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When Will It be Spring?

When will it be Spring?

I keep asking myself that question. Living two and a half hours north of Toronto puts us right in the “snow belt” and this past winter has once again proven the truth of that moniker. Our initial snowfall came December 1st and that was it. The ground was white long into March. When April came, we hoped there was no more of this. (See below) That’s our cars parked in front of the barn.

Last week, the temperature shot up, winter coats were put to the back of the closet and clothes went out on the line. I was hoping it was the harbinger of better weather that was going to stay around and my mind started thinking about things like this.

Instead, we had more of this.

I decided that if Spring was going to be so slow to make a permanent appearance, I would make a list of some things I want to do when it finally arrives. So here’s my list. Hope you like the photos.

When the warmer weather comes, I just might…

Rent a boat and spend a lazy afternoon on the water.

Do my annual “think” about getting a new tattoo.

Go out and “tie one on”.

Try out a new recipe for chocolate fondue.

Organize a costume party. Especially if he’s going to be there.

Head to Toronto to buy some new shoes.

Back to Toronto and check out my favourite leather store.

Sleep in occasionally. With the right inspiration.

Get the shower fixed. Oops, how did he get in there?

Spend a day at the beach.

Go horseback riding. Save a horse… Ride a … You know the rest.

Spend another day at the beach.

Go to the Church Street Fetish Fair

Isn’t it amazing how much better you feel after making a list? Now when Spring gets here, I’ll be ready.

Hope your weather is warm and sunny and your reading…hot.

Stay naughty and see you next month.


Kaenar Langford

Tales to seduce and entice…


Gillian Archer said...

Yummy! I'm lovin' your list :) I *might* have clicked over here more than once today for some inspiration ;)

kaenar said...

Well Gillian, I've found myself pouring over the photos quite a few times as well. Love the male body.

JP said...

Okay, I'm definitely on the beach with you and ... um...them!

Jude Mason said...

OMG! I admit it, I stole your recipe for chocolate fondue. I hope you don't mind.

Actually, I don't care if you do mind, he's mine now. LOL

Awesome post and sooo inspirational.


Anonymous said...

Kaenar - I just love your photo posts. Keep 'em comin'!!!

Thanks for the lovely, warm feelings during this cold spring.


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