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Pack Daughter: Were Chronicles Book Seven First Look

                                          Were Chronicles Book Seven: Pack Daughter

                                               Pre-Order: 8/30/13

               I thought it was very good timing that today is my blog here at Total-E-Bound's hitting the hot spot and it is also the dau that book seven for The Were Chronicles: Pack Daughter is now out for pre-order!

               So this is your first look at the next installation of The Were Chronicles series.

               This year we have met shifters in two other books ( Pack Community and Pack Mates) - now see their friend Mike Jackson in his own story!

               At the end of Pack Mates: Were Chronciles Book Six the shifter world finally came out to the public... Now it's time to find out what happened...

The shifter world has announced their presence…and now must deal with the consequences.

Mike Jackson knew when the other members of his military unit started finding mates that his life would be heading for some major changes. The decision to leave the military was agreed upon but now that Mike is free, he is finding himself weary and bored. When the call comes in to assist a Pack facing dangerous threats, he is more than glad to help. He hopes getting back into the thick of things will calm him and his wolf. Becca Nelson’s heart is breaking at the horrible fires that are plaguing her town. Someone is out to destroy her community and they have no idea who it could be. Her father, the Alpha, makes a call for help and brings Mike into her life. Becca knows that Mike is the wolf for her the moment she meets him. With a direct threat against Becca, an ex showing up, and a kidnapping, Mike and Becca may not have the time to save both the town and each other. It’ll take everything Mike has in him to keep the Pack Daughter safe and give him time to place his claim. That is if Becca doesn’t have to rescue him first… I hope you are as excited about the upcoming books in The Were Chronicles as I am. You can pre-order your copy today of Pack Daughter and get a jump on everyone else!  Pack Daughter official release is October 11, 2013. So if you don't want to wait grab your copy now. Also, if you missed any of my previous posts remember book seven, eight, and nine are all being released in a three month period. October, November, and December of this year! So you can continue the series and not have to wait forever for the next installment! Crissy Smith   


Maschalophilous by Lily Harlem

Because of the warm weather lately I've been thinking a lot about one of my favourite anatomical structures of the beautiful male body. So today I thought I'd share with you my leading obsession. And get this, it even has a medical term - maschalophilous - or, to put it more simply, armpit lust - Amen - and I have it by the bucketful.

You may have noticed I often describe my hero's sumptuous pits in my stories and that's because I always have a very clear idea of how they look, feel and smell. I've also blogged about this before, and for that I apologise, but it can't be helped, like I said, it's somewhat of an obsession.

This is one of my very fav. armpit pics.

There’s just something about this often overlooked part of the male anatomy that hits all the right buttons in me. The underarm is a secret place men don’t even know is secret, and when they strip off their tops, material covering their eyes for the briefest, most stolen of moments, we get to feast on their deliciously manly pits – and they don’t know anything about it!! How cool, or rather, hot is that?

Mr. Harlem has a delectable underarm, pale skin untouched by the sun, dark, wispy hair, the softest on his body, and a scent of pheromones that’s to die for.

Unfortunately, being that he’s consumed by the urge to pull away giggling whenever I try and caress this part of his body, means I’m in somewhat of an armpit drought and have to satisfy my craving with pics.... here you go, I'm not selfish, happy to share, though of course this is only a small sample from my collection :-)

Can't type - swooning!!!

Lily x


Found Out How I Ended Up In His Cuffs!

If it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t believe it!


You’ve heard the saying that life imitates art? In this case, it couldn’t be truer.


Following my divorce, I went to work for a small company that was doing about $124,000 a year in sales. (Yeah, seriously)


I loved the business. It was environmentally friendly, and, I thought, the market was ready for our company’s offering.


At my ninety day review, I sat down with the CEO, a gentleman with a ton of heart and entrepreneurial spirit. In advance of the lunch meeting, I had been asked to fill out a questionnaire. One of the questions was, “Where do you want to be a year from now?”


I was bold, and I had no idea what I didn’t know. (The unknown unknown!)


So I said, “I want to be running this company.”


Flash forward a year. I was made General Manager.


Yep, I was running the company while the CEO went onto other ventures.


Through my life, my first love has been writing. I wrote my first books at age nine. (Yep, seriously.)


I wrote ten complete novels before Silhouette took a chance on me and offered a book contract.


My divorce sidetracked my romance novel aspirations. (I did think about writing murder mysteries, but that’s another story!)


I continued to write even as I worked sixty hours a week at the day job.


The company grew to a multi-million dollar corporation.


And, I decided to focus more and more attention on my writing.


I suggested the Mastered series to Claire at Total-E-Bound. And she was keen to acquire it.


The fourth book in the series was titled “In His Cuffs.” In this book, the hero has the heroine tied to an employment contract. In business terms, it’s known as golden handcuffs. I thought it was a fun idea for a book, but I had no idea that a year later, my life would parallel what was unfolding in my story.


I went to my boss to resign. (Did I mention he’s an entrepreneur?) He had a million other ideas happening, so… Yep, he offered me a deal if I would stay for a while longer.


As I was trying to extricate myself from the six a.m. to six p.m. daily grind, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.


 A lot of readers have told me this story resonates with them. Well, a lot of the feelings the heroine experiences are the exact same things I was feeling about having her life somewhat defined for her.


I’m happy to report that, along with my heroine, I also got my happily ever after...


Here’s to yours!


The Christening

Over the next few months, my husband and I will pack up all our things and move into the home of our dreams. We have waited for this for a very long time, and it's hard to believe that the big moving day is almost here. We've already started talking about the things we will do with the big deck, the long nights in front of the fireplace and how nice it will be to live in our little haven in the woods.

And of course, we've been planning out the christening.

What's the christening, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

The christening is the act of having some sexual fun in every room of the house, including the closets. It's the act of walking through the house when it is empty, before the movers show up, and having sex in the places that you won't be able to manage very easily once the furniture is in place. Like the aforementioned closets. Or the middle of the living room floor, right where the couch will be. Or on the dining room floor, or the laundry room -- right where the washer and dryer will go when they finally get there.

The idea is to create the earliest memories in the home, all relating to sex. That means that when you look at each other over that dining room table while you're having that dinner party, you can wink at each other with the knowledge that you were doing the nasty right where that fine table now sits. Or when you do the laundry, you can pull out the towels and grin about the fact that this little space has seen more heat than just some steam from the dryer!

But it also leaves the "goodbye" sex for our old place, which means that after the movers get the things out of there, we can do a reverse christening of sorts -- saying goodbye to the old place by having sex in all those places you haven't touched in years. We'll probably start right on the carpet, between the little indentations that show where the couch once sat...

We're going to be quite happy in our new house. And we're going to be so damn tired and sore by the time we actually move in!

How do you celebrate a new abode? If you haven't engaged in a sexual christening yet, there's still time -- just push that couch out of the way and get it on in the middle of the living room to get started!



Good bye Summer, Hello Fall!

I can't wait to officially say good bye to summer! There's one tree by my home with leaves already starting to change and I'm looking forward to seeing them all transform. Fall has always been my favorite season. Spring would be my second choice. Both seasons delight the senses with bursts of color as Mother Nature offers up a brilliant display of her many talents, but fall does something to my soul.

The air is different. There's this building excitement with the holidays right around the corner. Yet, there's still a little time for many us before the craziness of holiday planning and  parties begins. I love decorating for the season and having something festive to look at until January!

Right now, I'm imagining wrapping up in a soft shawl and just watching those brightly colored leaves flutter to the ground.

Besides, who needs all that humidity and heat when there are hot books to read!

Stay tuned, I'm super excited about several works coming soon with TEB! Next month, I'll be able to share more!

Until then...

Enjoy what's left of summer...I'm already craving spiced cider and pumpkin pie!

Love & Laughter,

Nichelle Gregory 
Simply sexy stories...


Busy, busy summer....

This summer has been so busy. I have family visiting and have been taking them lots of places. It's been fun but hectic time. I love summer and the time I get to spend having fun in the sun. Summer is the time I love to explore my neighborhood and find places I haven't see before. I've been taking my visiting family along with me when I do.

How is your summer?

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor
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A Leap in the Dark

This November marks my m/f debut, with the release of 'Christopher's Medal', a story about love, war, redemption and horse-racing.

This story has been kicking around for a few years. I wrote the first draft so long ago that I can't actually remember when. I pulled it out of the trunk a few months back, polished it and sent it to my lovely editor at TEB. I was delighted and more than a little scared when she gave it the thumbs-up. After all this time, this story is finally going to see the light of day.

I'm not going to say much about it now, but I wanted to share this beautiful cover art. I've had several books published under my S A Meade pen name, and all of the covers have made me Very Happy. When Emmy Ellis sent me this, I don't mind saying that I cried a little. It says so much about the story, it's a perfect fit. And if ever there was a moment for me to hope that people do judge a book by it's cover, this would be it.


Bolly Brilliant Blisse Free Read!

Free has got to be the best price to pay, right? Well today I'm bringing you news of a FREE bit of Blisse.  Bolly Brilliant.

Bolly Brilliant plays out between two characters in my Djinn's Amulet Series, Rahul and Laura.  Here's the blurb:

English woman Laura has been swept off her feet by Bollywood legend Rahul Khan. She moved to Mumbai to be with him but finds hanging round the film lot far less glamorous than she expected it to be. However, a lunchtime visit to wardrobe and Laura's first experience of wearing a sari spices up the afternoon for them both.
So if you fancy a little Eastern Spice, pick up this delicious dish and if it puts you in the mood for more, check out Silver Screen Dream and Bollywood Nightmare, the first two books in the Djinn's Amulet series.
You're introduced to Johnny the Djinn in this freebie and he's a popular fellow, people who read about him fall in love with him. He's a curmudgeonly Genie (don't call him that to his face) but he really does have a heart of gold.  I love writing about him and I'm just about to start writing the third book in the series. I'm coming back for you, Johnny!
I hope you enjoy Bolly Brilliant, it's certainly available at a Brilliant price, which is FREE, if I hadn't said that enough yet. If you want to download it to keep forever you need to use this link to Bolly Brilliant , scroll down to it (the second book down) add it to your basket and follow the instructions from there on in.


Uniform Encounters Book 3 - Lust Emergency is Coming!

Literally. *snort* So this Friday - yes in just mere hours - Lust Emergency, the 3rd book in the Uniform Encounters series will be available for pre-order right here at Total-E-Bound - yay! This is even more exciting, because if you pre-order, you can get the book at a 15% discount - double yay!
To celebrate, I shall share a steamy excerpt from this M/M contemporary romance about an older ER doctor with movie star looks, and a younger paramedic who has the doc on his radar. But there are always secrets, and Terrence the paramedic has a doozy - he belongs to a sex club, and isn't sure how his more conservative crush will feel about that. Here's a scene from one of their first dates - a get-together at the doctor's place when Terrence decides to come clean:

"... Enough about me. What was it you wanted to say to  me?”
The look on Terrence’s face made Jackson’s stomach flutter a little, but not in a good way. He had that slight dread feeling that he might not like what he was about to hear.
Terrence let out a long sigh. “Yeah. So here’s the thing. I like you a lot. But since the thing with Cory, I haven’t wanted to get into any sort of one-on-one thing either. But I’m a big horn dog—really big horn dog.”
Jackson’s heart sank. “Are you saying that all you’re interested in is a sex thing?”
Terrence shook his head vehemently. “Oh, man, I knew I would fuck this up. Let me tell you everything first.”
“Of course, go ahead.”
“What I’m saying is that’s how I felt before, the way you have.” He chuckled a little. “I’m not saying I’m not horny as hell still, but I’m looking at my choices and behaviours, and rethinking what I want in life. And what I want now is something real, not just a playtime fuck. Which brings me to that club I was telling you about.”
“Oh?” Jackson had a bad feeling about where all of this was going.
“Yeah. You see, there’s this place in Phoenix called Sinsation”—Terrence shifted in his seat—“and it’s a, you know, uh, a sex club.” Terrence winced, and paused.
The place Dakota mentioned?
“Wow.” Jackson hadn’t been prepared to hear that, but he was trying to keep an open mind. “So… What exactly happens at this sex club?” His mind latched onto hundreds of different scenarios—none of them good.
“It’s primarily a gay hangout. And on the gay nights, I go there and drink, dance to some music, hang out with some friends I’ve made there…”
Jackson felt some relief. That wasn’t so bad. “That’s nothing. Why shouldn’t you go out and enjoy yourself? It’s not as if you’ve been with anyone.”
“Well, there’s more. Much more.”
Jackson had that sinking feeling again.
“Look, Doc, I don’t want you to think badly of me. But I think it’s important that I let it all hang out. I don’t want it to come back and bite me in the ass down the road, you dig?”
Terrence was trying to be honest, and that said something.
“I understand. You’re right. Go on.”
“Okay, so this is the thing. There’s this one guy named Marcus who has been—and I emphasise has been—my main fuck-buddy there.”
Jackson tried not to show any reaction to what Terrence was saying.
“And there is this downstairs area that you have to be a member of, or you can pay for a one-time visit… Well, anyway, that’s where everyone goes to get it on.”
“Get it on?”
“All right, I won’t sugar-coat it. Everyone fucks whoever they want. There are themed rooms and other…amenities such as a BDSM section. You can go there and hook up with whoever, and do whatever.”
It’s the ‘whatever’ that has me concerned.
“And this is safe?”
“That’s just it, Doc. That’s what attracted me to it. After the whole Cory thing, I was scared to go out with strangers. Everyone gets tested there regularly, we all use condoms, and there are bouncers to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Yes. I felt safe there.”
“And now how do you feel about it?”
Terrence buried his face in his hands, shaking his head. He looked back up at Jackson.
“It served a purpose for me, and I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t have a good time—a great time even. But I have different priorities now, and I really want to let go of that lifestyle, and get with one man that I can share my life with. I learned my lesson with Cory. Having an open relationship doesn’t work. But I’m done with all of that now. I swear.”
Jackson didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t picture himself in a million years going to a place like that, but was it his place to judge someone who did? And Terrence had sworn he was done with that lifestyle and that club. Could he believe him?
“Do I disgust you?”
Terrence looked so sad, and Jackson frowned. “Of course not. Come here.” Jackson held his arms open. “Can I hold you?”
“Oh, thank you for understanding,” Terrence said with obvious relief, and collapsed in Jackson’s embrace.
They held each other in silence, and Jackson inhaled Terrence’s scent. It was musky with a hint of vanilla. Sweet and delectable. He found himself stroking Terrence’s back, and considered how much courage it must have taken the young man to open up to him. He lowered his head and nuzzled Terrence’s neck, holding him tighter with a sense of urgency. He grabbed the tip of Terrence’s earlobe with his lips and suckled it into his mouth. Terrence arched into him and moaned. Jackson poked his tongue into Terrence’s ear, teasing it, whilst he used his hands to squeeze and caress Terrence’s body. The young man touched him in return, sliding his hands along Jackson’s loose pants to stroke his thighs. When Terrence bent his head back to give Jackson more access to his throat, he kept his tongue in motion, lapping at Terrence, hungry with his desire.
He stopped to cradle the back of Terrence’s head, and looked into his eyes. He latched onto Terrence’s mouth, kissing him deeply, delighting in how wonderful he tasted. Terrence enthusiastically gave back, drawing first one lip, then another of Jackson’s into his own mouth. The heat built between them, and Jackson was incredibly hard, wanting urgently to just let go. Terrence slid a probing hand up the inside of Jackson’s thigh, and Jackson knew Terrence was just about to find out how turned on he really was. Jackson abruptly pulled away.
Terrence looked stricken. “What’s wrong?”
Jackson slowed his breathing that had been building with his desire. “Nothing’s wrong. I just don’t know if I’m ready…”

For more info - check out the product page HERE


Married to an Erotic Romance Writer?

This is for you!

I am celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary this week and it got me thinking about whether my husband knew what he was getting into when he married me? That one day I'd be a published erotic romance author.

Of course he knew I had a vibrant imagination (that’s a nice way of putting it) and that I wrote all sorts of racy stories when we met, a although, at that time just for fun. But let’s face it — twenty-five years ago, erotic romance wasn’t exactly a household name. And that got me thinking about all the spouses, partners and lovers of erotic romance writers. 

So here’s a shout out to our dearest. Those who support erotic romance writers through our best days, from “I got a contract!” to our worst days, “the computer just died and my masterpiece is in there!”  

Oh sure, there are perks to being in love with an erotic author — no, not those perks, but yes of course, that’s part of it. We’re comfortable with sexuality, possess a very open mind and have tried everything in our books! Okay, maybe that last one’s a stretch, but there are other perks. 

Our search engine history is wildly interesting and there’s never a dull conversation when we’re stuck in rush hour traffic together,  delayed in an airport terminal, or when we’re lucky enough to have a nice dinner alone. 

I know sometimes it’s not that easy for our partners when the world finds out just what their beloved writes. Sometimes, there are snickers from others; from co-workers or acquaintances that don’t know us well, and who may not quite understand just what it is we do. Funny enough, they usually wind up being the ones with the most questions!

But through it all, our partners are our biggest supporters and our most loyal fans. 

So on my 25th wedding anniversary, I’d first like to thank Mr. Deveaux for being so freakin’ amazing, but also give a big thank you to all those partners, lovers, and spouses who make our lives so much fuller. 

We love you!


Author website:


Inspiration Abroad

I’m very excited to be posting here for the first time.

My first single release with TEB, In Service to the Senses, came out a few weeks ago and it’s great to be part of this fantastic group. If you fancy a little Edwardian upstairs/downstairs action, then it's the story for you. And there's a fair bit of kink thrown in for good measure. Those Edwardians!

But what to blog about now? I’ll start with inspiration. We all need it; from where do we get it? As I’ve just returned from a holiday abroad, I got thinking about inspiration on our travels. I’d been to the place I visited before and I’m used to it, but the sights, sounds, smells and textures are still far removed from the cool, clean forms and sensations I’m used to where I live and hence very stimulating.

It was a fabulous break – rewarding and relaxing equally – the perfect combination for focusing the mind and body on sensation. With time on my hands and a free rein on my imagination, my brain whirs into action, accompanied by a perky libido; the results invariably spark many delicious erotic fantasies and ideas.

It can be a town I visit, a situation I found myself in, or a person who catches my attention – all new, all different, all somehow fleeting and ephemeral as I know I’ll be leaving. Perhaps it’s that need to cling onto the memories, just like taking a photograph – why not turn it into an erotic story to cherish?

It’s usually people who linger most in my mind. There was one guy this time who is still knocking around in my head insisting I write a story for him. He wasn’t typical of his countrymen. He was quiet and subtle, but cautiously polite and charming, with a reluctant smile and piercing eyes. I liked that. I doubt I’ll see him again. But he’s been stored up for use on a rainy day, shall we say. And I’ll be able to provide him with a leading lady and situation far beyond what reality probably could.

And there’s the great thing about being a writer. I’m not in a position to act as I may wish, but my imagination certainly is.

What sparks your imagination? Are there any particular people or places which have inspired you more than others? Thanks for having me. I look forward to getting to know you all more. 

Demelza Hart


Losing My Cherry

Now, I know what this slang expression makes us all think of and that’s why I used it, because here I am, today, losing my Hitting the Hot Spot cherry.
Yes, folks, it’s my first time!!!
My home-grown cherry tomatoes

I’ve experienced a lot of first times in the last eight months but my favourite had to be THE EMAIL. Getting that lovely email from my gorgeous editor to say that, yes, Total-E-Bound would like to publish Desire in Deadwood was THE BEST!!! It was a moment that I’d daydreamed about (I just corrected a typo – I typed daycreamed instead of daydreamed…lol), talked about and wondered about. (A bit like losing your cherry, I guess. You wonder what it’ll be like, wonder when it’ll happen and maybe even daydream about it. Then when it happens…well, it’s an experience, isn’t it?) But getting your first contract is…incredible.
Then there were other firsts.
My first edits…daunting but I was guided through them (Thank you, Sue!) and I actually enjoyed that part of improving my writing. I’ve learnt so much through this process and I’m totally grateful for all the help and support I’ve received.
My first cover and banner pack…oh so gorgeous!!! Thank you to the talented ones who create our marvellous covers.
My first author page…Wow! That’s really me and my book!

(Apologies for the overuse of exclamation marks but it’s been a very exciting time. Also, I just realised that this sounds a bit like on Oscar speech…<dabs eyes with tissue>)
So what’s next?
Knee trembling first review…<stomach flips>…
First royalty statementDid anyone buy it???...
Waiting on a submissionWill they want the next one?...
2013 has been a year of firsts. Through the writing and editing of Desire in Deadwood and the promotion and networking to ‘get it out there’, I’ve had a ball. I’ve ‘met’ lots of new people (the internet really does make the world a smaller place) and I have learnt A LOT about the whole process of getting a novel from scratchy origins to publication and beyond. So I’d like to say thank you to all those who’ve been sucked into my whirlwind (interesting metaphor, sounds saucy ;-) over recent months for their friendship, support, encouragement and professionalism.
Ooh! You know what? I’ve enjoyed losing my Hitting the Hotspot cherry here today!
And it would be bad manners if I didn’t share a little of my debut novella wouldn’t it? Here’s Nate and Evelyn, checking each other out for the first time in a long time.
Let me know what you think or tell me about your first time. (It’s up to you which first time you choose to discuss!)
Molly xxx
“What now?”
He was in control here, he had bought her and she would earn her money. She had to because she needed it so desperately.
As he stared at her she felt that he would burn through her skin and into her very soul. His gaze was unflinching. She looked away into the corner of the room to avoid eye contact. Her hair fell down over her chest and the plump mounds of her breasts protruded, covered only by her thin chemise. When she took a shaky breath, she felt the stays of her corset against her ribs whilst the lace edging around its top rubbed against the underside of her bosom. Her nipples strained against their covering, so tight that they ached.
She wanted to be touched.
She knew that Nate saw all of this and she surrendered to the urge to look at him. She scanned his form, from his dusty black boots, up his long legs in their pinstripe pants and arrived at his groin.
She whipped a protective hand across her chest.
“What do you see Mrs Campbell?”
His arousal was evident, bulging against the crotch of his trousers and he smiled as she stared at it.
“It remembers you too.” He rubbed at the swelling, gripping it tightly. “It remembers you very well.”