradually falling in line with the speed of hers as the echoes of the orgasm subsided.
After several minutes of comfortable silence, Joseph was the first to speak. “I have to go.”
Forgetting her place, Paula immediately rolled onto her stomach to stare at the receiver as if looking into his eyes. “Are you going to see your girlfriend?”
“That’s no business of yours, cock tease. You’ve made that very clear.”
After a click, a continuous tone signalled the end of the conversation.
Remote Control now available at Total-E-Bound.


What Do You REALLY Want?

In my coaching practice, and in my life, I’ve recently changed my approach. I’ve been big, over the years, on working with goals that are SMART. By that I mean, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good approach. And it works, once we know what we really, really want.

The trouble is, so many of us think we know what we want, but sometimes those goals come from external sources. We see images of “ideal” women on television, on billboards, in magazines, in newspapers, so we diet to fit this (maybe unrealistic) image.

We buy a new car because others have one. We go to certain schools and choose careers because it’s expected of us.

But what do YOU really, really want?

I’ve started carrying a small notebook with me, along with a pen. Each day, I write down three to five things that I really, really want. My answers to that question have evolved over time. Sometimes my answers are profound. Sometimes, they’re more immediate. Sometimes they include the simple and mundane: I really want sleep. Or chocolate. Or to be surrounded by people I love.

Over time, though, answers have evolved and patterns have emerged.

From the answers, I’ve been able to set the SMART goals. Instead of losing weight, I learned I wanted to be physically fit, healthy, active. The result is, I’m working with a trainer. I’ve also hired a coach to help improve my racquetball game. Sometime this year, I’m going to start competing. And, as a result, I’ve changed my diet. I did it because I wanted to be fit and healthy, not meet some number on the scale. And I did lose most of those stubborn pounds.

I’m using this “what do I want, what do I really, really want” exercise as a tool in my coaching practice now, too, to help clients get in touch with what they want, not what they think they should want. The biggest sign that it works…? My clients are encouraging others to do the same.

So, as we move forward in this bright year, what do YOU really, really want?


Lovin' Leela - An Never Seen Before Excerpt Exclusive!

Lovin' Leela will always be special to me for several reasons I'd like to share.

Reason number one: It's my first published work with Total E-Bound. I can't tell you how excited I was to see my story had been picked up by the publisher I've had my eye on for a long time. I really wanted to see my name alongside the talented authors of TEB and I'm thrilled to be a part of the team!

Reason number two: It was my first published contemporary erotic romance! All of my work up until this point had some kind of paranormal of fantasy element involved. I fell in love with contemporary and historical erotic romance and I've written short stories (that you can read on my blog or website), but I really wanted to craft a longer tale with fresh characters and sizzling romance. I just needed an story idea which leads me to...

Reason number three: The premise behind Lovin' Leela was inspired by my noisy upstairs neighbors. Nice people, but terrible to live under. Every single time they made love it was like I had a front row seat to the party. Always at the oddest times, like five-thirty in the morning (real annoying) or late, late at night when I'm finally shutting down my computer. I'm not a overly nosy person, but I'll admit I can't ignore or walk away from the sound of sex. I find myself straining my ears to ear the words being said, the length and tone of the gasps and cries and oh yes...I'm looking at the clock to see how long the love session lasts. Terrible, right? Well, I'm pretty sure they knew we could hear them too. I mean the headboard is banging up on the wall in a staccato drum beat how could they not?

My muse started posing all sorts of questions like...
What if a sexy single woman could hear her new neighbor having sex and she finally decided to confront him, but discovers he's drop dead gorgeous!

How would she react? Would she dare tell him the truth? And what would happen if he found her just as attractive as she found him? The end result: Lovin' Leela available now and you get to see a never before seen excerpt from the book! Enjoy!

Sam. No one else could be at her door without being buzzed up.

“Leela, it’s Sam,” he called from the other side.

She put her dinner down and smoothed her sundress as she got up and went to the door. With a deep breath, she opened it. “Hey, Sam.” She sounded casual, but her heart was pounding wildly as her eyes locked with Sam’s.

He was wearing a pair of loose jeans and a white t-shirt. The cotton hugged his muscled biceps and visible pecs. He looked relaxed and devastatingly sexy.

“Hey, Leela, how are you?”

The strap to her sundress slipped from her shoulder, and she pulled it up aware that his eyes never left her face. “I’m good…you?”

“It’s Friday, so I’m good.” He moved one of his hands from behind his back, producing a small white box. “This is for you. I’m afraid I ate all the spaghetti and meatballs.”

Leela raised an arched eyebrow. “I didn’t think you were really serious about that.”

“I never joke about spaghetti and meatballs.”

She smiled, loving the dimples on his face as he returned a grin.

“I brought you something.” He held out the small gift.

“What’s this?” Leela took the box from him.

“Banana bread.”

She looked up at him. “You didn’t!”

“I did. And for the record, when I say something, I’m always serious unless I say otherwise.”

She watched him shove his hands into his pockets, tightening the pull of fabric across the zipper of his pants. Zings of awareness skitter along her spine. “Well, thank you. This was so thoughtful. Would you like to come in and have a slice with me?”

Sam grinned, making the dimples dip deep on his handsome face. “I’m not into banana bread, but I would like to come in, yes.”

Her stomach somersaulted as they stared at one another for a few seconds. The strap on her dress slipped again, and this time Sam’s eyes slid to her bare shoulder. Leela swallowed, surprised again by the wave of desire rushing over her. He was being flirtatious and her response now would set the tone between them.

“Leela?” Sam asked. “Second guessing your initial desire?”

Could he sense the sudden wild craving she had for him?

She squeezed the box of banana bread and released a slow breath. “Look, Sam, I really do appreciate the banana bread but I…” Her voice faltered as his fingers brushed her skin to pull the loose strap back into place.

“You’re afraid,” he finished, placing one hand on the side of her door.

He was gorgeous and arrogant!

She snorted. “Afraid? What are you talking about? I don’t even know you. That’s the point.” Leela folded her arms across her chest, looking around him to see another neighbour coming towards them.

Sam nodded slowly, then shook his head. “But we’re not strangers, Leela. You’ve been in my home, we’ve shared my amazing pasta and a bottle of wine. So, that’s not what you’re afraid of.”

“So, what am I afraid of?” she asked staring into the warm coffee depths of his eyes. A split second before he reached for her, Leela knew he would show her what she feared.

Wanna find out what happens? Get the book here!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


The Best Thing about the Super Bowl

What's the best thing about the Super Bowl? I used to say the snacks...but the arguement could be made that it's the players.

(Mark Sanchez...go Jets!)

Some might say one of the best things about the Super Bowl is the commercials. Here, from MSNBC's Peter Hartlaub, is a top ten list of the favorite ad spots of all time. Enjoy, and here's hoping for a great game!

~ Jenna Byrnes
Page Scorching Erotic Romance

By Peter Hartlaub

Below are our choices for the 10 best Super Bowl ads of all time. The picks were heavily influenced by commenters on the MSNBC message boards, who discussed their favorite commercials and voted on the subject two years ago. We also considered the economic impact of the ads, which mostly consisted of disqualifying failed dot-com companies.

10. Master Lock — “Shot Lock” (1974)
One of the first high-profile Super Bowl ads featured little more than a bullet, a padlock and the following words: “On December 5th, 1973, at a rifle range outside of Los Angeles, a high-powered .30-caliber rifle was fired at a distance of 40 yards, to try to open this Master padlock. …” The results were definitely more entertaining than Super Bowl VIII (Miami 24, Minnesota 7).

9. Coke — “Parade Balloons” (2008)

Just when we were convinced that memorable advertisements are a thing of the past, Coca-Cola unveiled this gem near the end of last year’s Super Bowl. Parade balloon versions of Underdog and Stewie from “Family Guy” fight for an inflatable Coke bottle over the New York skyline, but are thwarted when a Charlie Brown balloon shows up and steals the drink.

8. Budweiser — “Sleigh Ride” (2004)
Borrowing heavily from a popular “Seinfeld” episode, a flatulent hansom cab horse turns a candle into a flamethrower and torches a guy’s date. (He escapes the danger because he reaches for a Bud Light.) We learned a valuable lesson after putting this on a “10 worst” list a couple of years ago: There are many, many Americans willing to go to war in defense of a good fart joke.

7. E*Trade — “Money out the Wazoo” (2000)

Most of the dot-com ads were terrible, but E*Trade had two classics in 2000. In this one, a man is rushed into an emergency room and is quickly diagnosed with “money coming out of the wazoo.” Several good one-liners followed. (“Does your husband have insurance?” … “Insurance? He’s got money coming out of the wazoo!”)

6. McDonald's — “The Showdown” (1993)

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, two of the most recognizable and popular athletes in the world, engage in an increasingly logic-defying shooting contest for a Big Mac. (“Over the second rafter, off the floor, nothing but net.”) The commercial ends with the players throwing a ball off the John Hancock Tower in Chicago.

5. Budweiser — “Frogs” (1995)

With the Bud Bowl and its anthropomorphic bottles and cans becoming increasingly intolerable, Anheuser-Busch needed a new gimmick. The best idea advertisers could come up with: Three frogs sitting on a log and croaking the words “buuuud,” “wiiiise” and “errrr.” Americans predictably loved this ad, which included lizard and ferret-themed spin offs.

4. Apple — “1984” (1984)

An Orwellian scene of lockstep fascism is broken up by a woman in red Dolphin shorts, who hurls a sledgehammer through a theater screen. Then we see this text: "On January 24th, Apple will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like '1984.'"

3. Reebok — “Terry Tate Office Linebacker” (2003)

Workers at a fictitious corporation who breach office etiquette receive bone-crunching tackles from Terry Tate, a Reebok sneaker-wearing linebacker who barks observations like "Break was over 15 minutes ago, Mitch!"

2. Budweiser — “Respect” (2002)

The Budweiser Clydesdales, easily the most recognizable icon in Super Bowl ads, walk across a snowy field and the Brooklyn Bridge before taking one knee in front of the New York skyline where the World Trade Center towers used to be. Budweiser followed this theme three years later with its “Heroes” ad, featuring people at an airport applauding returning soldiers.

1. Coke — “Mean Joe Greene” (1979)

Apple spent more money and the frogs were cuter, but there’s no beating Mean Joe Greene (even though this advertisement technically debuted just before the Super Bowl). Greene meets a kid in a stadium tunnel after the game. The kid offers Greene a Coke, and the player smiles and gives him a jersey. You’re crying just thinking about it, right?*

*Peter Hartlaub covers pop culture for the San Francisco Chronicle.


Wolves and Why I Love Them

There's just something about the wolf that calls to the paranormal lover in me. Wolves live in packs, have hierarchies, and are fierce fighters.

The werewolf, in my opinion, is the new vampire. Shifters are all over the places lately in romance books. Their animalistic needs and attitudes can be sexy. The alpha looking after his mate. The pack protecting their own.

I like the idea of a guy going animalistic in the bedroom, instinctively seeking the mate who makes him crazy. The werewolf seems the perfect blend of monster and man. Powerful, cunning, and dangerous. That lethal edge only adds to the mystery and sexy draw of the beast.

I had some fun in Wolf Wanted. I paired up my werewolf with a half wolf/half demon prince. And not just any demon, but an incubus, the kind who revels in sex. But it was the wolf who drew me to the story.

Go read a werewolf story of your own, and have a great weekend.

Wolf Wanted, coming to TEB Jan 31st


My Other Addiction

In my February Kaenar Unkovered, the monthly feature I write for the Total-e-Bound newsletter, I'll be talking about my love of leather and how that came about. So make sure you pop over and have a read when it comes out February 1st.

My other addiction would definitely have to be anything male/male. I got an ebook reader for Christmas and now I can indulge my male/male craving at the gym, in the doctor’s office or anywhere else I happen to be. I love reading man on man stories. I love writing man on man stories. I especially love man on man photos. They give me such good visuals for the stories I write. I thought I’d share some of my favourite male/male photos with you.

This photograph and a visit to Spa Excess, the most luxurious gay spa in Toronto, gave me the idea for Indulge Me, the story of a man invited by an unknown admirer to indulge in a naughty nooner at a gay bathhouse.

I wonder about the story behind some of the photos. Look at this one. One man is wearing mechanic’s coveralls and the other a towel. How would the two of them have come together and where are they?

In this one, the sunlight is so gorgeous on their bodies and look how that hand is moving lower and lower.

The man in behind has such a possessive look on his face. ‘Mine’ he seems to be saying.

The atmosphere of this photo is so different from the previous one. It’s set in a similar way but feels completely different.

I love the playfulness, the tenderness of this one.

This one speaks to me in a very basic way.

The play of hands in this one fascinates me: where are they and what are they doing?

I’m awed by the sheer beauty of this one.

So this month, I’ve revealed two of my addictions. It’s your turn to reveal a little something about yourself. What kind of addiction do you have? Leave a comment and let us know. We’ll never tell!

See you next month and stay naughty,


Kaenar Langford

Tales to seduce and entice…


When it all Clicks

There is no better feeling than when a story is flowing and everything is gelling together. All the elements you strive are meeting a synchronicity that makes all your hair stand on edge. Make you sit at the edge of your seat in anticipation of what happens next. Your heart is racing and pulse pounding right along with the characters you are writing.

It is such a rush when this happens. Your fingers fly across the keys as the words flow faster than you can type them. When you can’t stop to eat. When you try to sleep and the story follows you into your dreams. You’re living it. The story is laid out like a movie playing.

This is the stage I am at right now. I’m working on the second book of my Blackstone Haven series. The first in the series Power of Attraction will be released at Total E Bound on January 31. I’m racing toward the end of book 2 in the series and it is all going along fast and furious. The chemistry is right and the story has thrown some surprises at me but I worked with them. Then the thrill deep in my bones started and I know that the end is near. I love it when it all clicks.

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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A Few Tricks

By Lisabet Sarai

Let me entertain you.

Let me see you smile.

Let me do a few tricks,

Some old and then some new tricks;

I'm very versatile.

- Stephen Sondheim, from Gypsy

I grew up singing musicals. When I was still in grade school, I knew most of the lyrics from "My Fair Lady", "South Pacific", "West Side Story", and "The Sound of Music". We had all the records (LPs, of course). My mom, in particular, used to play them while she was doing housework. I've always picked up songs and verse, without really trying. So I can still sing "On the Street Where You Live", "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair" and "Tonight", as well as dozens more classics.

One of my mother's favorites was "Gypsy". I can see why, now - she was a bit like Gypsy Rose Lee's mom, flamboyant and stage struck. (It was her idea, for instance, for me and my two siblings to perform on a local TV amateur hour.) As for me, I was fascinated with the character of the famous burlesque star. I must have known even at that young age that there was something naughty about Gypsy's vocation. (I've always had instincts about that sort of thing!) Anyway, I would belt out "Let Me Entertain You" while I was doing the dishes, in between renditions of "Have an Eggroll, Mr. Goldstone" and "If Mama Was Married".

As I was thinking about a post for the Hot Spot blog this month, I realized that the song above could be my author-ly theme. I don't write to become famous (it'll never happen) or to contribute to the canon of great literature (despite my fantasies). For the most part, I write because I want to entertain my readers - and myself. And like Gypsy, I'm very versatile. I write in a wide range of different styles and genres, depending on my mood.

Want serious BDSM romance? Try Raw Silk or "The Understudy", in the Master Me anthology. Do you like M/M stories? Pick up a copy of Necessary Madness or Crossed Hearts. If vampires are your thing, you might enjoy Fire in the Blood, my M/M/F vampire ménage set in Jamaica. Speaking of ménage, if threesomes get you going, check out Truce of Trust (M/F/M with a touch of BDSM) or Monsoon Fever (M/M/F historical). Are shape shifters your favorite genre? Let me entertain you with my Mayan paranormal novel Serpent's Kiss.

I've noticed that many authors seem to specialize, to carve out a niche and stick to it. Not me. I'm easily bored, I guess. Or presenting myself in a more favorable light - I like to challenge myself by attempting to write in new genres. At the moment I have one WIP that's science fiction, one that's gothic and one that features a shape-shifter, specifically a were-penguin! If that's not versatile, I'm not sure what is. (I also write literary erotica, stories that don't necessarily focus on a single relationship or have a happy ending.) (And poems.)

There's another song from "Gypsy", sung by several of Gypsy's fellow strippers, called "You Gotta Get a Gimmick":

You can pull all the stops out

Till they call the cops out,

Grind your behind till you're banned

But you've gotta get a gimmick

If you wanna get a hand.

You can sacrifice your saccro

Working in the back row.

Bump in a dump till you're dead.

Kid, you gotta have a gimmick

If you wanna get ahead.

I sure hope that this isn't true. I'm too busy exploring to figure out a "gimmick". My stories have some common features and themes, I guess, but they are all quite different. That's both good and bad, I guess. A reader who has experience with one of my books doesn't really know what to expect from the next. On the other hand, if you're the sort of reader who likes things fresh and new, you might want to check me out. You can find covers, blurbs and excerpts for all my current work on my website. And if you're not ready to buy, check out my extensive collection of free reads.

Meanwhile, I'll go back to working on a few tricks for my next books.

Maybe I should write a story that revolves around musicals.


Unexpected smiles.

Hello all, Happy New Year!

Smiles are always good, right? But the best have to be those that come when you least expect them. Like the other day when I caught the grown up guinea pig trying to go under the bridge that only the baby fits under and the next minute He's walking around with the bridge stuck over his bum.

Or when you're having a conversation with a friend and they say the wrong word accidentally and you end up in gales of laughter, those kinds of smiles are always the best.

And those ones that happen when everything else goes wrong, like in the photo below. We went to Blackpool, it was raining, a lot. We got on the wrong bus, my daughter and I got locked in a toilet (it finally let us out) and we were soaked to the skin within minutes and we were wading through puddles as we walked up and down the front in the dark. But the lights were pretty and it was just so bad that you had to smile. It's a trip we'll never forget, that's for sure!

So, moving on to my point, the other morning I was checking my google alert. It's something I've got set up to pick up on new mentions of my name. Okay, it sounds like a vanity stroking tool but mostly its to check that my work isn't being pirated around the net. Mostly it comes up with bits from my own blogs or buy pages for my various titles. Every now and then though I find a nice little surprise in there of a nice mention of me or a new review and the other day I found both!

I'm reading through the list of links and I find this quote staring me in the face. It's a quote from Wendi Zwaduk's blog
and I am sure you can see why it makes me smile!

When I want super hot romance, there's one author I turn to: Victoria Blisse. Why? Her stories are steamy and sweet while keeping the reader wriggling in their seat.

I was bowled over and as I read the rest of the review for Sweet Surrender I smiled all the more!

So I have to say a big thank you to the ever lovely Wendi Zwaduk for her lovely review and the unexpected smile I got from it!

So read the review, then read the book and see what Wendi liked so much about Sweet Surrender.

She doesn’t know what she wants but he does.

How do you mend a broken heart?

Helen goes on holiday to Scarborough and meets Tom. He is an attractive local artist who takes Helen on a tour of the sweet seaside town. Tom becomes more than just her guide as his dominant nature brings out her own submissive side and a shared joy of exhibitionism.

So what has made you unexpectedly smile recently? I look forward to reading all about your joy moments!


It's 2011, Chatting and a sneak peek at Jett's Gift

Happy 2011 everyone!

A brand new year is upon us, with all the promise of new beginnings and success in whatever we’re striving towards. For me, it’s writing. No surprise there. But, I’m also working on other aspects of my life.

2010 was a year to remember in our family. Hubby lost his job, which shocked us both considerably. He’d worked for the same outfit for all of his adult life. You don’t expect something like that to end. An early retirement came as one Hell of a shock. We weren’t sure how we’d handle it all. Less income, more worries, adult children who still needed assistance from time to time. It all led for some heated conversation and some deep understanding of how we think, what’s important and how much hubby and I love each other.  

I had cataract surgery, successfully, and saw colors for the first time in years. I could see at night, not well, but much better than I had done for years. I also had a taste of what it would be like to go blind. Now that was a frightening state of affairs for someone who depends on her site in order to write. After a terrifying few months, I found a specialist who I’ll always thank for his patience and expertise. Drugs, weight loss and some major stress, and I can see again. A little poorer financially from the experience, but much richer in knowing what’s really important, I feel blessed for having gone through all those stumbling blocks.

Through it all, writing became an anchor. I could sink into stories, my characters, their lives, and along with my writing partner (who listened to me whine on way too many occasions) I made it to this year. Oh, and I can’t forget another very important celebration. I became the grandma to a beautiful little girl named Ashlee. She’s got two older brothers, but she’s the first girl and she’s amazing.

So, 2011. It’s going to be a year of reflection and growth, I hope, for me. I have much to reflect on and be thankful for. And, much I want to accomplish. I’ve got this new series on the go now. A wild futuristic thing I’m pleased to say will have its first outing this year with the release of Doc, the first in the Daybreak 2525 series. Think a jaded Mel Gibson with a liking for men, and women when the mood strikes and the woman is just the right kind of fem. He’s got family, a mother and sister who he loves dearly and who he’s bent on seeing cared for. He’s also got a lover named Jazz, who is sexy and fun and has a mouth on him that drives Doc crazy, in more ways than one. I’d like to get at least two more in the series done in 2011, three if the words flow. I’d also like to add one or two, or more shorter works. Jenna and I will be adding to our Kindred Spirits series as well. That one seems to be very well liked and I’m thrilled it’s doing so well. We’ve got Dylan’s Dilemma scheduled for release in April, and another one in the rough draft stage.

I’d also like to spend more time with family. Retirement suits my hubby just fine, for the most part. He sometimes misses the camaraderie of his work place, and I have to admit, I wish he had a job where he could go off say three days a week. He’d like that, I’m sure. I really want to spend more time with fans, getting to know you, learning what your likes are when it comes to reading material, what family lives you have. I’m not a good socialize, but I truly adore those who read my words. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the thrill of knowing others find the stories I dream up entertaining. I hope not.

I think it’s time to share a snippet of my upcoming release, Jett’s Gift, with you. This will be released on Feb.7th and I’m curious how it’ll be accepted.

Jett’s Gift
By Jude Mason
ISBN: 978-0-85715-462-0
Genre: Gay MM/ Vampire/ Contemporary


A six hundred year old vampire finds love, but will it, can it, last when AIDS pokes its ugly head up?

Jett is a creature of the night and he’s not happy. In fact, he’s heartbroken and in love. The man who’s torn his world apart has been diagnosed with AIDS.

Jett knows he can save Alex, the man who’s stolen his heart, but for some reason he’s been denied.

After weeks, months of frustrated discussions and fighting, Jett’s determined to give it one last try.


Jett grabbed the metal vent pipe and leaned over the side of the building, peering down at the ant-like mingling of humanity below. The cold, southeast wind whipped the long duster around his thighs and he grasped the waist-high pipe a little tighter. Wouldn’t do to fall into their midst unannounced. He smiled dismally. The real shocker would have come when he got up and walked casually away. Rain slicked his long, black hair down. The wind whipped it across his face, into his eyes—black eyes, the colour of death, or so he’d been told time and time again.

He climbed onto one of the many ledges, his heavy-soled leather boots gripping the worn shingles. Standing tall, he turned his gaze upwards to the night sky, daring the wind to tear him from his precarious perch.

Six hundred years he’d lived in darkness, feeding off the dregs of humanity and finding love with those who, for the most part, had been cast out or shunned for being ‘different.’

Alex was different, and he loved the man like he’d never loved anyone before. Loved him more than he’d thought possible after so long, so very, very long. Their couplings were nothing less than amazing. Alex, as always, was brilliant in the many ways he’d found to pleasure Jett. The lovely man knew how to do things with his mouth and lips that drove Jett mad with desire. The sharpness of Alex’s mortal teeth tugging at flesh long chilled and lust-tainted with the passing of so much time both astonished Jett and impressed him tremendously. He’d thought he was long past the intensity of arousal Alex garnered in him. Thinking of his lover’s amazing oral capabilities made his rod stiffen to majestic proportions and sensitivity. The gentle nipping of the man’s mouth was enough to set his teeth on edge and send flashes of ecstasy up his spine.

The soft flick of a wet tongue sliding across his swollen cock head, its stiffened tip entering the hole at the end, sent a shiver of lust up his spine. Alex’s warm palm cradling Jett’s balls, tugging on them just enough to create that special tension he adored so much. Not pain, but so close it made his eyes water. How he longed for the man’s mouth to open and take him in one long, slow swallow.

His cock thickened even more. The memories were so sweet, so raunchy.

He gave himself a shake and groaned. Tilting his head back, he sent a harsh keening cry into the night. A cry filled with all the pain of angry frustration he’d bottled up for too long.

He’d told Alex about his age, and all that went with it after they’d become more than a weekly fuck. At first, the sexy, young blond had laughed and made fun of his confession. But, when Jett showed him, the laughter had stopped, and the questions began. There’d never been fear, and for that Jett was grateful, delighted even, but confused. After many dozen’s of nights of discussion, ranging from what it felt like to have no heartbeat to how he could get a hard-on when he didn’t have blood flow, they became more than just lovers. They’d begun to fall in love.

Their fucking was monumental. Alex loved to go down on him and he didn’t seem to care where they were. Jett loved the attention and he’d never been one to shy away from sex, any kind of sex.

And, that's your teaser and my welcome into this new year. I'd love to know what you thought of Jett, and his lover. I'll see you again next month.


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Skin Deep

Now that we've done heroic hair, we move on to the kind of skin a heroine loves to run her fingers across. And really, there is no need for much discussion of this. Heroes come in every shade and tone. Here are a few of my favourite inspirations.

Mr Idris Elba, TDH to the max.

Mr Raji James - I even watched EastEnders when he was in it.

Pale and very interesting - Mr Daniel Craig.

Fancy an olive? No, I don't like them. But the olive-skinned Johnny Depp is very welcome as a cocktail snack.

So, there you have it. Heroes come in every colour. Just as well, cos so do heroines.

Next time - the eyes have it.


The Magic Thieves by Serena Yates

After what feels to me like an eternity, The Magic Thieves is finally out in its full novel-length version. The story always felt like a novel to me, and I was elated when TEB gave me the opportunity to expand the original novella into a full novel. I had such fun designing the world of Tah'Nut with all its magical gadgets and councils, I can't wait to revisit it when I write the sequel later this year.

Here is what it's all about:

The magic thieves are taking what isn't theirs. Can Elryk, a wanted lightning wizard, and Kaythan, the Law Force Commander who captures him, become allies to defeat the criminals?

Elryk Muyd'omir is the most powerful lightning wizard born on Tah'Nut in two hundred years and a pacifist. To escape the wrath of the illegally ruling Xoh'kas family, he flees to Earth - a place without magic. Three years later the gateway that connects Tah'Nut to Earth reopens and Elryk knows that it's time to either face cruel punishment or fight.

Kaythan Vs'urr is a Law Force Commander who is sent to retrieve the criminal wizard Elryk. He's expected to return him to Tah'Nut for ‘reprogramming'. Secretly disgusted with the Xoh'kas' lack of determination to stop the magic thieves, he wants Elryk's help to find the fabled Magic Shield which will prevent further thievery.

Can Elryk trust the gorgeous Law Commander who wants his help? Will the two men be able to work together to defeat the Xoh'kas and eliminate the magic thieves?

You can read an excerpt right here on the Total-E-Bound website.

But that isn't all! For those of you who missed the original novella that was part of the Stealing My Heart anthology, published in March 2010 to help generate funds to combat e-book piracy, that version
will be published as an audio book next Monday:

Whichever incarnation you decide to get, I hope you enjoy reading / listening to it. There will be more novels in ths series, all centered around the "magic" of Tah'Nut:

At the dawning of a new age on Tah’Nut, justice is finally being served.

Tah'Nut is a planet ruled by magic. For millennia, it has relied on those few gifted in the art of wizardry to run daily life, maintain the environmental balance and provide spiritual stability. But without any defences against an abuse of power, the planet was pushed into the darkest two centuries of its history when unscrupulous murderers took over.

Now a new age is finally dawning when a gateway is established between Tah'Nut and Earth. A set of events is set in motion that not only creates a new type of magic, but changes the fundamental rules of Tah’Nutian society. Science and magic are brought together for the first time, and as the two cultures mix, more than a few sparks fly. But the benefits of finding a way to cooperate are obvious. If wizards, non-magicals and humans can find new ways of working, living and loving together, the Age of Justice may finally come to pass.

Until next month!



The Importance of CP's

This month I thought I'd talk about the importance of Crit Partners. Now I know some people just don't use them. Others can't write without them. For me? I need mine. I have a core group. Some are more reliable than others, but that doesn't make them less effective. I know I am far from perfect when it comes to writing. Yes, I use the spell checker and grammar checker, but there are things a checker can't find--plot holes, missing characters, an overabundance of gerunds, or the everpopular contrived storyline. The very first WIP's I ever submitted fell flat on their faces. Not because the story wasn't there, but because it needed more than a fine tooth comb go over. I had a near and dear CP at the time and well, we were both young in our careers and it showed.

Here's my two stories about why I can't live without a Crit Partner.

When I wrote Must Be Doing Something Right, I had a character, Arran that seemed to draw comments. I didn't really think about his story and he was content at the time to keep quiet. Things changed when my CP said, 'you know, Arran is a fantastic character...are you going to give him his own story?' I thought, what a wild idea!?!? So, I sat down and asked him what his story was. Imagine my shock when he said, 'oh, Mindy was my wife, yes. But right now I'm with Sav.' My jaw dropped. Not because the idea of m/m was bad. Far from it. I'd never even thought to write a m/m story. I rather liked the challenge. It was even more comical when the CP who wanted Arran's story told me to get on the ball and write it. I'd never have climbed out of my happy little box to write something that was a challenge. I'm glad I did. I know, I always say that my most recent hero is my favorite. They all are, if you wanted to know. But Arran has a special place in my heart because he pushed the boundaries.

My second story is a little less fun, but I think other authors who might be in my position or have been in it, can relate. I turned in a submission to a publisher. I thought it was the beans. It had gone through a CP. She said it was free of kinks (it was mainstream, so not those kinks--although the characters would've loved to get more frisky), and had a great storyline. No plot holes, no major hiccups. So to the editor it went. One tiny problem. They wanted a resub. Yes, I went through the initial ego brusing and crankiness. (If an author says they don't get even a little bummed by a rejection, I find it hard to believe them.) But I also talked to two of my crit partners. Both had the same suggestions as the editor (which I knew all three were right --once I got over my ego bruise--). Get deeper into the character. Now, I am a panster from the first. I just write the story as it goes. That's not to say I don't know my characters inside and out. But it means I needed to go farther. They gave me suggestions and helped me work through some of the issues. That's not to say I didn't work through the rest on my own. I'm still learning. But I will say that talking to them and doing the exercises opened my eyes. There is still so much I need to learn to grow as an author. I'm glad I have them all.

On that note, I'll leave you with my latest release and bid you happy reading. I'm going to go back to working on subs (I can't work on just drives me berserk to have only one WIP going at a time.). Tangled Up won't be available for another week or so--January 24th--but I'm hoping you like it. It was a fun one for me to write because well, I love Arran's character. He's a pill from the word go and he's got lots of people who care about him.
What if the person you want for the rest of your life isn’t one... but two?

Mindy Mayes knew her husband was bisexual from the moment they met. She loved Arran with her whole heart until the day he asked for a separation to be with his partner, Sav. Through the ups and downs of life after the marriage, she, Arran and Sav remained close.

Things are about to change.

Though he walked away, Arran’s never given up on a life with Mindy. He’s in love with Sav and totally committed. But it’s his wedding anniversary. What if they took the threesome created out of friendship and made it into something more?

Maybe the perfect number is three after all.

Cowboys, oh my!

So, I looked at the calendar just now and almost hurt myself when I realized it was the tenth already!! LOL

This month is flying right by, moving faster than even the tail end of 2010 did, if that's possible. I hope everyone is having a great start to their year. Mine has been wonderful. I've made new friends, signed another contract (yay!) and thought about which conference I want to attend this year.

So it's no surprise that I find myself one week away from the release of the Saddle Up 'N Ride anthology and the release of my cowboy story, Jack's Way. I am so excited to share pages with other awesome authors JP Bowie, Simone Anderson, Jan Irving, Jambrea Jo Jones, and Jaime Samms. Check here to find out more on the antho.

I don't know about you, but when I hear cowboy - I think of two men.

James Dean...the epitome of country

and John Wayne...the Duke

Of course, I like my cowboys a little on the cowboy side...know what I mean?

Okay, since I'm so late posting today, I'm going to leave you with some serious cowboy mancandy to celebrate the impending release...

and ....

I hope you guys have had a great Monday...see you next time around...y'all...

Em Woods


Changing Styles

Changing Styles
By Sascha Illyvich

Have you ever started to write a novel and before you knew it you’d stopped and begun to analyze your style? Or found that somewhere in the first few drafts that your voice has changed? Or even the place your writing comes from?

I have. Let me give you an example to illustrate my point.

Back in 2008 I cranked out a 100k novel for Loose ID as I heard they were making noise that they wanted to see work from me. Being a fan of Treva Harte, I figured I’d give them something hard, dark and angry. Like most of the stories I write, this one had plenty of bondage, kinky sex, domination and a hot wolf hero paired with a submissive female faery in a new world. The World I’d created of the Unseelie Kingdom was harsh, cold and very cyberpunk, I was also trying to emulate my mentor at the time since she’d just finished sold and published a steam punk romance. The music I listened to was harsh, dark, brutal in a lot of cases. Bands like Nile, (technical Death Metal) Combichrist (agro-tek electronica) and Arch Enemy were in heavy rotation on the playlist. In short, if it was heavy and hard, it was probably on the playlist and I wasn’t talking about anything pop sounding or pussified.

I finished the novel and let it sit due to deadlines on other projects such as the story I started for Total E-bound. In the same fashion, I wrote a story aimed at one of my very close friends with the intention of making it also a BDSM story and crafting a character who was a badass Domme. This novel was “supposed” to be harsh and include plenty of bondage and whip fun. Also it would have a theme for Total E-bound’s Ghost of Christmas Future series. Oh and it would also be a brutal story.

In the month between these two stories, I had a few personal breakthroughs courtesy of another dear and beloved friend that made me feel…more at peace with a lot of my personal issues.

So what became of the Total E-bound project was NOT angry, brutal and dark. The kink was mental, the issues were real and the beta readers who loved the first story I mentioned also loved the second one and said that I wrote from a lighter place that showcased my deep love for said person.

I freaked. I went back to try to edit in some kink, thinking there HAD to be some places where I could throw in darker themes but I write so tightly that when I finish a story, it’s done. I then realized my problem.

I could no longer write from that deep, dark place of anger and aggression because I no longer felt that way. Had I let all of those emotions loose in the first story? Or had personal events changed my style to help me grow?

I don’t actually know but thought this could make for an interesting blog post for Lisabet Sarai, an author I’ve admired for years. It was a scary thing for me to realize that I could NO LONGER write from that place. Sure I could (and have written) come from that dark place again to craft stories that raise the hair on your neck, but my inspiration was different and so was the end result. The stories have more punch and emotion, and in romance, isn’t that what we want?

Sascha Illyvich – Defining Erotica. A blog for authors of All Genres


What Women Want

Women crave so much, yet, we give so much as well. We love deeply - our children, our lovers, our pets, even strangers sometimes tug at our hearts. We work outside of the home - well, many of us do - to support ourselves and the families we love. Nonetheless, most of us still bear the brunt of working inside the home as well. (When was the last time YOU went to someone's house and thought "Gosh, this house is immaculate - when does HE have time to get it all done?") Still, we have needs, yearnings, desires - some of which are easily satisfied, others take more time and effort. And, as men already know, our cravings change, mutate at a moment's notice.
Women crave tenderness. We want to be the pampered princess. We want our feet rubbed and our hair brushed. We want arms to hold us gently, as if we are fragile flowers, easily crushed. We want soft, warm kisses which slowly deepen and make us melt. We want to be told we are beautiful - not with just words, but by the way you look at us.

We want strength. We want firmness and a commanding mind to lean on. We want to be pushed, encouraged, challenged to try new things, new adventures. We want hard, hot kisses which demand a response and make us tremble with desire.

We crave respect. We want our efforts to be acknowledged. We want you to look at us with pride in your eyes, to know that without us, you would have a harder life. We want you to ask our opinion, and then actually take that opinion into consideration. We want our ideas, our thoughts, our concerns to be consulted. We want conversation. We want a mental, intellectual dialogue which demands critical thinking and helps raise our self esteem.

We want slow sex. We want our entire bodies to be kisses and touched. We want a man to slowly slide into us, so that we savour every millimeter, every moment. We want time to stand still and lose ourselves completely to the beauty of mingled bodies.

We crave fast sex. We want you so hot for our bodies that you can't wait, that you rip our clothes from our panting bodies and thrust yourselves into us. We want the feel your heat, your passion, your need. We want to lose ourselves to desire.

Basically, we crave everything.

(First photograph taken by and used with permission of Jane van der Kuil)

(Opinions expressed are my own and not those of the entire species of woman - and yes, we are a whole other species.)


Post-Holiday Fizz

If you're like me, the lovely languorous stretch of the holidays is already fading into distant memory. After all, it was last month, and my calendar's already full-steaming ahead. The Christmas tree's long gone, though I still may be picking stray pine needles out of my socks for months to come. I'm back at work, and all the procrastinated tasks piled on my desk for "next year" have reached their sell-by date and are clamouring for attention.

If you're like me, you're gonna want to find some post-holiday fizz, fast.

Never fear, those missing all the festive cheer. It's time for an after-Christmas present...

You can find my newest free story Fizz (M/F) at Download the PDF here.

It's the missing scene from my December release His Christmas Present, set during the same decadent party. Fizz answers the rather delicious question of just what naughty things Diana got up to behind the scenes. It's also got lots more Valentine in it, because I really can't resist him. (I even wrote a whole other story about him, and I'll tell you more about that next month.

Do let me know how you enjoy Diana's adventures!

(PS, if you're wondering, picture Idris Elba for Thierry. Mmm.)


Want another excerpt from His Christmas Present? You can find a short steamy scene between my two heroes Tim and Max, and learn all about my love for my bicycle (err, sorry, complete non-sequiter there) in my New Year's Day interview on Jenika Snow's blog.


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Menage: Texas Rangers & Sheriffs, what more does a girl want?

Need a nibble of my new cherry?
BLURB: Texas Ranger Rico Estrada knows the old saying: One Ranger, One Woman. He’s lived it. Breathed it every time country singing sensation Joy Delaney came home to visit and hop in the sack with him for a night of good lovin’. But the joy ride’s over.

Rico’s moving away from the tasty torment of her luscious little bod. To break the bond, he decides to give her and himself one last treat. His buddy Sheriff Luke Blackwell is sure on board. But can Rico watch another man enjoy what should only be his?

EXCERPT: (copyright, 2011, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved)

Rico led her out a few steps to the edge of the floor, then took her in his arms. “Maybe it’s time you let yourself have fun with me.”

She inhaled, the smell of leather and citrus aftershave mixing with the heat of his skin near his ear. “I didn’t think Rangers had funny bones.”

He snorted, pulled her more firmly against him. The tempo permitted a rhythm that had his hips rocking against hers, fitting his cock against the seam of her pussy. “We have more than funny ones.”

“I feel the proof.” She felt her own as her channel gushed with more cream.

His hand around her waist drifted down to push her lower body flush to his. “And you need me.”

She toyed with the edge of his shirt collar and considered what would happen if she did more than laugh with him. “I need a lot of things.”

“Name them.”

“Excitement. Forgetfulness.” Peace. She listed all those qualities vital to her survival here in Texas. Tilting her head to look up at his bronzed square face, she admired the harsh sculpted features women drooled over. Rico Estrada was every girl’s wet dream. From the small lines that bracketed his slashing mouth to his hair dense as starless midnight, he was the Lone Ranger, a bandito, and a tough Hispanic macho man. And from the time she’d looked at him with her adolescent hormones raging at age fifteen in her horse corral, he had always eroded her common sense. “Can you give me any of that? Take charge?”

Can you make love to me so it isn’t so much a clashing of wills as it is a blending of bodies?

He crushed her close. His nostrils flaring, he gruffed, “Name the day. The place.”

“Tonight. My house.”

His dulcet eyes snapped with surprise. “I’ll make arrangements.”

“Doesn’t your fellow Ranger over there have other ideas for how you spend your evening?” She tipped her head toward towards the officer Rico had talked with for a few minutes.

“Yes. But your invitation is one I don’t get often.”

“Are you really that interested in that stranger in my guest house?” she shot back, her pride demanding an answer before she took him home and lost herself in him. She hoped duty was not the reason Rico was here, dancing with her, resurrecting memories of how he commanded her to do such delicious things in bed with him. If she was going to relent tonight—because she knew she would sometime before he left town for good—she had to be certain he wanted her for herself. As he always had before. She had to be sure his desire for her had not diminished while she’d stayed away this past year. She had to know that he was hot to fuck her now and didn’t want entry to her bedroom, just to trail a suspect. “Or do you just want to put another Joy Delaney notch on your belt?”

He came to such an abrupt halt on the floor, his spurs jangled. “All these years, all those nights we’ve hopped in the sack, be honest, who conquered who, lady?”

“I hear you’ve never wanted for bed partners,” she avoided his question and drove home her own. “You’ve got a reputation for giving a woman every fantasy she ever wanted. Even asking other men to join you both.”

His look turned narrow and threatening. “Are you jealous or nuts? Tell me! You come home—what? Once, twice a year? Not last year at all! You think a man can live on that alone?”

“No,” she whispered, while couples danced around them, brows lifted at Rico’s raised seething tone.

“Damn straight. I learned the value of fucking a woman any way she wants, any way I want, making every second count, because she might just disappear on you the next morning. You make me crazy,” he growled, as he pulled her through the crowd, his determination a living beast she felt in the wrench of his hold.

Muttering something that made no sense to her, he kicked open the side door and let it bang against the jamb. She grinned. This was the power and control she had always wanted from him, yet he’d never shown her. She hurried to keep up with him as he headed led them towardtowards the back of the parking lot. The August night was a scorcher and the heat covered her like a wool blanket. But nothing compared to the fire in his body as he whirled and pushed her against the steel hood of his 4x4, thrust one leg between her two and pinned her there. With one meaty hand, he lifted her chin and swooped down on her mouth.

His lips sipped and drank, licked and sucked at hers. Her knees buckled. He caught her up against him. “Oh, no. Not getting away from me. We do it my way this time.”

At last! This domination iswas what she craved from him. Always had. She ran her fingers up his spine, held him close and kissed him back. Laced with the sweet root beer, his mouth tasted of his anger and desperation.

He yanked her shirt from her jeans, then pulled it up in the front. Bending her to one side, he lowered his face to skim his wet mouth over her ribs. Her nipples stood tall in her lacy bra. Her stomach quivered. Her pussy throbbed while her fingers found his zipper and the bulge of his cock.

Moaning, she felt the reverberations of his bass voice as he cursed. All at once, he shoved down the fabric of her bra and took one of her nipples in his mouth. She bit her lower lip. His big hot tongue was rough and fierce. Her legs were jelly. He half picked her up, put her to one side and yanked open his truck door. “Get in.”

“My purse,” she objected for what she’d left inside. “Your hat, too., aThey’re—--”

“Our friends’ll get them to us.”

“Are we going to my house?”

“Hell, no. You want excitement? We’re going to get you some.” He gave a sharp nod towardtowards the inside of his truck.

Unsteady on her feet, eager as a kid, she threw him a wobbly grin. “And what about my forgetfulness?”

“I guarantee, lady, what we’re gonna do, you won’t forget.”

She scrambled inside, a thrill of desire coursing through her. She’d wanted it edgy and dangerous. Apparently she was finally going to get it."