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Whips and chains and shackles, oh my!

I'm in the mood for something a little rough.

When Fifty Shades of Grey made a splash on all sides of the pond, women everywhere were suddenly getting a taste of the thrills that could be had if their lover was willing to dominate them in the bedroom. But of course, those of us who were well-versed in erotica just had to chuckle and shake our heads. You're finally figuring this out, ladies?

I found this amazing photograph here.

But there is a first time for everything, and there is always a first time for being introduced to the wonderful world of BDSM. Some of my first experiences were very soft-core, such as being tied to the headboard with scarves. There was the light spanking, the one that happened on the spur of the moment and didn't really turn me on, but it was fun to try something new. Then there was the moment a lover ordered me around, told me to get down on my knees and suck his cock, and held my hair as though I wouldn't be allowed to go anywhere until I had finished the deed to his satisfaction.

Those were first efforts at BDSM, and they did the job -- they made me want more, made me want something hard-core, made me long for serious bondage, a good spanking and of course, being told to cater to his wishes, no matter what those wishes might be.

After experimenting with being the submissive over the years, it was time to experiment with the other side of the coin -- being the dominant one in the bedroom. And oh my goodness, that's when my true colors came out! There's something so sweetly wicked about giving my partner a few sexy assignments, tying him to the bed, breaking out the toys and watching him go through that sweet struggle of trying to please while doing everything he can not to come. It's a delight!

What's your BDSM story? Are you a dominant or submissive? Are you just discovering the world of BDSM, or have you never indulged before? Does it make you nervous, or does it turn you on? Tell us about your naughty story!



Cassandra Garner said...

I have a paint stirring stick that I use. It welts nicely without breaking the skin. :)

Gwenny said...

Oh, great idea! I will have to keep that one in mind!