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The Fox, a Clandestine Classic out June 7

For my Clandestine Classic, I chose The Fox by DH Lawrence, an author well-known for pushing the limits of “acceptability.”

Here’s a bit about it:
A young man returns from war to find two women living on the isolated farm he’d called ho me. Needing to dominate, he sets out to put his life in order.

The bitter, dark night a rugged man appears on their doorstep, everything about the quiet life of Ellen March and Jill Banford changes. The presence of the powerful, brooding man complicates the simple daily existence of their lives on their struggling chicken farm.

Henry Grenfel, a young soldier recently returned from war, is determined to possess the stronger, more forceful of the two women—Ellen. His need to possess her knows no limits and he uses every opportunity he finds to pressure her into breaking her ties with her best friend, Jill. Jill’s dislike for Henry turns into pure hatred when she realizes he’ll stop at nothing to take Ellen from her.

As the tension among the three of them builds, Henry coerces Ellen into submission, forcing her to recognize her own need for the sexual release only he can provide. After Ellen accepts the inevitability of his dominance and agrees to his marriage proposal, the resentment brewing within the love triangle takes an even darker turn.

The Fox will be out June 7.


Feeling inspired? by Lily Harlem

All you lovely readers who fancy a go at writing after you've devoured your Total-E-Bound books, it's time to get your imaginative hats on because there's a contest!

What's more, I'm judging the erotic romance/erotic category.

Check out all the details for the In Shadows Writing Contest and I hope to see your entries piling up on my desk...

Lily x


Looks like it's finally Spring

Whether it's a fluke or a sign that something is terribly off with the climate I leave to those who actually know what they are talking about, but this Spring was the worst in (Dutch) living memory. Hardly a day as warm as it should be, and almost all a lot colder.

But, today it's different. When I looked out of the window a couple of minutes ago, I saw a window-cleaner at work...wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and his boots.

Now, I have to admit as a non-bisexual lesbian that the attractiveness of the male physique simply eludes me. But if this doesn't mean Spring has finally started, I don't know what does.

S. Dora


Procrastinating (includes Eurovision Song Contest recap)

So, you haven't heard from me in a while. I've been busy writing. In fact, I should be writing right now. But, as it's Eurovision Song Contest night, I just can't help it. It's so camp, I need to watch. There's something fascinating about all of these people in strange costumes singing weird pop songs.
Also, Sweden is a very charming host country, I think. Why? Because they make fun of themselves. And they're lovely liberal people. The hostess just did a funny little number called the Swedish Smorgasbord in which she sang the word "titties" and performed a gay marriage - among other things - both unthinkable for last year's host country. So, go Sweden!

As I'm writing this, while waiting for the results, here's my personal recap:

1 France - good song, impressive voice, but unfortunately no chance of winning
2 Lithuania - cute guy, boring song
3 Moldova - candidate for the longest dress award, forgettable song
4 Finland - didn't like the song but yay for the lesbian kissing at the end

(c) Mirror, UK
5 Spain - barefoot performance, forgettable song
6 Belgium - I think this boy has a fantastic voice, unfortunately they overproduced the song
7 Estonia - she can sing, but the song didn't convince me
8 Belarus - shortest dress in the run, so she has a chance of winning, I guess
9 Malta - cute little song, but the permanent grin kind of creeped my out
10 Russia - great voice, boring song
11 Germany - sounded way too much like last year's winner
12 Armenia - Hey, can I buy you a coffee? Oh, you're here to sing? Never mind that.
13 Netherlands - beautiful, sad song, lovely performance, too bad she doesn't have a chance of winning
14 Romania - the original Dracula counter tenor from Transsylvania, weirdest performance on the show, points for that
15 UK - Bonnie Tyler's back with a really good song, wouldn't mind if she wins, but I don't think she will
16 Sweden - if Bonnie's too old, he's definitely too young and wearing too much make up
17 Hungary - really cute hipsters, and the song's sweet, even if I didn't understand a word of it, like
18 Denmark - cute girl, catchy song, she'll probably win
19 Iceland - what's with the hair? is that grease or hairspray? can't remember the song
20 Azerbaijan - good song, brilliant show, I liked the gay undertones, but the red dress lady was superfluous
21 Greece - fun ska punk folk number, like
22 Ucraine - hated the freak show (boo for displaying a person with acromegaly who had trouble walking at all on stage!)
23 Italy - nice singing, but that suit is too tight
24 Norway - ... as is this lady's dress
25 Georgia - getting bored
26 Ireland - what's with the drums?

So, if you ask me, I'd say Denmark will win. Or maybe Azerbaijan again. Wouldn't that be weird.

Please keep in mind, that I didn't know who won yet when I wrote this. You can totally make fun of my abilities to predict the winner when you read this tomorrow. Or book me as an expert for next year's contest in Denmark - whichever.

I'll be back next month (hopefully). In the mean time: join me and six fantastic fellow authors including TEB authors Sara York and Suz DeMello on Facebook on our brand new Hot Writer's page.


Sharing Nicely by Victoria Blisse Cover Reveal!

As an author there's lots of exciting moments between thinking of a story and having it appear to the world all wrapped up and ready to read. One of them is getting the cover art for a new release. Here's my latest cover reveal:

Isn't it pretty? I can't stop looking at it. Okay, here's the blurb:

Two hot, sexy billionaires know what they want and they want her, but will they be happy to share nicely?

Kerry Matthews is used to stress, she runs her own high-end London club called Diamonds but what she isn’t used to is attention from two very persuasive and powerful men.

Darren Bennett and Greg Stamford are life-long rivals, but call a truce to spend one night with sassy, curvy Kerry. They’re not content to share forever though. They both have a selfish desire to possess her completely.

Darren buys her seductive lingerie, flowers and chocolates, Greg flies her to Paris for a romantic break, cleans her flat and makes her breakfast in bed. Both vying to cement their place in her heart. She needs to decide between them but is dazzled by their persuasive personas and extravagant gifts.

Will Kerry be blinded by the bank balance or will she find the man behind the money?

Sharing Nicely will be available in September, I'm just working through the edits now. So this is an early and outrageously cruel tease, sorry. I couldn't resist yelling about that cover, though.

If you fancy a different bit of Blisseful threesome fun try out:

Temporary Insanity

Two guys, a girl and an office sex bet.
Caroline hates working at Forbes and Richardson until she walks in on Matt and Connor kissing passionately against the photocopier. They admit they enjoy being watched and invite her to be the voyeur to their exhibitionism.
Watching leads to participation as the three of them agree on a bet that makes the working day all the more fun and definitely sexier. How brave is Caroline? What risks is she willing to take to get her ultimate prize –a threesome with the two hottest execs in the company.

Sexier Side of the Hill

It’s even hotter on the Sexier Side of the Hill...

Michelle has just graduated from university and is embarking on a new career as a doctor. She’s going to have a big 40th birthday party to prove to her younger uni pals that she isn’t over the hill, and on a booze cruise to France she has a sexy adventure with two hot bi guys. 

But this is just the start, as her ex-boyfriend, Darren, shows up at her party, walking in on a very hot threesome. But will he turn around and walk out or stay to join in? 


Excerpt From New MM Arresting Behaviour on Pre-Order!

Hello all - it has been a crazy, busy month for me. In a good way. My first Clandestine Classic was released at the beginning of the month, and this past Friday, Part 2 of the Uniform Encounters series, Arresting Behaviour, went up on pre-order. Now if you're not familiar with the whole pre-order thing, it's a great way to take advantage of the best sale before a new title is even released. You get 15% off, and as soon as it is available for download (usually a month before it goes on general release to the public) you can get it immediately.

Yeah! Discounted price, and getting it before everyone else - two of my very favourite things!

So to celebrate a little, and maybe encourage you to grab a copy on discount, I'm including an excerpt here. First off, I'll mention that even though it's Part 2 of a series, this particular title can be read as a standalone. For those who read Part 1, Set Ablaze, you'll be happy to know that we're still in the city of Mesa, Arizona and that we revisit a couple of places from the first.

Now here's a quick blurb on Arresting Behaviour, followed by an excerpt from when Jake takes Quinn to the station for questioning, regarding a string of killings that are the work of The Bondage Butcher. Is the hot and sexy Quinn responsible?

Native American Quinn and Detective Jake come from two opposing worlds. But when opposites attract, the result is explosive.

Maybe being alone was his whole problem. He shook his head, not in the mood to deal with any of this emotional crap at that exact moment, not with his neck on the line.

The door swung open and sure enough, it was the luscious cop. He looked at the ceiling.

I don’t need this right now.

Composing his expression to a blank slate, he lowered his head, and looked the man dead-on in the eyes. He’d found he’d been able to unnerve anyone with that stare. However, it didn’t seem to be working so well all of a sudden. The cop looked right back at him, clearly trying to hold that little curling smile at bay, the sexy dimple on his cheek threatening to appear at any moment.

Well fuck me.

Sensing a challenge, Quinn readied himself for the first parry. He would wait the guy out, not appear to be interested in anything he had to say, not ask direct questions, but allow him to spill his secrets. Quinn’s gaze narrowed, and the man gave him one quick peek at the dimple, then peered down at his notes before he sat—right across from him. In the tiny room. If Quinn stretched his long legs out, surely he would be able to hook his ankle around the cop’s foot. The thought of such an intimate touch with the officer caused Quinn to shiver a little, as if someone had just walked over his grave.


The cop glanced up from the papers he was so fascinated with, using just his eyes.

He didn’t answer. He needed to stick to his strategy.

Finally, he set the papers down and leant back in his metal chair, the epitome of relaxation.

Ooh, he’s good. I’ll just have to be better.

Quinn never let his stare waver. But neither did the cop.

“Well, Quinn Verdugo, I’m Detective Jake Gutierrez. It just so happens that my partner and I were assigned to The Bondage Butcher case.”

Detective? They haul them in young around here.

“Which is why I’m so interested in speaking with you today. It seems your boyfriend Cole thinks you might have something to do with these murders. He was so convinced, in fact, that he called us to come and save him since he thought you were luring him into the desert to tie and slice him up. I don’t know if you normally tie him up—he didn’t say—but maybe he just wasn’t into the slicing part. What do you think?”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

What the fuck am I doing— Shut up!

“Oh, really? Because he insists that you two are quite the item. I think he even hinted that he might be moving in with you on the rez pretty soon, maybe have a little commitment ceremony…”


This guy was provoking him. He needed to keep it together.

Gritting his teeth, Quinn broke the stare. He had to. He wanted to tell this cop—or detective—that Cole meant nothing to him, that he was just a lay and nothing more. He was having an inner battle to keep from spilling his guts to this Jake guy, for some bizarre reason not wanting him to think he had ties to anyone.

Ridiculous. He’s probably married with eight kids for all I know.

Quinn was seriously pissing himself off, and needed to get back in control of things. But he was tired all of a sudden. It was exhausting trying to keep his feelings clamped down deep inside him all the time. All of those emotions were like a long-dormant volcano building up to an inevitable explosion. There were the endless dalliances with young men whom he forbade himself to feel any connection with—although he knew he purposely picked ones where there wasn’t any danger of that. There was all the guilt and rage over the killings of his lovers.  And finally, there were the recent stirrings of something whenever he thought about or looked at this so-called detective. He wanted to pick up one of the hinky chairs, and bash it until it no longer resembled any piece of furniture. Instead, he looked back at the man.

“Just tell me what you want from me so I can get the hell out of here.”


To pre-order your copy - head over HERE - see you next month!



It’s been a full month, but so far a good one. I’m about to go on holiday to Spain, and my new short Sleepwalker has just been accepted.

Tally Haslam has a lot on her mind, and none of it good. A herbalist and aromatherapist, her latest product – an aphrodisiac – remains unsaleable as she has nobody to test it with. In the hope of getting some R&R, she books herself onto a Paranormal Dinner at a local hotel, formerly a stately home which claims to have its share of family ghosts. But on the first night, she sleepwalks, and finds herself outside an open bedroom door, looking in at hot fellow guest Kyle Hunter as he entertains himself with his right hand…

I originally started writing Sleepwalker for Red Lipstick Diaries as part of their Bayou Heat line. The image of a sleepwalker in white slowly walking through a plantation house was entrancing. However, RLD are no more, and last year I visited Mosborough Hall, a beautiful former-stately-home-now-hotel with a haunted suite (no ghosts appeared, sadly). Much easier to scrap the bayou idea and invent Madigan Hall, with its stunning architecture and rich history.

And I admit, I’m getting into paranormal stories in a big way. I’m still working on a sequel to I Heard Your Voice and have a few more ideas up my sleeve for later.

So I’m looking forward to seeing Sleepwalker out for pre-order on October 4th and, in the meantime, will be delving further into the land of ghosts. Give me a nudge if I turn into Derek Acorah.


RT Conference 2013 in Review

For the fourth year in a row I have been blessed with being able to attend the Romantic Times Convention - this year in Kansas City, Missouri. Gotta say - I had loads of fun as well as - um - a few unexpected adventures.

1.  IT FUCKING SNOWED - IN MAY!!!!!!! (Sorry for dropping the f-bomb - but SERIOUSLY????? I repeat my twitter update of a few weeks ago - Mother Nature, you menopausal bitch, make up your mind!)

2.  Because of the snow, the hotel was overheated at times plus dry air plus sudden temperature changes equals really, really bad asthma - so I had to hit the inhaler - often.

3.  Because of hitting the inhaler often, every damned time I bumped into anything (I'm a bit accident prone!) I bruised. I ended the trip looking like I was the demo-model for all the BDSM sessions!

4.  Because of the dry air, my soft contacts adhered to my dry eyeballs and when I pried them off a blood vessel popped - so not only was I bruised up and out of breath - I had bloody eyeballs. My husband said I am not allowed to leave home anymore.

5.  I ate haggis!!! OMG - I can't say I'm going to fix it for Sunday dinner, but it was not nearly as frightful as I imagined! Go Scotland!!

6.  The cover models are not only HOT, HOT, HOT, they are also GENTLEMEN!!

7.  Free books galore - what joy!!! I think I had a mini orgasm every time I was handed a free book - which would be about 50 book induced orgasms in a 4 day period.

8.  The parties and costumes were fabulous. I want to dress up and do Cosplay more!

9.  Swag can include not only bookmarks and candy, but condoms, lube, soap, lip balm, hair ties, hand cuffs, mini whips, blindfolds and much, much more.

10.  As always, the best part was meeting all the people, talking to them, hearing their perspectives, laughing, dancing and most of all - reading and writing!


An uncomfortable truth

I have to admit to sniggering in the past about guys who buy the tabloids and immediately turn to page 3. For those American readers, page 3 generally features an attractive girl with big bazookas. Well, it used to. I haven't opened one of those newspapers for a long time.
It is a fact that guys are drawn to the visual aspects of sex - while women are supposedly not. So guys watch porn and women read erotic romance.  BUT the internet has changed things. It's easy to find all sorts of things nowadays and images of naked guys are all over the place. You hardly have to look. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Ooh, plus I'm doing research for my books. Cough...
But I'm not sniggering any more because I'm prepared to hold up my hand and admit I like looking at pics of naked guys. While I used to blather about the exploitation of women, how can I now say that when I'm quite happy to click on pages where I know I'll see guys with their kit off?
The truth is that I don't think it is exploitation. Those who are prepared to reveal all do it because they either want the money or the attention. They're not being forced into it. So thanks to those who are brave enough to shed their clothes because sometimes, I just like to admire a beautiful body.
Sorry hubs, you're beautiful too! Honest!