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Off to Los Angeles for RT

Yes! LA here I come. I love RT as much as anyone else, but I have to admit to sneaking away from conventions from time to time to see some stuff. Don't tell anyone, but this time I plan to sneak out for a minute or two to see a live taping of Bill Maher LIVE. I have to confess, I'm not really a fan. I get mixed notes from people about whether or not I'll think he's funny, but I figure I'm in LA - I should see something TVish. Right?
Did you know all those TV show tapings are free? And you can get tickets easily off the net. Here's one place to check Last time I looked there were seats available for the Tuesday night taping of Rules of Engagement with David Spade. If you are going to RWA national in New York in June, you can check that site for NY tickets.

I was out in LA last month and went to a taping of America's Got Talent. Did you know the clapping is fake? They tape it ahead of the acts. Am I innocent or what? I had no idea.

When I haven't zipped out for a minute to see something, you'll find me around the convention hotel. My official plans include:
  • Workshop on using sensual imagery to make scenes come alive
  • Club RT most afternoons - look for me at the TEB table!
  • EBook Expo on Friday afternoons
Like always, RT promises to be a crazy event! Can't wait!


Paranormal Romance

Paranormal Romance Addict Last week an article caught my eye. In the online book reviews and news they were talking about which genres are the most popular. In the top 5 was paranormal romance. In the article they explained paranormal romance as: Paranormal romance is a sub-genre of the romance novel. A type of speculative fiction, paranormal romance focuses on romance and includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation, blending together themes from the genres of traditional fantasy, science fiction, or horror. Common hallmarks are romantic relationships between humans and vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, and other entities of a fantastic or otherworldly nature. Yep, that is it exactly. Which is probably the reason I find myself writing more and more paranormal romance and less of anything else. The last six books I’ve written were either shapeshifters or vampires. And the Four I am currently working on? Yep, Shapeshifters and vampires. Added to that my March release went even further as I added a Sheriff with psychic abilities I think I’m hooked. While I have also been big on crime and mystery books I have found myself trying to find one that are also paranormal related. Oh Yeah! I can’t seem to stop myself. If you are like me and just can’t seem to get enough of our super sexy and mystrious vampire or hunky and hot shapeshifter do I have some books for you. This month was the launch of a new series Secrets. Series Description- Everyone has secrets. Some are just bigger than others. It’s hard enough to have a good relationship between two ‘normal’ people. Add in shape-shifters, psychics, and killers and finding love its almost impossible. Based in a small West Texas town, the Secrets series is not like any other books. The sheriff is psychic, and her love is a shape-shifter. With these two running the show only thing is certain—expect the unexpected. Now on sale through Total-E-Bound Book 1- The Shifter and the Dreamer Sheriff Katy Rose has been running from her unique gift for most of her life- but one man won’t let her run from him. When Katy left the F.B.I. and returned to her small hometown as Sheriff she thought she left her work partner/ lover and his questions behind. But a serial killer has made a stop in her little town and the lead detective in the case is the only man she ever really loved. Federal Agent Cameron Morris let Katy go once. He’d known she wasn’t ready to be introduced to his kind, especially as she was hiding things from him. He always planned to find her again when the time was right. The thought of Katy in danger brings back all of his protective instincts and reminds him that Katy was meant to be his. If the two of them can trust one another to reveal their deepest darkest secrets they just might be able to stop an evil man from killing again. If not, they might not see the next full moon. Excerpt- There was nothing mysterious or intriguing about murder, especially when the victim was a beautiful young woman who’d had her entire life in front of her. Sheriff Katy Rose stood from her crouch beside the body of such a woman and closed her eyes. After a few minutes, she reopened them and took in the scene. The woman was lying face down, her hands secured behind her back, her ankles bound with zip ties. She was completely nude. Her long, blonde hair was matted with blood and dirt, as was her torn, beaten body. However, the most upsetting part was that she was missing her right pinkie up to her knuckle. “Hey, Davis,” she called back to one of her deputies. “This scene look familiar to you?” Scratching his greying beard, he nodded. “Sure does, Sheriff.” “Christ, Davis! Do you know what this could mean?” “Yeah.” He frowned. “I do.” “Could be a copycat,” she offered. “Dallas is a long way from here.” “Could be,” he agreed, without emotion. With her latex-covered hand, she pushed her bangs from her eyes. “Probably not.” “Probably not.” It was too close to all the murders east of them. The serial killer that was haunting one of the biggest cities in Texas should have been too far away to reach her small town. Five women had been found in the last year. The media coverage on the murders was huge. As much as she had tried to ignore the reports, she had been intrigued and had been pulled in. Of course pieces of the case had slipped through to the outside. It could be a copycat. But something inside her screamed that life in the small town was about to change. The victim’s name was Amanda Caldwell. Katy and her partner watched as the medical examiner loaded up her body. She had been twenty-eight, a teacher at the local elementary school, young, single, and the perfect target. Katy surveyed her surroundings. The woods were thick and dense. No one would have seen him dump her body way out here. It was private property, but nearly everything out here was. This far west, most areas were owned by oilmen or ranchers. Each took the possession of his land seriously but had too much to be able to monitor every inch. “Who owns this land?” she asked without turning around. “This is Lambert Land,” Davis informed her. “Lambert?” Katy asked, facing him. Now that we’ve enticed you shifter senses we haven’t left you vampire admirers out. My new vampire novel Vamps in the City will be released April 11, 2011. Here is a sneak at Vamps in the City: One moment in time will bring two people together and change the destiny of a city. Vampires are running wild and it is Grant’s job to keep his own kind in check. The warrior of choice, Grant quietly works with his team to keep the streets safe while his heart breaks over his own past. When Grant is about ready to give up the search for his missing sister, he runs into a woman who will make him question everything he thought he knew and sets off events that will rock the city he calls home. Paige has been on the run too long and is at the end of her rope when she meets the handsome and intriguing Grant. Surrendering to her passion for the vampire is one thing, giving him her heart… that’s another story. Especially when she’s not sure whether Grant wants her for himself or for the connection to his sister. Miscommunication, betrayal, and pure evil work to keep these two soul mates apart. Will they have a chance to learn that love can conquer all? Or is it already too late? So whether you’re an old fanatic or newly thrust into the world of paranormal romance check out my website for the latest details on what’s happening in the ‘other’ world. Crissy Smith Romance on the ‘WILD’ side…


In the Still of the Night

Scientists have apparently discovered why it is so difficult to get teenagers out of bed in the morning—the younger you are, the more sleep you need. Okay, so what’s my excuse? My teenage years are far behind me and, yet, I still cannot do mornings. Well, I can, but it is always under duress and comes with a generous helping of sour mood.

Lazy, perhaps? Hmm, not quite, because I don’t need that much sleep and regularly get less than the recommended eight hours. My problem is that I’m a night owl. And it is a problem as society and even our own bodies are geared toward operating in daylight hours. However, I find that I work much better at night. Possibly because there are less distractions, but even when I’m not working, I still prefer the still of the night.

That is actually a bit of an overstatement as the night is far from still in my world. There is a whole array of activity that occurs under the cover of darkness, from the lone drunkard winding their way home (sometimes singing—nay, caterwauling—sometimes merely a soliloquy) to the group who have been rendered giggly or argumentative by a night out. The nightshift worker on the way to the grindstone. Or the odd car taking advantage of the clear roads with a so called joy ride.

The dark hours have mysterious qualities that disappear when the sun comes up, amply demonstrated by the fascinating wildlife. I recall a camping trip years ago (I actually got to see stars!) when I saw only the eyes of several deer during a moonlight walk. I’m sure they would have run from us in the daytime.

In the West Indies, in pitch darkness, bats will swoop low enough for you to sense them close and, yet, never touch you. Doesn’t stop them being able to make me jump out of my skin, though! Especially when one finds its way inside after a window is inadvertently left open, flapping about wildly in search of an exit the moment the light is switched on.

London is less frantic, and light pollution prevents any stars from being seen, but it is just as fascinating. For some reason, I imagined that birds only started chirping when the sun came up. However, listening to their song cutting through the darkness of three in the morning is something special; in the darkness, the sound is clear and able to be appreciated when is isn’t competing with the traffic noise from road and air.

Bold urban foxes like to make their presence felt under the cover of darkness, shrilly vocalising their displeasure at the meagre pickings they get from ripping open rubbish bags. This disgust seems further displayed when they stare you down if you encounter them on the street.

Most importantly, night is a naturally sensual time, much more so than the daytime. I have known people extol the pleasures of sex in the day, I have even heard a song about it. (“The best time to make love is in the morning”) However, I don’t take that bus. Though I hate winter and am always glad to see the approach of spring, the change of the clocks today means I will have to wait a little longer for my beloved darkness to descend. Still, it is always worth it, even if I do worry about a lack of vitamin D and a misaligned body clock.


Love Me Some Erotic Romance -- Hot and Yummy!

When I found erotic romance, I was thrilled.

Like most writers, I’ve been a romance reader for dozens of years. I devoured historicals (the longer and racier the better), and Harlequin contemporaries (especially if they had a Greek hero—be still my heart!) by the hundreds.

I even wrote a number of them myself. (Unfortunately since I don’t know any Greek men, I stuck to what I do know, men as untamed as the Wild West itself.)

I’d always been known a “racy” writer. For me, giving my hero a cock was natural. So when I found e-rom, it was a natural fit for me.

I’ve never shied away from writing graphic, intense sex. I believe that sex scenes are not in a book simply for titillation, they’re supposed to be an intricate part of the plot. A sex scene is meant to reveal character, deepen the emotional connection between the protagonists, advance the plot.

Hot sex is not about using naughty words and hurrying to the next scene, and it shouldn’t be.

Readers read for dozens of reasons. For fun, for excitement, relaxation, escape. My son was in the hospital once and I was enduring long, seemingly never-ending hours in the waiting room. I had a historical romance with me that provided momentary relief from the anguish.

It’s my goal that readers will be able to escape emotionally into my books. I feel I owe it to him or her to make every page, every paragraph, every sentence as meaningful as I can. To me that means being honest. I won’t toss in a scene just because it’s page 113 and there should be one, I let the story build naturally. Sex is a logical way for characters to invest in their own relationship.

Another hallmark of e-rom is sexual tension, that energy that crackles between characters even when they’re not in bed (or tied to a St. Andrew’s Cross). Sexy dialogue, meaningful glances, silent communication that arouses interest can be emotionally fulfilling. A hot, hot kiss can be as sexy as sex; hell, it can be sexier!

I feel I owe it to my reader, who chooses e-rom for a reason, to give her the most fulfilling book I can. After all, sex without emotion can read like a list of ingredients on a soup can.


Hearts & Diamonds by Nichelle Gregory

Diamonds, danger and desire take my heroine and hero by storm in my latest contemporary release with Total E-Bound!

Hearts & Diamonds was one of those stories that simply flowed for me. The premise for the story was inspired by my own life experience. When I was in college, I worked for a jewelry store and I can honestly say I loved the job! I enjoyed learning about all the precious stones, gold, platinum and of course diamonds!

I especially loved the fact that anyone who stepped up to the counter was either there to celebrate a happy occasion- newlywed couples were my absolute fave...or something sparkly had caught their eye in the window. I liked the challenge of finding a piece of jewelry that those window shoppers just simply had to have.

I also learned how to protect myself against would be jewel thieves. Did you know the jewelry industry loses more than 100 million dollars a year in stolen goods?

I know...pretty crazy! Anyway, those memories of my former job sparked my muse and thus the storyline for Hearts & Diamonds unfolded - A jewelry heist that brings two people together and changes the course of their lives forever!

I love my heroine, Nia, she's placed in a terrifying situation, but she's not a weak, helpless female. When her routine life intersects with Quin, she's not afraid to go after what she wants...namely him!

And Quin! He's totally alpha...closed off and about business...government business. He's a federal agent, you see, and he's all about his job...well, at least until Nia rips through his red tape. The chemistry between these two is explosive! There's scorching hot sex, dangerous thrills and a heartwarming ending awaiting your reading pleasure in Hearts & Diamonds!
Passion sparks the moment Nia Sanders unknowingly meets federal agent Quin Rios.

Nia Sanders knows diamonds. She appreciates and envies the heart-felt emotions of her customers buying them. When federal agent, Quin Rios saves her life in the middle of a violent jewel heist, she finds herself attracted to the sensual possibilities beneath his uber professional, self-contained persona.

Determined to keep her safe as he solves the case, Quin can't let his attraction to Nia distract him. The heat of their fiery passion consumes them as they both struggle to control their emotions...neither are prepared to lose their heart.

Nia gasped as her mouse slipper slipped beneath her and she stumbled towards Quin. The water hit him seconds before she fell to her knees in front of him. “I am so sorry.” She blinked in sheer mortification as the liquid seeped into the dark fabric on his thighs. Her gaze drifted further up his leg to see the unmistakable bulge inches away from her.

“It’s okay.”

Nia dragged her eyes up from his pants to meet his heated gaze. “No, it’s not.”

Quin ran his finger down the tip of her nose. “It is. I needed to cool off anyway.”

A ribbon of desire coursed along every nerve ending in her body as he stood up and offered both hands. “Let me help you up.”

She took them, visualising an actual spark of electricity from his touch as he yanked her up from the ground. “Thanks, Quin.” She lifted her chin, saw the same longing in his eyes and something twisted in her stomach as they stared at one another. She laced her fingers with his as time stood still. “Kiss me.”

The whispered request shocked her. She waited with baited breath for him to move, her words, her heart lay before him. Just when she would’ve pulled away, he groaned and pulled her against his chest.

His hands skimmed up her arms, into her hair as he kissed her. She melted into him, wrapped her arms around his neck and welcomed his fierce kiss. He took over and she wanted him to. Her moan of pleasure only encouraged him to delve deeper, tasting and stroking her tongue as he backed her up against the dining room wall. She could barely breathe, lost in the rhythm of his masterful kisses.

One hand left her hair to cup her ass, kneading the soft curve beneath her dress. She ran her hands through his hair, loving the feel of the thick texture between her fingers as he pressed his hard cock against her belly.

“You’re so sexy,” Quin said, breaking away to look down at her.

“Ditto.” She closed her eyes as he claimed her lips again, this time in a soft, sensual caress that left her boneless. He ended the kiss and her body craved more.

“Quin…” She sighed as his lips brushed her temple.


The shrill sound of her phone ringing broke the moment, stopped her from making another brazen request of his body. She pulled away from his embrace to reach for the handheld laying on the dining room table. “Hello?”

“I needed those diamonds.”

Nia froze.

The cold voice on the other end of the line was unmistakable.

“Tess?” She whipped around to look at Quin already on alert as he tapped his watch and indicated for her to keep on talking. “Where are you?”

“Closer than you think.”

The line went dead as Nia stared at Quin. She handed him the phone in a daze.

“What did she say?”

“She said she ‘needed’ those diamonds. I think she threatened me.”

“Tell me exactly what she said.” He took out his cell as she repeated the conversation. She watched him for a second, noting how easy it was for him to shift gears. Could he really have just given her the best damn kisses of her life? One wouldn’t think it’d happened now as he relayed what had happened and gave out orders to whoever was on the other line.

Hearts & Diamonds is available now with Total E-Bound Publishing!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out my free short story, Abrielle's Fool coming out in TEB's April Newsletter!!

Nichelle Gregory


Coming in April: Dylan's Dilemma by Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes

A handsome hunk, sceptical of ghosts, and the bad boy ex-con who’s stolen his heart, have a rousing good time at Whiskers’ Seaside Inn.

Dylan Wyatt doesn’t believe in ghosts. That’s what he keeps telling himself, night after night, when noises and unusual happenings at Whiskers’ Seaside Inn wake him. He’s there for two weeks running the place while his brother Cade and groom Ethan are away on their honeymoon. His first assignment is to oversee the removal of the wedding tent, tables and chairs. Dylan decides he’s more interested in watching one of the workmen, handsome, hunky Scott.

Besides having a tiger tattoo running from his neck to his wrist, Scott’s got a waist-length braid and has done prison time. He’s not Dylan’s usual type, but that might be part of the attraction. Dylan hires the handyman to do some work at Whiskers’, and winds up getting a lot more than he bargained for.

Like it or not, Dylan’s forced to figure out what’s going on if things at Whiskers’ are ever going to return to normal. If there is a Whiskers’ normal?

Coming soon from Total E Bound!


Can You Keep a Secret?

Today, Ayla Ruse is taking my spot to blog since I'll be spending the day at the zoo with my five-year-old and his kindergarten class. Pray for me...Sincerely, Marie

Psst…can you keep a secret?

Nearly everyone in my life knows I write, and knows I work toward the goal to be a published author. This is no secret. But these same people have absolutely no idea I reached my goal and am working hard to do so again. No one knows I have an “alter ego,” and while at times it’s a fun secret to have, at other times it makes for a lonely world.

This past January TEB released my first novel, The Deciding Factor. This was an exciting event for me, a momentous day, to say the least, and all of four –count them, FOUR - people in my vast array of family and friends knew.

Am I embarrassed about my story? No. But I do realize that a spicy, racy, graphic, erotic (call it what you will) story involving not two, but three people, is a tough pill for some to swallow. Especially for those who read Inspirational romance where the most you'll see from the hero and heroine is a little kissing, if that.

Trust me, I’ve talked to people who could not even imagine half of what goes into an erotic themed story. For me to openly admit I’m an erotic author would call for immediate ostracism. I could handle my own, if it only involved me, but I also have a husband and a houseful of kids. I’ve seen it happen, unfortunately, where a parent assumes the role of “don’t let your kids play with my kids.” Please! Like my kids have a clue about my stories. I'm a grown woman writing fantasy stories for other grown people. I respect these boundaries. Why can’t anyone else seem to do the same?

It’s irritating and depressing at times. I want to call up all my sisters-in-law and share the news. I want to be able to shoot out links and post to everyone I know that I’ve achieved published status! Cheers for me! Instead, I yippee to myself and share little hugs from my close-knit group who do know (thank God for them) and return to my keyboard in the dead of night to tippity-tap away.

Still, despite having to keep my personal achievements a mum, I love what I write, and I will continue to work toward having more erotic stories published. What’s the fun in life, anyway, without a little fantasy?

Have a Happy Tuesday!

Ayla Ruse

~Ensnare yourself in love~


A Trip to the Top of the World

Dog sleds, inukshuks and cold, oh my!

My post f
or this month is about Northern Canada seen through the eyes of a friend of mine who lives in Toronto.

I love to travel even if it’s vicariously through someone else. My friend Bev was away last month on business. That’s hardly odd in itself. It’s where she was that’s interesting. Work had taken her to Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, the largest and newest federal territory of Canada. Nunavut was officially separated from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999, resulting in the first major change to Canada's map since Newfoundland became a Canadian province in 1949.

Nunavut makes up a major portion of Northern Canada, and most of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, making it the fifth-largest country subdivision in the world. Nunavut is both the least populous and the largest in geography of the provinces and territories of Canada and home to the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world, Alert.

The flag of Nunavut bears an inukshuk. Many people will recognize the inukshuk as the symbol of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. In a land without trees, stones are used to construct an inukshuk which is used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is "Someone was here" or "You are on the right path." It could be a navigation or directional aid, a marker to show a place of respect or memorial for a beloved person or to indicate migration routes or places where fish can be found.

I’m so grateful to Bev for allowing me to use her photos for this March article. All photos except the licence plate and the inukshuk are courtesy of Bev Bernbaum.

Here’s a view of the Arctic landscape from the plane.

The centre of town seen from the plane during landing.

The Iqaluit airport.

Here is Bev’s home away from home, the Nunattaq Bed and Breakfast, also known as 4141. The main form of public transportation in town is by taxi and the cab drivers don't know streets, they know the building numbers.

Signs in the community are in English and Inuktituk.

Here’s the post office.

Bev said the bank is the same one she uses in Toronto.

I love the name of the restaurant, Fantasy Palace. Bev said they serve great soups.

Downtown Iqaluit. There's a Tim Horton's at the end of the block. Does this mean that there is no Canadian community without the ubiquitous Canadian doughnut shop?

This is the view from one of the windows at the back of the house.

Here’s the moon setting at 8:30 in the morning from the kitchen window.

Bev took this photo while walking along the bay to get to the museum.

The hospital, called Qikitani General Hospital, was formerly known as Baffin Regional Hospital.

The temperature shows a balmy -25°C or -13°F. I say balmy because one day the temperature dropped to -52°C or -72.4°F.

The next set of photos is the main reason I wanted to post about Bev’s trip to Iqaluit. Two women took her dog sledding and the photos are amazing.

Here are some of the dogs that will be harnessed to the sled. Bev said the dogs got so excited when they knew they were going for a run.

Here the harnesses for the ten dogs are all laid out in a very neat and orderly way but when the dogs were being hooked up, they got all jumbled together.

Harnessing one of the dogs.

Heading out, across the river into Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park. Bev was sitting right at the front of the sled.

Stopped at the side of a hill out of the wind to have hot chocolate and snacks and give the dogs a break.

Beautiful dogs lit with the golden sunlight. Lovely photo.

Heading back, Bev stood on the back of the sled. She said, “The dogs would run up an incline and stop to look back at us as if to say... "You're kidding, right?" During the return trip she’d step off the back and run with the sled to push and keep warm and then jump back on.

So I hope you enjoyed our little trip to an incredibly beautiful part of Canada. Thanks to Bev for allowing us to share her adventure and for letting me use her wonderful photos.

See you next month and stay naughty,


Kaenar Langford

Tales to seduce and entice…


Kaenar Langford

Tales to seduce and entice…


Anatomy of a Hero

Ahhh…. the hero. The person that drives most stories. No matter the genre the hero brings the story to life. The anatomy of a hero – what makes him who he is - and what drives him fascinates me. What is behind this action? Why is he acting this way? Where has he been before? What drives him to react when this or this happens? And many, many more questions fill me.

My favorite hero is an alpha hero mixed with touches of beta. I love the hero who are strong men but when needed shows there sensitive side. They make you feel safe, protected and get the juices flowing yet when they show there emotions and cry there is nothing more sexy. They are slightly flawed and those flaws are what make them real.

When I find this combination of hero I am delighted. As I read each page of their story and see those layers reveled it builds them into more. Makes them a real man. One that you want to know more about. The journey of that catch’s me bring me along for a ride. It is a ride that I love and want to take often.

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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Challenging Myself

By Lisabet Sarai

I've been publishing for more than a dozen years now. Anyone who reviews my publishing history will notice that I've written in a wide range of sub-genres: contemporary, historical, paranormal, BDSM, fetish, lesbian, gay, menage, vampire, shape shifter, sci fi, etc. One reason that my writing is (by some people's standards at least) all over the map is the fact that I like to challenge myself. When I begin a new story, I deliberately try to write something distinctly different from what I've done before - just to see if I can.

Recently, for instance, I decided to try writing my first steam punk. However, I also wanted to do something different. The resulting story, "Her Own Devices", is set not in England or America, but in an alternate Victorian Hong Kong. It comes out next month in D.L. King's anthology Carnal Machines. To be honest, I'm pretty happy with the result, a tale of industrial espionage and concealed identities, livened up with plenty of sexual intrigue.

Another genre I recently attempted is gothic erotica - you know, tales of crumbling, haunted mansions and degenerate, perverse nobility, storm and shadows on the moors, terror and lust... I don't know yet whether this story has been accepted, but I had a fabulous time writing it.

Sometimes the challenge resides not in the genre but in some aspect of the premise. "Bodies of Light", my contribution to the upcoming anthology Seeing Stars, began with me asking myself: Could I write a love scene involving characters who did not have physical bodies? How would I convey the experience of pleasure without anchoring it to specific body parts?

I'm not sure how successful I was - successful enough for the story to be accepted at least! Let me reassure you, by the way, that "Bodies of Light" offers plenty of normal, sweaty, hard-muscle and smooth-skin physical sex as well. Here's an unedited excerpt, to whet your appetite:


Christine.” The voice rang like crystal and flowed like water, a far cry from the flat, synthetic tones of the Archimedes. “Do not despair, lovely one.”

Christine could not help smiling at the endearment. No one had called her lovely for a very long time. She kept her eyes closed, willing the dream to continue.

We are with you, Christine.” Deeper, richer, edged with laughter, another voice chimed in. “You are not alone.” A cool, soothing palm cupped her brow. Strong hands settled on her shoulders, drawing her upright, then slipped down to cradle her breasts. Luscious heat suffused her, focused on her suddenly-taut nipples. They were smouldering embers ready to burst into flame. Soft lips brushed her neck just below the hairline, sending shivers spiralling through her. Someone unknotted her hair and let the weight of it cascade freely down her back. She sighed as careful fingers eased out the tangles. Each gentle tug at her scalp was pure pleasure.

The caresses ceased for an instant while her chair swung away from the control panel. Then sensations began again, delicious and irresistible – unseen hands kneading her breasts, a warm mouth nuzzling her earlobe, a teasing tickle tracing its way down her belly, firm pressure parting her thighs and the barest graze of a fingertip across her pubis. A fierce stab of delight ripped away her languid mood. She moaned, arching up toward the retreating finger. Laughter poured over her like dark honey.

You like that, sweet?” asked the baritone. The finger returned, pressing into her nylon-covered cleft and sliding back and forth along her length.

Christine gasped. “Oh, yes...” Swirls of fluorescent colour danced on her closed eyelids. Familiar scents teased her nostrils, earth after a rain and new-mown grass. The finger moved faster. The soaked fabric of her coveralls slithered across her sensitized flesh. A climax gathered in her depths, heavy and full as summer thunderheads. “More,” she whispered, just as someone dragged the zip of her garment down below her waist. “More!” she yelled, as sharp teeth fastened on her bared nipple and hard digits plunged into her naked cunt.

Dozens of hands fluttered over her skin, strummed in her pussy, plucked at her swollen breasts. The ripe clouds burst. A torrent of pleasure flooded her senses. Her body dissolved. There was nothing left but pure ecstasy, vibrating through her being like celestial music.

Open your eyes.” The higher voice, the one that shimmered like liquid starlight, spoke close to her ear. The suggestion filtered through her post-orgasmic haze. This dream is certainly tenacious, she thought, her limbs still tingling. Usually I wake up after I come.

We’re here with you now,” added the earthy voice, from the other side. “Look upon us.”

Why should she resist? It was just a dream. Her eyelids felt leaden but she forced them apart.

A stranger stood to her right, a youth with marble-pale skin and hair like spun silver. Smoke-coloured brows shaded his piercing violet eyes. A pert nose and full lips gave him an androgynous look, but his lithe body was undeniably male – especially the column of rigid flesh that jutted from his hairless groin.

Arousal flickered through Christine’s body, faint echoes of her recent climax. “Who are you?,” she queried, her mouth watering at the sight of his sturdy erection. “What are you doing here?”

I’m Alyn,” the young man answered with a smile that stole Christine’s breath. His skin gleamed in the dim light of the bridge as though dusted with stars. Fat pink nipples winked at her from his smoothly muscled chest. She ached to touch them. As though he read her thoughts, he reached for her hand and drew it to his breast. “I’m here for you, Christine. To cherish and to comfort you.”

His skin was silk under her palm. She moulded the shape of his pectoral and flicked at the taut nub at its centre. His cock surged in response. She could see a drop of clear moisture gathering at the tip. She wet her lips, suddenly hungry. “Alyn,” she repeated, rolling the name on her tongue.

And I’m Zed,” came the deeper voice, from her left. She turned to gaze at the second man, taller and stockier than Alyn but equally beautiful. Zed had jet hair and ebony eyes. With his prominent cheekbones, broad mouth and bronzed complexion, he made Christine think of some ancient tribal warrior. A provocative grin lit his face. He seized her other hand and curled her fingers around his swollen cock. “This is for you, little one.”


So what's next? I'm working on a full-length M/M science fiction novel. I've done M/M before, but not sci fi, other than short stories. And believe me, I am finding it a challenge to build a consistent and believable future world.

But that's part of the fun.


Artistic Sights coming soon.

Wow, is it the 16th again already? Time is flying past and it's my turn to entertain you again. March is here and in the North of England we're starting to see real signs of Spring. The crocuses are out and the daffodils are pushing their way up and some brave ones are even open already. Green buds and new leaves can be seen on bushes and trees and the birds are getting nosier.

I love Spring, I get sick of winter and always find January to be a very depressing month but I get an extra zing of energy this time of the year. And so I find I like to set some of my stories in Spring and here I finally get to my point!

My next release is scheduled for the 28th March and is called Artistic Sights, Heavenly Delights.

He paid her to paint his portrait but he really wanted to steal her heart.

Hermione is an independent, single mother who has caught the eye of Philip Haughtington, society high-flyer and well known heart breaker.

He wants to seduce her and she is determined to resist but how long will she be able to hold out against his looks, charm and firm, commanding hand?

And here's an excerpt for your enjoyment!

“Here we are.” Philip said as suddenly the mess of twigs gave way and an obvious clearing came to light.
“Wow.” Hermione took in the vast array of different greens and was awed by the majesty of nature. Across one side was a small pond, grey and green mingled reflected in the water and at the other end a host of bright bluebells shone out between the blades of vibrant grass.

“You didn’t lie, did you?” She smiled at him and he grinned back.

“This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.” He sighed and stared into the vast yet stark blue sky.
“It’s very well hidden away isn’t it?”

“When I found it quite by accident as a kid I just knew I should keep it quiet and as I grew up I kept the secret because if Mum and Dad knew they’d want to tame it into the formal garden and I don’t think that’s right. This place is wild and should be kept as such.”

She completely agreed with him, such a beautiful place deserved to be preserved and as she looked him in the eye she noticed a flash of acknowledgement within them. He must have read her approval in her face.

“Yes, this place would be ruined if someone tried to run a path through it or tried to prune back the bushes.” Maybe Philip wasn’t quite the stuck-up snob she’d thought he was. And maybe she shouldn’t be so hard on him.

“So I was thinking I could sit over here.” He strode over to a large fallen tree, its roots dangling uselessly in the air like a wooden waterfall.

“Fantastic.” The artist in Hermione took over as she directed him to sit on top of the large trunk. “Just sit on an angle a bit, no, no to the left a bit. That’s it, a bit further back.”

She tutted and walked forward towards him. She grabbed his long frame by his muscular shoulder and pushed him back, angling him to her requirements.

She’d forgotten how much her v-necked top exposed her cleavage if she wasn’t careful, and she hadn’t been careful. Looking at Philip’s face, she saw that he was blatantly ogling her chest.
She waited, staring at his eyes, hands on her hips.
He looked up. Caught him, she thought triumphantly.

“S…Sorry.” A blush spread across his high cheekbones but there was a sparkle in his green eyes. “I just couldn’t help myself. It looked so very inviting down there.”

Damn him. Hermione flushed and covered her bared chest with one hand before stepping back to set up her stool and to get to work.

“Don’t move an inch.” She shouted over her shoulder as she rooted through her bags and boxes for pencils and paints,when she glanced over her shoulder to check on him his gaze was fixed firmly on her arse. She’d worn the long, thick skirt as protection from this sort of thing, she’d heard rumours of his cad-like ways, but it obviously wasn’t working as even from this distance she could see the tented material in the front of his crotch. She knew she should be angry and affronted but something inside her actually felt flattered.

“You have a gorgeous arse,” he said after her attention was once again focused on her paints and brushes, “plump and juicy.”

“I beg your pardon?” Hermione snapped, “I’m not here to fulfill some seedy sexual fantasy of yours, so behave, right?” She might have been somewhat aroused by his appreciative gaze but she did not want him to know that. She had to keep this professional.Painting his portrait could be key to furthering her career. She did not want to spoil that.

“Yes, erm, Sorry,” he replied, squirming against the bark of the log, “I was just thinking aloud. I’ll shut up now.”

To read more you'll need to pick up your copy on the 28th March!

What do you love about Spring?


My First Time in Audio

My first audio book was released this week.

Wow! What an incredible feeling to hear my story being read aloud by an actress!

The excerpt online is amazing. I called my hubby into the room to listen with me. I laughed and giggled and had tears in my eyes. Seriously, it was such a thrill to hear my story come alive through the voice of an actress, and she did a brilliant job giving my characters substance. Listening to my words read by a professional was one of the best feelings I've had as a writer.

Mia dubbed her life-sized clay sculpture, Adam, because he is the first man she’s ever made. Most of her work has been female torsos, but recently her muse insisted it was time for her to produce a man. Though, she might have been confusing her surging libido with her artistic muse.

Mia has been abstinent for nearly a year, but not because of any plan. Her best friend, Shirle, has organized a party for Mia to put an end to her long dry spell and give her vibrator a night off. Before she even gets out of Shirle’s car, Mia meets Zed.

Zed has come to the party to win a challenge. The waiters at the restaurant where he is the head chef and owner don’t think a black French chef can country line dance. Once he meets Mia, his purpose for the night changes. He plans to spend the evening with this incredibly sexy woman whose sense of humour is developed enough to subject herself to the intense teasing from her friends about her lacking sex life. But he must decide whether he still wants Mia when he discovers Adam plays an important role in her life.


It's here, Doc, Book 1 in the Daybreak 2525 series

Book #1 in the Daybreak 2525 series 
by Jude Mason
ISBN: 978-0-85715-490-3
Genre: Futuristic - post apocalypse/ Sci-Fi/ MM/ MF

The son of a healer and a warrior, Doc is forced to take on both rolls when his village is destroyed and his lover...gone.

To read an excerpt and by, go HERE


Returning from a visit to one of the outland farms, Doc finds his village destroyed, his family either gone or dead and his lover vanished without a trace. The few survivors hidden among the ruins tell a tale of ruthless, sadistic marauders taking what they want and burning the rest. Doc finds too many dead and his heart breaks for those he finds alive. Mothers whose children are gone, husbands who have lost everything and everyone.

Pulling as many people as he can together and tending their wounds, Doc vows to find the rest of his people. His father is among the dead, but his mother, his sister and lover are not.

The hunt is on.


He dropped the satchel filled with his doctoring tools and herbs to the grass and unslung his bow. It was a small affair, made of some mysterious alloy manufactured before the big war.  He’d discovered it in what remained of the old city to the north and found it easier to aim than the long bows he’d been using. With a great deal of practice, the small weapon had proven extremely accurate, and he rarely travelled anywhere without it. An arrow in hand, he automatically notched it but didn’t draw it back. When he leant down to pick up his satchel, he saw movement below and again froze.

Doc squinted, hoping to see Jazz crouched amid the piles of rubble. His mother and father would be there, and his sister Robin—unless they were dead. Just thinking about it made him cringe. The warriors, where were they?

He noticed several of the bodies ahead were very small. His stomach churned. More movements below caught his attention. The familiar figure of a white-haired elder shambled out from under one of the heaps of debris. Each tribe in the region seemed to have at least one person who kept the histories of what had taken place over the last few centuries, passing on stories from one to the next. Seth was one of these ‘Rememberers’, keeping the records of their tribe. Being the oldest person, he’d lived through much of what needed recalling.

The wind turned, and Doc got his first whiff of the fire and of the burned flesh. His belly rumbled. He swallowed bile and gagged.

Straightening up, he squared his shoulders and looked carefully around. The woods surrounding the village remained undamaged and quiet. There were a thousand places to hide. He watched for several heartbreaking moments, knowing he had to be sure those who’d attacked were gone before he ventured in.

When he was confident no one remained in hiding, he returned to the path leading down the hillside. His pace quickened until he was jogging. He scanned the brush on either side as he hurried on his way. Visions of the atrocities he’d seen, mingled with flashes of his family, and Jazz, his darling, sexy Jazz, leapt into his mind.

Jazz, the man he’d grown up with and had fallen head over heels in love with, a handful of years ago, kept returning to his thoughts. If these were simply marauders, Jazz would have fought and probably died trying to protect the tribe. But if the attackers were after slaves or trade goods, the outcome might have been much different.

He thrust both of those thoughts aside. He couldn’t bear to think of Jazz dead. Captive or slave might be worse in some ways. Doc’s heart lurched. At least you’d be alive, my love.
- - -
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