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A Month of Celebrations!

                         Get Ready for an Exciting Month- October is going to ROCK!

October is only a day away and I can’t wait! I’ve been hard at work organizing and planning an entire month of celebrations just for you!

                                             HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
*Yes, October 2013 is my five year anniversary as a published author and with Total-E-Bound. My very first book was released in October 2008 in the Halloween Collection Bite Me. My story Savage Love brought Kelly Walker into a world is never knew existed. Werewolves, vampires, and humans collide! Oh My!
To me it seems like decades have gone by since my first book release. It also seems like it was only last week. I know, how can that be!?!
Sometimes I still want to pinch myself when I realize that this month I will have my twentieth book published! It goes to show that dreams really do come true!
Oh come on! I have to get a little sappy… Five years!!!!
*Now my five year anniversary isn’t the only thing we are celebrating this year.  October is also the start of three months of back to back to back Were Chronicles Release!
That’s right, in the next three months we have the next three installments of The Were Chronicles General Release Dates.

Pack Daughter: Were Chronicles Book Seven

Pre-Order: 8/30/13

V.I.P Release: 9/13/13

General Release: 10/11/13
Pack Hunter: Were Chronicles Book Eight
Pre-Order: 10/4/13
V.I.P. Release: 10/18/13
General Release: 11/18/13
Pack Council: Were Chronicles Book Nine
Pre-Order: 11/15/13
V.I.P. Release: 11/29/13
General Release: 12/27/13
*But I’m not finished yet!!!!*
I’ve hinted the last few months about the Were Chronicles growth and expansion. October 25th will be the launch of this first step!
The Were Chronicles Website
October 25th will be the launch celebration for the Were Chronicles very own website. This website will be dedicated to the Were’s and their world. On this website it will be easier to read about the books, contests, a page to catch up with the characters, and an awesome map to Track the Pack.
During this launch party I will be giving tons of prizes away. Free books, gift cards, goodies, and more. This party will be held on the website and my Facebook fan page. It you haven’t liked my Facebook fan page please do! That way you won’t be left out of the fun!
I hope you are as excited as I am.
The entire month of October I will be popping up with all kinds of free gifts to show my appreciation to you. I wouldn’t, couldn’t, have made it through the last five years without the support of my publisher, editors, and readers.
I am Thankful for all of you. And thrilled all the excitement going on!
Crissy Smith


Theme Tunes

By Lily Harlem

Recently I was asked if music played a part in my writing. I didn't have to think very long to realise that it most definitely does. Most of my books, novellas or novels and indeed co-authored books have mentions of songs, or music playing somewhere in the twists and turns of the plot.

Music is part of all of our lives, some more than others, so it's only natural that it's part of our characters too.

When I was writing That Filthy Book with Natalie Dae we  discovered that we are both secret James Blunt fans. So we used his music when Jacob was running a bath for Karen right before they indulged in their first anal play. There's candles and scented bubbles and a whole load of naughtiness, and Jacob is just the sweetest husband, I think I fell for him completely during that scene.

Another book I wrote, a short story called Orchestrating Manoeuvres was actually inspired by a music video. 

Do you remember in the 90's Kate Moss did pole dancing to The White Stripes?

I used the idea of a super-model starring in a video as the basis for my story, though instead of a rock band my musicians - note the pleural, it's a menage - are classical pianists. I really enjoyed the visuals in my head when writing about the video and the sexy moves.

The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita is part of the Bollywood range, and although there isn't mention of a specific song in the book, there certainly was something like this going on in my head when writing the wedding scene.

So do you have music in your head when you write? Do you enjoy mentions of music in the stories that you read, and is there a theme song to your life?

Lily x


Alpha Heroes Make Me Swoon

And what is it, exactly, that makes a man an alpha?

Sure, we all attracted to different physical features. Some women like tall, dark, and handsome. Some like short, sexy, spikey blond hair. Some love tattoos or tight buns. (Not that there’s anything wrong with tattoos AND tight buns!) Some love washboard abs.

Maybe it’s his dark eyes that attract us. Or his gorgeous smile.

But to me, all the exterior trappings don’t matter as much as what’s inside.

I love a hero with confidence. I love a hero who is attracted to a woman and lets her know it, pursuing her with single-minded determination. (And I’m not talking about stalkers. That’s another thing, entirely.)

My heroes, no matter what they look like, will have characteristics in common.

They’re loyal. They’re trustworthy. They’re leaders. And they won’t settle for anything less than a woman who’s their equal.

My guys need women who are matches to their personality. As a result, my heroines are strong, determined, resolute, spunky.

My guys may be initially attracted to a heroine’s looks, but there’s something about her that will ensnares him. They don’t get hung up on the physical. They’ll look past the things that she may see as imperfections, and they’ll take the time to get to know who she really is.

He won’t be satisfied to just have hot sex with her. (Though I promise you there will be plenty of that!) He will talk with her, get to know what feeds her emotional fires. He’ll invest time and energy into the things that matter to her.

Beyond that, he will listen, really listen, when she speaks. He won’t be flipping the channels. He will give her his entire focus.

I love my alpha heroes, and to me that means much more than a guy who’s big and strong. It means he’s a man who able to open up, reveal his heart and take emotional risks, all because of the love of one woman.

Yeah, to me, that’s what it’s all about… An alpha hero is a man secure enough to allow himself to be vulnerable because the heroine is worth any risk.

xxoo Sierra





Call Me

By A.J. Llewellyn

I know I'm supposed to be writing about one of my TeB books and I am actually working on the sequel to The Bouncer right now, so I hope this counts, but today I have to write what I have to write about.
If you know what I mean.
Cell phones.
I am soooo sick of them.
They kill romance.
They kill conversation.
They kill people.
Recently, I joined a bunch of people for lunch at the Roma Cafe in Beverly Hills. The numbers swelled to about fourteen and the conversations spinning around the table were fascinating. Until people's cell phones started ringing.
I was the only one left sitting there, waiting to talk to the people around me. As they continued to use their phones I began to wonder who I could call, but then actor Andrew Dice Clay walked up to the table and called out, "You're all a bunch of wankers. A bunch of jerks! Look at you and your damned cell phones!' He pointed down the table at me. "Except you. You're not a jerk."
"Thanks," I said.
I believe cell phones are a necessity, especially if you're about to be mauled by a serial killer and need help.
Yes, they can be life-saving devices but I can't decide who drives worse. A cell phone user wielding a shopping cart, or a cell phone user wielding an actual bloody car.
The world has gone mad. Cell phone mad.
I watch people at the dog park ignoring their pets' death screams as they're attacked by pit bulls because they're on their phones yackin' away.
I wait in line at the grocery store while some schlub who can't be bothered waiting until he/she is away from the register to conclude a deeply boring conversation.
Cell phone use is illegal whilst driving in California.
But people still do it.
In Hawaii, the police have begun ticketing pedestrians in Waikiki for cell phone use because they can't look where they are going. Taxi drivers are apparently knocking down people in record numbers.
Yes. These idiots cross the street, apparently unable to walk and talk at the same time. Maybe they can walk and chew gum as the saying goes, but cell phones apparently renders 90% of their users stupid.
Waiters in restaurants, bus drivers, taxi drivers, breast-feeding moms...they all absolutely have to chat on their cell phones right. this. minute.
Or else.
In California, texting is also illegal whilst driving a moving vehicle. Texting is the single biggest cause of death for teenagers in traffic accidents, but I see the pimply set doing it all day long. On the freeway once I observed a girl curling her eyelashes with one hand, texting with the other. I wasn't sure if I was afraid or enthralled.
What the hell was she driving with?
In romance novels, we rarely see people screwing each other over at the dinner table to take a call, yet we see it all the time in real life.
I have often thought about putting a scene like that in my books and did, once, for humor, but it wasn't romantic. It wasn't sexy.
It was real.
I heard on the radio last night that cell phones and computers in the bedroom are a big no-no. But my married friends I surveyed this morning secretly admitted to yacking and shopping online or playing some computer game or other instead of having nooky-nooky.
I'm trying to imagine Mr. Rochester interrupting an important, revalatory conversation with Jane Eyre to take a cell phone call.
How about Heathcliff? Would he stop kissing Cathy to talk to one of his card-playing buddies?
Or would he be too busy playing with her ho-ho on that wintry ha-ha?
I do wonder about Casablanca and other great movies if they were updated with modern technology. Would they be as romantic? Or would all the special moments not be live but Memorex?
I yearn for gentler times and so do my characters. I wish we could all take time for one another and not try to multi-task ourselves to death.
We've forgotten the art of conversation. Lost the sense of dreams and connectivity. I hope we find them all again soon.
Oops...gotta take that telephone call.

Aloha oe,



Oh, Those Sexy Chefs

Have you watched televison lately and seen the absolute stunning array of chefs cooking and slaving away over stoves and cutting boards? But why stop at TV? Even online, chefs of every kind are making headlines. Is it for their love of food? Is it for their fabulous recipes? Or is it because we, the captive viewers, want to drool a little longer at the latest handsome man touted as an amazing cook? Because, let's face it, a sexy guy plus cooking equals one huge heartthrob! 

I'm no different than the rest. I look at some of these chefs and imagine what it'd be like to have him stirring up a delicious dessert in my kitchen--or in his. And what wonderful ideas he could come up with next. 

But on the flip side, I always get the feeling these master chefs can have control issues. "Don't touch that, you're not doing it right; here, just let me do it," kind of attitudes. Hmm..this can be a bad thing, or a good thing. I mean, let's say you did something just a tad bit wrong. What fun it would be to be under his control for your punishment? And what if that control was times two?

Out now at TEB, I have a story in the Whip It Up! Anthology, where I take this attitude and use it everyone's best advantage. Check out a snippet from Five Courses

Paying the price for breaking the rules has never been so delicious.

Trent and Mike rule their kitchen like they do their subs—with firm command and guiding strokes. Only they haven’t enjoyed a sub in months, not since Melissa moved in with them. She’s getting over a broken heart and seems so fragile that they don’t want to scare her away.

When the men come home from their club early one night, they catch her breaking just about every rule they have in their kitchen. Now the gloves are off.

Melissa, trembling under their gaze, is given ten seconds to decide her fate—she can walk away and lose any hope of growing her relationship with these men, or she can stay and submit to their creative punishment for her misdeeds…

     Melissa ducked and twirled to the song, loving the way the beat surrounded her. She held a slice of pizza in her left hand and danced towards the refrigerator, glancing at the clock as she moved. Ten o’clock. She easily had another couple of hours before Trent and Mike returned. Plenty of time to finish her forbidden late-night dinner, clean up and tuck herself away in her third-floor flat. Feeling smug, she belted out the chorus, looking over the cluttered countertop. Every Thursday night she indulged, like a naughty girl when the parents were away. And even though Trent and Mike weren’t her parents, they were well-known chefs-turned-caterers who guarded their large kitchen like a pair of pit bulls. 
     With the pizza in her left hand, she opened the door with her right. Just before she plucked out another beer, she spread her knees and shimmed into a low crouch before working her way back up. The words of the song rushed through her, making her wonder what it’d be like to be loved rough. To have a lover want to tie her up, or spank her ass, or…or…hell, she didn’t really know what all kinds of naughty stuff could go on, but just the thoughts heated her blood. Especially when she imagined Trent or Mike taking charge and doing these things to her. 
     Nothing could stop the huge grin at these thoughts as she turned and hip-checked the door closed. 
     Then something to her left caught her eye. She turned her head and shrieked. 
     Oh shit. Busted. 
     Trent and Mike stood at the end of the long kitchen. Even though they stared right at her, she knew they saw everything. Wincing, she darted her eyes around the kitchen at proof of her wrongdoing. If that wasn’t bad enough, she suddenly realised with embarrassment, all she had on was a pair of blue silky tap pants and a matching cami top. 
     Oh, crap. 
     As the last chords of the sexy, incriminating song faded away, the distinctive repetition of letters seemed to echo through the room. She flushed toe to neck and started cleaning. She was in so much trouble. 
     “Melissa, stop.”  
     Mike hadn’t raised his voice. If anything, he’d lowered it, and the rumble coursed through her like a distant thunder. She stilled immediately.  
     “How many people were you expecting to entertain…in our kitchen?” 
     She squeezed her eyes shut. “Oh”—she tried for a nonchalant laugh—“you know, just a few.” 
     Footsteps clicked on the ceramic floor and a warm hand grazed her neck and trailed down her bare shoulder. “And just who were you expecting to entertain,” Trent whispered across her ear, “dressed like this?” 
     With her head already bowed, she glanced down at herself and blushed again. She’d never left her flat wearing so little. At least, not when these two were home. 
     The music had shifted to another song and the beat seemed too loud. She reached to turn it off, but Trent’s hand over hers stopped her. 
     “I like this song,” he explained. She glanced at him and blinked. His face was inches from hers and despite the firm line of his mouth, his eyes looked excited. 
     She trembled. She wasn’t very experienced, but she’d seen that look on the face of other men, looking at other women. Did he want her? Oh, no, no, no. He couldn’t want her. He only wanted her in her fantasies. She didn’t know what the hell to do with a man like Trent. Or Mike, for that matter. She peeked past Trent and saw that Mike had stepped close and the same desire shone in his eyes.


Grab Whip It Up! while it's hot and explore your own food and fetish fantasies.  

Oh, and as a bonus, check out this site. Scroll down to see some yummy chefs to fuel your fantasies while you read the antho. ;-)

See you around,

Ayla Ruse
~Ensnare yourself in love



Whip it up Anthology - BDSM fun in the kitchen!

I'm going to share a bit of Satisfying Desires with you today.  It features in the Whip it Up Anthology and has a hot Dom who's clever in the kitchen and very, very sexy.

Lucas is the only man who can satisfy all her desires.

Sally has a broken wrist and is struggling to cope with being off work and home alone. She’s eaten nothing but soup in days and is sick to death of daytime TV. She goes for a walk but is distracted by the delicious smells coming from the local café.

The tall and tanned Greek chef, Lucas, wants to look after Sally…and not just by feeding her with his delicious fried foods. He invites her back to enjoy a meal with him alone that night once the café is closed.

His special brand of optimism and dominance has Sally bending to his will and begging him for more. Their less than innocent evening meal is finished off by a trip to the bedroom with a pot of chocolate spread because, as Lucas says, the only thing better than a hot naked woman is a hot naked woman covered in chocolate!

Reader Advisory: This book contains creative use of fruit and vegetables.


Here's a hot taste of Satisfying desires for you:

He followed me up to my flat and when we got in he took off his coat and again helped me to undo mine. He hung it on the hooks behind the door.
“Would you like a drink?” I asked like I’d been taught good hosts should.

“No,” he replied, “I’d like to fuck you again.” His blunt answer brought a flush to my cheeks and my eyes widened with shock. Before I could reply he pushed his mouth against mine and pressed me up against the wall. My stupid casted arm caught between us and he pulled back a little to relieve the pressure.

“Come,” he beckoned. I followed him. It was weird, he was in control even in my flat. He walked across the living room to the door opposite that led to my room. He signaled for me to sit on the bed as he closed the door. I sat at the end of my bed and waited.

He pulled off his t-shirt, lifted it up and over his head and I admired the planes and dips of his chest. The soft caramel colour of his skin, the puckered peak of his darkened nipples under the rolling curls of dark black hair that covered his chest in a sparse mat. I wanted to run my fingers into it, to rub my naked breasts against his hardness.

He kicked off his shoes and unfastened his jeans. He pushed them down with his boxers and revealed his cock which was fattening into an erection under the heat of my gaze. I waited patiently for his next command, but it didn’t come. He just walked over to the corner of the bed.

“Kneel,” he told me, “rest your arm on the bed, angle your head to my dick.”
I followed his instructions feeling a warmth of gratitude for him remembering my arm. I scooched up to the corner of my divan. I rested my arm on the mattress and sat on my heels anticipating what he’d ask next.

“Good girl.” He stroked my hair with a strong hand then grabbed a fistful and pulled my lips to his straining erection.

Get your hands on this story and 5 others about hot doms and tasty food in the Whip it Up Anthology available just at Total-E-Bound right now.

While I'm here, I just want to mention that next Sunday is a very special anniversary indeed. It will be the 100th Sunday Snog and to celebrate I'm aiming to get 100 authors to share 100 snogs for charity. We're supporting Médecins Sans Frontières (doctors without borders) and hoping to kiss it better for those who desperately need it.

Authors can sign up for the 100th Sunday Snog and readers there will be  100 prizes on offer next Sunday!  And hopefully we'll raise lots of money for MSF to enable them to continue to kiss it better worldwide. Check out the Just Giving Page for details on how you can make your donation!


Lust Emergency - Uniform Encounters 3 Excerpt - 10% off on VIP Download

Hello all - I'm headed to the Gay Romance Meet-up in Seattle, but I'm stopping by to give you another excerpt from Lust Emergency. It's available right this very minute at 10% off on the VIP download. Grab it before anyone else! Speaking of grabbing - I have a steamy little excerpt for you here today. You see, Terrence belongs to the sex club Sinsation in Phoenix Arizona. As much as he's been having a great time there, he's feeling the need for a change. He's thinking about the new ER doctor at the hospital where he works as a paramedic, and Terrence is finally feeling how impersonal and empty his club lifestyle has been. But maybe one of his fuck buddies there is more into Terrence than he originally realised.

Jim smiled a little shyly. “Thanks. This was a great first time. I’m really glad it was with the both of you.”
Terrence smiled back, then looked over at Marcus sitting on the bed glowering. It seemed Marcus was always butt-hurt about everything lately. Actually, Terrence had been a bit like that too—they both weren’t gelling the way they used to.
“Are you two in love now? Fuck. He hardly did anything except sit there playing with himself.”
He’s acting jealous. What’s his problem?
“Well, I thought you were both great. But I have to go, I have an early flight. I’ll come to the club next time I’m in town, and maybe we can hook up again?”
Jim was putting his clothes on, and Marcus was lying on the bed sulking. Terrence frowned. Talk about a post-come buzz kill.
“Yeah, Jim,” he said. “That sounds cool. It was nice to meet you.”
“Thanks, Terrence.” He looked Marcus’ way. “You too, Marcus.”
It was a bit of an awkward exit, but Jim was obviously trying to be as nice as possible.
Terrence stood up, tucking his dick back in his jeans. He wiped his hands on one of the many towels provided in each area. He held one clean hand out to Jim, and shook it.
“All right then. Until later.”
“Yeah, man. Till later.”
Jim ducked out of the room, and that was that. Marcus was still lying on the bed not making a move or saying anything. Terrence shook his head in disgust. He picked up another towel, poured a little bottled water on it and swiped at the jizz on his pants. He couldn’t figure Marcus out anymore and was tired of trying. Maybe he was just tired of the whole damn scene.
Terrence grabbed his jacket and that seemed to spark Marcus to life.
“So that’s it? You’re just going to leave now? I don’t even get to fuck you?”
“Jesus, you came twice, I came twice, are you going for an award or something?”
“You haven’t even touched me tonight. You used to stay here with me for hours at a time. We’d play with different guys, go upstairs and get a couple drinks, do some dancing, then come downstairs for more action. Now you watch me break in another guy, then let him go down on you. What about me, huh?”
“You seemed like you were happy with what you got. You were all hot for that cherry ass.”
“Yeah, but I wanted to take him with you, not alone. Fuck, you just don’t get it, do you?”
“You are absolutely right, I don’t get it. I don’t get you, I’m not sure I even get this club anymore. Maybe I should just stop coming here at all.”
Marcus looked at Terrence with panic in his eyes.
“No, man, it’s cool. Don’t do anything drastic. I’m good.” Marcus purred his next words, like he was trying to seduce Terrence. “Forget what I said, I’m just hot for my main man, that’s all. It ain’t no thing, we’re cool.”
Marcus was rambling, almost desperate-sounding. It threw Terrence off. He wasn’t used to him acting like that.
“Look, Marcus, just… Don’t worry about it, okay? I’m really tired and want to go home. It’s been a crazy week with me hitting my head and all of that. I just need some rest.”
“Yeah. Of course. I’m being selfish, I’m a total asshole. Forget everything I said, and I’ll see you next week for the show.”
Marcus looked as if he might be getting angry again, but was controlling himself. “The show that we’ve been talking about for weeks. The porn stars Rod Heat and Stern Masters will be appearing live, doing a BDSM sex show.”
Shit. I forgot all about that.
“Right, of course. That show. Sure. I’ll be here.”
Marcus’ face softened. “Promise?”
“Yeah, I promise.”
“You wanna get some dinner together before?”
That completely caught Terrence off guard. He and Marcus had never had any social contact outside of the club.
“Uh, call me and we’ll see how it works out.”
“Great. I’ll call you next week.”
Terrence nodded, and turned to leave as quickly as he could. That had just been the most disconcerting conversation he’d ever had with his playmate.
Is he getting too into me?

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next month!



Thank you for joining me for a little insight into my latest release, THE BUTLER DID IT

Now, I know you're wondering...just what did that sexy butler do that he got his own little book about the goings on Upstairs/Downstairs and even out on the roof top....

He's more than a professional butler...

Clarkson puts the "serve" back into "At Your Service."

A sneak peek into Clarkson's world when work turns to play:


Only fifteen minutes until he was off duty. He opened the door gracefully with his hip as he carried in the tray. Vi smiled up at him. She was seated elegantly at one end of the long glass table, with its spectacular unobstructed view of the twilight lit bay many floors below. The sun was just sinking into the horizon and Vi’s reflection was duplicated in the panes of glass that stretched out across the room.

“Good evening, Ms Vi, how was dinner?” he asked as he placed the tray on the table, careful to keep it steady despite the slight tremble in his hands.
“Excellent, Clarkson.” Vi gazed at him appreciatively.
“I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t like the whipped cream on your fruit plate, is that something you’d like me to have Chef omit from now on?”
“You notice everything,” she said provocatively. “It’s just a bit rich is all, too decadent.”
“Ah, I see,” he said, thinking it ironic that a woman who was surrounded by decadence denied herself a lowly dollop of whipped cream. 
“And how are you making out with Michel and Marie, everything under control?”
“Couldn’t be better.” He carefully placed her coffee in front of her, catching a whiff of her perfume. Demanding pangs of desire taunted him as his eyes skimmed across her décolleté before his gaze drifted upwards. He caught his breath for a moment, she was so gorgeous. “We’re all set for tomorrow, and for your guests arriving, Ms Vi.”
“Oh, dreadfully boring work business. I’d much rather talk about you.” Vi motioned to the chair next to her. “Have a seat, Clarkson.”
He sat down slowly, his pulse quickening beneath his skin.
“You look dashing in your suit, by the way,” she said, sipping her coffee before flashing that super sexy look of hers. “Ermenegildo Zegna,” she stated.
He watched as her rosy lips brushed the rim of the cup once again, fighting his desire to slip his tongue into her mouth.
“Clarkson, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t usually have these feelings. I am having a difficult time resisting my feelings...resisting you.” She placed the cup down and toyed with the demitasse spoon resting on her saucer then glanced up at him. Her emerald eyes sparkled, searching his.
“I am not immune to similar feelings,” he said, clearing his throat with uncharacteristic nervousness.
“I just don’t know what to do about it,” Vi said, sounding despondent as she looked out at the darkened bay. Sighing, she pushed her chair back and stood, leaving Clarkson at the table alone. He held his breath, wondering what she’d do next. She walked behind him and dimmed the lights of the chandelier and sconces slightly. He exhaled as she returned, standing behind his chair, running her fingers across his shoulders, one seductive stroke at a time. “One more time. I need you one more time,” she whispered. She leant down and kissed him near his ear, her hot, moist breath making him hard as she nibbled at him, sliding her hand down his chest, teasing his muscled pecs.
“I’m still on duty, Ms Vi,” he said, looking up at her—he glanced at his watch then back at her with a mischievous smile.
Her touch was intoxicating as she ran her hands along his arms, kneading his shoulders with her talented fingers before letting her lips trail slowly along his neck again. “But you’ll be officially off duty soon,” she whispered, blowing on his neck, continuing her trail along his jawline with her lips. “Very soon,” she said just as her lips reached his. 

Thanks for sharing this time with Clarkson and Vi....when works turns to play and they break all the rules.

Also released as part of the AT YOUR SERVICE ANTHOLOGY which is available now in PRINT as well ebook.

Author website:


I need a hero!!!

Give me…

H – hunky and horny

Give me…

E – erotic and energetic

Give me…

R – romantic and raunchy

Give me…

O – often in the mood…


...for love and cuddles!!!


We all have our own ideas about what qualities a perfect hero should have and these are some of mine.

What qualities do you look for in your perfect hero?


You here, you're welcome. You over there - stay back.

With the release of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, as part of my promo I'm doing an article for Mensa magazine. It's the second one I've done for them, the first one being a piece about starting out as an erotic romance writer in the wake of Fifty Shades of Grey. And frankly, after the response I got to that article, I'm tempted to accompany this next one with this photo.

You see, I had wrongly thought that Mensa would be free from perverts. It wasn't. They just got smarter. The emails I got danced along the line between acceptable and wrong, burrowing their way into my head while making me doubt whether I had the right to protest.

In the end, I did. And I blocked them all.

This time I'm writing on the Clandestine Classics, the publicity backlash, and why I chose to write one myself. It's a topic I'm expecting strong opinions on. Fortunately, as I no longer work for Mensa, my personal email address is not in the public domain and so I'm hoping the responses will be in the letters page instead.

Of course, my email is available in the back of every book I write. But hey, at least that means they're buying it.

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was released on 6 September 2013 at And I'm thrilled!


On Turning fifty

Yes, I'm fifty today. So, I thought I'd do a "fifty things I love (or at least really like)" list in no particular order. In truth, I thought turning fifty would bother me, but actually, I find it liberating.

1.  I'm turning fifty - which means I'm still living.
2.  I'm living well - I have a job, house, husband, sons and daughter-in-law - all of whom I love.
3.  I have a good paying job
4.  I have insurance
5.  I have vanilla sex often
6.  I have kinky sex often
7.  I get to give my husband a blow job any time I want to
8.  I have living, healthy sons who take care of their mama
9.  One son has just married the girl of his dreams.
10. The other son is dating the girl of his dreams.
11.  I can still drink wine
12. whiskey
13.  rum
14. tequila
15. vodka
16.  my little dog (who is 13 years old!)
17.  my mother
18.  cooking
19.  watching my friends and family eat my cooking
20.  friends to numerous and dear to name
21.  my little pink vibrator
22. my ability to read
23.  my ability to see
24.  my very large and well formed breasts
25.  my book collection
26.  my husband's collection of "toys"
27.  laughter
28.  the smell of babies
29.  the silk of a baby's hair
30.  the softness of a baby's skin
31.  being married for 27 years
32.  my hairdresser
33.  wine (oops, mentioned that already, but it really counts for white and red!)
34.  dancing
35.  music
36.  the Sax
37.  the ability and desire for anal sex
38.  regular spankings
39.  the pain/pleasure of a butt plug
40.  the pain/pleasure of nipple clamps
41.  cake
42.  fresh bread
43.  Nightwish
44.  Liam Neeson (Oh My!)
45.  my publisher
46.  working on a new book
47.  my grandmothers - rest their spirits!
48.  a lovely, big penis
49. a lovely, small penis
50.  life.