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Enjoy a mystery and three HEA's in a very different Erotic Regency

Downton Abbey was a great hit in our household as it was in much of the world. That's why I loved the cover of my erotic Regency Lady Lovett's Little Dilemma. It seemed to epitomise the lost world of manners and constrained desire which resonates through my poignant, bittersweet, but ultimately uplifting romance.

Having weathered twenty years of what has been a very happy marriage, inevitably characterised by highs and lows, I felt qualified to write this story about an eight-year married couple - though I never had to face down my husband's former mistress.

Lady Lovett's Little Dilemma is as much about loyalty among women as it is the love of a sweet and desired wife for a husband for whom she has not the vocabulary to voice her fears about conception. Cressida's upbringing has not equipped her for a life of marital felicity. Fortunately she meets, under unusual circumstances, someone who can help her. Throw into the mix the mystery of a missing child plus three Happy Ever Afters and you've got Lady Lovett's Little Dilemma.

You can find it here:


Bundled Up

Post by Lily Harlem

Ebook bundles are all the rage at the moment. A quick glance around Amazon and there are bargains aplenty of not just single author ebook bundles but also multi-author bundles all at great prices. Which is why I'm totally thrilled to be in Totally Bound's Bundle TO SUBMIT AND OBEY.

My co-author novel THAT FILTHY BOOK (written with Natalie Dae) is snuggled in these pages. It's story that is close to my heart and has had rave reviews including 'Every woman should read this book'!

I'd go as far to say as everyone should read this ebook bundle, with authors Sierra Cartwright,  Justine Elyot, Ashe Barker and Marie Haynes all showcasing novels alongside each other, you just can't go wrong, so go on, submit to your desires and fill up your ereader with some devilishly good books!

And if you're into Pinterest, then why not check out That Filthy Books dedicated Pinterest page - phew, it's hot!


Let's Talk Sexy!!

Hi! Welcome to my first Hitting the Hot-Spot blog post of 2014!

I hope this year is off to a great start for you! I always feel like it takes me a moment to fall back into the groove of things after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I truly welcomed the moments I took to write through it all and I'm excited about the books I have coming up with Totally Bound!

Has the cold weather been giving you a chilly case of the blahs?

Have no fear!

I've got the perfect naughty tale to warm you up in no time!

Talk Sexy is a five part serial designed to get the blood pumping through your veins!

Peyton Winter doesn’t expect to enjoy the freedom of expressing and indulging her secret kinky cravings when she takes on a job as a phone sex operator unbeknownst to her boyfriend, Jace.

For the first time in her life, Peyton has a safe outlet to explore a side of herself she’s kept hidden, never anticipating the fantasy worlds she creates on the phone to ever collide with her real life until she takes a call from Ian.

Their erotic conversations awaken something within Peyton and she soon finds herself longing to meet the man behind the sexy demanding voice with the power to make her feel and do things she’s never done before.

Will she risk the love of a man she knows and cares about to finally experience the kind of white-hot passion she’s always yearned for?

Part One is available as a free download with Totally Bound.
Yes, you read that right - Part One is available for free! Just click here!

But, wait there's more!
Part Two is available TODAY!
 Peyton’s powerless against the growing need to please and play with Ian on the phone.

A hot book is one of the best ways to heat things up in the wintertime, don't you agree?
Until next time... love, light & laughter!
Nichelle Gregory 
Simply sexy stories...
If you've read this far you deserve a chance to win a copy of Talk Sexy - Part Two! Tell me your favorite way to beat the winter blahs. Leave your email address with your reply! I will announce a winner by January 25th! :)


Shipwreck Bay

By A.J. Llewellyn

Can a relationship survive infidelity? Would you stay with your husband after he cheated on you?
This is a question men and women have been debating for centuries.With recent episodes of public figures becoming involved in extramarital affairs, the issue is still current.
When politician Anthony Weiner was caught in a scandal (that still seems to haunt him) many asked how his smart, beautiful, smart, beautiful, smart - you get the idea - pregnant wife, Houma Abedin could stay with him after his shameful behavior.
The answer might be in the fact she was carrying his child. Many straight couples with children fight to stay together for similar reasons. There is love, too of course. I've always believed it triumphs over everything.
But what about gay men?
I have many gay friends in committed relationships who have "understandings" about cheating and sharing etc. I'll be honest, it's a foreign culture to me, but if it works for them...
A few years ago, my best friend was shattered when his husband cheated on him.
They didn't have kids. They had a great life. None of their friends could understand what went wrong, but what was clear was that gay or straight, the issue is the same.
Cheating hurts.
And each and every couple has to figure out for themselves if a relationship can be saved.
In the case of my friends,they did work it out. My friend says he doesn't trust the way he used to, but his husband has gone to great lengths to assure him it was a one-off.
I believe in true love and used their story as the basis for my book Shipwreck Bay.  
I ask the question:
How far would you go to repair the damage an affair has done to your marriage? For Marek, giving his husband a 'free pass' to enjoy all the men he's fantasised about is the only solution…

\Rising architectural superstar Marek makes a stupid mistake in hooking up with a Facebook friend for a fling. His careless behaviour soon devastates his marriage to his loyal husband, Drago. Marek wants to prove more than anything that he loves Drago and begs him for forgiveness. He books a trip to the Greek Islands with Drago, who feels vulnerable and certain the vacation is a mistake.
However, Marek soon shows a lot of the attentiveness he hasn't been lately and Marek starts to believe that maybe things can work out.
Taking a cruise through the Ioanian Islands however doesn't seem to be the best idea. What if he needs to cut and run? He isn’t sure he wants to be with Marek anymore, let alone be stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere.
Just as he starts to relax and enjoy the timeless beauty of the island of Zakynthos as Marek begins to convince him of his remorse, the two men are abducted by pirates on an isolated white-gold sandy cove called Shipwreck Bay…or are they?
 Shipwreck Bay is available for early release, tomorrow, January 24, and has its general release February 21.
Please lick this link for more information:


Enjoying learning about them….

At the beginning of when I start a book, I love that first blush of getting a feel of my characters. Actually, I love all parts where I learn each little part that makes a character who they are. From the things they think and won’t say aloud to anyone else. Or the things that makes them crave to be taken and swept away in passion. The things that makes them raw emotionally and will rip them to shreds. Their joys, triumphs, failures, successful moments, opening to love and anything you can think of.

Learning about my characters is a wonderful and fun which I love. Diving into their lives and I walk in their shoes. I become them so I can tell their story to share with the world. I enjoy learning about them and sharing it in my books.

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor
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Satisfying Desires even in January.

Happy New Year! Are you one of the millions (maybe billions, I didn't check, I'm lazy) of people who've resolved to be healthier in 2014. To eat salads instead of sticky buns, to walk instead of using the car and to drink water not vodka?

I'm not. I don't do resolutions because as I mentioned above I'm lazy and I find they're not great motivation. In fact, they're precisely the opposite for me. It deflates me when I don't manage to reach a target I've set for myself.

But if you're struggling with yours at the moment I want to encourage you not precisely to give in but to ease up on yourself. Strict diets don't work in the long term. Do you want a chocolate bar? Well satisfy that desire and have one! You're much likely to continue with a healthy eating regime if you get to give yourself a little treat now and then.

I'm not a successful dieter, so feel free to ignore my advice. But I have lost a few dress sizes recently and I'm simply keeping track of what I eat and planning it so I don't (mostly) eat more than I really need. But the occasional cake or chocolate is essential to my diet. It keeps me going!

Now here's something else to Satisfy your Desires this January and there's food and a hot dominant man between the covers!

Lucas is the only man who can satisfy all her desires.

Sally has a broken wrist and is struggling to cope with being off work and home alone. She’s eaten nothing but soup in days and is sick to death of daytime TV. She goes for a walk but is distracted by the delicious smells coming from the local café.
The tall and tanned Greek chef, Lucas, wants to look after Sally…and not just by feeding her with his delicious fried foods. He invites her back to enjoy a meal with him alone that night once the café is closed.
His special brand of optimism and dominance has Sally bending to his will and begging him for more. Their less than innocent evening meal is finished off by a trip to the bedroom with a pot of chocolate spread because, as Lucas says, the only thing better than a hot naked woman is a hot naked woman covered in chocolate!

Pick up Satisfying Desires for some wonderfully tasty food without the calories!
Here's a sexy snippet for you to enjoy: 
“Oh, it smells delicious in here.”
“Thank you.” He smiled. “I’ve made you my favourite meal, moussaka, it reminds me of my mum.”
“Ah, so you do have some exotic heritage then.”
He nodded and turned to the oven.
“Yes, my mum was Greek. She moved here when I was a little kid. So not that exotic.”
He picked up a plastic spatula and pushed some carrots around in a frying pan.
“You have a distinctive twang to your accent,” I said. “I wondered what it was.”
“So you, where are you from?”
“Lived here all my life,” I responded, watching him confidently shake a pan of asparagus. “Rather boring really.”
“No, no.” He shook his spatula at me as he spoke and was so vehement in its stabbing movement that it slipped from his fingers and clattered to the floor. “You are not boring and you should not be so quick to put yourself down.”
He bent to pick up the implement and threw it into the sink.
“Sorry,” I apologised. “It’s a bad habit.”
“Very bad,” he said. “You should never give people opportunity to say bad things about you, should never think it in your mind. That is my key to happiness. You are the best you there will ever be, so be proud of that.”
I nodded.
“Could you open the drawer beside you and pass me a clean spatula and a wooden spoon?”
“Sure.” I turned slightly to the side and looked questioningly at him. He nodded as I pulled at the handle closest to me. I dug out a spoon and a flat, wooden spatula then passed them both over.
He put the spatula onto the side and used the spoon to stir the veg, then he turned the heat off under them.
“Okay, so, I think you need to learn a lesson.”
“What lesson?” I felt the pressure of my blood rushing around rising in my ears.
“To respect yourself and to not make me so angry I drop my cooking implement.”
I dropped my gaze and looked at my toes.
“What do you think, Sally, do you need a lesson?”
I nodded. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next but I was curious enough to find out.
“Look at me.”
I lifted my head again and met his piercing stare.
“Do you deserve to be punished?” he asked.
I gulped. The time had come. We were at the point where the dynamics flipped. I either handed him complete control or I didn’t. I could live out a favourite fantasy or I could chicken out and maybe lose Lucas in the process.
“Yes,” I gasped, mouth dry, body numb, heart racing.
He nodded and walked towards me. “Correct answer. Now turn and lean over the counter, please.”


Valentine's Day Getaways and Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3)

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and since it falls on a Friday this year - it's the perfect opportunity for a hot romantic weekend getaway. Of course, everyone's definition of the perfect getaway is different. For some, a luxury hotel with a spa and a five-star restaurant is the ultimate treat. For others, a trip to the city and theatre tickets gets the blood boiling. Beaches are always a favorite, but can be chilly this time of the year. However, a crashing surf during a wintry storm can be a very romantic backdrop.

Wherever you go to celebrate the holiday with that special someone, be sure and bring along a saucy erotic romance. Reading aloud from the best parts is an excellent way to jump start the festivities.

Out on new release this week, Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3), has a chapter that tells of the first Valentine's celebration between the two main characters, young film star Jack, and his older screen idol lover, Roman. In 1925 when the book is set, Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday, so Roman is intent upon taking Jack away from the prying eyes of Hollywood. If Roman were to choose, he would opt for a luxury resort for their getaway. Instead, he takes Jack to a cabin in the forest of the Sequoias, knowing that it is what would make the young man happy. However, Roman is not very comfortable when it comes to nature and the outdoors.

Excerpt from Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3)

Roman hadn’t been making fun of him after all. Even with his head tilted back as far as it could go, the majestic trees seemed to be touching heaven. Or at least the moon. He had craned so far back, that Roman had needed to catch him before he fell to the ground. It had made Roman laugh, and that made Jack very happy. Roman hadn’t laughed very much lately. He had seemed to be on edge, worried about some nameless thing.

“Look how big around the trunk is, Roman. You could hide ten men behind it, and no one would even be able to see them.”

“I shall confess that I am quite amazed myself. You may have noticed I don’t commune with nature much, but this is quite spectacular.”

Jack snorted. “Yeah, I noticed, Roman. Do you want to take this path through the woods? I bet there are all different types of trees like these back there. Maybe ones that no one else except us has ever seen before. Wouldn’t that be incredible?”

“Indeed. But I’m wondering at the advisability of that attired in our dress clothes and shoes? I have already almost taken a tumble more than once on these dreadful needles. They’re quite slippery.”

Jack tried not to look disappointed. He had already known that Roman was only interested in getting Jack alone in the small, but nice cabin they had rented right next to a rushing river. Juan had another cabin nearby where he could keep an eye on the car, and be available should they need anything, such as building a fire. Jack had told Roman that he could do that, but Roman had insisted.

Jack tried not to dwell on the idea that Juan was with them alone in the forest. He could see now why forming a personal bond with a servant could be awkward. It made him incredibly self-conscious that he and Roman were flaunting their love and togetherness, whilst Juan waited nearby—likely bored out of his skull— just in case they might require him to perform some little chore for them.

Roman pulled his overcoat tighter around him. “I suppose we could explore a little farther.” He pursed his lips. “But if I see a bear, you are on your own, my dear Jack.”

Jack chuckled. “Gee thanks, Roman. My hero.”

“Yes. Well. As speedy as you are, he shall reach me first anyway. I am sure you are quite safe. I, on the other hand, shall be bear food.”

Jack reached out his hand. “Come on, Roman. When have we ever been able to walk like this outdoors?”

An expression of warmth washed over Roman’s face as he accepted Jack’s offering. “Very well put. Lead the way, my love.”



I recently interviewed the hunky hero from "The Butler Did It." Here's a little taste of how it went...


 When work turns to play he breaks all the rules...

Deveaux: Clarkson, thanks for joining me today to share a little bit about yourself with my readers. I mean, of course we know lots about you from ‘The Butler Did It,’ but I must confess —I want to know more! (God, I’m blushing already…what is it about this six foot stud in a dark grey suit that makes me swoon? Get a grip Deveaux).

I shift in my seat and gather my composure. After all, he is my character, isn’t he?

Deveaux: Clarkson, do you have a birthmark or any scars we might not know about? Maybe somewhere private?

Clarskon: Wow, you know how to start off with a bang.

Deveaux: So I’ve been told…

Clarkson: Are you flirting with me?

Deveaux: Maybe, but I don’t think your employer would approve now would she?  So back to the question Clarkson, do you have any birthmarks or scars?

Clarkson: Yes.

Deveaux: Is it a birthmark of scar?

Clarkson: I have a scar near my left hip. I tangled with a Doberman at one of my previous employers. Doberman won.

Deveaux: That doesn’t sound like the hero I know… (I say with surprise)

Clarkson: Bad situation…the employer’s husband came home while I was busy with his wife.

Deveaux: Oh, I see, and the Doberman…

Clarkson: Yea, chased my ass out of there…and still has a little chunk of it, the bastard.

Deveaux:  ‘Lucky dobberman’ I say under my breath. Clarkson catches my smile and I quickly recover my wits with a question: Hazards of work?

Clarskon chuckles: Something like that….

Deveaux: Now your new employer, Ms Vivienne Martin. What’s she like to work for?

Clarkson: Easy on the eyes, hard on the self restraint.

Deveaux: Does she ask you to restrain yourself? (Crap, there I go flirting with him again.)

Clarkson lets out a deep laugh: Hell no. I restrain her, and I love doing it as much as she loves me doing it to her.

Deveaux: Okay, Mr. Dale you are really quite charming and I can tell this interview isn’t going quite as I planned. How about a safer topic...let’s see…okay….how about this question: Many of my readers are Downton Abbey fans, can you tell us if your life working as a butler is just like a modern day Downton Abbey?

Clarkson: Being a professional butler has plenty of perks, but I don’t think I would have liked being one in Downton Abbey…They’re so damn uptight. I mean, do they have the butler and the chef pleasuring the lady of the house on PBS? I don’t think so…no, real life is much better. 

Deveaux: Thank you Clarkson, I think that’s all for today. Is there anything else you’d care to add?

Clarkson: No, the pleasure has been all mine Kate. If you’d like to pop by the penthouse sometime I’d be happy to show you around.

Deveaux: Oh, I haven’t been to Miami lately, that might be fun. (My cheeks flame red at my blatant hero worship)

Clarkson: More than fun. He winks at me and I melt.

How may I help you?

A Butler with very special services...

Thanks for stopping by,

Twitter: @KateDeveaux


So here we are in 2014. Happy New Year everyone!

I have a feeling that this is going to be a great year! I love the start of the year because it seems so full of potential. It’s like anything is possible. No moaning about the dark mornings and the rain for me. Instead I'm focused on the fact that the nights will soon be lighter and spring is not far away! I’m also extremely excited because I have a lot of projects about to come to fruition. Some are works in progress and some are soon to be released. Some are seeds of ideas which will germinate over coming months.

So right now I'm feeling that anything is possible in 2014. But I also know that nothing happens without hard work, dedication and determination. I'm working harder than ever. I'm dedicated and refuse to waste time procrastinating. And boy am I determined! J

I view a new year as a clean slate because it’s there, waiting to be written on. This year, although I didn’t make any formal New Year’s resolutions, I do have things that I want to achieve. These include publishing more novels with Totally Bound, reading as many gorgeous romance novels as I can get my hands on and continuing to improve as an author.
©Depositphotos/ dmitryzubarev

2013 was a great year but I suspect that 2014 is going to be even better! Have a great one!

Did you make any resolutions?
Molly xxx


The Rush of Submission and What Comes Out of It

I'm always game for a challenge. I know what I want to write much of the time, but sometimes I need a little extra push. You know, that nudge to write a story about ... a menage, or food play... could be anything. It's a rush. A bit of excitement--how can I mold this story starter into something I can call my own? Challenge = to write for an anthology. Yes? Absolutely.

I use the submission calls for the anthologies as one of my springboards. Absolutely. I look at what they powers at Totally Bound want and run with those ideas.

Honey and Decadence was written because I'd seen a call for stories involving food play and Bondage. Hot stuff. As soon as I read the call, Roxy and Sean started talking.

Savin' Me was one of my earlier shots at writing menage. I knew I wanted to write one and had the characters planned out, but I wasn't sure what to do with Jacoby, Parkur and Juniper. Again, I read the menage call and knew what to do.

I try to be as character driven as possible--let them speak for themselves and direct where the story will go--but I like having the parameters of the sub call to give the story some structure. Of course, the characters will go where they want to go regardless of what I tell them. Grin.

Here's a little bit about my last Anthology story, Honey and Decadence:

'Honey and Decadence' by Wendi Zwaduk  
In the Whip It Up Anthology
Contemporary, M/F, Anal Sex, BDSM, Food Play, Fetish, Novella

All work and no play makes life boring…unless there's a dollop of whipped cream and a studded paddle involved. Then it's all fun.

Roxy loves her job at the Delight Tonight restaurant, but she longs for more. She’d rather find employment using her accounting skills. Her boss, Sean, has mentioned he’s interested in bringing her on as an accountant. Can she keep her wits about her or will she cave in to the blossoming feelings she has for him?
Sean doesn’t date his staff…ever. Except, Roxy makes him rethink his rules. She’s curvy, sexy and one of the few people he trusts. When he’s given the birthday surprise of his life, he knows he wants Roxy in every way.
Will getting her into his bed translate into a love to last forever, or a lust and chocolate-filled disaster?
Available here:

* * * * * * 
I’ve always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line.  I love playing with words and letting the characters run wild.

NASCAR, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, animals and second chance romance  all feature prominently in my books.  I also write under the pen name of Megan Slayer. Come join me for this fantastic journey!  

If you like my work, tell your friends and email me. I love hearing from readers!

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Overcoming My Limits

That’s a very inspirational title for what is a fairly commonplace problem. Word counts. Oh, how I hate them. As a student I was always the one trying to work out how far under the limit I could be without breaking the “10% either way” rule. I simply lack the ability to expand.

I’ve always been told I’m too concise. In many ways it was a good thing – nobody listens to a person who rambles on, do they? Well, it’s no good when you’re a writer. Before I was published, I was given the advice that after I complete my first draft I should aim to cut out at least 10% of the word count – yet another 10% rule I end up breaking. If I’d done that with my debut novel I’d have knocked myself out of the novel range completely.

OK, this month I have to get myself to sixty thousand words, and I’m nearly there. But this month I am also doing Dryathlon for Cancer Research, which means I can’t have a glass of wine with my writing. AAGH!

So wish me luck as I struggle to overcome two limitations in one go, and forgive me if I appear at the end of the month having torn out my hair.



I have a lot planned for 2014. In order to make sure I can accomplish what I have set for myself I made sure that I came up with a plan. Planning is important and having one that can be adapted as needed is especially necessary. Things come up and sometimes you need to make changes to accommodate them when they do. That is the kind of plan I have since I know things do arise and I want to makes sure if they do I am prepared.

McKenna Jeffries
…. sensual, edgy, unexpected

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The Romance Community Rocks!

Today I spent a wonderful day socialising with our local Australian Romance Reader Association monthly lunch and it got me to thinking how I love the romance community. 

From when I first started writing back in the year 2000 until now they have never let me down. Sure, occassionally there are problems, or what I like to call "awkward moments" but when they happen, my dearest friends come in and support me through the bumps in the road and never, ever do they let me down.

And it's not only fellow writers who do this. Readers of romance are equally as supportive, lovely people who are always there to boost you up when you feel down.  There is nothing better than someone telling you they've read one of your books and they love it. How cool is that?

With Totally Bound - there is a special relationship between the authors and the publisher that is rare to find, and I love each and every one of the people I meet there. It's amazing how everyone welcomes the newbies, helps them with their questions, and helps each other promote our books.

In my life I am blessed to have a belong to a fabulous writers' group, we affectionately call 'The Coven" (because one of our member's family reckon we cackle when we laugh..which is a lot!).

Plus I have been privileged to have been there from the start of the Australian Romance Readers Association where I can mingle with the people I do it for - the readers. 

Here is a pic of our lunch today. As you can see we like our food!

 Pictured from left: Michelle Douglass, Annie West, Lyn Williams, Me, Lami...on the right from the back we have Nas Dean, Laine Brown and our own Donna Gallagher.

I love our lunches!
My online friends go way back to the start of my writing. Those friendships are still strong and I share many a writing sprint with my internet writing buddies. In fact, we help motivate each other to be more productive. Look out - in 2014 you should see more from me!

And then of course, there's social media. It cops a lot of flack, but for me it's sometimes a lifeline. No matter the time of day, or the mood I'm in, someone will talk to me and have a laugh.  What did we ever do without it?

So here I am taking the time to say THANK YOU ALL!  YOU ROCK!

I would not be where I am today without you - and I cherish every minute with each and every one of you.

And here's a gift for you. It's from my "other" self Maggie Mitchell, and I'm sure that as a lover of romance, you'll appreciate it ;-)

So here's your chance to thank your friends in the romance community!


Happy New Year

Happy New Reading Year to you all!

I wish you all a naughty new year.

Full of romance

and laughter

Read lots

Fall in love with characters

Never want the book to end

And above all... 

If you love the books tell everyone. SHOUT it out!

Your authors will love you forever.

Happy New Year