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Old School

Yesterday, I was looking at Fictionwise. Why? I don't know, because I haven't purchased anything from them in a long while, ever since I received my Nook. But it got me thinking about my old ereader. I recharged my handy-dandy eBookwise, and after a few hours, had a fully loaded, 11hr battery charged device. It's backlit, you have to physically connect the device to the computer to download, and it does nothing but allow you to read books. No internet, no music, nothing.

I love it.

Reading on it again made me realize how much I liked having such a simple tool. I have a manuscript I wrote, in .doc format. And all I had to do to read it on the device was drag and drop into a librarian (software). Then I plug in my ereader and wait.

No, I can't use WiFi to download. There's no color screen, and it's not a touch screen either. You can't read well outside, as the contrasts are blinding. But it's simple, easy, and the page turns are instant. A nice return to one of the original electronic readers. How "old fashioned" I must seem. :)


1 comment:

Lisabet Sarai said...

Not as old-fashioned as I am, Marie!

I'm still reading ebooks on my netbook.