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A New Year...A New Beginning...

Have you ever looked back on a year and thought...thank God that one's over? I've had a few of those lately, but 2011 was definitely one I'm happy to close the book on. Not that there was anything completely tragic. My kids are great and I had some very memorable moments, like completely my 7-day mountain bike race without needing to be airlifted out of the bush, going mountain biking all summer long with my oldest son, watching my kids get that much older (though I'm not sure any wiser, lol) and having a few more books hit both the virtual and paper shelves. But overall, not my best year.

There are lots of reasons we don't accomplish all we wanted to, and I know there were numerous obstacles for why I didn't write what I wanted to last year. But dwelling on them only continues the trend and as December faded in January, I finally took a good hard look. I'd made some significant changes in my life over the past six months and it was time to stop agonizing over some and get on with it.

So...hello 2012. I have some big plans for you. I will (notice how I used a positive, decisive word here) finish and submit ten books this year. That's basically one a month with some time off in the summer and December (I never get that much done around Christmas). I'd like to have at least six of those come out this year, but that of course depends on schedules I'm not in charge of, so that one could go either way. I'm finally going to get in the best shape of my life...I've said this one before and I've achieved some good strides, but I'm done with the fast food wagon and late night snacking. Time to actually do what I say I'm going to do. I don't want to be one of those people that uses age as an excuse to get, I'm going to switch that around. It won't be easy but nothing worthwhile generally is.

Finally, I'm going to make sure I take time just for the kids and for myself. I have a couple of writing adventures planned for this year.. I'll be at AAD in NOLA, hope to see you all there... so the kids need some time too. Here's hoping I can find something fantastic to do.

So what are your plans? Was 2011 a great chapter in your book, or one you're just happy to have survived? Either way, 2012 is a new year, and every day is your chance to make it a brand new beginning.


The Humble Kiss by Lily Harlem

Or maybe not so humble. These pictures are lovely and each one could inspire a story.

And of course, some come with a story we already know....

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you get lots of scrummy kisses.

Lily x


Hey, I see a pattern there

I’ll be blunt about it. I write erotica, some might call at least parts of my work pornographic (and not without reason) By its very nature erotica gives the impression of closeness, even sexual intimacy, between writer and reader. After all, I have these ideas in my head, I write them down and the reader reads them.

But to me writing about sex means simply writing about sex. At no moment during the writing process, I think about what I would do or wouldn’t do. I find my personal preferences utterly irrelevant as far as the sexual activities of my characters are concerned.

When I write about how Owen accepts the invitation of happy couple Sebastian and Davin in Three, or how Isaac learns to face his enjoyment in being the Dominant to his lover Tom’s submissiveness in the Calling the shots series I’m not there. It’s about them, their choices and fantasies and experiences. I use the language that feels natural for them within the boundaries of the story, regardless if in reality it might make me blush like a genuine virgin. The distance between the story and myself as a private person is as absolute as possible, but so is the honesty. I’d rather squirm in embarrassment when I realise what I’ve actually written, than use euphemisms for the wrong reasons.

And yet, I am there. Not in the sexual outspokenness of the genre, but in the almost subconscious returning of one theme, namely that of the committed relationship. I don’t choose it; it chooses me, so to say.

One of the big themes of romantic (with or without explicit sex) fiction is that of two people falling in love and the obstacles they meet on their way to the happy end. But for me that’s when it gets interesting.

I’m more curious about what happens after the heroes of the story have decided that yes, they are meant to be together. I want to know how Steve and Daniël in Ravages deal with the consequences of life-changing violence as a couple, how Isaac and Tom in Calling the shots integrate D/s in their relationship while being and remaining equal partners.

And that’s perhaps more telling about me than any amount of explicitly written sex, kinky or not.

S. Dora

Books mentioned:
Ravages (written as R.A.Padmos) published by Manifold Press
Three (written as S. Dora) published by Total E-Bound
The first part of Calling the shots, Facing the truth, will be published in March, also by Total E-Bound


Finding Spring

The Beauty of Vacation

I took several days O-F-F recently. Although Colorado has been having a relatively mild winter, winter is still winter.

I headed south for the Texas coast. It was still winter in Texas. But there’s winter and there’s winter. It was restorative to see some plants in bloom. One evening, it was foggy as wind whipped across the Gulf, turning the town ghostly.

I saw three dozen different species of birds. I sat on the beach, albeit with a jacket on! I took off my shoes and rolled up the hem of my trousers and waded in. Last August, the water had felt warm, like a bathtub, and I played for hours. The water this time of year was more like a cold shower! It was invigorating.

After taking some time totally away, walking on the beach, collecting a few shells, snapping over five hundred pictures, eating some fresh seafood, something amazing happened. My muse came looking for me.

I’d been ruthlessly stalking her, telling her about my book deadlines and demanding she perform on command every day. She’d gotten as barren as the trees lining the park where I walk.

But there, on the empty stretch of beach, she found me. I hurried back to the car to find pen and paper as ideas poured out.

With my personality, I don’t allow this type of thing to happen often. I work a demanding day job. It provides interaction with people, and I love real-time problem solving.

I am also pursuing a love of fifteen years—racquetball. I’m in training to play my first competitive matches this spring. I’m constantly playing, working out with my personal trainer, or spending hours with my racquetball coach. All that has left my body a bit tired, too. So, while I was in Texas, I walked for hours, but I didn’t swing a racquet or lift a weight.

And now, I’m ready to workout hard again, too.

I’m not unique. I bet you, too, have demands on your time and energy. And maybe we can’t always get away. But I learned a valuable lesson. I don’t have to go to the coast to get renewed, I should build it into my schedule, slow down a bit, get enough rest, know when to call a time out.

I will, for sure, though, save my pennies, maybe even cut into my summer vacation this year in order to take a few days off during winter, when I really need it.

Here’s to you taking time for you. I learned it’s possible to find spring, even in January.


Flasher, Anyone?

So I'm into flashers. Really into them. I actually seek them out, and sometimes I do a bit of flashing myself.

No, wait...not that kind of flasher!

I'm talking about the erotic flash story. Usually 500 words or less, it tells a tale that might be sexy, erotic, or downright pornographic. Sometimes it just makes you think about sex, or about attitudes toward it. Sometimes there is a twist that catches you off-guard, a "gotcha" moment that makes you smile. Sometimes it gets you hot and bothered, and sometimes it inspires you. But the key is to do it in as few words as possible.

So in honor of my love of flashers, here are a few. Enjoy!


New Star's Gem

“Oooooh, Ronnie!” she purred.

She reminded him of a cat, long and lean and supple, digging her painted claws into his chest, shaking her hair and wiggling her hips. Her eyes were flat, emotionless pools. She smiled with pouty lips.

Her lipstick was red and tasted like plastic. Her tits were plastic, too. They were too hard, too perfect, the nipples too permanently erect. The diamonds at her ears glistened, just like those around her neck.

“You like that, baby?”

Ronnie lied and said that he did. He silently calculated the cost of the diamonds. The necklace was probably thirty grand, the earrings a bit less, and the two-point-two on her finger was easily another ten big ones. His accountant would know for sure.

She faked the orgasm. There was no clenching on his cock, no mindless whimpers. It was all calculated.

She was not a very good actress.

Ronnie watched her walk to the bathroom. His cock was quickly going limp. He hadn’t come, and she hadn’t noticed. He looked at the clock on the bedside table: three in the morning. He wanted her to leave, but he didn’t want her to get angry enough to go to a tabloid reporter with one wild tale after another.

He reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out his wallet. When she saw the money, he saw some fire in her eyes.

The bills were many and large. She squealed in delight and kissed him all over the face. He pushed her away.

“Buy yourself something nice,” he said, like he always did.

“I love you so much, Ronnie!”

He watched her walk out. He threw the empty wallet on the floor. He might have loved her, if fortune and fame were not the only things he had left to give.

A Hard Day’s Work

The sound of machinery was completely out of place in the tastefully decorated offices of Parker and Parker, Attorneys at Law. The men just outside the window wore hard hats and dirty jeans. They worked with one small machine after another, each one making more noise than the last.

Sally should have been working. She should have been writing reports and taking notes, but she was too busy watching that man. The one who worked hardest, whose muscles stood out in strong relief against the fabric of his shirt. The one who had lifted one of those machines from the back of the truck all by himself.

Tiny rivers of sweat ran down his temple. He was covered in concrete dust and five o’clock shadow. His shirt was soaked with sweat. She wondered if he would smell good when she peeled that shirt away. Would she find the honest smell of hard-working man?

The thought made her cross her legs for a little relief. When he lit up a cigarette during a quick break, Sandy sighed along with every exhale.

He was there every day. On Friday the crew left early. She watched him walk around the side of the building and let out the breath she didn’t realize she was holding.

She was startled to see him in the elevator thirty minutes later. His hard hat was gone and so was most of the concrete dust. His eyes were a piercing blue. He smelled just like she thought he would. The scent of virile man hit her right between her thighs.

“You’ve been watching me,” he drawled. “From your window.”

Sally’s voice was level despite the blushing. “Going down?”

“Very soon,” he said. Sally took a deep breath.

She smiled as she pressed the button for the garage.


As You Desire by Nichelle Gregory

There exists within our world a brotherhood of Djinns…genies bound by magic, bound by honour to fulfil the desires of their masters.

Enter their realm with caution!

Danger lurks between dimensions, fiery passions ignite without control and wishes are granted for those brave enough to ask…
* * * *

Two scarred hearts learn to beat again with the healing power of love and all its magic...

Accused of being a traitor to the Djinn Brotherhood, Lona realises trying to love the wrong man has cost her everything…maybe even her freedom. Alone and pregnant, she's beginning to believe the terrible pain she's experiencing is punishment for all her wrong choices as she tries to pick up the pieces of her life.

When Rafi finds Lona suffering in agony, he makes a hasty decision and takes her home. Ignoring the mutual attraction between them, he agrees when asked to keep Lona in his charge until Rue is tracked down and the High Council can be certain of her innocence.

Rafi knows she's not guilty. He's lived with a lifetime of heartache to recognise something other than guilt is causing Lona's pain. He'll do anything to help her heal and find some peace. Their journey together might also lead to his own salvation...

Rafi refused to think about the repercussions of his actions as he bent his head and kissed Lona. Her lips were softer and sweeter than he had imagined and he had to remind himself to go slow. The growing desire to touch her had been driving him crazy all week. His cock hardened in an instant as she surrendered to his kiss, welcoming his tongue with her own as he tasted her for the first time.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he placed his hands on her waist. He wanted to crush her body against his, but…

But then she’d feel your raging hard-on.

Right. She’d agreed to a kiss—only a kiss. He groaned as she pulled away. One kiss wasn’t nearly enough.


He wanted her so badly. Spending so much time with her had wreaked havoc on the walls he kept in place specifically to avoid the longing and the feelings he was experiencing right now. She pulled every protective instinct out of him. Her sweet spirit made him want to shield her from all the pain in her life, and even though he knew he couldn’t, he wanted to try.

Rafi looked down at Lona, wondering if she had any idea how the shade of pink of her swimsuit set off her lovely eyes. The sound of the water lapping around them seemed loud as he waited for her to make the next move…or to say something.

“You wanted to kiss me?”

Her husky question made his cock tighten almost painfully in the snug swimming shorts.

“For days.”

No need to tell her what else he’d dreamt about doing to her.

“Kiss me again.”

Her voice was a soft whisper filled with need and Rafi obliged her, taking her lips in a hungry kiss. She melted in his arms and he struggled to hold her back as she continued to press her body closer to his. There was no way she wouldn’t feel his stiff cock against her stomach.

Lona froze, wrenching her lips from his.

“You’re so hard.”

Her breath fanned his cheek as she played with the hair at the nape of his neck.


She pulled back to stare at him. “You want me?”

Rafi looked down at her in surprise. “How could I not?”

The doubt in her eyes made him want to show her just how much he wanted her.

Lona averted her gaze as she shook her head. “I’m a wreck.”

“Not to me.”

Rafi squeezed her waist as she turned her face back to his. He was captivated by the way the waning sunlight danced over the honey highlights in her hair.

“I’m homeless.”

“Mi casa es su casa.”

Rafi grinned as Lona smiled, tension fading from her face for a moment.

“I’m pregnant with another man—a crazy man’s child.”

“I know.” He touched her cheek. “That doesn’t change my wanting you.”

* * * * * * * * 
I hope you enjoyed reading my little teaser from As You Desire! Writing Lona and Rafi's story was challenging for me emotionally. Both of these characters deal with the pain of losing someone. I connected with their journey to find some peace through the power of love! Their story will swept you away into a world of magic and passion!

As You Desire is the second book in my Djinn Brotherhood series. I encourage you to start the series with Karis and Vander's steamy romance in As You Wish!

Want a chance to win As You Desire?
Be the first person to answer a question from As You Wish! Here it is:

What does Karis see when she looks in the mirror?

Leave your answer in the comment section below! Good luck and thanks for reading!


Nichelle Gregory
Simply sexy stories...


Ride of the Writer

The typical cliche in writing is to "write what you know." I've read, heard, and talked about this ever since I first put pen to paper. Although I've never taken the phrase literally (how else would we have such fabulous fiction in our lives if all writers lived by this code?), I used to hold steadfast to the idea of this code. Yes, used to. 

One year ago this month I saw my first published story appear at Total E-Bound. The Deciding Factor made its debut and ecstatic cannot describe how I felt - as every published writer out there knows. As the year progressed, I had more stories published and into 2012, I now have a calendar specifically for writing where I have deadline dates, promo dates and planned release dates - among many other writing notes. 

Are all my books the same? In that they are romance, yes. Beyond this, no. At least, I hope not. I have written and plan to write stories that, a year or more ago, would have never crossed my mind to write. The process has been an exciting challenge. I have an idea and where do I take this nugget of gold? Who is involved and what happens? Is the story scary, dramatic or funny? How far can I push myself to turn these ideas into words that evokes the outcome I want? 

Sound like a roller-coaster ride? Hell, yeah. Have I mentioned I love roller-coasters? Think about it. Just when you think you can't take another rise and dip, you hop on a new ride and the train takes you there, gives you what you need. You hold on for dear life, scream your head off then want to do it again. Writing is like this for me, and I plan to make my trip an endless one. 

Have a happy Sunday and a great coming-week!


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Stoking The Flames

Hi, all! Happy New Year!

Since I live in South Florida, there's this window of cool -- well, coolish -- weather in the early hours but our temperatures climb high enough in the afternoon sun to warrant short-sleeved t-shirts -- and this state of affairs is rather discouraging me from finishing one work-in-progress I've been close to winding down: it's tough for me to write about cuddling around a roaring fire when I have all my windows and sliding doors thrown open. So I find myself finishing a firefighter story instead...'cause there's more than one way to stoke the flames ;)

One of my favorite parts of writing this story has been building not only all the sexy personal attributes of the firefighters themselves in my little world but considering all the cool stuff part of the job.... Powerful burst of liquid from a turgid hose. Telescoping ladders sliding up and up and up. Gear comprised of intriguing combinations of rubber and latex and leather.

Is it any wonder that everyone loves a hot firefighter -- or two?

With all due respect to those of you braving cold weather: I'm off to grab a cold shower before I finish this particular WIP ;)


Available Now From Total-E-Bound: BENDING TYME


Snowed In

I live in the frozen north and we are getting pounded with snow right now...and I don't like it. But as I slid around the streets and sludged through the parking lots and into the store to pick up a few "essentials" in case I am snowed in tomorrow. It got me thinking, what would I really like to have with me if I was snowed in for a day or two.

*A sexy willing partner
*Plenty of red wine
*Dark chocolate
*Fruit to feed and be fed
*Magically appearing hot meals
*And plenty of heat.....

Oh yes, I think with all those things I wouldn't mind the snow one bit, in fact I would be praying for more more more! Or is that screaming more more more ;)


Unmentionables I wouldn't like to mention

Hi all, 
today I'll be blogging about underwear. But, before we come to that, I'll do some totally shameless, self-promotional begging: Please, please, please head over to Dawn's Reading Nook, where the Subspace anthology (with my story "The Accidental Sub" in it) is up for Best Anthology Book of 2011. Of course, you should vote for the best anthology, but if you could find it in you to actually like the Subspace anthology, your help would be very much appreciated.

And now, for today's scientific discussion of underwear: 

Would you wear sexy lingerie that you found atrocious if your partner wanted you to? 
Let’s assume for a moment that you had something like the following conversation with your significant other: 

You: I saw this really nice set of undies the other day and I’m wondering if I should buy them.
Your partner: Oh really, what did they look like? Were they sexy?
You: I’m not sure if you would find them sexy. They were kind of retro and very cute, I think.
Your partner: Lacy?
You: No.
Your partner: Hm, see-through?
You: No.
Your partner: Okay, push-up or corset?
You: No.
Your partner: Hm.
You: Is that your definition of sexy? Push-up and see-through?
Your partner: Er…
You: Red and black with lots of lace?
Your partner: Er… Yes?
You: Oh. Okay.

Of course this dialogue is entirely fictional. No, really. 

It kind of got me thinking, though, about my own taste in underwear. And what I would write my heroes and heroines in. I usually like basic undies for everyday use (usually black). I also like lace for special occasions. But it still needs to be tasteful, so probably black or dark red lace. White? Not so much – it’s too bridal (unless it's on a bride, of course). I love retro stuff with corsets and stockings, although I’m not good at wearing the latter myself without instantly destroying them. And I can totally see the appeal of leather and latex in certain contexts.
I kind of seem to draw the line at animal prints. And I hate pink. I hate it from the bottom of my heart. But that’s just me, I guess.The rest of the world seems to like it.

Here are a few examples of undies that I would never ever wear or write about: 

What is worse than animal prints? Animal prints combined with pink lace. Yay!

 And here’s the male equivalent, I guess:

What's with the pink tip? And what happened to the backside? 
This one gave me the giggles (a total disaster, in the sexy underwear department): 

So, where would you draw the line? And what kind of underwear do you find sexy? Let me know in the comments!

I’ve also brought an underwear-related (or rather no-underwear-related) excerpt from my newest release “The Accidental Sub”. Here you go:

Catherine was ready and waiting just inside the wood-framed glass doors to her office building at three minutes to eight. She stared at her wristwatch, counting the seconds. She had double-checked it against the BBC news for the umpteenth time half an hour ago and was quite sure it was accurate now. She hadn’t been able to concentrate on work at all today, hypnotised by the slow-moving hands of the wall clock when she wasn’t daydreaming about what was going to happen tonight. At one point she had found herself typing the word ‘butt plug’ instead of ‘buttress’ into her summary of a serious and urgent environmental report on tsunami countermeasures. Sheesh!
Sighing, she pulled down the way-too-short black leather miniskirt she had bought at a fetish store near King’s Cross Station on her lunch break along with a medium-sized silicone butt plug. A delicious frisson of arousal had crept up her spine as she carried these items back to the office in a thin, black plastic bag. What if her colleagues found out what she was up to?
She had inserted the butt plug in the ladies’ room after lunch but left the miniskirt for later. This really wasn’t her kind of outfit. It showed off too much of her substantial thighs, and she was afraid that someone might notice she wasn’t wearing panties. Of course, this possibility also made her really hot and the constant pressure of the butt plug heightened her arousal.
The top was a disaster in itself. While she tried to keep the soft cowl neck pulled up, it slipped with every movement she made and her breasts were constantly in danger of popping out of the skimpy garment. She had been wearing the top to work today and had only realised it was a dangerous choice when she had taken off the bra and the long-sleeved red T-shirt she had worn underneath.
One minute to go. She checked her makeup in her pocket mirror, then had to readjust her top again. Thirty seconds. She peeked out through the glass doors but couldn’t see much of the street. At eight o’clock sharp a black Saab convertible pulled up to the kerb, just as she stepped out of the building. The roof was closed so she couldn’t see the driver, but the passenger door was opened for her from the inside and she didn’t hesitate to get into the car.
He looked, even more handsome than she remembered, in black jeans and a tight black T-shirt that fitted his broad, muscular upper body to perfection. His short brown hair was combed back, and a pair of black Ray Bans dangled from the neckline of his T-shirt. He was definitely gorgeous enough to eat, and Catherine had a strong compulsion to lick his body from head to toe.
He said, “Good evening, Catherine.” His deep voice went straight to her G-spot and her knees went weak.
She risked another brief glance at him and whispered a shy ‘Hello’, before turning to fasten her seatbelt. Suppressing the insane urge to throw herself at his feet and beg him to take her right here in the car, she meekly folded her hands in her lap and stared at the floor. He started the engine and pulled away from the kerb. Catherine didn’t dare ask him where they were going. She felt completely at his mercy, and a delightful shiver of anticipation ran through her body.
“Put your hands behind your back,” he ordered as they stopped at a traffic light. A feeling of calm spread slowly through Catherine’s whole body. It was such a relief to cede responsibility to him. She wriggled forward in the seat and clasped her wrists behind the small of her back. No longer self-conscious about how she looked, she attuned herself to his wishes, anticipating the pleasure of his touch.
He took one hand off the wheel and reached over to pull her cowl neck down below her waist and expose both breasts. He gave an appreciative ‘Hmm’ when her nipples hardened in the cool evening air. He slipped his hand between her legs, nudging her thighs apart as far as they would go in the short skirt. “I like the outfit,” he commented and slipped one long finger into her, then ran it through her folds to spread the moisture. “Hmm,” he rumbled again. His hand slipped lower and his probing fingers found the butt plug. “Very nice.”
He tapped the end lightly, sending shivers of dark delight up Catherine’s spine. She imagined him taking her from behind, fucking first her pussy and then her arsehole. The vivid mental images made her so wet she was sure she would leave a puddle on the seat.
The light turned green and he took his hand away abruptly to put it back on the steering wheel. Catherine felt strangely bereft without his touch. She clenched her mouth shut around a tiny whimper of frustration.

The Accidental Sub is available from Total-E-Bound as a stand-alone novella or in the totally amazing Subspace anthology (Psst, don't forget to vote for it if you like it!)

Want more strange ramblings? Visit my blog A DARK KIND OF DESIRE. And, of course, I'll be back here next month on the 19th.


When Inspiration Strikes

I was thinking about inspiration. As an author ideas come from a variety of things. Anything can spark an idea that can be put into a novel. For instance I had a candy craving and I also saw a woman who had afro.

The two ideas I had I worked into a series I am working on. In book two of my series there is a candy shop that the hero and heroine of the book frequent. They both have a sweet tooth. The candy shop owner will eventually have his own story and get to fulfill the idea spark I had from craving candy.

In the series I will use the fro idea for a supper club where the main characters go to. The owner of the super club will be getting her own book. I will be writing in a sixties theme night using my afro idea spark. :)

Inspirations for ideas are all around. Taking something that happens in the everyday life then using it create a concept is a fun thing to do. The unexpected can lead to so much more. Any little thing can give you an idea spark, which will be your concept for the next book.

Taige Crenshaw
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Kiss me.

I know that seems a bit forward for a title but I do love a good kiss. I really do. I love watching them, I love reading them and I relish writing them. Especially first kisses and I've got some good ones! 

There's the kiss on Father Christmas's Sleigh in Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart.

Bacon flavoured kisses in Secret Surprise.

The first kiss between vampire and human in The Point.

 "He walked round and squeezed in front of her, his back against the chair. He pulled atthe stiff material then with his gentle, chilling fingers, he scooped up her breasts and settledthem properly in the confines of the corset. She bit her lip to hold in a moan of delight and hoped he could not see how hard her nipples were.
“Done,”   he   said   and   smiled   at   her.   Their   faces   were   so   close   that   she   couldn’t   help looking   up   at   his   lips.   They   curled   into   a  little   smile,   and   she   knew   she   only   had   to   lean forward and they would kiss. She leant forward, not out of choice but because she had lostconcentration.   Hugh’s   hands   came   up   to   her  sides   to   steady   her   body,   and   his   lips   came down to agitate her spirit.

She    gasped.    His   lips  were    as  icy  as  his  hands,    and   they   were    demanding.       They undulated and coaxed the kiss from her own lips. Her mind spun as her body reacted. Her hands ran up and down the front of his body. They slipped under the heavy material of his
jacket then traced his hard torso through the silken material of his shirt.

He   pulled   away   suddenly.   She   almost   fell,  but   he   kept   her   steady,   his   hands   braced around her waist. "

 The Moment a fan kisses Bollywood Star, Rahul Khan in Silver Screen Dream

"It was just like my favourite moment from any Bollywood film. Time slowed, colours intensified and I noticed the ice shock of his blue corneas against the jet black, widened pools of lust that were his pupils. I could hear the softened, romantic music. It might have been real or imagined, I wasn’t sure, but everything in the background faded away, and it became as if Rahul and I were the only people in all the world.
 The moment his lips touched mine, I felt as if I had been switched on. Turned on, certainly, but I was also fully functioning. Every little brush of his lips on mine registered in every last, little nerve. Every movement excited me. I realised I had been left on standby since I had been dumped by Danny, my body just going through the motions. Rahul’s kiss brought me back to life.I had never experienced anything of its like before. I suddenly realised why a kiss could bring Snow White back from the dead. I won’t ever be able to explain exactly what happened to me then, but it was magical. 
I had watched a million movies, each of them hundreds of times over. I’d seen more first kisses than I could remember, and I always knew, deep in my heart, that a Bollywood kiss was a lie. It was acting. It was a show.I got my first Bollywood kiss, and I realised that it was a reality. That love at first kiss could exist."

There is a never-ending variety to kissing that depends on the Characters involved and their locations and their emotional states. I am always eager to write a kiss. I love finding out what's going to happen, how the pair will erm, face off so to speak. 

Now because I love kissing so much I started up a regular spot on my website called The Sunday Snog  
A snog is a kiss,I know it's not a particularly attractive little word but I do like alliteration! Each week I gather together other authors who love kisses as much as I do and we share hot excerpts on our blogs and I keep a list of them on my site so you lovely readers can wander around enjoying sexy snogs  from top notch erotica and erotic romance authors. 

But this wasn't enough. Nope, It's gotten even bigger, in fact it's got it's own website! . And on the 12th February, the Sunday before Valentine's Day we're going to host the BIGGEST Sunday Snog yet. 

But not just that, no, not only will you have loads of lovely kissing excerpts to peruse you will be able to win a prize with a simple comment at every single blog you visit. Yep, every one. And I've got a big prize planned which is going to be brilliant, even if I do say so myself. 

But (I know, another one, indulge me) even that isn't it. Oh no. We have hot Free Reads too in the guise of our hot flash fiction section! Feel free to check out the site now, there's some info on there, the last couple of Sunday snogs and some flash fiction too. But put the 12th February in your diaries and join me for the biggest and best Blisse Kiss to date! 


What motivates you?

by Suzanne Graham

This is January, and people have resolutions on their minds. By setting a resolution, we are usually stating that we are determined to change something about ourselves. But how success have we been in the past achieving our resolutions, and why do we think this year will be any better?

Perhaps if we look at what motivates us, we can better align our goals to what drives us. The US psychologist, Steven Reiss, categorizes our motivations into 16 basic desires in his book, Who am I.

They are:

1. Power is the desire to influence others.
2. Independence is the desire for self-reliance.
3. Curiosity is the desire for knowledge.
4. Acceptance is the desire for inclusion.
5. Order is the desire for organization.
6. Saving is the desire to collect things.
7. Honor is the desire to be loyal to one's parents and heritage.
8. Idealism is the desire for social justice.
9. Social Content is the desire for companionship.
10. Family is the desire to raise one's own children.
11. Status is the desire for social standing.
12. Vengeance ist he desire to get even.
13. Romance is the desire for sex and beauty.
14. Eating is the desire to consume food.
15. Physical Activity is the desire for exercise of muscles.
16. Tranquility is the desire for emotional calm.

Businesses and even sports teams have used these basic desires to better understand their employees and players. The German football club Hannover made headlines this month when it was reported that their players were being asked to fill out a survey with questions like, "I have a strong and frequent desire for sex", "I have many erotic fantasies" and "I am proud of my erotic experiences".

That which motivates us will depend on what we desire. So according to Reiss's theory, we need to determine our desire and set up conditions to perform at our best based on what motivates us.

Hmmmmm, I can relate to number 14. So all my rewards for finishing the next chapter, the next story, should be chocolate, right? But what about my resolution to achieve a healthy weight?

Maybe I need to read the rest of the book...

Happy New Year!

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Jazz, Book #2 in the Daybreak 2525 Series, by Jude Mason

I'm really thrilled to have Jazz coming out soon! It's been a while since I had a release with Total E-Bound and this book means a lot to me. Doc came first, and he led to a thousand ideas for more adventures with him and his tribe of misfits, refugees and lovers. I hope you all enjoy this teaser!


Book #2 in the Daybreak 2525 Series
by Jude Mason
ISBN: 978-0-85715-870-3 
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Coming in January 30. 2012
to Pre-Order, go HERE

A city of death where Jazz must find Doc’s sister, or die trying.

Jazz and Doc are on a rescue mission. This time it’s personal, really personal. Robin, Doc’s sister, was taken to the nearby city and enslaved. Jazz lived in the city for years and although he dreads the return, he can’t refuse to guide Doc in. What they find there is worse than any memory.

City peeps who barely survive and a Warlord gone berserk are just the beginning. Can Jazz find Robin? Will the two men survive themselves? And what of Zoe, the lady love they left behind?

Chapter One 

“But, I want to go with you two,” Zoe whispered into Jazz’s ear.

Jazz rolled over, taking the sexy, dark-haired woman into his arms. Doc’s warm butt pressed against his and he shuddered. Having two lovers, one male and the other a lovely femme, was about all the excitement one man could ask for—or take. He ran his nose along the soft curve of Zoe’s neck and whispered, “I know you want to come with us. But we all know the people in the village still need guidance. Doc trusts you to be able to handle them all. And, he—“

“Yes, yes, I know. He needs you because you’ve been to the city before. You lived there. You know where to go, who to ask and all the rest of it.” A breath of frustration followed her small rant.

“You got it.” Jazz ran his hand down her back and kissed her upper chest. He continued to slip lower, taking a nipple between his lips and flicking his tongue across the puckered nubbin. Covering his teeth with his lips, he tugged at the turgid bit of flesh until she shuddered. He cupped her arse cheeks and pulled her closer, the slick wetness of her pussy anointing his newly roused erection with her juices as it slid between her thighs.

“It’s not fair,” she murmured, then kissed the top of his head.

He nodded but didn’t speak, too busy kissing his way across her chest to the other nipple. He tugged at it, knowing from their times together how much she loved nipple play. Only too willing to give her that pleasure, he’d added it to his repertoire and began many of their session toying with those taut morsels.

“I could help.” Her hips jerked against him, as if a shock had gone through her.
Behind Jazz, Doc shifted. A moment later, a warm gust of air wafted across Jazz’s arse.

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Short, Sweet, Scientific and Subspacey

I know it's my blogging day, but I happen to be up against three crushing deadlines, so I'm afraid this is going to be a quick tip of the hat before I skate back off to my word docs.

I just wanted to mention that the Subspace anthology has been doing very well, with an award shortlisting at LoveRomancesCafe, not to mention a lovely five angel review at Fallen Angels today.

My own story from the collection, The Science of Submission, was released as a single title last week and was made a top pick by the brilliant Miz Love and Crew - so it's champagne all round.

Congratulations to all denizens of (and contributors to) Subspace!


Records? Are You Kidding Me?

I was talking to a friend about a story I'm working on. It's a vintage story, set in 1970. There's a plethora of information on the internet about the 1970's. It's information overload. I wanted something more. I wanted to actually talk to someone from that era. I'll admit here and now, I wasn't born until 1978 so I have no idea what the world was like in 1970.

So I found someone, actually quite a few someones who were willing and thrilled to talk about that time period. I enjoyed it. I had no idea that someone who was considered awesome was an "ace" or that the word "skinny" was popular then. I'd always heard both terms used when I was a kid so it didn't occur to me. I also hadn't realized some of the songs I love best, like "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" came out around then. Reading the details on the record wasn't my thing when I was six. Shrug.

But talking about that time period got me thinking. I have a small person in my household. There are lots of things my totlet doesn't realize are from way before his time. There are lots of things he'll never know about unless I tell him about them.

In his lifetime, we've just now entered a time period where the US isn't involved in a war/police action.

You can't go to the airport without having to be pawed by the TSA. At one time, space shuttles actually went into space, not sat on runways as leftover commodities from the 'space race'. I was asked if the space shuttle was a museum. Sigh.

Cars all come with CD players or outlets for mp3 players. Cassettes and gasp, 8-tracks aren't even on his radar. Records are those things that look like Frisbees.

The Clash, The Police, and Bruce Springsteen will always be "oldies".

If you want information you use your laptop or smart phone to connect to the internet. Corded phones are 'dinosaurs'. Libraries are those places to get movies you want to borrow.

As I read back through this, it makes me a little sad. He'll never have the thrill of going to the record store to get the latest Michael Jackson album. Music can be bought one track at a time on itunes. There was a time when we played outside. We didn't sit for hours in front of the PSP (do they make those anymore?). We knew our neighbors, had little gangs in the neighborhood and didn't have to worry about planes falling from the sky or our entire life poofing because our hard drive crashed.

I don't think the times before, like when I was a kid was any easier. The 80's were their own ball of crazy, but there were some little gems in there that I'm glad I got to witness. Oh well. Time marches on.

* * *

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First Times

Hello everyone,

First of all, to those of you who are used to finding Em Woods blogging away in this place - sorry. I've kindly been offered to take over the spot and delighted to do so!

Chances are you don't know me yet, so please allow me to introduce myself:
I'm Sage Marlowe, a new author with TEB and just overall a new author. My first novel, "Sub-Mission" will be published by TEB in May and I'm so excited!
After a rather surprising visit from my muse I started writing in 2010 and since keep finding myself haunted by new intriguing characters and storylines ever since. This has now resulted in two completed and contracted books, several manuscripts at various stages of completion and a whole bunch of ideas waiting to be tackled. Oh, by the way, I write MM erotic romance (occasionally another M sneaks in...) and I like it dark and dirty.

Of course when I was offered this spot I wondered what to write about in my first TEB blog but luckily the answer came pretty quickly. What better topic to write about for the first time than - First Times (Times? Plural? Isn't there just the one? Ts-ts. Naughty you! Sorry, it's not what you're thinking.)
Apart from that one, particular first time there are lots of other first times and they are what I'd like to write about first. All those first times that keep popping up, often without really being noticed. For me, these past and coming months seem to be full of first times, starting right here with my first blog at the hot-spot.
Last year some of the most significant first times in my life as an author were submitting a manuscript, the first time a contract arrived in my inbox and all the other new experiences you make when you're on the way from being someone who bugs their SO by tapping away at their laptop until late at night to actually being a published author. This year there will be the release of my first book of course and I'm sure my private life has a few very exciting first times in store for me as well.

Then there are all those little first times you barely notice, which is sad because they don't get to be appreciated for what they are. Think about the first time you try out that new coffee shop with the hottie behind the counter and you know he's guaranteed to brighten your days from now on. Or the first time you try that melt-in-the-mouth, taste bud-pleasuring chocolate (yes, I am a chocoholic, as well as nursing a serious caffeine addiction - I'm a writer, what else do you expect?)

Okay, okay. Enough with the foreplay.
You want it and so do I. Let's get down to that other kind of first times. At last.
As an erotic romance author, you have a lot of that kind of first times. Well, technically not necessarily a very first first time, but that important very first time together. Whenever your characters finally start falling for each other or maybe right the moment they meet, you find yourself being dragged along for their first times.
The first time they kiss, the first time they undress and explore each other's bodies, the first time they get down to it. Believe me, that never stops being exciting! Every time they do it, you're right there with them, experiencing the magic of all those little things they discover about each other. What does the other one taste like? How does their skin feel under your fingertips? What kind of touch do they like and where are their particular hotspots? What... Um, I think you've got the idea now so I'm going to leave you here to use your own imagination.

What first times did you encounter recently? Anything exciting like setting eyes on a coffee shop hottie and ending up feeding each other a box of yummy chocolates? Maybe something more of the quiet kind? Feel free to leave a comment - I'd love to know what you've been up to.



Taking romance to the edge...


What kind of mind thinks of these things?

The above is the response my husband made after being asked yet another weird question in the name of literary research. He should be used to it by now, living with a writer. The combination of a strong imagination and a constant need to get it down on paper means I am always trying to fit my mental weirdery into reality and, let’s face it, he’s usually the nearest person around.

Last night’s question was “How does a ghost come out of a bathroom mirror?” Straightforward, you might think, except that this mirror is above a sink, and I can’t have a ghost floating out romantically and landing in the sink. So would it walk through the wall? Hook one leg out like someone climbing over a fence? Slide out horizontally? That was my husband’s suggestion, and I can’t say I was that enamoured. It conjured up the image of the checkout on Supermarket Sweep.

Another time I asked him what would happen if someone squeezed a full beer can in their state of lust. Gave him an excuse to drink a beer, I suppose. He swore up and down that very little would happen, but filled the can with water and stood in the shower to squeeze it. Just as well, because the result was rather like that Youtube video of Coke bottles and Mentos.

The one that really got him was “Can you use a spear to pin someone to a tree?” I’ll leave the context of that one to your imagination, but we ultimately agreed that if it was close up one would use a pike, not a spear. Spears are thrown, and therefore are probably not reliable enough to pin people to trees. I’ll remember that next time I’m confronted by a caveman.

So what kind of mind does think of these things? Mine, apparently, and I quite enjoy living in it, even if my husband finds it an endless source of bemused fascination. I can’t be alone in this, can I??