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Enough Winter Already!

It began to snow December 1st and it's only February 21st but in the grand scheme of winter, that's a long few months. The snow started to fall softly and innocently, covering the ground in a light dusting of powder. And it was so pretty. Until the weekend when we had the first snow storm of December.

The cars were trapped in front of the barn.

Even the dog couldn't get down the driveway.

The wind howled and the snow blew around the doors.

The picnic tables disappeared under a blanket of snow.

The wind even bent the growing icicles.

And the highway closed.

So I thought warm thoughts of men together at Spa Excess, the largest gay spa in Toronto. And that lead me to thinking about Indulge Me, the book I wrote after my visit there. So here's a lovely warm excerpt for those of you suffering through the cold of winter and for those of you who aren't. Let's hope Spring is just around the corner.


Meet me at Indulgence. Noon today. I want you naked in the Wet Area.

Keane Daniels has received an anonymous note summoning him to Indulgence, the largest gay spa and bathhouse in Toronto. Since he’s in unrequited lust with his boss, Keane thinks a clandestine tryst might just take his mind off his gorgeous colleague.

Rayche Marquette has wanted Keane since hiring him, but being his boss means Keane’s off limits…until Rayche decides he can wait no longer and reserves the Wet Area of the spa so the two of them can spend a Naughty Nooner together.


Minutes passed before either of them moved. Keane moaned as Rayche withdrew. A moan for the pleasure of the withdrawal, but a moan for the loss of the connection as well.

As Rayche pulled him upright and turned him in his arms, Keane grabbed his head and pulled him down for a passionate kiss. The hard fuck had barely taken the edge off his hunger for this man. He bit at Rayche’s lower lip, tugging it into his mouth, running his tongue along it. Then he drew back, gently pulling, slowly releasing it from between his teeth. He slid his tongue into Rayche’s mouth, slicking it back and forth over the sensitive palate.

“I don’t think I could ever get enough of you,” he said moments later.

Rayche laughed as he broke away and disposed of the condom in the small garbage can. “That’s good, because I have other plans for you.”

Keane looked on as Rayche pulled one of the handles on the wall and waited for the water to turn hot. “Would you like some help there?” he asked playfully, reaching out to stroke his lover’s arm.

It was a very naughty grin that Rayche flashed back. “Actually, I’m going to shower and wait for you in the steam room.”

“Why don’t I stand here and watch?” Keane was more than happy to take the role of observer as Rayche moved under the powerful stream. Turning his back to the wall, he leaned against it, crossed his arms and bent one leg so the foot pressed flat on its glossy tiles. The water slicked back Rayche’s dark hair and poured down his golden torso, over his spent cock and down his muscular legs. As Rayche soaped his hands, the steam gathering around him, Keane’s cock stirred to life. Despite the uncertainty of their relationship, he still wanted this man with a vengeance. Rayche lathered the foam over his chest and Keane’s foot came down and the other took its place. When Rayche took his own cock in hand and caressed it, Keane’s hands fell to his sides, clenched into fists.

Maybe I can’t just stand and watch, he thought. Maybe I don’t want to. Reaching along the wall beside his head, he pulled the lever on the dispenser and let the soap spiral onto his fingers. Rayche’s eyes were closed as he palmed his cock, his hands slipping along the now hard length and around the plump head. Keane called to him and, when he opened his eyes, Keane took a more solid stance, grasped his own hard-on and tugged it out and away from his body. Rayche’s face reflected the hunger Keane felt.

Rayche spread his legs, his soapy hands taking a path in between to wash his balls. Keane’s eyes followed, watching as Rayche massaged the heavy sac with his lathered fingers, using first one hand and then the other to cover it in soapy foam. Making more suds, he gave his back to Keane and slid his fingers down his crease, paying special attention to his arsehole.

Looking over his shoulder, he said, “Want to make sure it’s nice and clean in case you want to put your tongue there.”

Keane bounced his cock gently against his palm and held it up for Rayche’s inspection. “That’s not the only thing I’m going to be putting there.”

As Rayche rinsed off and moved to grab a towel from a hook on the wall, Keane took his place under the spray and hurriedly soaped his body and let the warm water cleanse it. Rayche held out another towel and he grabbed it.

“I’m going to head into the steam room. Why don’t you just take your time getting dried off?” Rayche said, running his fingers down Keane’s cheek.

Keane snorted, a rather inelegant sound. “You mean take my time so you can watch me. No problem.” He took note of Rayche’s gorgeous backside as the man strode across the floor, pulled open the steam room door and disappeared into the mist. That sultry smell hit Keane’s nostrils as the door swung shut. Now it made him think of hot sex with Rayche.

See you next month and stay naughty,

Kaenar Langford

Tales to seduce and entice…

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Lisabet Sarai said...

Awesome photos, Kaenar!

And equally awesome excerpt!