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Me as a sex advice columnist!

I write vampires and sex, I write werewolves and sex, I write just about every paranormal creature you can think of and sex. I even write regular humans and sex. Can I write advice to real people about sex? I have given out sex advice to twitter followers plenty of times....does that count as experience?

The idea is a bit nerve wracking but I am not afraid of a challenge, especially a fun one. I am going to be a part of a local Ezine dedicated to men and men's health called Spokane Men's Journal. I am very excited because I am coming into this as the magazine is new and the column I am going to write is mine to create. Originally it was supposed to be a dating and sex advice column. I have not dated in years though, been with my husband since I was sixteen. So I offered myself as a sex advice and education columnist instead, something I am very comfortable writing and feel I have plenty of knowledge base in. As a romance and erotica writer I think this will be a new way to use my skill and I am definitely up for the challenge.

My vision for this article is a mostly question and answer sort of thing. I am hoping to gain a following and get plenty of questions from guys and girls to answer in the monthly column. It should also give me a great venue for advertising my writing. I will gain a lot of local publicity and hopefully lots of new readers for my books!

So this is exciting for me and so I had to share with all of you. Wish me luck and hopefully this turns into something great!

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Camille Beauvoire said...

Way to go, Courtney. ;) I'm sure you'll be fab. xoxo

Rachel Randall said...

That's really cool, Courtney! How are you going to deal with the inevitable sexual health questions you are asked? Are you qualified to deal with them yourself, or are there good local resources to refer them to?

Gillian Archer said...

Congrats, Courtney. Sounds like you're really excited about the opportunity. You're a brave woman! Good luck!!

Uncle Sam said...

Good for you Courtney. Now you're going to hafta try all those positions you've written about but never tried. LOL. If you need to bounce something off a man, keep me in mind. Congrats.


courtneybreazile said...

I am excited! Thanks guys :) Rachel-I will definitely refer out health type questions, there is actually another person writing for the magazine who is a Dr. and will be dealing with marriage and sexual health type stuff.