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Summer Heat

After a cold and rainy spring, summer has finally arrived. Having five months of winter is more than one person should have to bear, so summer is very precious to those of us who live in Canada. So if you’re not already feeling the heat of summer, I hope these photos do the trick.

Blue’s my new favourite colour.

Aren’t stripes supposed to make things look longer? Or is it taller?

I love the contrast of the buttercup yellow against the dark skin.

One word- taut!

Don't you think his skin looks like satin?

The cold water doesn’t seem to be bothering him one little bit.

Surf’s up!

This photos is so suggestive- the pose, the look on his face, the seemingly ordinary underwear that isn’t.

I’ve posted this photo before because I absolutely love it.

There’s something so sexy about a man’s bum.

So much revealed and still he manages to keep himself hidden.

Don’t you just love a man in a white dress shirt?

Hope these photos have brought you some of summer’s heat.

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See you next month,


Kaenar Langford

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